The Second Coming… Again

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Author: William de Hewitt

Editor: Helga Kemm

Published by: de Hewitt House of Publications via WordPress

First edition © 2016/07/05

The Second Coming… Again is the intellectual property of William de Hewitt.

The knowledge and wisdom in this publication came from the intuition of two Spiritual Beings, which reside(d) within the bodies of an Aryan Man and Aryan Woman called William de Hewitt and Helga Kemm.

No part of this book may be reproduced, translated, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, electrostatic, magnetic tape, mechanical photocopying, recording or otherwise, without permission in writing from the publisher.

All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I’d like to thank the late, great Johann Malherbe for all of his knowledge, insight and wisdom. You are greatly missed.

This book is dedicated to my wife, best friend, inspiration and editor, Helga Kemm whom passed away from ovarian cancer on March 1, 2018.

I love you, Helga. Your beautiful Aryan Spirit will live on within my heart until we meet again, my liefde.

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The First Return Goes Wrong

A star appears big and bright on one of the monitors. In the cockpit you can hear a pin drop. Captain Anu stretches his legs and gives a long yawn. It’s almost the end of his shift. He is tired and bored as his mind begins wandering, but he still keeps a watchful eye on the instrument panel. His sense of responsibility and constant vigilance has become second nature. The next few shifts will slightly ease the excruciatingly boring routine of so many ship years.

Their target destination had just disappeared behind a star. He sighs thoughtfully as one of his team members glances at him. He smiles and lifts his hand reassuringly. Their pale, White faces shine in the dim light, each with their own thoughts. He can not imagine what it would be like to live elsewhere, in fact he was born on the ship and knows no other life… no one there did. There is so far no sign of intelligent life to be found, although spectral analysis shows that it should be teeming with life.

He wonders if any of their own people, many generations ago, survived the immediate consequences of the great cataclysm, and if so, how many of them would have been able to survive the brutal conditions. The idea brings him back to reality and his own responsibility. The past few shifts have required increasingly higher concentration… the closer they get to the star, the faster the objects start moving that are attracted from the planetary system, with corresponding increase in the risk of collision. The number they have encountered has also become significantly more, so a lot more attention is required from the crew. The mood is happy for just a little while before the next crew shift. As the control computer is ready for the next step… a parking lane opposite the star as seen from the target planet is in the same lane and bypass line, so it can be assumed that most of the errant material is cleaned in that orbit by the planet. From here they can send observation expeditions before site visits are conducted.

The cabin crew relaxes. Their task is largely complete and the shift ending. They look forward to a well deserved break. The ship is correctly orientated to brake and automatic countdown approaches the calculated time. The computer signals a warning and Anu announces: “All ready! Parking Course countdown begin!”Segment rotators brake smoothly to a halt in the units and in other modules. There is a scramble to strap their belts. A few moments of anticipation… a distant rumble causes a vibration throughout the ship. Acceleration increases to a maximum, pushing them down firmly in their seats and then letting off again until normalcy returns as segments along the length of the ship start contra-rolling to restore artificial gravity. The ship is now parked in the same orbit as the planet, but on the other side of the star.

Anu relaxes and sighs: “Finally… a break! It’s captain Amka’s turn… they are probably on the way. Well done guys, the approach was nerve-wracking, but you can now relax. I’m tired. ”

The cabin crew is visibly relieved: “What happens now, Captain?” Asks the chief navigator.

“Only a little rest, Jen. Later we can have a team sent to explore the planet. There is no hurry. Strangers may occupy the planet, though we can not observe them here. Honestly, I do not expect anyone there, because we have not received broadcasts, but you never know.”

Amka and his team enter the control room wearing their magnetic shoes. “When are you going to bed? Your women might wonder what you look like… in fact, I wonder if they will want you back the way you look now.”

Anu removes his belt, stands up and frowns angrily: “Do not worry, your turn is coming. We’re tired, but I will always sleep poorly when another man is at the helm,” he remarks.

Amka sighs, “I have at least more than 50 ship years under my belt, sir.”

Anu pats him jovially on the shoulder: “Relax, Amka, I’m just teasing. I have full confidence in you. Although there is actually very little for you to do. Most of the work has been done already. Just be alert, space does not forgive mistakes.”

Anu and his team leave the control room riding weightlessly along the central transport system as they went off to their respective units.

Amka and his team are still working to take their places in front of  their monitors. As they attach to their restraint girdles the automatic defense equipment opens fire as the main driver yells, ‘Captain! A swarm of meteors are heading straight for us… look left!”

Amka immediately sees the danger. The swarm of objects were too small to be observed earlier. They are too close and too fast approaching… His eyes widen: “Turn left! Left! Quick! Sound the alarm!” Rockets fire immediately at maximum power, alarms sound shrill and the giant ship starts to turn lazily so the shield could point to the approaching danger… but far too slowly.

Amka’s eyes are glued to a screen on which a rough rock, incredibly fast, starts filling the screen… “No-oo-oo!” He shouts, and involuntarily lifts his arms. The meteorites plow through the cockpit and the cabin crew all die suddenly and violently.

Anu was still going through the module airlock when the distress signal froze him. The module’s orbit had unexpectedly stopped. He jumps in as his wife is falling weightlessly around the cabin: “Tiamat, hurry! Wake up Manu and put on your space suits! I’ll close the airlock! ”

Tiamat grabs two spacesuits from magnetic storage, soaring to the bedroom and shakes Manu urgently: “Quickly! Put on your spacesuit! “He startles awake afraid. In his mother’s eyes he sees something is terribly wrong and reacts quickly, changing as she ordered. They barely broke loose their helmets when chaos erupts.

A tremendous popping sounds from the front side of the ship, the double airlock stops working, the lights go out and valuable air starts escaping out of the module. More booms clatter and shake the ship. For a short time, which felt like days, a clattered multitude of smaller conflicts erupt around them. Anu feels along the wall for the emergency switch to manually start the backup system.. The lights come back on. Under the module’s own emergency power the airlock to the module connects to the corridor’s airlock.

 The indicator shows that a link to the corridor stands half-open. Tiamat and Manu slowly orbit weightlessly in a circle and grab hold of one another. Anu, who is wearing his magnetic shoes grabs the wall and anchors them. Panicked cries from other parts of the ship are fainter as the air is sucked out of the ship and sound can no longer propagate. A deathly silence fell upon the ship. They look with wide eyes at each other… words are unnecessary. They are clearly in big trouble. Anu gets a hollow feeling in his stomach. He presses his suit’s cockpit communication button: “You must be strong! Stay here and I’ll see how bad the damage is.”

He goes through the module’s airlock and struggles through the half-open one on the other side. The corridor is dark. His headlamp’s glow seems almost normal, if it were not for the curled metal holes and crevices in the wall, fine swirling dust and bits of gravel that chaotically bounce to and fro against the walls. Many meteorites passed straight through the ship’s hull and were now bouncing harmlessly back and forth in the hallway. He fears few people survived. Halfway down the long linking corridor a body drifts near a transport chair with his hand still on a airlock handle. His eyes bulged from their sockets, his stomach bloated and his blood boiled. He was also foaming from his mouth and nose as steam fumes out from other bodily orifices. “Horrible… I hope it was quick,” he thought, as he set his communication on general: “Anu here. Anyone! If you’re alive, please answer!”

Almost simultaneously comes two upset voices. “One at a time please,” says Anu.

“What’s going on… what happened? I can not get out of my module. The corridor lock will not work,” said one.

Anu realizes the danger: “Anu here! You’re lucky it jammed! Do not open it without your spacesuit on. All the air from the ship is gone… save yours, you’re going to need it. We were hit by a meteorite swarm. I do not believe many have survived. What is your module number? I will try to open it manually from the outside, but remain where you are for now. We are going to need a landing craft. I hope one is still usable. ”

“We will wait. My family and I are in A-14,“ came the reply.

“We are seven in G-10,” came another voice.”We can help with the landing. Let us out first so we can help.”

Anu explores ahead. G-10 is a module for landing craft-pilots on the ship’s rear just before the landing craft bay: “I’ll be right with you. I will first explore ahead. It will take a while for the ship’s main power is off. I will have to do everything manually.”The inventory module is largely intact. However, the control room is unrecognizable. Clearly a direct hit from a large meteorite . A star shines sharply through the gaping hole, creating a slowly revolving circle of light. It looked like a spotlight shining on the disaster stricken area.

The place looks like a scrapyard with pieces of debris, body parts and other materials circling like a swarm of insects ushering in a rapidly diminishing vapor cloud adrift from the walls and back down. The light falls on a driver hunched over his control panel still holding on tightly to the steering lever trying to turn the ship left. Of the rest not much can be seen. Anu’s heart jumps into his throat and he feels nauseous. It’s horrible. Amka was a good friend and colleague and he would rather not look at his friend’s remains.

“The ship is dead.” He thought, “fortunately, the steering rockets shut off when the power went down, otherwise we would be centrifuged by now.”

On the way back, he studies the units one by one. He informs the others: “The control room is a mess! You are the only survivors besides myself and my family. G-10, are you ready? I will open your airlock then we can further investigate together.”

“We’re ready for you to open it, Captain. We all have our space suits on.”

He throws open the airlock. Seven green faces stare puzzled and are upset behind their helmet visors. He tries to reassure them: “We have three undamaged units and a storage unit that we can use. The medical unit was also hit, but the damage may not be too bad. Let’s go see what’s going on at the landing bay.”

They float weightlessly hand over hand along the railing in the hallway. The landing bay is completely and happily undamaged. Anu can hardly restrain his joy: “You can relax. We will land. You have the landing craft and they have already been serviced for landing. Let’s see what we can salvage from the workshop and check the condition of the medical section.” Using his communication device he contacts the other survivors. “A-14, we need you. I’ll come and get you. We have landing craft, the workshop module is undamaged and we have seven pilots. We may have a little trouble on Earth and there is a lot of work to do before we can leave. We need to take as much of our technology and equipment as possible. This can be a big difference to our survival. For all we know, we will be the only people there.”

Recovery work in spacesuits is exhaustive and time consuming, but weightlessness also has its advantages when heavy equipment must be handled. The vessel’s air filtering systems need servicing and the main reactor’s electricity supply restored and converted to the necessary equipment to complete the project. The landing craft is stabilized with their hatches to the ship’s dark side.

“Make sure you do not become exposed to the star’s direct radiation,” warns Anu.

The women and older children help enthusiastically. All they can salvage is loaded into three modules and four of the landing craft. In the medical module the eggs that were not damaged in the strike are to be brought along as well as The Aryan Genetic Record Book.

With everything complete and the undamaged main reactor’s emergency generator ready to provide power to the wide bay access door, the farewell is short and to the point. Everyone is astonished and half reluctant to leave their home and birthplace so suddenly and under such horrendous circumstances.

Anu is moved: “So much time, so much effort and so close to our destination… so many dangers faced together and overcome… an unpredictable disaster, and now we must leave our friends and our home, the place where we were born and find another place to live. My old heart is broken, but we have no other choice. Goodbye mother Isis and farewell my friends. May your souls find rest!”

With grim faces and a hollow feeling in the stomach, Anu prompts them: “Come now! Get to work! Disconnect the landing craft orderly and bring them out! Be careful, do not make mistakes now… concentrate! I’ve calculated the coordinates, acceleration and final velocity for our trip and will pass it on to you.”

“We will use the ship and the star as reference points. Follow me into orbit when I give the signal.”

They board and disconnect the modules. The enormous storage bay doors open as the four landing craft exit the ship one after another. All of them are in position to Anu’s craft and the journey to the planet starts with a green colored pilot at the controls of each. Anu recommends, “see you do not wander off course. Stay as close as possible to me without getting into each others emission field. Keep your speed exactly the same as mine and use your supplies sparingly. The journey will be long! We will start at low speed and will gradually accelerate to get us into a free-falling track.”

Anu selects a single elliptical orbit that would initially take them further from the star before they revert back to their starting point, calculated for a time when the star is halfway in its orbit around the planet. Anu sends the information through to the other ships. When all of the ships are aligned they will all slowly and carefully take off with coordinated acceleration. In the end, only minor adjustments will be needed for them to enter into a free fall together within their chosen orbit.

The journey progresses without major problems. Much later, after what feels like an eternity, the green planet and its moon appears on their screens. Anu is visibly relieved. So far their journey has been without further complications. “As you’ve noticed most of the planet is covered in ice, but I can see various places that look inhabitable. Unfortunately The Great Valley and two large islands where our ancestors settled are completely flooded! The poor people… What a catastrophe! We should explore the planet first before we decide on a landing site.”

They orbit just outside the planet’s atmosphere and more information is brought to light with each orbit. Where are the promising sites, Anu asks himself as he sends out reconnaissance vehicles for closer inspection. Here and there are small primitive settlements. On only two continents could more advanced civilizations be seen and people who looked like themselves. One got him excited! The one next to The Great Valley.

From one of the landing craft an uncertain voice crackles: “We will have to be careful Captain. We do not know how the ‘green ones’ will be perceived.”

Anu thinks about this for a moment:”You’re right, I did not take that into consideration.” Anu scouts the area around the settlement. “Look, there’s a smaller valley where we can settle. Less people and it looks fertile. Let’s try and land unnoticed somewhere close. We can introduce ourselves to the local population systematically. We have a lot to offer them and I’m sure they will eventually come to accept us. Let’s just keep the ‘green ones’ out of sight for a while.”

After a lengthy discussion they decided to land close to an extensive mountain range, but at a reasonable distance from the valley, south of the peninsula opposite the settlement.

Anu is getting impatient. “These craft weren’t designed for auto-landing. Let’s get them into a geocentric orbit above the equator. From there it will be easy to land when we decide where to settle. The landing craft needs to land, offload and get back to take the modules with the women and children down as well. The modules will serve as living quarters as they have a sufficient power supply.” He gets no argument from the rest of the crew and landing procedure is implemented.

The southernmost part looks deserted. The land between two major rivers seem particularly fertile and the vegetation is lush.”We could not have asked for more” bragged one of the others. Anu is also visibly relieved:“Yes, here we can start again and at least partially complete our mission.”

At the dawn side of a high mountain range with snow-covered peaks they find a suitable cave where their cargo will be temporarily safe from the elements. They offload and return for the modules. Transferring huge loads in space is time consuming and uncomfortable, but there is an air of new hope and the nightmare behind them seems to fade. Eventually, all their modules and loads are safely on the ground and in position. A new pioneering life can now begin for the small group of survivors.

Once Anu is satisfied and sees everything is in order, he calls Manu: “Come with me, son. Let’s go do a bit of exploring! Bring a weapon!”

On the bank of one of the rivers they notice a man and a boy throwing fishing nets.

“We must devise a plan to introduce ourselves to these people without causing a panic.”

On a rise behind the two people, cattle were grazing lazily on the sweet green grass.

“Look, father, there are two animals! How tame they appear,” Manu exclaims.

“According to our archives, our ancestors also domesticated animals such as cattle and beasts mostly for transport and labor.”

Anu sighs and turns around in time to see a trail of dust on a hill behind them. Several heavily laden animals appear being led by a few men. The two fishermen lay down their nets and approach the group. They offer fish in return for wares that are loaded on the backs of the travelers animals. Manu is very excited, “We can also start trading with them! Look! The women are wearing jewelry, as do the men! We can easily replicate those!”

Once back to the living modules they inform the others and the ideas take off! Several items made during their journey are gathered and Anu and Manu take them to the spot where they found the two fishermen. There they find several more fishermen as well as women, all gathered around a fire frying fish. They approach them slowly and carefully. Manu laughs: “I don’t think they know clothing like ours, look at them staring at us! They must think we are made of metal!”

The fishermen look at them suspiciously. Not paying attention to the water, Anu calls out in panic: “Watch out! A crocodile is about to attack your son!”

No one understands what he is trying to say and Manu aims his weapon at the creature. Its head explodes in a spray of blood. The body of the crocodile writhes for a few seconds and then goes completely still. Chaos erupts, as everyone tries to talk at the same time. After a few moments, they calm down and the father and son approach Anu and Manu. The two fall to their knees. For a moment, Anu wasn’t sure what to do, but then he takes them each by the hand and raises them to their feet. He reluctantly tries to explain they come from another planetary realm, but Anu can see that this was the wrong approach as their faces took on the look of awe and worship. To convince them they are just ordinary people, he tries to show them that he would like a piece of cooked fish. One of the women at the fire smiles and approaches him very carefully with a piece, and it looked good! He thanks her by handing her a crystal necklace that was made on the ship. He hands out more jewelry and by the time he and Manu leave the ice had been broken and they parted almost as friends.

Back at the living quarters, Anu explains to the other survivors: “They don’t all look like us. Some wear very little clothing, but it does seem like they have a leader of some sorts. Some were less developed than others and I’m sure the gene pool was too small for the survivors of the cataclysm so they bred with an inferior species.”

Before long, the group is settled in. For a short while the food they brought from the ship was enough but eventually they had to supplement what they had from the rivers and land around them. Their new friends help them to distinguish between the good and bad foodstuffs. The soil is very fertile and between the seeds they brought with them and the ones they exchanged for jewelry, they have a very successful first crop.

Tiamat and Kistar, the only two adult female survivors, were on the medical team on the ship and both specialized in genetics. After deliberating for a few weeks the two decided to inform Anu of their plans.

“We know now that we can survive here, Anu. It is time that we begin to expand our numbers. We can not wait forever. Kistar and I can start harvesting from our own ova. That seems our best choice to start our new civilization.”

”You’re probably right, my wife. The sooner we start, the better, but do you have all the necessary equipment? ”

“Yes, I saw to it before we left. Everything will go well, we both know what to do. You need to help us prepare just one module as a medical center.”

Anu thinks for a moment to himself… “The others can help. We can not always live in camouflaged modules and landers. We will build houses then the modules can become available for other projects. We need workshops with a power supply.” In less than a month a module is available and Tiamat and Kister approach their project.

Nine months later Manu was a brother and a sister richer, which they call Lahmu and Lahamu. Another set of twins, also a son and a daughter was also born to Kistar. A year later they repeat the process and Manu’s second brother and sister pair, Anshar and Kishar are born, yet Kista struggles to conceive again.When the first two girls reach puberty, Manu can take two wives. At their parents insistence they also become involved in the nation-building program. The small community begins to grow exponentially.

For some adults, the task of caring for the growing number of children, as well as feeding and educating them became a burgeoning job.

“I never expected to have so many children,” sighs Anu. It has been twenty years since their landing. Tiamat says’s as she laughs, “Never mind my husband, it’s all for a good cause! The children are at least starting to help now. Manu and his family are not staying behind either.”

Anshar says with a wry smile: “ Do you see how in love Lahmu and Kishar are with each other? One of these days they will do their part.” “Don’t forget Anshar and Lahamu, they’re not far behind!”

“I think we will have to start thinking of help, at least with the food supply. The people I have in mind are still very primitive and do not even wear clothes to speak of, but there is nothing wrong with their muscles. We will only have to educate them somewhat before we can expect any successful co-existance with them. One of the few varieties look like they could be related to us, or they could perhaps be more useful to us for other things. All I know is we can not continue to intermarry.”

The village they built, Uruk, has now become a bustling trading post. Anshar and Kishar have two daughters, Antu and Ki.

In the region now known as Sumer they are seen as gods and called Anunnaki, derived from Anu’s name.


The Homecoming

Slightly more than 7,000 years after the Anunnaki’s settlement, a long, shiny shape hauntingly slides out from the edge of the Oort cloud. Starlight reflected from its walls and a gigantic ball of deeply frozen ice is firmly anchored by cables on the front of the ship. The ship’s name is Osiris and looks like a giant medieval club.

Captain Brato, very experienced and highly resourceful, is the oldest and most experienced of three captains altering shifts. In the muted light, his White face reflects and looks like a ghost in one of the display screens, pale after a lifetime on board. He glances at his co-captain, “You’re right, the star is causing us to accelerate. We have a very busy time ahead of us.”

Like the others, he is excited, but the anticipation is still mixed with a degree of uncertainty and tension. This generation has never actually penetrated a planetary system completely, nor have any of the previous generations according to their knowledge. The systems that had been investigated so far, with such high expectation was at a distance. Unfortunately they are not suitable for colonization and are already occupied with intelligent life. The ship would  be sent out on a different course, where they will finally decide whether to return to where their ancestors came from and to determine if their mother planet might once again be viable.  The library discs provided the recommended approach procedures and warnings to fall back on. The daily routine of mandatory exercise to keep muscles and optimal blood circulation, servicing of ships, systems maintenance and the need to remain constantly alert, which has become a way of life, is not so dull after all.

Crew numbers are continuously kept as constant as possible, with births selectively awarded when deaths occur, because room for expansion simply does not exist. Through all the years on board, the need to stay constantly vigilant for long periods of time requires a special discipline, especially self-discipline which has been drilled into them from childhood and has become second nature. Especially when it comes to general health, because an epidemic on board would be fatal. The crew’s physical fitness also must be maintained meticulously for the day they meet ‘real gravity’ and a possible biologically aggressive environment presents itself. Due to the total isolation, their language changed very little through the generations and so the old ship’s logs are still quite understandable.

So far their mission’s finer details have not been paid any real attention to by the rest of the crew. Senior staff members are well aware of what they are heading into: “Everyone outside the bridge crew in the meeting room please,” came the command over the intercom. “You can eavesdrop on the intercom, but do not lose your vigilance.” In case of urgent meetings, the drivers have specific orders and assignments.

The shuffling and soft intermittent humming  of pumps restoring equilibrium automatically by means of fluid displacement sounded through the ship. As the conference venue and other modules run on magnetic laser bearings on the ship’s central axis, mass displacement takes place when the crew moves around, disturbing the equilibrium balance.

The area where the residents gather is divided into three, with one part an exercise room, an archive room and the other a meeting hall. All meetings take place at the meeting hall with seats oriented to the center. Captain Brato takes his place in the cathedra which is attached to the central corridor’s connecting outer wall, where he is automatically strapped in with slight weightless discomfort: We are nearing our destination quickly. The experience will make us all much the wiser. Those of you who are familiar with the records can inform the other crew to the nature of the other planetary civilizations so that we can communicate or connect easier if we should encounter someone else there. Our aim is the third planet from the star down, a fertile planet with abundant water and dry land, where our ancestors lived. As most of you probably know, a collision with an object from space long ago almost obliterated all life on the planet, if not everything. You will find surveys of this event on the archive disks… unfortunately crucial  finer details are missing. It will be clear that none of us have ever encountered such a thing before. We will determine whether it has become viable again in our absence. We will as far as possible synchronize our speed with that of natural matter’s general orbit of the the star for now and stay as far as possible beyond the planetary level, avoiding as much harmful material and dangerous evasions as possible… Any questions or concerns? ”

A signal flashes above a young man’s seat. Brato recognizes him as one of the younger engineers: “Yes, Kast?”

“We must get rid of the extra burden, captain. We may have to change direction on short notice.”

“We will keep it for now. It protects us against smaller collisions that can damage our radiation protection or our shield and cause damage to several other vital components, especially now that we can expect more wandering material at higher speeds and stronger radiation from the star as we get closer. As you know, the comet also provides essential fuel for the melting reactors and the high thrust outlets, and also fills our water supply for personal use. It will hide our arrival from possible intelligent life. If the planet is occupied it will make our approach appear as a natural phenomenon. In any case it will degas quickly, become smaller and will eventually be broken up by tidal forces despite the net we have stretched over it. We will keep it as long as possible and temporarily stay away from large masses. If it is necessary to perform quick evasions we can use our explosive links to quickly get rid of the comet.”

A different signal flashes. Brato nodded for him to continue: “How sure are we that the old civilization was wiped out, Captain?”

“The last report from the planet was very traumatic… actually a farewell. The large object did not collide with the planet, but a few of its satellites did so… unfortunately they were large enough to wipe out almost all life on the planet. Firstly if it fell into the ocean it would have tossed water into space and because of rapid evaporation in the airless void together with the rotation of the planet below a vast ice sheet would have tumbled down to the planet; then volcanic eruptions, seismic disturbances, acid rain that would kill most plant life; and then the cold would follow in any case because little of the star’s light would penetrate through the thick smoke and vapor clouds. It would be obscured for a long time and herald in an ice age killing off most life, especially larger animals. Many volcanic and seismic disturbances would have occurred, even on the other side of the planet from where the collisions took place by shock waves that travel through and around the planet, merging with each other and causing extreme tidal forces. Wind speeds at that time would already have started to increase with estimated winds at the equator that likely exceeded the sound barrier, and gigantic tidal waves that swallowed entire islands and continents penetrate far into the interior. It’s highly doubtful that many people, if any at all could survive. The best chance in such a case, as in the previous extinctions, would be underground. As we get closer we will see what life is on the planet and in what condition it is now. ”

Breen is still not satisfied: “Captain, I’m still of a mind that we monitor for possible broadcasts. If people on the planet survived there would by this time perhaps be another civilization, developed and possibly at a scientific and technological level almost equal to ours. ”

“Of course,” answered Brato, “We would have to do it anyway because other wanderers like ourselves could have in the meantime occupied the planet… and our ancestors have encountered enough of them, as you know. At this distance, however, I do not expect to receive any as yet, even if there are broadcasts… Anything else? ”

“What if other life forms already occupied the planet, Captain?”

“We have an agreement with the other explorers we have encountered… apparently there is an established general principle throughout the galaxy… that species occupying a planet may not be transferred or replaced. If our ancestors survived, or the planet is unoccupied, we get preference. If others had occupied it we continue our search. I really hope it will not come to that.”

There is a moment of silence. “Then we adjourn. If something comes to mind or you have any other questions… you know where to find me or captains Dant or Klem.”

The next few shifts go without incident.

According to earthly standards the ship is enormous, as it was built to sustain a sizeable permanent crew indefinitely. The front view is as small as practically possible, which makes it long with the main propulsion situated at the back, drive thrust in front and at the rear, a fortified walkway as the spine and the rotating residential areas and other venues in between.

The separate units, service and construction venues have shiny flat surfaces on the outside that is connected in groups of three and is actually an independent, detachable and smaller spacecraft. Each with its own propulsion, air supply, survival equipment and food for an emergency like an epidemic, accident or fire, which people aboard could survive until recycling, recovery or disinfection can take place. Thus far no such action has ever been needed. The big piece of ice in front was a small, unusually compact comet they found in the Oort cloud, the almost gravity-free region between stars, recovered and anchored for protection and water supply. This was only the second comet of its kind they had to use. Long telescopic arms equipped with sensors and radar dishes protrude past the comet to explore and provide navigational information. Long term economic ion rocket propulsion is used to accelerate the ship gradually and almost imperceptibly, but when greater propulsion is required for a short period of time, the rotating units lock and the comet is heated into extremely overheated steam and blows out at high pressure. Double fusion reactors in the ship’s rear and close to the front ensures propulsion, steering, and general power supply. The extra burden makes quick evasions frustratingly sluggish, but objects to be evaded are larger and can be detected earlier, allowing time for meaningful rate changes. Within the Oort area, where most items are free floating and relatively slow, the trip was much safer. As long as the ship’s speed stayed within the limits of the sensitivity of the ship’s sensors the ship’s evasive capability held.

The task is not only to evade larger objects but to trace all objects in their immediate environment and to determine their paths as well as process, record and store all the relative information. This has now started in earnest and is keeping the crew and computers fully occupied. The Captains deliberate and decide on a course which will bring the ship gradually within the same distance from the star as the bigger planets, but in a different orbit so as not to collide with any of them. They will then slowly tighten their orbit and move closer to the star. As soon as they reach this point the star’s radiation started melting the comet in front and for the first time a fine cloud became visible and later changed into a more expansive, curved “tail” resembling a bridal veil. The telescopic sensor arms must now be stretched further to explore the way forward. A small hole was burned through the center of the comet with a laser beam for reconnaissance and defense equipment. Brato now recommends that the hole be enlarged for additional sensors and to avoid the gas cloud’s ionization.

“I think we are receiving something through the background noise from the third planet’s direction, Captain”, reports a crew member.

A shiver goes through the bridge crew. Dant’s,  eyes widen: “If you can confirm this, it will make a big difference to how we approach the planet. Do your best to confirm contact. Use maximum gain and sharpen focus. Get another sensor aligned next to the planet and let us see the difference between the enhanced and the original signals.”

The initial observation is confirmed a little later. As they get closer to the planet and can distinguish between individual broadcasts, the broadcast’s nature became apparent. Some wavelengths are amplitude modulated, others are frequency modulated and some even coded, possibly for telecast. There are clear signs of intelligent life on the planet.

“Call captain Brato!” Dant commands. “They were perhaps tougher than we thought, or very lucky, or someone else entirely beat us here.”

Quicker than ever before, a breathless, excited Brato enters the control cabin.

“Ato says you found signs of intelligent life …?”

“Yes, a multitude of different types of broadcasts on many frequencies,” said Dant, “maybe some of our people survived, or else other beings occupy the planet.”

Brato rubbed his beard: “Yes, possibly others occupy the planet. Remember, we found other species. The more advanced candidates could not be evaded, but they also had a responsible approach. It is they who informed us of the global agreement. Others, however, we must be careful of. They will not necessarily be peaceful and could perhaps be aggressive.”

“You’re right,” said Dant, “We must be careful not to let our presence be known before we investigate more.”

He turns to the crew at the reception equipment, “Bret, let us hear the broadcasts again.”

An incomprehensible, intermittent babble with many disturbances are heard over the sound equipment. It turns into a clear voice, but in a foreign language. Other wavelengths are tried, as more unrecognizable languages and even music emerges.

“Some still sound somewhat familiar,” says a hopeful Bret.

Brato remains skeptical: “Yes, but it can also be your imagination. We must nevertheless act as if they are going to be hostile. We can not assume that we will be received with open arms. ”

“Yes, and keep in mind that if they are so advanced, they will have astronomers,” said Dant, “We must be careful how we maneuver. We can expect to be seen soon. Hopefully, they regard us as a small, insignificant comet. ”

“Try to analyze the broadcasts and decode them so we can understand what is happening there,” says Brato, “Let the electronic engineers and communications experts see what they can accomplish. It can not work much different from our own equipment and the signals are stronger.”

It takes longer than he wanted to, but finally, with amplification and processing, broken images are displayed on some channels. Others now join to see the spectacle with great interest.

The planet is anything but peaceful. There are many crime scenes and war. Especially the advanced nations, their morality is at a particularly low level.

“If we ever end up there, we have some serious re-educational work to do,” a female member of the crew remarks.

“Yes, we should consider how, where and with whom we are going to interact on this planet,” said another. “Clearly they are much like us and some of our ancestors might have survived, but I doubt if they know anything about our Green ones.”

A part of the ship’s crew are genetically modified clones. Long ago, before the start of the trip, they were developed with special characteristics in mind. Their skin photosynthesizes and is the reason for their strange green color and they are equipped with a metabolic oxygen supply, making it possible for them to survive considerable lengths of time without air and are also able to empty their lungs during very extreme accelerations. This also has the collateral benefit that they can use the released carbon dioxide the others exhale and through photosynthesis produce oxygen, which eases the burden on the ship’s air filtering system. Their partial dependence on ultraviolet light, which continuously burns at low intensity in their living quarters, necessitates special filters over their eyes. This makes them appear strange with big black eyes. The photosynthesis sees to it that they require little carbohydrate intake and need mainly water, proteins, some trace elements and vitamins. They have been developed for investigations into a planet’s airspace, where they may escape easily through their acceleration tolerance during possible missile and other weapons attacks. However, they are sterile, so they constantly have to be supplemented by further cloning, and are therefore pleased to live in symbiosis with each other, having a place and duty in the small community. Duties are of course strictly allocated on a skill and ability basis. From time to time, when the immediate environment was free from wandering objects, they were trained outside the ship with landing craft and some of the modules as substitute landing craft.

According to the annals, the first crews were horrified to recycle dead bodies into the food production division, but eventually it was viewed as a normal, necessary procedure as alternative sources are rarely come by in space. It was pointed out that this happens in nature biologically, albeit at a slower pace. When suitable materials are encountered in space, really slow recovery and purification procedures are required to separate the elements from each other. Among other things sometimes ionization and separation through acceleration in a vacuumed magnetic field is required to separate elements from each other. Fortunately a vacuum is no problem in space, and with fusion reactors, ionization is not a problem, but it’s still a time-consuming, energy-hungry process that requires the ship to be in a stable free fall through the whole process with no change in direction whatsoever.

The artificial gravity produced by the counter rotating living quarters is vital for reasons essential to skeletal health and to keep muscles strong. It also keeps biological processes and secretions normal, especially for preparation to land on a planet. The ship itself, due to its size, is designed to self land. Special landing craft are available, which so far have never been used before. Maintenance staff now receive instructions for servicing and preparation of these vessels in the storage space.

Osiris is now in its second elliptical path and has long since passed the large planets and is getting closer to the star.

“I have selected our orbit’s lowest point from the star but on the opposite side in terms of the planet’s position and planetary level. There we will do the next orbital change. They will not see our exhaust fumes when we brake,” Brato explains to his staff. “The one after that will unfortunately be clearly seen because it will be at the orbit’s lowest point and the next orbit’s highest point. Fortunately we will be between the planet and the star, so the star will be behind us making it very difficult for them to see us. We will need to examine the broadcasts thoroughly so we can choose an opportune moment when the most underdeveloped and least populated part of the planet will be safe to make contact with.”



Rob Arndt and Eddie de Wit are farmers on neighboring farms near Colesberg in the Eastern Cape Province. They’ve been best friends since childhood. During their school years they both developed an interest in astronomy.

Eddie browsed an astronomical website’s latest publication: “Rob, look here! Hubble II has found a small comet within the same distance of the large planets from the sun, but too far for the naked eye to see… strange isn’t it?”

“What? That is strange. Nobody’s noticed it before?”

“Well… maybe it’s because it is so small and outside of the planetary level, or perhaps it’s a new one, recently intercepted by the large planets’ gravitational field and forced into a new orbit? People today are much more interested in deep space investigations… that’s where guys can make a name for themselves.”

“Well, I can understand if new comets far from Earth are not easily discovered, but so far into the planetary system? It’s extraordinary! ”

“Maybe it’s a chance to test your new programs and equipment. Let’s track and follow it for a while and see exactly what its orbital path looks like.”

Rob hesitates for a moment: “Well, it could be a good experience. I assume they give the track coordinates in the article? Let’s see if we can actually find it.”

For amateur astronomers the two are very well equipped. They follow the comet’s path every night and predict that it will disappear behind Earth’s sun. They use their computer program to determine where and when it will be visible again. For some strange reason the newly discovered comet is not interesting nor important enough for the Hubble II team any longer. To them the comet is small and insignificant and just one of hundreds of objects floating around in space within the planetary system, and not a danger to Earth.

Soon the comet’s orbit is determined, and the Hubble II telescope again focuses on the deep space investigations for which it was built. Other professional astronomers still do not really show an interest in it. A few opinions are aired, but a closer examination can wait for later… for someone else. There are far more important and interesting things in space.

At dawn the comet disappears behind the rising sun, so the two amateurs are forced to wait impatiently for its reappearance. When it reappears again it is strangely observed later than expected. As the two friends have been observing the comet for a few days they notice that its orbit has inexplicably changed drastically to bring it even closer to the sun and the Earth. Rob and Eddie publish a story on the Internet and the comet begins to create more of an interest, including the mainstream media, and the comet’s new orbit is now carefully watched. When nothing significant happens, however, most astronomers one by one start casting doubt on the two farmers’ observations and return to their previous interests. The two amateurs insist, however, because to date no satisfactory explanation has been given for the change in course by any of the professional astronomers. A presumption began to systematically take root with them that everything is not as it seems.


Back on the ship the three captains met with the rest of the crew. Brato at the word: “According to the broadcasts some of them suspect that something is amiss. Some military authorities are clearly men itching to test out their new toys and might decide to attack us, so the time has come for us to say goodbye to the comet. The planet and its satellite’s tidal forces will break it up in any case and it is degassing rapidly now.”

“How are we going to perform such a task without being traced, Captain?” Asks a crew member.

Brato, Dant and Klem have discussed this at length: “One half of the planet consists almost entirely of a vast ocean with only small islands, apparently populated by relatively underdeveloped nations. This ocean borders on one of the planet’s poles. When we get to the pole’s edge between the planet and the star, the planet’s rotation around its axis will bring us right above that area, we will then send the comet on its last journey. They will not be able to see us because the star’s light behind us we will make us invisible. The ship itself will also be temporarily hidden by the comet’s tail and make it possible for us to change our course. Fortunately the ship’s designers had the foresight to provide the external hull with variable reflection to regulate temperature inside the ship. So far we have kept the reflectors on to save energy. But now it is time to make it dark on the planet’s side. At the star-side we will supplement the loss to the dark side by regulating it and varying the ratio of the reflective surface as necessary. ”

“We will have to harvest enough water from the comet, so keep some in case of emergencies after we change orbit,” says Klem.

“It’s already been done during the previous shift.”

Nouki, one of the drivers, however, is still not satisfied: “The change in orbit will more than likely confirm our presence, they will find us, and then the risk is much higher.”

“They more than likely know we are here already,” says Brato, “their military men probably will have to work through the red tape, and right now they know exactly where we are. We also don’t know exactly what their capabilities are, but what we have seen so far, it probably is less sophisticated than ours. We do not have a choice as we do not want to hurt anyone. We therefore have to devise a strategy to thwart them, even if they know of us.”

“Yes, but how?”

“We’re going to use the comet to brake the ship so as to change its course and disconnect it,” said Dant, “Then we will use full thrust to change our own course drastically and at maximum speed quickly change to an almost direct approach between them and the star. There are large reflective metal balloons in a geocentric orbit around the planet, probably for communication purposes. We will hide the ship behind one of them. The planet is pretty cloudy. This will help us to hide when we need to brake again. We must start preparing immediately and loosen the anchors.”

“They will of course start looking for us at some stage. The space telescope we have traced is a problem. We will have to do something about that,” says Brato. “The landing craft with their radar and absorbing deflector levels is specially designed for such eventuality. Their radar image will be very small, if they are even to be found, and will not be recognized as vessels. ”

Klem, the youngest captain, now has something to contribute: “We of course must remain between the star and Earth during the entire approach. The energy costs will be high because we will not have a free-fall path to follow. I hope they will initially follow the comet and not look for something else in the direction of the star.”

Brato is pleased to see that the junior captain was thinking ahead, “Well done Klem, I’ve already taken that into account. According to the computer we will have to make a series of adjustments, but the water on board is enough for maneuvering. It will take them a few days of observations to determine the comet’s new orbit. We should be in place by the time the comet has completed its mission. There is obviously a risk. I hope our vapor cloud has largely disappeared by the time they realize that they were fooled, but if anyone has a better plan, do not hesitate to tell me about it.”


After the comet was out of sight and then reappeared, the two amateurs were baffled that it is now on a new path that will bring it very close to the Earth. They are members of the global Space Watch Foundation which was established in 1996 when the danger of possible collisions from outer space, and after years of representations and arguments, were finally established by the authorities. Both professional and amateur astronomers were coordinated to locate, report and document objects with near-Earth orbits as well as those that would cross the Earth’s orbit. They of course report this phenomenon immediately, and a multitude of astronomers are now starting to concentrate on the comet again. Strange events in space have no end. According to the Hubble team, Hubble II’s communication is suddenly interrupted inexplicably and without warning a few days later. Wild speculation is buzzing around the world in all forms of media as dismay and concern worldwide is elevated to great heights. The comet’s peculiar orbital change, erratic movement and large vapor cloud in the tail are discussed in detail. After careful calculations by the best observatories, they decide that the comet is presently not a direct threat to the Earth and will pass just outside the moon’s orbit where it will then be drawn away by the moon and the Earth’s collective gravity into a path that will eventually take it directly into the sun to burn up.

Many people, especially UFO enthusiasts and the US defense authorities are suspicious and a theory becomes established that some intelligence may have been involved in the comet’s peculiar behavior. The last path change, erratic behavior and two large vapor clouds in the comet’s tail confirmed their suspicion. Various theories and speculations about alleged invaders become mainstream. Military men in the US believe that there is a substantial risk the world will be attacked. They began to alert the media promptly and political pressure for permission to fire nuclear weapons at the comet rises in case the comet gets too close. The main counterarguments are, first, that if the invaders from outer space have much more advanced technology than we have, and if they were planning to attack the Earth, our weapons will be of no use. Aggressive behavior then only provokes violence and a disastrous outcome. Second, such an attack will cause debris from the comet to fall on the Earth with unpredictable and possibly disastrous consequences. Most people think that as long as the comet stays on its path and heads for the sun, an attack would be justified only if it changes course and heads for Earth. The arguments become a vicious circle, and in the end it is too late to disturb the comet in its predetermined path. At night it is now clearly visible with the naked eye and worldwide interest and concern multiplies exponentially. The comet starts to break up when it approaches the moon, and then it explodes into formation like a string of beads, each with its own tail spectacularly in a row as it turns to the sun. Telescopes with special filters follow until they disappear into the glare. Most people breathe a sigh of relief. The danger seems to be over, and for the majority life again returns back to normal.


The two amateur astronomers, Rob and Eddie, however, are still not satisfied and make their feelings known. Their sudden fame has not gone past the broadcaster Hennie Malan, producer of the TV program “Truth and Reality.” He schedules a live interview with them on Rob’s farm. The program starts with some aerial imagery of Rob and Eddie’s typical Karoo farms and their telescope on top of a building’s roof on Rob’s farm. Also a short description of Rob and Eddie as typical Karoo farmers, old Agricultural College friends, and the events leading up to the interview.

“How is it that two farmers venture into astronomy, Mr. Arndt?”, asked Hennie. Rob’s parents, who were retired and living in the village, happens to be visiting Rob the day of the interview. His father laughs and volunteers to answer for Rob: “We gave him his first telescope on his ninth birthday and he could not wait for the sun to set.” “Oh yes, it was the most wonderful gift. In the Karoo with its clean air you can not do else but notice the stars,” Rob says. “We have a peaceful existence, enough opportunity, and a clear starry heaven here in the Karoo and it filled my childhood with wonder. We spent many nights laying on our backs on the lawn watching the stars… the Southern Cross, the Orion constellation and I learned to identify others, and occasionally saw a meteor or artificial satellite. Eddie and I later bought a bigger telescope and computers. It’s actually natural that we would take a more serious interest. Farming is still our first love, which of course also makes our hobby possible. ”

“I understand you are not satisfied with the official assurances that all is back to normal. Can you give the viewers a little more information and explain why you feel this way, Mr. de Wit?”

“We are sure there’s something more to this, Hennie,” said Eddie, “No object in free fall acts the way it did. It’s against all the Laws of Nature. We are very sure that the public is having the wool pulled over their eyes. We agree with the UFO and military guys; the whole process indicates an intelligent approach to our planet. Let us show you what we mean. ”

Rob brings a representation of the comet’s movements on the screen: “You see Hennie, the comet’s orbit has changed every time exactly where we could not see, even on the other side of the sun where it was out of sight and then again between us and the sun when nobody looked in that direction… and then the comet’s appropriate trip to the sun, like a well planned journey. Such course changes for a free-falling comet is impossible in nature. The unusual statement that emissions from the comet itself could have caused the orbital changes will not fool us. It is obvious, since we first noticed the comet there have been too many coincidences, too much accuracy, too much energy involved, and at exactly the right times. It is clear that this was all done in order to get closer to Earth unnoticed. Two drastic course changes both require a lot of energy, then, to turn the comet around that close to Earth? No way! We do not have all the answers, but somewhere a major screw is loose and we will not rest until we find an answer. ”

“But the comet was still destroyed in the sun?” Asked Hennie.

“This can not be the whole story, it’s just not logical,” said Eddie, “It seems to us like a smart move to take our attention away from what is really going on. You might laugh, but there had to have been some very powerful drive, some spacecraft with tremendous energy to perform such precise maneuvers with such a large mass. How powerful the craft has to be to travel the way it did blows my mind, but it’s just too much of a coincidence. ”

“Yes” said Rob, “we will be going through the entire process of unraveling every detail until we find an answer, because there certainly is an answer. “The truth is out there.” ”

“If what you say is true, it gives us some real serious information to think about. We look forward to the two of you finding the answers.” Hennie says, concluding the interview.


Brato is upset. During a recorded TV interview coming from the southern part of a continent, the last few stages of their journey is clearly and graphically displayed on a computer screen.

“They will now look until they find us,” he said to Dant, “We have to hurry. I’m sure the military forces on the vast continent on the other side of the planet are itching to attack. We have seen what they are capable of.”

“Yes,” said Dant, “I think a visit to the men featured in the broadcast is necessary. They understand enough that people will perhaps listen to them.”

Brato turned to the hastily assembled exploration team. “Search for their location at the start of the broadcast. Let me know when you’ve got it… and hurry!”

The team immediately gets to work. They start a computer search of the farms with the two TV images and the direction of the broadcast as scan basis for the most likely area at the bottom of the mainland. Surprisingly they quickly find the two images in a relatively sparsely populated, semi-arid part of the country.

“It rather suits us that it is precisely there, in a sparsely populated part and not in a densely populated residential area,” Dant remarks, “I do not think we should wait any longer.”

Brato agrees: “One of us should meet them. This country does not have the kind of defense systems that we have seen in other countries across the equator, and the landing craft’s radar image will be poor. I do not think we will need the greens’ acceleration tolerance. It should be safe if accompanied by one of us. ”

“Klem and I can go. Its your shift in any case.”

Brato thinks about this for a moment: “Okay, but be careful. Look, there’s some sort of road for their vehicles. I think you should land close to their homes so they can not escape easily. There are also wires strung on poles. The thinner wires are probably communication lines. They must not be allowed to get out any information, not even by radio. You will first have to take care of that… and wear your protective clothing. ”

“Do not worry. Everything will go well. “said Dant.

A while later four of the ship’s landing craft leave with Dant, Klem, two exploration team members and a green pilot aboard each.


Rob’s wife, Melody is talking to Eddie’s wife Helga on the phone, when it suddenly dies. There are no severe weather warnings in the area, but farm attacks happen on a regular basis.  She is immediately on her guard, “Rob! Notify the farm watch! There’s something wrong with the phone! “She called out to Rob and Eddie who were on the flat roof of their ‘observatory’ looking through their telescope, studying the sky. Rob storms down the stairs and ran to the radio in his office. A strong broadband signal blocks all wavelengths. He now realizes there is something very wrong, grabs his rifle and storms out. Eddie yelled from the roof, “Rob! Come quickly! Some flying object is approaching us! ”

Melody stops the children as they start running after Rob. A large, oddly shaped vessel with shiny flat surfaces lands in the road near the entrance gate to the farm. Eddie climbs down from the roof head over heels: “If they wanted to hurt us, they would not have landed,” he called out to Rob, “What do you think you are going to do with that rifle? These guys are flying around in an advanced space craft!”

Robs’s three children, the oldest of which is in grade two, clutch wide eyed to Melody standing at the living room window. Rob hesitated, unsure what to do and lowered the gun, but remains on his guard. A hatch opens, stairs fold out to the ground, and a tall, well built caucasian man with a long white beard and long hair appears with outstretched arms, apparently to show that he was not armed. His clothing is clearly not from around here and Eddie immediately realizes what is happening: “Turn off the high voltage fence, Melody,” he cried. “Open the gate Rob, they’re not terrorists and we do not want war.” Rob quietly presses the open button on his remote control. The gate opens and the visitor approaches to meet the two surprised men. Standing before them he points to Rob’s chest, then to his own. His index fingers hooking together, he says something in a foreign language.

“I think he showed that we are the same, or in some way connected with each other,” says Eddie. Rob relaxed slightly and glanced in the direction of Eddie. “I think you’re right,” he says. “He looks like an ordinary person, but maybe not from here.”

“Do you think we should invite him in?” Rob asks Melody

“Why not? It does not look like he wants to do us harm. ” she replies, smiling at the stranger.

Rob thinks for a moment and then motions for the stranger to come in the house with them. The stranger pauses for a moment and looks back at his craft, then follows them. On the way he takes out a small communication device: “Klem, both men from the broadcast are here. Do not approach the house. Only keep an eye out.”

In the living room, he looked around with interest. Melody nods friendly in the stranger’s direction, sends the children to their rooms then leaves for the kitchen to get some coffee, while Rob and Eddie try to make sense of the stranger’s hand gestures. He points to his chest and says, “Dant” A light goes on for Rob. He points to himself and says “Rob!” The stranger nods, points to him and repeats “Rob” Rob points to Eddie and says”Eddie!” The stranger nods again and repeats the name. Rob gestures to the stranger to sit. Melody comes in with the coffee and is introduced in the same manner.

“I think it’s the people you spoke about in your interview, Rob,” she said.

“I think you’re right,” he says, “there is not another such craft on Earth.”

“Show him what to do with the coffee,” she said.

Rob points to the cups and says, “Coffee!” Dant repeated the word and nodded his head.

Melody gave them each a cup of coffee and a saucer. She already added sugar and milk for the stranger and seeing the men drink theirs he tasted the coffee. “Not too bad!” He says with a smile and a nod in her direction.

“What did he say, Dad?” Asked one of the children peering around the door frame.

“I do not know,” smiles Rob, “but I think he likes it.”

“Come its getting very late, off to your rooms! “Melody says strictly. The children, however, do not go far and peer out of the dark hallway to see what was going on in the living room. Dant stands and looks at the portraits and paintings on the walls. The scenery looks a lot like those in the ship’s archives.

There is a knock at the back door. Melody opens and a distressed black face with big eyes makes its appearance. “What’s that thing at the gate, Miss?” He asks.

“I do not know Jerry, it belongs to the man in here. It is none of your business. Come and see, he looks like my family. “She leads him into the living room. When he appears in the doorway, Dant frowns. He pointed to Jerry and looks at Rob. Rob does not know how to explain and looks at Melody for an explanation. Dant seems upset, swung his outstretched arm in a wide circle and put his other hand over his mouth.

“It seems he wants to keep his visit secret,” says Eddie, “I wonder what it is he actually wants from us. There must be a reason for their visit. ”

Rob looks at Jerry “You see it’s ordinary people, Jerry. This is a new kind of plane they are testing. Go back home and tell the others not to say a word about it to anyone else.”

Rob sighs as he knows he’s asking the impossible from the black farmhand.

“Yes sir.” Jerry says, as he continues to stare at the man with the strange clothes. He reacts suddenly like he’d just woken up and walks out quickly. Eddie gestures with open hands and a questioning expression on his face. Dant points to him, then to the craft outside, and then motions for Eddie to come with him as he walks towards the doorway.

“He wants me to go with him,” says Eddie, “I think he wants to show me something.”

He walks with Dant out the door while the others curiously follow behind them. Dant presses a button on the small communication device and says something into it. They disappear into the vessel’s hatch and moments later it closes. Rob is worried: “Oh donner! He took him! ”

A moment later the vessel takes off and disappears quickly. A second one appears out of the darkness and takes its place in front of the gate. “They are making sure that no one spreads the news,” says Melody, “I think if they wanted to take him permanently they would not leave a craft behind.” Rob is still worried: “I hope you’re right, Melody.”



As the hatch closes, Eddie looks around in the subdued lighting and notices a green creature with black slit eyes and few clothes at a control panel. Screens display scenes from the whole area around the vehicle: “What have I gotten myself into this time,” he mumbled to himself. Dant smiles, points up, indicating that Eddie must sit down in one of the reclining seats, then sits down himself. Eddie nearly freaks out when strong mechanical arms fold firmly around their bodies. For Eddie, who had never even been in an airplane, this flight and fierce acceleration is an experience he is sure to remember for the rest of his life. “My first flight just had to be into space…” he thinks as he sees the Earth rapidly growing smaller on the display screens. The acceleration stops and Eddie can feel his stomach turning. On one screen, a large round shiny sphere appears. As they approach from a slight angle he can see a massive long spaceship appear behind the sphere. One that gets bigger the closer they get.”My word, its huge!” he exclaims to himself involuntarily.

The landing craft starts decelerating. They float slowly to the ship’s rear, a large hatch opens and the vessel sails in neatly. The ship’s hatch closes with loud mechanical noises and the lights turn on. Eddie feels his weight returning. The seat arms open and a wide eyed Eddie stands up, legs shaking slightly.  He follows Dant out the hatch into a spacious area where more such vessels are anchored to the outer wall. Dant points to a stairway that leads to a hatch in the middle of the area and lets the green one go first with Eddie between them. The further they progress the more weightless they become, until they are almost totally weightless again. Beyond the hatch Eddie sees a long corridor and in the distance it splits into three separate corridors. He also sees the landing bay they just left rotating around this long corridor. They walk towards a semicircle of seats, fastened to a central spinal construction and sit down. This time Eddie is not surprised when they are clamped down by the mechanical arms. The green one pushes a few buttons on a keyboard, and they start moving down the corridor. As they move along, Eddie becomes aware of other sections of the ship, sometimes clearly visible at regular intervals. At the end of the corridor they stop. Here they go through another hatch and ladder. Eddie feels gravity returning, and the weightless discomfort disappears the further he goes down the ladder. They enter a large room where a crowd of people stand waiting. There are some green ones as well as ordinary looking people. All the adult men have long beards and hair. Apparently haircuts and shaving are not particularly important to them. All eyes are on him with curiosity and with great interest. One man, obviously a leader, comes closer and holds out his hand to him. Eddie does the same. The man shakes  his hand and motions that he must sit on one of the seats attached to the curved wall. Dant pointed to the man and said to Eddie,”Brato” Eddie nods that he understands. Dant talks to Brato in his own language: “His name is Eddie. He is one of two in the broadcast. We communicate now with gestures. It’s very difficult. ” Brato nods at Eddie and says “Eddie!… Okay, let’s show him who we are. It will also be educational for our younger generation as they are a little lazy to study  our history.”

The light fades, and historical archive footage appears in a series on the venue’s a flat wall. The language is incomprehensible to Eddie, but the history that is unfolding in the picture is clear and extremely fascinating. The planet displayed at the beginning is clearly Earth with the continents slightly differently shaped and placed, yet largely recognizable, except for two large islands between Europe and North America. They are not there today and Eddie immediately thinks of the two mythological continents Atlantis and Mu. The Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea are missing in the images and appear as two large valleys with a freshwater lake in the one where the Mediterranean Sea is currently and another where the Black Sea is currently, but the sea level was clearly much lower. He sees how the spaceship was built in orbit and the ship’s emotional farewell, and a long distance image of collisions with the planet, and much later fruitless visits to other planetary systems, and later several encounters with other space travelers. It is clearly very old footage many thousands of years older than the current civilization, but it is also equally clear that these people have the same ancestors as he himself had, or at least similar. The story is amazing and when the show ends after several hours, Eddie is not even tired, just excited and impatient to tell his friends and family at home about it.

Brato is again at the word: “Captain Dant met two families on Earth. They clearly have the same ancestors as we do and we will not be hostile toward them. Communication is clearly a problem. We will use them to make contact with other inhabitants of Earth and their authorities. I will give this guy historical discs when we return him, but we will also have some of our children accompany him to learn their language from their children because children naturally learn a language more quickly. They can then provisionally serve as interpreters. I do not believe their children start to learn as early or are as well stimulated as ours, and our children should learn their language sooner than theirs can master ours, although it does not matter who the quickest is at learning the other’s language. It will also give them a chance to get used to the idea that we are not aliens here to invade. “

Without further ado Eddie along with four children, two boys and two girls are brought to the landing craft and as dawn breaks they land on the farm. Before he gets out of the craft, Dant gives him two similar devices with a few small discs and shows him how to use it. He again used gestures to make it clear to Eddie that everything must be kept quiet. Eddie explains that he understands and with the four children walks up to a clearly relieved Rob and family. The two landing craft take off and disappear at an astonishing speed.The two other craft on Eddie’s farm also take off and Helga, who has been watching the strange craft at the gate through the lounge window with her children, tried again to call Melody, this time successfully: “You will not believe what has happened here!”

“Really? Well let me tell you, you will not believe what happened here!” said Melody. “Your husband has just returned from a space mission!”

When Helga is upset she becomes frivolous: “What! … And he didn’t bother to take me along, the cheek!… Well? Was she pretty? “

“No silly, it was just a guy with a long blond beard and hair. We need to keep everything quiet. Eddie will explain. I think their lives are at stake and perhaps ours too. Do you think we can still keep the farm laborers quiet? “

“Not for long, but fortunately it is far to town and this taxi need not be very willing.”

Eddie approached, “Hold on, here’s your husband, he will tell you the rest… goodbye.”

“Hi baby … I had an amazing experience … a space flight … a spaceship … I still can not believe it! Is everything alright at home? “

“Here were two strange craft that sat at our gate all night! They just left. The phone and the radio did not work, we have not slept at all and even the laborers have not moved outside. Even the dogs are hiding and the cows must have dried up. My nerves are raw! Where is my husband when I need him!  He was on a space trip … what an excuse! Wait till I tell my Aunt Elsa about this!”

“Honey, you may not tell anyone and definitely not your aunt Elsa!  You know how the retirement home will buzz when you tell her and it will not be long before it is world news. These poor people have roamed space for thousands of years. They come from the same ancestors as we do. If the US generals were to find out where they are… you know their fingers are always itching to test their new weapons. Then we maybe under fire. Please, do what you can to keep it quiet. Hold on, I’ll be right home and then I will tell you everything.”

He puts down the phone: “Rob, he took me to their space ship and showed me their history starting at the beginning of their journey. These children seem to have been sent here to learn our language from our children. He gave me these two gadgets to show the same footage to you. I’ll show you how it works. The children that came with me will also know how it works. “

“Yes, that’s all well and good, but start telling!” said Rob. Eddie tells of his experience with wild gestures and at the same time tries to show Rob how the device works. The children are getting to know each other. Rob’s children are especially interested in their strange clothing and communication devices. Melody walks to the kitchen but Eddie quickly stops her: “Cancel the coffee Melody, I need to get to Helga, she sounded very upset, and farm work can not wait.” He walks towards the door. The four foreign children look up, talk to each other and two of them, a boy and a girl, get up and follow him. They were clearly told to stay with both families. The day dawns with a beautiful display and the ride over the rough farm road in terrestrial gravity is a new and exciting experience for the two space children. They hop over bumps, clinging, gesturing and talking excitedly to one another. Helga and their two children are waiting on the porch. When Eddie stops they all come running to the car. Everyone tries to talk at once. The excitement is great and they do not at first notice the two shy visitors in the car.

“And who’s this?” Asks Helga, noticing them at last.

“Meet Helo and Heli. They come from the ship. I think they are twins, brother and sister. They were sent to learn our language from our children so that we communicate with each other. “

Helga takes the two children by the hand and leads them into the house. “You heard what your father said,” she told her two, “Play nice with them and do not fight. They are very special and they do not know our language… and give them sweaters, it’s cold and their clothes are inadequate. “

She looks at Eddie, feigning anger “I’m going to make coffee and something to eat now… but only your dad can come along.”

In the kitchen the coffee is already brewed. As she pours, she looks at Eddie and smiles, “Well, now you can tell me about your space girl… and the reason you decided to bring her children with you!”

“There was no space girl, it was just a little trip into space. There was a guy with a long white beard and long hair that landed at Rob’s farm, probably with only such aircraft as you saw. They landed at the gate and blocked the way out… probably to make sure we did not run off. Rob let him into his house. He had us understand that his visit must be kept secret.”

“Yes, and how is it that you ended up taking a trip into space with him?” Asked Helga.

“He picked me to go with him. I probably looked the least scared and…ahem…smartest? I was in any case very curious to see the inside of the vessel. There was a green guy with little clothing seated at the controls. I almost wet myself as the craft accelerated and the Earth became smaller and smaller. The weightlessness when we got to the ship almost made not having an accident impossible!. You know how scared I am to fly, and then I pick space for a first flight! “

Helga smiles. She knows what Eddie thinks of flying and could imagine how her big, strong man who can tame a wild horse felt fear: “Yes, and then?”

He  again relives the trip in his mind: “You will not believe how big that ship is … And the docking bay, huge… there are many such craft in there… and then we went on funny chairs down a long corridor to a large hall which rotates so we would not be weightless. There were many people, some of them green but most look like us. “

“Green? Good heavens!… Yes, and then? “

“Then they showed me a movie about their history. They gave me a device to bring home so you can watch it too. It starts with the Earth as it used to look very, very long ago, then a spacecraft was built and some of them left. Then something terrible happened. A big object, probably an asteroid or such, sailed past the earth, dragging a few small moons with it and some of them collided with the Earth. I could not see many details due to the blindingly bright lightning, smoke, clouds and it was photographed from a distance. They apparently knew of its coming. It’s amazing that we’re here on Earth. Our ancestors had a very difficult time and the fact that enough of them survived and could build up a civilization again makes me proud to be one of their descendants.”

“And then?”

“Generations later they reached other planetary realms, but found nowhere they could settle and start again. Then they apparently decided to come back here, probably to see what was left of their people and whether the Earth has recovered. “

Helga poured coffee “Ah yes, the cat came back. The brilliance of their arrival kept you busy there for a while. You can not say it was boring. “

“Yes, but their time is running out. It’s just a matter of time before they are found by the Americans and they try testing their weapons on them. After all the Alien Invasion movies coming out of Hollywood, you can be sure they’ve been expecting them for a while now. Nothing will stop them from telling the masses that this is a life threatening situation.It is extremely important that we keep their visit a secret until we can prove that they are harmless and their visit is peaceful. Especially the green ones, they should not be seen at all for now. Rob and I will talk about this later today. I just want to take a quick nap, I’m tired and very sleepy. “

“Oh no!… I’ve been waiting all night for you,” joked Helga while walking to the lounge to take coffee to the kids, “Henrie, here’s coffee in the lounge! Bring your friends!” The children are already showing the newcomers their home and necessary amenities. Four happily smiling and content children enter in the living room. Eddie Jr. pointed to the coffee and said “Coffee!” He takes a cup, pours sugar and milk, drinks a few sips and shows the others to do the same… no problems… both newcomers understand and smile broadly after taking a sip.

Helga chuckles: “I do not think there will be any problems with them. Children adapt quickly. Well, you go to bed, I will hold down the fort and threaten the laborers to keep their big mouths shut.”

On the other farm Rob’s curiosity gets the better of him and he can wait no longer. He sets up the device Eddie gave him against a wall in the lounge and took down the paintings. His family and the two visitors watch the full story  despite their exhaustion. Everyone now realizes how important these people’s visit is to the Earth’s future. Melody again serves coffee and when they finish she sends the children to bed, “You boys will sleep in the guestroom, there are plenty of beds. Show your friends where the bathroom is. Lee, your dad will move one of the spare beds into your room so you and your little friend can share … and give them some of your warm pajamas.” After the children have come to rest, Helga and Rob discus the amazing events and scenes that took place that night. They decided together that these people should be protected and assisted. And so dawn creeps up on them.


The broken down Hubble telescope not only upsets astronomers, Pentagon generals are just as upset. General Woodford convenes a special meeting to discuss the issue: “Gentlemen, I think you will agree that the inoperative Hubble and the comet’s strange behavior must be connected. It is clear, to me at least, that some kind of intelligence must be involved now and that the Hubble was neutralized to prevent us from finding them.” The others concur. “I also think that there is a very real danger that we, as the most power nation on earth, will be the first target if earth should be attacked!” Again, all are in agreement.” All defense systems must be brought into full readiness. In the meantime, generals Barone and Zitello… see to it that the nation, the President, and all the other politicians realize the seriousness of the matter, and get approval for us to defend ourselves when we find the intruders. Incidentally, this is also an opportunity to acquire funding to revive our ‘Starwars’ program that will eventually make us supreme Rulers over the rest of the world, an appropriate position for our great nation … no one will then be able to stand up to us any way, any how.”

There are now mixed reactions. General Anstrom replies: “General, I accept the notion that an alien intelligence must be involved now. However, they have demonstrated no aggression, and the fact that they are able to handle a massive comet like they have done, the fact that they were able to come from who knows where, and that up to this point in time we have seen no sign of them, points to a technological level far superior than ours. I suspect that when you speak of defense, you mean a preemptive attack. I doubt that such an act would be advisable. It can only provoke a counter attack and we know nothing about their capabilities, only that it will probably be totally superior to ours. “

Woodford frowns irritably: “Readiness can do no harm, Anstrom! We must inform the nation about our misgivings! Generals Blue and Hoffman will handle the media. I will tend to the president myself. We have to prepare for any eventuality as best we can. I think the fact that they are reluctant to show themselves  probably means that they fear our capabilities. “

Anstrom paused. He knows that he will accomplish nothing further with Woodford. He also knows that Woodford was an opportunist, and once he gets permission and finds out where the strangers are, he is arrogant enough to fabricate an excuse to attack them.

Woodford looked with disapproval in Anstrom’s direction. “This guy is going to be trouble,” he thought, “I must send him somewhere where he can not cause a stir.”

The next day Anstrom receives a memo calling him to Woodford’s office. Woodford also makes no bones. “General, I have an assignment for you. The South African government have apparently forgotten to be thankful that we helped put them in power. They hold out their hand to us for finance, but turn toward the East and the Middle East when they hand out favors, and you know what that implies. They have inherited advanced weaponry, and transfer of that technology creates difficulties for us. Anstrom is agitated:”Yes, I know precisely how thankful they should be. We, our British friends and allies helped them to bring down the previous regime. We stuck a knife in the back of an ally who supported us in all our wars against communism, and then we put a communist government in place instead of supporting their nationalism.”

“It was their own fault, and you know it!”

“Really? It rather seems to me that everything we do Internationally has been to enrich the rich, while we bleed other countries dry to finance the wars we instigate for the benefit of a few Jewish financiers and oil barons, with very little advantage for our own people, if at all.”

“Be care full Anstrom. Just what are you trying to say? “

“Well, we were not this touchy when Palestine was inundated with foreign Jews who now occupy Palestinian land, whilst in South Africa before de Klerk most of that country never really belonged to blacks in the country’s entire history. Tell me honestly that you do not realize that we have been punishing the previous regime in South Africa for trying to maintain their own economy, provide for their own energy requirements, and return to a honest national monetary exchange system, and in the process frustrating our efforts to satisfy the greed of the rich and powerful? “

Woodford smiles wryly: “And how do you arrive at that conclusion?”

“Well, you might remember that we forced everybody off the gold standard and onto a stock market and oil price manipulated dollar standard, unilaterally I might add, and in total disregard of the negative effect on other countries, to save our economy that we allowed ourselves to be plundered by Jews starting in full swing in 1913. When that was not enough, we coerced the leaders of the Middle Eastern oil rich countries that we and the British put in power to accept only dollars as payment for oil. We also allowed the crypto-jew Wahhabist Saudi Royal Family, including the Bin Ladin’s, to control a large portion of our economy. We then raised the oil price fourfold by means of artificial oil shortages, a process we repeated more than once later to boost the spread of dollars and destroy the Economies of developing countries to maintain cheap labor based imports. That in its turn caused unemployment and misery in our own country. Together with the Europeans, they then tried to bring gold back for an honest monetary system. To avert a return to the gold price, we financed communist terrorists, just like we did when they tried to become independent of oil in the fifties and started the oil from coal process and research for a nuclear power system, both potential competition for international oil. We joined our mutual enemies to bring them down, and replaced them with a self serving, parasitic government,most of whom are communists, if not all, who are inherently opposed to western society. We created that situation ourselves, did we not? Should we hide our faces in shame!”

Woodford turns red in the face: “General, it seems you have forgotten I am your superior! You WILL comply with my orders and you WILL work with our South African embassy and the CIA. My secretary will give you your formal instructions.”

Anstrom sees the writing on the wall and is now mad as hell: “I anticipated that you would get me out of the way, but I am not the only one who thinks as I do. It will not make any difference!”

Woodford impatiently shuffles a few documents : “This interview is over, Anstrom… dismissed!”

Anstrom gets up, salutes spitefully and leaves the office. Woodford’s secretary hands him a file with a plane ticket and diplomatic accreditation documents, and the next morning he leaves for South Africa.


On the two farms the children make progress with surprising speed. Within a week they were quite able to understand each other, and both sides speak simple sentences in the other’s language. For the new friends from space a whole new world opens up. They love their new experiences; they see whirlwinds and even a terrifying Karoo thunderstorm with an impressive lightning display, rain and hail. Rob’s children keep them calm and explains that everything is normal to this world. On the ship they were used to silence most of the time, just the gentle sound of air circulation and occasional balance machine pumps that disturbed the silence. Now they experience day and night, cold and hot, crickets and frogs at night and in the morning, they wake up with birds twittering, roosters that crow, cattle bellowing, and sheep bleating in their ears. From the farm children they learn about the Karoo’s unique vegetation. They were each given a sweater because the mornings are quite cold outside, but later it becomes uncomfortably hot. All these things are new to them.

Rob and Eddie strictly told their laborers not to talk about the meeting to any other of the farm’s laborers, but the following weekend, one of Jerry’s sons visits a neighboring farm , drinks too much beer, and starts bragging about the things that he saw. The story circulates and soon it reaches the town. A reporter from Colesberg’s local newspaper phones Rob to inquire. He dismisses it as drunkard’s story, and immediately pulled the offender over the coals. It does not however stay there. A CIA agent planted in town on the lookout for political unrest, hears about the story and notifies his embassy. General Anstrom receives the report a day later. He immediately makes a plan and tells the Ambassador that he has little to do and will look into the report himself.


Meanwhile, one of the vessels again visits Rob’s farm to determine what has been happening regarding themselves, and how much the children have progressed. The children have personal communication sets, but they were warned to use it only in an emergency. This time it is  Brato that gets off the vessel and introduces himself. It’s much easier than the first time, and after excitedly sharing their experiences, the two children can simplify communication considerably. Rob explains as best he can what happened with the rumor being spread. Brato is clearly very upset and motions the boy Ato to approach: “Ask if we are in danger.” Ato turns to Rob: “Brato asks danger now?”

“No, I think there is still time before anything drastic will happen.”

“He does not think so, Captain. He thinks there is still time. “

Brato frowns: “I’m not so sure. We have to win time. Ask him how he thinks they can find us. “

Ato struggles to find words: “Brato asks how they get us?”

Rob thinks and considers: “They obviously have radar and telescopes, but the danger is the military, geological survey, and weather satellites with imagery capabilities.”

The expression is foreign to Ato: “Not understanding.”

Rob takes them to his computer and shows them the graphics depicting the satellites’ orbits.

Brato understands immediately: “Ask him which satellites can see us.”

“Which ones see us?” asks Ato.

The satellites orbits are common knowledge, and Rob displays the satellites and their orbits on the screen and shows them which ones have cameras. Brato studies the images, picks up a small device, and records the information on the screen. Rob give him his watch and explains on a piece of paper how the timeline works. Brato apparently understands. He hurriedly says goodbye and leaves.

In the course of the next few days several satellites disappear inexplicably. Only communications satellites remain untouched. On Earth chaos erupts, especially in weather stations and the Pentagon.

“Do you see what I was afraid of?” General Woodford shouts at the other generals, “All our guidance satellites and ever other satellite with cameras on board that we could have used to look for them are gone! What are we going to do now if we are attacked? “

General Achladis tries to reassure him, “I do not think you should worry, sir. If they wanted to attack us, they would have done so already. So far they haven’t done a single aggressive act, except preventing us from doing so. That was obviously a purely defensive tactic. I suspect they want to contact us without the danger of us attacking them and forcing them to defend themselves.”

General Watson supports him: “Yes, I agree, they did not have to go to all this trouble to hide from us if they wanted to attack us. I also thought, Considering their power play with the comet, that their spaceship must be extremely powerful and probably very large. Perhaps they do not want to be forced to execute quick evasions, or perhaps they are not sure of our weapons capabilities. I think we should just be patient until they announce themselves.”

After several more arguments the meeting adjourns without any plan of action. Woodford is clearly upset, and the two generals have not done their careers any favors.


General Anstrom meanwhile arrives in Colesberg in a diplomatic vehicle and tracks down the CIA agent. During his trip there he convinces himself that the rumors about the visitors and the disappearance of the satellites may well be related. That the men involved in the rumors are the same ones who reported on the comet, also did not escape him. He decides, however, to keep his suspicions to himself, and pretends that this visited is merely a routine to confirm or discard the agent’s report. He gets directions on how to get to the farms from the agent. The phone book provides Rob’s number and he makes the call. Rob picks up: “Good afternoon, Rob Arndt here.”

“Mr Arndt, I am General Anstrom. I represents the United States government. A rumor has come to our attention that something strange has happened on your farm. Would you be so kind as to grant me an interview to provide some clarity in this matter? “

Rob expected something of this nature to happen: “General, it’s late in the day and the farm requires my attention. If  you can come here around three o’clock tomorrow afternoon, I will be able to attend to you. “

“That will suit me just fine sir. Thank you very much. Until tomorrow at three then. Goodbye. “

Anstrom was relieved. The hot summer Karoo sun and the long car ride left him exhausted. He felt sweaty and looks forward to the hotel’s air-conditioning, a cold shower and a cold beer.

Rob calls for Eddie, “de Wit here.”

“My friend, you and Helga have to be here tomorrow afternoon before three. We have a US general visiting.”

“They do not let grass grow under their feet, do they? We will make sure that we are there. You just get the braai going, we will bring chops and steaks.”

“Well, then it’s agreed. A braai is perhaps just the thing to get him in the right mood. Tell Helga I say hello to polish up on her English.”

He hangs up the phone. The children laugh and talk as they play on the swing under the eucalyptus tree, and he calls from the back door: “Chance, please tell Ato I would like to speak with him!” A moment later Ato stands in front of him with curiosity clearly on his face .

“Ato, please ask Brato to come here tomorrow after sunset. He must meet an important visitor.”

Ato understand much better: “Tomorrow after sunset Brato here? Visitor important? “

“Yes, please Ato. It’s very important. “

“Okay, will do.” Ato presses a button on his communication device: “I want to talk  to Captain Brato please,” he says. A few minutes passes, then he speaks again: “Captain, Rob requests that you come here after dark tomorrow. He’s getting an important visitor he would like you to meet … Thank you captain, I’ll tell him … Brato says yes. “

Rob pats him on the shoulder: “Thank you Ato, you’re a great help. You may go play again.”

Melody is busy in the kitchen. Rob puts his hand on her shoulder: “We’re getting a visits from a US general. You can guess what that is about. We need to make him feel at home. Eddie and Helga will bring meat, we can give the General a real South African braai. O yes, Brato will be coming too, but only after dark.”

She laughed: “It will scare the General right out of his uniform. I hope he brings clean underwear…I will take care of the side dishes. The General probably only knows McDonalds and KFC. It’s high time that an American experiences Karoo meat and Boer hospitality.”


The next afternoon a long black car pulls up in a cloud of dust… in any case a car shortly before shiny and black.

Melody smiles devilishly: “Look  Helga. Why are they always in black cars? “

The car stops in front of the house and the General gets out: “Good afternoon ladies.”

Melody smiles kindly: “Good afternoon General. Please come in, it’s hot out here.”

“You can say that again.” said the general as they walk towards the house.

“Yes General, you can be sure the African sun is not the same as the American sun,” says Helga.

Melody frowns in her direction, but the general laughs: “A little humor does not hurt. Call me Erik. We do not have to be all that formal.”

“Well take a seat, Erik. I’ll call the men. They’re in the shed, admiring a new four-by-four.”

On the way to the barn she calls “Rob, your visitor is here!” They appear and join her: “The guy doesn’t look too bad … even laughed at Helga’s nonsense.”

Eddie laughs: “She can not help it, she was born that way … think it’s her father’s fault.”

In the lounge Rob smiles mischievously : “Right, let’s go and scare the living daylight out of an American General!”

Helga grinned: “You’re going to clean his clothes”

After the formal introductions Rob doesn’t beat about the bush, “General, forgive me for being blunt, but time is running out. You have already made the purpose of your visit clear. It’s true that we had a visit from space, but before we discuss that, I have to know what you intend to do with the information.”

General Anstrom makes no bones about it, “I will also be blunt, Mr Arndt. My commanding officer sent me to South Africa to get me out of the way because I opposed him when he suggested an attempt to attack the aliens whenever he found them. At the embassy I happened to intercept the message to the Pentagon from our CIA agent in Colesberg and decided to investigate myself. I have not told the agent what my views on the matter are, however.”

Rob is surprised by the general’s honesty: “It seems the guy has honest intentions, Eddie.”

Eddie agrees: “Yes, I think we can go ahead, Rob.”

Rob smiles: “I have some extraordinary archive material to show you, General. Believe it or not, what we are going to show you is an actual historical recording of events from very long ago, provided by the very people you are interested in and shown by advanced technology from a very distant past. “

Anstrom stares surprised at Rob. He never expected such a direct approach, and he is thankful that he does not have to play cat-and-mouse games. They sit down in the lounge and Melody draws the curtains. On a table in the middle of the room Anstrom notices a small device of unknown origin. Rob presses a button and the story begins to unfold on the lounge wall. Anstrom is glued to his chair. Every now and then he softly exclaims: “Damn!”

For the others it is still highly interesting. The nine children, slightly dusty, have also entered and sit on the floor. When the video is finished, it is nearly sunset.

Anstrom is still taken aback: “Do you mean to say that was actual original footage?”

Rob emphasized in a serious manner: “Absolutely the genuine article, sir. The space ship you have been looking for … That gentleman there, Eddie, has visited it. “

“Yes, quite an educational experience to say the least,” says Eddie.

“Damn!” was all Anstrom could manage.

Rob smiles: “We’re having a braai. If you want to join us out back, we can continue our discussion there.”

The fire has been lit, and after the General has been shown their observatory, the three men go around to the backyard and sit cozily under an ash tree, beer in hand, waiting for the coals to get ready. The children also sit on the ground in front of the fire, chatting merrily with lively gestures.

The sun sets with a colorful display behind clouds. It is dusk and the meat starts sizzling on the braai grid.

Rob points to the four visiting children: “Do you see those two kids … and those two over there? They are four of the aliens you are looking for. Pretty dangerous monsters, eh? “

Anstrom only now notices that they are dressed completely different than the other children. “They look like any other kid! Except that they all need a haircut.”

“Exactly! They look the same because they come from the same ancestors we do.”

A second possibility occurs to Anstrom: “It’s almost unbelievable. You are not putting me on, are you? “

Eddie responds this time: “No, this is not a show, General, as you will see shortly.”

Brato’s timing could not have been better. Just as Rob removes the meat from the fire, they hear a soft hissing sound. Rob quickly finishes up and turns to Anstrom: “I think you will want to see this, General.”

They walk around the house, just in time to see the craft land. This time there is not even a “Damn” from the General. He stops dead in his tracks as his jaw drops. The hatch opens and Brato walks over to meet them.  Ato introduces Brato to Anstrom.

Anstrom is amazed at Brato’s appearance: “He looks like Moses!”

Eddie laughs out loud: “Apparently shaving is not a priority on multi-millennial journeys.”

Ato is slightly sonfused. He asks Chance what the General was saying. Chance tries to explain and Ato tries to interpret for Brato: “The other man does not speak the same language as the people here. I do not know what he is saying captain. But apparently he says you look like a man from long ago, named Moses.”

Brato smiles: “Do not worry Ato, we will find out later. We certainly look a bit strange to them. Perhaps it is fitting; we hail from a long time ago.”

They walk around the house together, the smell of the braai lingering in the air as the two women bring out the side dishes.

“It’s such a great evening out after the hot day… we will eat outside,” explains Rob to Ato, who in turn informs Brato. Brato nodded. Ato finds Brato looking suspiciously at the food: “You should try it, Captain. It’s different than what we are used to, but it’s delicious. “

Rob gives Brato a plate. He followed the others example and dishes up a little of everything onto his plate. He tastes each of the dishes separately and nodded to Ato: “You’re right, it’s different, and tastier than ours. I think we will enjoy our new home.”

The General is still taken aback and full of questions: “What do they want from us… what are they planning and why are they so secretive?”

“You will get all your answers tonight, General, just be patient,” says Eddie.

With Ato’s help Rob explains to Brato who the General is and his attitude toward them. The time has come to lift the veil and remove all suspicions concerning their intentions. The General will have to act as an intermediary as the cat was already partly out of the bag prior to their meeting. Brato reflects and finally agrees, provided that the General will not betray them or their whereabouts.

After they finish their meal Rob asks: “General, we asked captain Brato and he has agreed that you may visit their spaceship, provided that you do not disclose their position. How would you like to become an astronaut tonight? “

The cozy atmosphere and the beer had done its job: “Are you kidding? Off course I would love to!… It will not be dangerous, will it? “

“No General, Eddie has been there already, and this time it’s my turn. I will be joining you.”

The fact that he will not be alone up there puts Anstrom’s mind at ease and after they finish eating  Rob tells Brato that they are ready to leave. They say good bye to the others and walk to the vessel. Eddie laughs softly. “We still have another surprise for our General… a green pilot,” he said to Helga.

She chuckles “We might end up with a slightly green in the face General tonight!”


At Kimberley air traffic control the officer approaches his senior: “There it is again! The signal is too weak for an airplane and a bird can not fly that high or fast.”

The senior muttered angrily: “That’s what you get when your equipment comes from the ark. We will have a technician check it again tomorrow. He had better not tell us again that there’s no mistake. People’s lives depend on it. “

Later in the evening there is again such a signal, but in the opposite direction, and then back again. The two officials are now convinced that something is seriously wrong with the equipment.


The General is back and the vessel has departed. Anstrom is excited and his eyes wide: “They’ll never believe me! Woodford will have me certified! He is itching to test his new weapons… this was the experience of a lifetime… Boy, that thing is big!… And the technology is out of this world… excuse the pun.”

Rob agrees: “Eddie told me before what he experienced, but the size still surprised me. Nevertheless, we have some serious planning to do now, General. “

“Drop the formality, Rob. My name is Erik and we are friends, I hope. Yes, we certainly  have some serious planning to do. “

“OK… Erik, it’s almost daybreak and we have not slept. We have an additional guest room. Why don’t you stay over? We must have clear minds to do this right. “

“I agree, and thank you. I’ll have a nap and then we can talk. I hope I can sleep after all this.”

After the hectic evening and some hot showers the beer and meat did its job and everyone was soon asleep.


The Cat Is Out of the Bag

Woodford calls another urgent meeting: “There are not many places to hide a large spaceship close to Earth. The Moon is too far. We watched the comet closely when it passed the Moon anyhow. They could be relatively close. I think they are behind one of those large reflector balloons in geostationary orbit, if there is substance to the rumor reported from South Africa. John, how long will it take us to prepare a shuttle and arm it?”

General Stallman is caught off guard: “I do not know, General. We will ask the Space Administration. I doubt that a shuttle is suited to armed combat in space however. The amount of fuel it can carry is limited, as is it’s ability to change course in orbit.”

“Well, find out what they can do and do not waste any time. Find out what we require and set the wheels in motion. I will approach the President for the necessary permission… and the cash.”

Woodford issues a number of different assignments and the meeting adjourns.


The sun is high when the two amateur astronomers wake up. Eddie and Helga returned home the night before to be able to get some of the work on the farm done.

In the lounge, over a cup of coffee, Rob begins planning: “We will have to involve the media and coverage will have to be to be as wide and as simultaneous as possible so that it can not be prevented.”

Erik nodded: “I have several high-placed contacts in America. I doubt that they will believe me though. I will then probably be labeled as another weirdo UFO enthusiast, and then Woodford will have his way with me. We are not exactly friends, especially after I tried to prevent his plans for attack.”

Rob sees Erik’s problem: “We will have to approach this systematically. We have to show some hard evidence to people with some clout. “

Erik thought for a moment: “I see you have a modem connected to your computer, so you have an internet connection? I’m sure I can get the managing director of a big news agency to come here. He is a personal friend, I have his e-mail address, and I think we have a lure that is tantalizing enough to get him over here pronto.”

Rob could hardly contain his joy: “Please do that Immediately! My PC is at your disposal.”

Without further ado General Anstrom sends his e-mail:

Don, I have the scoop of the century for you if you act immediately. You will have to come to South Africa yourself, however, but the trip will be worth your while. Do not send someone else. I will meet you at Johannesburg airport when you arrive. Let me know what you decide ASAP. Time is of the essence, but keep it quiet; many lives are at stake, as well as the future of the world.

~Erik Anstrom

A tense half hour passes before the computer indicates that a message is received. It’s Don Hoffman, General Kelso Hoffman’s brother, to whom Erik sent his e-mail:

This will cost me time and money. It had better be as important as you suggest. I will arrive at Johannesburg airport in two days at 15 hundred hours.

~Don Hoffman

Erik answered immediately, briefly and succinctly:

It is that important. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. I will meet you at the airport.


Erik laughs self-satisfied: “I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist a carrot like that.”

Rob sighs with relief: “We’ll use my car for the trip. A diplomatic vehicle might attract attention. You seem to be about my size… you must get out of that uniform and into civilian clothes.”

“You’re right. There are too many eyes watching. The rumor came to my attention through the CIA agent in Colesberg. We should leave before first light, and at least avoid being seen by him.”

Rob agrees: “All right, we will leave at four o’clock in the morning. Melody, please call Helga and ask her to bring her parents and in-laws to the farm. We will do the same. They must not be able to use them against us.”

They left early in the morning on the day of arrival as arranged. Along the way they eat at a diner and read the newspaper, in part to kill time so that they can arrive in Johannesburg more or less the same time as the plane and not have to encounter too many people at the airport. The newspapers were full of speculation about the lost satellites, and a report in a newspaper catches Erik’s attention: “It says here that the Pentagon is lobbying for funds to send a shuttle into space to look for the assumed aggressor. Woodford is not wasting any time, is he?”

“It will take sometime to prepare a shuttle.” Rob says, “By the time it is ready to launch, it will probably be too late anyhow.”

“It all depends on the date the next mission was scheduled to take place,” says Erik, “They might have one ready and waiting.”

“Yes, but Woodford will still have to arm it. That should delay them sufficiently. The shuttle has nowhere near the capability or maneuverability of their vehicles anyhow, and will be limited to sustained free fall orbits most of the time. I don’t know how Woodford thinks he can fight a battle in space with a vehicle that was not designed for extra orbital action. They need years of development work before they can realise that. The visitors are much better equipped, but would prefer to avoid having to take innocent lives.”

Rob feels the tension growing and wishes the aircraft would arrive earlier. They eventually arrive at Johannesburg airport and wait in the reception area restaurant. The plane lands on time and they move towards the passenger exit. The passengers start exiting the plane into the reception area and Erik raises his hand: “Don! Over here!”

A tall middle-aged man stops, waves and walks up to meet them, “Erik! I did not recognize you without the uniform. Have you resigned?”

Erik puts his hand : “No, but it’s a tantalizing thought. I’m just avoiding attention, especially from our people. I’ll tell you more about it in the car. This is Mr. Rob Arndt, a Karoo farmer and one of the reasons why you are here.”

Don and Rob shake hands: “I saw your name on the e-mail address. Aren’t you the guy who reported the comet’s strange behavior originally? I seem to remember the name.”

Rob smiles: “Quite right, but we can’t discuss it here, Don.”

Erik pats Don on the shoulder: “Isn’t he something? He seems to remember every newspaper article that has ever appeared.”

Don says, “That’s my job, and I have to be good at it.” On the way back he wants to know what’s going on, but Erik and Rob elude most of his questions.

Erik explains: “You’ll think we’re mad if we tell you everything. We’d rather show you so that you can convince yourself. Don’t worry, you did not come here for nothing.”

It is dark when they arrive back at the farm. Melody has dinner ready and when they finished eating they sit in the lounge. Rob places Brato’s small device on the table in the middle of the room: “First of all, we are going to show you some old archive material. It’s absolutely genuine, not fiction or staged, and you must regard it as such. Afterwards we will have more to tell you.”

Melody switches off the light and Rob turns on the device. The next few hours the story unfolds and leaves Don dumbfounded. When it finishes, he comments: “Fascinating, but how do I know it’s genuine and not fabricated?”

“Have a look at the instrument that projected the images. Have you ever seen anything like it? “Erik says.

“No, I must confess I have not, but technology is moving ahead so fast nowadays it’s difficult to keep up with all the developments.”

“Don, I have met these people and visited their spaceship. I assure you, all that u have seen is absolutely true.”

Like a typical journalist, Don drills them for all the information he can, although he has already decided that they were telling him the truth: “I don’t know Erik. I want to believe you, but it all seems so far fetched… it does however seem to fit recent events, like the breaking down of Hubble and the disappearance of the satellites. However, I assure you public response will be the same as mine. There have been just too many hoaxes in the past.”

Rob had expected that it would take more than that: “I was hoping to avoid this. Every time we do this, we run the risk of being detected, but it seems we have to call upon Brato for a visit. I assume you brought a video camera, Don?”

“I never go without one.”

Erik agrees with Rob’s decision: “Well, if Brato agrees to the visit, you will have some unique footage Don.”

Rob realizes they will have to contact Brato: “Melody, are the children in bed?”

“They’re playing cards in the boys’ room. I will call Ato.”

When Ato enters Erik explains: “This is one of our so-called aliens. He speaks a different language and is learning theirs from the couple’s children. We communicate with the spaceship captain through him.”

Rob explains the situation to Ato, who now speaks almost fluent Afrikaans: “I will tell Brato.” He takes his small device and contacts the ship.

Brato expected something to happen and this time there is no waiting. Ato says: “The man who came here could not believe what they told him, captain. Rob thinks you should meet him so he can be convinced.”

“Tell them I’ll be there shortly,” says Brato.

“Brato will be here in a little while,” relays Ato.

“Thanks Ato. You can now go play again.” Ato disappears into the room.

“Brato will visit us in a short while,” says Erik, addresing Don

“Who is Brato?” asks Don.

Erik smiles with satisfaction: “In a short while your misgivings will disappear. He is the senior captain on the spaceship.”

Don has mixed emotions and a feeling that something big is at hand. They step out onto the front porch.

“Have your camera ready,” says Erik.

“Don’t you worry, Erik. I’m ready,” says Don, smiling to himself.


“There it is again!” 

Kimberley’s control tower senior rushes over to the controller: “Oh no! Pete said he’s fixed it! I will give him a talking to tomorrow! … And it’s always in the same place on the screen!”

The operator is not so sure: “I wonder, say it’s really something that is flying around out there.”

“Are you kidding me. A thing that can fly in from space, land and fly back again?… wait a minute… what if it’s the thing they were talking about in the newspaper the other day. Where was it again?”

“Colesberg district… and that’s where it is! Look!” The two look at each other, and a light goes on for them: “Poor Pete… and we blame him all the time!”

“What do we do now? We should probably tell someone.”

“Notify Johannesburg control and call Bloemfontein Air Traffic Control, maybe they saw something when we did.”


It’s a bright moonlit night. Only crickets disturb the silence.

Melody points to where a fast moving speck suddenly moves across the moon: “There he is!” A few minutes later the shiny, angular landing craft sets down gently at the gate.

Don is much more excited than he would admit. He notes dryly: “It doesn’t even kick up dust!”

Erik clearly gathered more technical information than the two farmers did with their trips to the ship: “Yes, apparently they use these mainly where there is a reasonable amount of gravity with a predictable direction or pull. They use an anti gravity drive for lift, and a more conventional reaction drive mainly for lateral motion. It saves a lot of fuel and is almost silent.”

The hatch opens and Brato appears. Don takes a photo of  Brato with the craft in the background. He laughs: “You were right when you said he looks like Moses. Now I have to believe everything you said!”

Brato holds his hand over his eyes and Don switches off the camera light. Ato again helps with the introduction, but this time Brato hastily says: “I have brought as many of our people as I safely could. The more we land here, the greater the risk that we will be detected. I think we should bring as many as possible every time we make a landing here.”

“Brato says the more visits, the greater danger,” Ato informs them, “He has brought people.”

Rob is pleased: “I also thought he should bring his people here for their own safety. Melody, we will have to make room, there are quite a number of them. We will also have to think about food… I’ll have a few sheep slaughtered.”

“We can pitch the tent, and there is the shed. I will call Helga, they can help with accommodation,” says Melody.

Ato delivers the message: “Rob says the others are welcome as well. He will organize food and shelter.”

“Tell him we can not all come. Someone still has to man the ship… and then there are the eggs and sperm that is extremely important. We can not bring it down without refrigeration equipment and monitors and it is impossible to transport without these. It will have to wait for later. We can at least bring most of our people. Tell him he should not worry about food, we have brought plenty of our own.”

Ato does his best to convey Brato’s message, but he has to go to great lengths explaining the eggs and sperm and isn’t sure of the proper terminology.

Rob explains: “I told Brato to bring all of his people down for safety, but he has to leave a skeleton staff on board and apparently there is something very important on the ship that is not readily transportable.”

The laborers on the farm have gotten used to the landing craft’s frequent visits and most of their fears have disappeared by now.  They stand at a distance and watch curiously. Rob notices them: “Ato, tell Brato they can come inside. We can take some of them to Eddie’s farm. Jerry, come here!”

Jerry is hesitant to approach: “Boss?”

“Get some of the other laborers to empty the barn and wipe the floor… and pitch the tent. We have many guests to make room for.”

“I’ll get them immediately Mr. Rob,” Jerry said, rushing off to gather the staff.

The people on board walk down the ramp, and stand together, embarrassed and unsure. Among them are also some green ones.

Don’s eyes widen: “Who are they? They look like those aliens that the UFO freaks insist exist… it seems they were right!”

Rob explains that which Ato tried to explain to him, “Apparently they’re genetically engineered sterile female clones, developed to be able to tolerate large accelerations. The green color is because their skin photosynthesizes to assist with controlling the air in the ship, and to save food. It is a fully symbiotic relationship and has survived for generations. They are all trained as pilots for the independent landing craft, the domestic and other units that are detachable from the ship and can fly in space on their own. The pilots use dark filters for their eyes, as they have ultraviolet illumination in their living quarters to activate their photosynthesis.”

“Holy Moses!”

Melody laughed: “Poor Moses. His name has come up quite a number of times these past few days.”

Rob beckons to Ato: “Ato, ask Brato to show Don the landing craft. We need him to see it so other people will believe we are telling the truth.”

“Captain, Rob asks that you show the landing craft to the new man. They need to have their own footage so others will believe them.”

Brato nods his consent and motions to Don to approach the landing craft. They disappear through the hatch while Brato speaks into his communication device. By the time the two of them appear again, all the craft bringing the Aryans have landed. Melody laughs between the work and organizing: “It’s starting to look like a huge party is about to happen here. It won’t be necessary to activate the electric fence tonight, I don’t think any thug would dare cause us any problems with this crowd here.”

The phone rings and Melody answers: “Melody, is your TV on? There is a report that Kimberley airport radar picked up a spacecraft that landed on your farm!”

“Oh damn Helga! Brato is here and many of his landing craft are landing, bringing his people down from the ship. Take a look outside, some of them are coming to your place as well. I hope its still ok with you?”

“That’s not the problem, but now the cat is out of the bag and into the chicken coop and you only see feathers flying!”

“I will tell the others. Kimberley is probably already reporting a major invasion!”

Melody ran outside to relay the message. Rob calls Brato and Ato: “They know you’re here. There was just a report on TV that they have spotted Brato’s landing craft on radar  They will by now also know of the others. Can you defend yourself if need be?”

Ato carries the message to Brato who answers: “We can defend ourselves but prefer not to.”

Brato gives some instructions to his people and a few landing craft that have finished offloading take off immediately.

Rob approaches Don and Erik: “Don, we need your help urgently. Kimberley’s air traffic control radar has picked up the landings. We can expect a lot of attention soon. The media from all over the word is probably already on their way. Apparently the craft and the ship are equipped with something much like a very accurate targeting laser for pulverizing large objects in it’s path that they can use for defense. They would prefer not to have to use it if possible. Do you think you can get a message to your people to avert mishaps? My internet connection is at your disposal. In the meantime I will contact our local authorities by telephone.”

“I will get my people on the job immediately. I don’t need any more convincing. Just show me where.”

Erik took him by the arm: “I’ll show you. I also have some messages I need to send. “

They run into the house and get to work. Throughout the night messages fly back and forth over the Internet and telephone. Don connects his camera to the computer and transmits video to America.

The South African government, under pressure from the US embassy, immediately sends a squadron of Air Force jets on reconnaissance to Colesberg. The fact that they could muster enough pilots for the job is a miracle. Halfway there they come into contact with some of the landing craft, and true to their nature the New South African Air Force pilots scramble in all directions and eventually return to their base. They are even more upset when the craft follow them and fly low over them after they landed, sending them running for cover. Once inside the building they look to see the craft shooting up into the sky at an incredible speed, turning in spirals and then disappear from sight and off their radar screens. Their commander wisely decides to cancel their mission before someone gets hurt or dies. Needless to say, the next day they were all on strike, demanding safer working conditions.

The local broadcasting corporation has no choice but to interview Rob.


The sun rises and Rob notices that the landing craft are parked in a circle around the yard. He pulls open the tent flap and smiles: “They set up a perimeter, Melody.”

From far away on a road, over a hill the reflection of a car’s windshield can be seen in the morning sun: “It seems the press is here but they are too afraid to come forward.”

Inside the circle there is a lot of activity. Many of the newcomers slept in their landing craft. Melody, however, took in as many as possible into the house, Rob’s caravan, and the outside room. The busiest rooms are obviously the two bathrooms. The newcomers who slept in the landing craft are actually completely independent with their own facilities in their vessels.

Rob gets into his car and drives to where he saw the reflection . There he finds three excited newspaper reporters and a television reporter with his camera crew. He sticks his head out the car window: “Don’t you want to take a closer look, guys?”

“Is it safe?” asks one.

“If you behave yourselves and not unnecessarily harass the folk down there, it should be safe.”

They get into their vehicles and follow him. Upon arrival they take a quick look around and the camera team is particularly interested in the green ones. He gives them a brief overview of what is going on and asks, “I’m sure you will be interested in the ship’s archive material, right? “

The TV reporter could not believe it: “What? Are you kidding? Of course!”

“It’s a few hours long. How long do you think you can record? “

“The whole day if necessary!”

“Well, come inside. It’s a bit confusing and busy, but I think we’ll be all right.” Rob takes them to the lounge, giving the cameraman a chance to set up his camera, and leaves them to watch. Melody suggests making coffee but Rob stops her: “I don’t think they will be interested in coffee now.  At least they will be off my back and will not be able to dismiss the story as nonsense.”

By the afternoon the story is world news and Woodford’s attack plans are destroyed. Literally hordes of media people and other curious people flock to the two farms. There are also a multitude of offers for accommodation for the visitors. They, however, insist on staying together as a unit on the farms.

The landing craft attract a lot of interest, especially when Brato and some of his people leave to relieve the team on the ship and a little later return with the new team, more newcomers and cargo. Rob looks around and a slight sigh escapes from his lips. Incredible to think that The Aryans have returned in his lifetime.


Energy and the Order of Authority

As a military man, Erik is especially interested in the foreign technology: “How is the main vehicle powered?” he asks when he and Rob get a break, “It must be something very revolutionary if it could sustain such long flights.”

“I don’t know,” said Rob, “Let’s try and find out.”

Melody hears their conversation in passing: “Poor Ato will also get no rest for his soul.”

They find Ato with the other children where they are inspecting the farm implements.

“Ato, I apologize for bothering you so much, but please come with me. We want to ask Captain Klem something about your ship.”

“It’s no bother, Rob. I want to help,” says Ato: “What would you like to ask him?”

“Erik wants to know how or what your ship is powered by.”

They walk over to where Klem and some of his people are talking. Ato talks with him for a while then calls one of his men. He gestures something to him. Ato addresses Rob: “His name Enja. He works power. Will try to explain.”

Enja begins drawing something on the ground.

“Wait,” says Rob: “Let’s go to my office, there is pen and paper.” Ato motions for Enja to follow them. In his office Rob gives Enja a pen and a notebook. Enja, however, notices one of Rob’s university science books on his bookshelf with the representation of an atom with its orbiting electrons on the cover. He points to the picture, bumps his fists together and lets the fingers of both hands slide tightly together. Rob’s face lights up: “I think he is demonstrating atomic fusion, Erik!”

Erik is very excited: “Good Heavens! We’ve been trying to achieve that for decades! Do you realize the commercial possibilities? Unlimited energy! These people will not have to be beggars on a strange world, they will be able to buy whatever they need! “

Rob, however, sees the danger: “Slow down Erik you’ll have to keep this very quiet for now.”

“But why?”

“Erik, surely you must realize what influence that would have on the oil industry and how powerful the “Seven Sisters” cartel is who control the big oil companies, the oil price and oil distribution in the world.” They are intimately connected to the Jew Oligarchs who operate the British and USA monetary institutions, governments and secret services, and use the oil price to manipulate the value of the dollar and the pound, exchange rates, and consequently the fate of many peoples and countries. In collusion with the British and American secret services, they have even had very important  people murdered and governments replaced with self-serving, criminally inclined puppets easy to manipulate and maintain control over. They did it to us, and there is nothing they won’t do to maintain their power.”

Erik frowns: “I know the oil companies are very powerful and influential, but your other accusations are news to me!”

“You are welcome to verify what I am telling you. ‘Green Peace’ for instance, was formed and financed by one of them, a Canadian company, specifically to combat the spread and general use of alternative energy sources. Nuclear power in particular is their main potential competition at present and one way some developing countries might free themselves from the oil stranglehold. To combat that, the ghost of Hiroshima comes in very handy. In my own country we had our first experience of terrorism when we started our oil from coal project in the ’50s. Some of the terrorist organizations were supported by the Chinese and Russians for for their own selfish reasons to gain a foothold in Africa and its mineral wealth, but some, like “Frelimo” was financed and supported by establishment Americans like Eleanor Roosevelt and the Ford Foundation through the Africa America Institute. Its sibling, USSALEP, initiated by a local anglophile mining company, was used to subvert the South African government. There was also an incident where ‘Green Peace’ tried to sabotage our Koeberg nuclear power plant, with the Jewish controlled media participating fully to condemn nuclear power and exaggerate it’s supposed pollution dangers. After that, when a large reservoir of natural gas was found at Saldanha, to be harvested by an American company with controlling interests involving the former President of the United States’ family, a spate of mysterious accidents at the Sasol plant followed, presumably to curtail further development of alternative sources and divert shareholding to the building or a gas pipeline from Saldanha to the Mosselbay refinery. The hue and cry about pollution is pure hypocrisy anyway, as the main pollutants on earth are still oil, coal, and industrial waste, especially the dioxins and other chlorinated compounds that are released into the atmosphere and dumped into rivers and the ocean by the developed countries, with America as the main polluter.”

Erik is taken aback, “You seem to know a lot of what’s going on. Things most of us have never even heard of. How could they keep all this information from a free society?”

“They also control the mainstream media, Erik. All the “free” media in the world is owned by only six families. Our countries only seem free on the surface. Our presidents are all appointed by Jewish oligarchs via control of the media. They in turn are again controlled by a organisation called the ‘Kehillah.’ Virtually the whole world has been led by the nose for many centuries, and lately by the Jews who make up the British Establishment, and after the First World War by a coalition of the British and USA governments and those who control them. The so-called democratic countries are anything but free.”

Erik says with a wry smile: “You seem to believe in conspiracy theories that crackpots in tinfoil hats are spreading.”

Rob is getting impatient: “Interesting how facts are called conspiracy theories nowadays, and lucrative theories and media disinformation become gospel through repetition. Erik, how many people know that the British Government was bankrupt when the Jews convinced them to declare war on Germany to start World War One, or that they were financed and supplied by one or your big financiers and his friends while America was supposed to be a non-combatant . America was brought into the war with the assistance of the American press because the Germans were going to win the war in 1917. The establishment would have lost the enormous amount the British owed them and would have gone bankrupt if Germany had won the war. In the end Germany was forced to pay all that debt and much more, which in turn led to the Second World War. This is why Hitler felt it necessary to save his people from all this Jewish instigated debt. On 7 May, a treaty was presented to Germany. Germany was stripped of 13 per cent of its territory and ten per cent of its population; the border territories of Alsace and Lorraine were returned to France. Germans lost all of their colonies, 75 per cent of their iron ore deposits and 26 per cent of all coal and potash. The size of the army and navy was drastically cut, and an air force and submarines were forbidden. The Germans also had to officially accept ‘war guilt’ and pay reparations to the Jews and their allies to the tune of £6 billion. It was called ‘The Treaty of Versailles’ and was meant to break the spirit of the German people and stop Aryanism in its tracks. And we all know how well that worked for them. Our people bounced back!”

“That’s treason!” Erik said, “Surely the US government would have known that. Nobody was accused of anything like that after the war, not officially anyhow. What could have made the British so desperate to declare war in the first place, and in such financial straits?”

Rob feels like a father trying to teach his children: “The US government certainly knew about that, but they wouldn’t dare to inform the public. The President, and incidentally, all your presidents since 1912, have been an integral part of the conspiracy. In his presidential campaign for instance, Wilson’s campaign slogan was ‘He kept us out of the war’, and 34 days after he was elected, he declared war to save the establishment from so-called bankruptcy.”

“That sounds even more unbelievable,” said Erik, “but go on.”

“It’s a long story, but I’ll try to explain… In the 1840’s the British Government, controlled by Jewish bankers and financial institutions, accepted and used distorted versions of theories proposed by Parson Malthus, Adam Smith and others for control of commerce by limiting and reducing the populations and industrial development in foreign countries. By implementing a distorted version of Smith’s free-trade theories and disregarding their own people’s welfare, including that of the Irish, the rich became much richer and the poor much poorer. The British navy protected their maritime fleet and reigned supreme throughout the entire century. With the help of the British secret service, which was also created in this period, with agents in all countries they traded with, they controlled world commerce. As intended, other countries followed their example, but being dependent upon British shipping insurers and pirated by British supported privateers, they failed. In the early 1870’s a German economist, Friedrich List, convinced his government to reject the so-called free trade principle, restrict import, financial and stock speculation, and rather stimulate and subsidize their own industries, research and agriculture. As a result, the German economy and the welfare of their people grew at an astounding rate, so much so that by the 1890’s Germany was producing more steal than the British, better quality appliances, and were quickly catching up with superior commercial and military fleets. The diesel engine was developed for shipping, oil as a propulsion fuel became crucial, and competition for control of the oil rich countries began. By 1914 the Germans were about to surpass the British on all fronts where they have not already, and most disconcerting, with their maritime and military fleets. In addition, the German effort to build a railway from Berlin to Baghdad so that Europe would not have to depend on shipping for oil supplies, in British eyes threatened not only their control of the oil rich Middle East, but also their lucrative and exclusive trade with the East. The Jews who controlled the British Government were going to maintain supremacy in world trade at all costs, and were later determined to sabotage the project. That was the true cause of the war. Since then millions have died and suffered through the consequences of their actions and wars for control of world commerce. In the 19th century, control of energy became central to control of commerce. Egypt was supplied with a British-controlled government to control shipping passing through the Suez Canal and the State of Israel was created in the British mandate of Palestine, which was wrested from the Arabs during the first World War to provide an excuse for maintaining a British force of 1.5 million in the Middle East to watch over both the Suez and the oil-bearing countries while the French were biting the bullet against Germany. After the second World War, Enrico Mattei of Italy was murdered because he was inventing new ways to circumvent the ‘Seven Sisters’, an expression coined by him, and also because he was motivating President Kennedy to limit the powers of USA-based oil companies to create artificial shortages to be able to raise the oil prices. Presumably that was one of the reasons he was assassinated. Since the early 1970’s, when Nixon unilaterally forced everybody to exchange the gold standard for a floating dollar standard, oil was used in collusion with the Saudis, and through them with the other Arab states, to manipulate the value of the dollar and rates of exchange by forcing everyone to pay for oil exclusively in dollars. Anyone who wanted oil first had to buy dollars, and the Federal Reserve could now flood the world markets with dollars. Anyone who tried to resist or circumvent these controls were simply forced out of office or wiped off the face of the earth. Your own CIA was created by the British secret service and still maintains close ties. The oil rich Middle East and South American countries have a long history of government replacements, agreements, appointments, political disinformation, and unrest fomented by the British and American secret services, and many of their rulers are mere puppets put in place by the Anglo American secret service alliance who are in their turn the puppets of the Kehillah.”

“Erik now sees Rob now with new eyes, “An amazing story. There seems to be a lot of gaps in it, however. “

“That isn’t the half of it,” says Rob, “the British and USA governments used their military and clandestine forces so that the oil companies could gain and keep control of the Middle East and block development of the Berlin-Baghdad railway to maintain control of oil and trade with the East. Apart from that, the American president’s family, the British prime minister, and the Jewish Saudi Royal family, as well as the Bin Ladins, benefited directly from the Gulf Wars through their shareholding in companies that manufacture arms, which explains why these wars were fomented in spite of opposition from their own people. Later we can discuss all that at length. We have to be very careful how we handle this information. It will be crucial for the welfare of these people as well as for the future of the entire world. Fusion power will terminate the entire oil monopoly. The establishment will not hesitate to take drastic steps to preventable that from happening, as they have been doing for many years already.”

 ” Who is this Kehillah you have mentioned?” Erik asks with a stern face.

Rob smiles and says: “That is a conversation for later.”

Erik is still uncertain whether he should believe everything Rob has said, “I will accept what you say for the time being. That was quite a mouthful to swallow in one gulp. What do you propose we do now? “

“For starters, we have to prevent anyone else from finding out that these people have the technology for power generation by means of atomic fusion.”

Enja continues with his diagrams, strange symbols, notes and formulas. When he finishes Rob takes the book from him and locks it in his gun safe. Enja looks at him questionably.

Rob turns to Ato: “Ato, tell him he may not discuss the ship’s  power source with anyone. It is very important for your safety and for the rest of the world. I will discuss this later with Klem.”

Erik is clearly upset: “I will speak to Don about this. He should know more. “

While Erik takes off to find Don, Rob takes Ato and Enja outside to find Klem. They find him organizing the luggage they brought with them and sorting out the accommodation in the barn. “Ato tell him what you told Enja please,” says Rob.

“Captain, Rob does not want anyone else to find out how our ship is powered. He says it would be dangerous for us and for the rest of the world.”

Klem frowns. “Ask him why. Wouldn’t it be in their best interest?”

“Captain ask why,” said Ato.

“You have caught our telecasts and you’ve probably seen the wars. It’s all about who controls energy. On Earth a few major oil companies control who provides energy, and they will do anything to maintain control. Millions of people have been killed in order for them to hold their position of power. We would like to use your technology, but we will have be careful how we introduce and put it into operation.”

Ato struggles to convey the long message, but after some back and forth questions and answers Klem indicates that he understands, and tells Ato: “I will inform Brato.”

Erik and Don Hoffman join them: “Don confirms much of what you have said, especially about control of the media, of which he has had first hand experience. Most senior media people are controlled by the establishment and many of their employees are fully aware that their reports are monitored and edited to present a particular view, and shape what their bosses want people to believe. They are powerless to do anything about it without endangering themselves and their families, or terminating their careers. There have been a few horrible examples to serve as a warning.”

“Fine! Then you and Don will keep this quiet until we decide on a definite plan of action?”

“Don and I will be only too glad to get back at these crooks eventually. We’ll keep it to ourselves and wait for payback time. I have a few scores to settle myself.” Don confirms what Erik said.


Things start moving along quickly. Don returns to the States and his news service’s audience grows exponentially. He tells of his experiences in South Africa, backed by his own footage and that taken from the ship’s archives, but said nothing about what he promised to keep quiet about. Erik is also recalled and questioned in Woodford’s office. He too keeps the secret and pretends to know little.

“Do you want to tell me you didn’t think that we should be the first to get hold of their technology, Anstrom? The oil, aircraft, and military companies, and other important people have been needling me ever since they heard that you are involved.”

“They do not speak our language or any other Earth language, sir. At this stage it’s impossible to communicate with them other than superficially. We will have to wait until they learn our language, or we theirs,” says Erik.

“You say you have befriended their leaders?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I’m sending you back to be on hand when they become capable of understanding us.”

“I understand, sir.”

Over his intercom  Woodford orders his secretary: “Joy, get General Anstrom’s airline ticket and papers ready. He is returning to South Africa.” To Erik he says, “That’s all, you may go now. Joy will see to your papers.” Erik salutes and leaves the office. He is very relieved. He was thinking of resigning, but decided instead to stay to prevent someone else from taking his place. Since his stay will probably be indefinite this time he decides to take along his wife, and if Rob’s story is true, it would be better for her to be with him as she could be used as a pawn to control him.


Time flies, and more than a month has passed since their first meeting. Melody and Helga meanwhile started teaching the visitors’ children to speak English and Afrikaans. They were both previously kindergarten teachers and the children are progressing well. By order of the captain, many adults also attend classes in the two barns. Farmers in the area and people in town virtually fall over each other to help provide the visitors with much needed supplies, and to show their appreciation they trade these provisions for souvenirs made during their long journey.

Meanwhile, Colesberg experiences a tourist boom, and the City Council begins to consider extensive renovation and expansion of their tourism industry. The two farmers, Erik, Don, and the other newcomers, together founded  the company Space Technology Ltd., of which they are all shareholders.

The three captains are very concerned that something might go wrong with the genetic material on board the ship, whether by an attack or by accident. Since the medical and laboratory sections, like all the other sections have independent space flight capabilities. Because they are not equipped with anti-gravity landing gear it’s decided to disconnect them from the ship and connect them with four landing craft each to carry them to earth. They are designed in such a way that their own propulsion can assist and compensate for the extra weight. Their own energy sources will provide power for the required cooling and can be adjusted on the ground to be linked to the farm’s power grid.

The operation is successfully carried out and the captains decide to bring most units to Earth. On earth a temporary step ladder and a roof had to be installed to all the units because all the entrances were on the top where the main corridor was originally, and the original exterior that represents the floor needed a few adjustments so everything could stand up straight. Captain Brato has refused to allow any permanent changes to be made.

The two farms now look like two small towns with oddly shaped ‘homes’. The Greens no longer need their special ultraviolet radiation because the sun provides enough. They are the best fighter pilots on earth. No man can match their skills.

Three months later, all the newcomers are able to read, write and speak English  and some even Afrikaans, although they had very heavy accents. Discussions can be held comfortably. The earthly children have also acquired some of the space children’s language and to their parents’ dismay found it quite useful when they wanted to say something in their parents’ presence that they should not hear.

After one of the school sessions Melody runs into Brato and Dant where they are having a conversation with Rob and Helga:”Your people are quick learners, and are clearly more intelligent than us.”

Brato said unabashedly: “Careful parent selection over many thousands of years is essential in such a journey where numbers should be kept constant and quality must be maintained.”

Helga smiles: “Quite modest, too.”

Rob is still worried: “You must not lose your vigilance. Erik’s commander in chief, General Woodford, is a real glory seeking SOB. He will not hesitate to do something crazy if he gets half a chance. Erik said he is now sure Woodford is in the pocket of the world financiers and oil cartel. They will obviously  want to get their hands on your technology for their own personal gain, or destroy it so that they will remain supreme.”

Brato nodded: “I have read some of your history books and articles on the world’s power balance and I agree with your opinion about the dangers we are facing. With everything that I have read, it seems clear to me that there is a hidden force behind all your problems. Your wars and the manipulation of world affairs is not the doing of just power hungry Jews running corporations. They are only the symptom of a much larger problem. I need to tell you this, but I also need your word that this will not be made public.

When our people left here, thousands of years ago, they could not take everyone, especially those who were not fit to become a part of our new civilization elsewhere. There was a terrible war between the ones who could not leave and the ones who were chosen to take the journey. When our ancestors left, the opposition swore to see to it that nothing would be left of this world for any of our people to come back to one day. I believe some of them survived the great cataclysm, and to be honest, I see their hand in all the problems you have in this world. They are masters at manipulating others. I do not think we have to fear them because we occupy the most strategic military position in space and possess a weapon that they can’t match or avoid if we decide to use it… we’re actually a power to be reckoned with.”

Rob considers what Brato just said thoughtfully. He realizes, however, that Brato could have already forcibly taken over control if that was their plan, and it reassures him.

“Understood and you have our word, Brato. You will have to tell us more about them soon, please. It’s all starting to make sense to me now.”

“However, right now we need money so we can get our industry set up. Eddie and I will take mortgages on our farms, but we’re going to need large amounts for equipment and exotic fabrics to do what we envisioned, and I do not want any outsiders to have a say in our company. “

Dant sets his mind at ease: “Have you seen our workshops yet? We have a large stock of very exotic materials for the devices that we had to maintain on board or rebuild when they wore out. We can start with that and continue with the profit made from it.”

Rob is relieved because it solves a problem that he has been wrestling with. Dant makes good on his word and extra supplies are brought from the ship and work begins. Meanwhile, Rob starts building offices and workshops and also two apartments, one for Erik Anstrom and his wife, and one for Don Hoffman, should he decide to come live there.


Action & Reaction

In the USA, with Woodford’s attack plans thwarted and admitting that he had overreacted to his bitter embarrassment, he is anything but happy. In fact, he was looking for a rabid dog to kick.

However, he is now involved in a new game. A senior executive of a major oil company visits him in his office: “General, do you realize that the USA is going to have to relinquish power to these newcomers? They are holding a pistol to your head with their ship in space, and our weapons systems are disabled on the ground due to lack of satellite control. What are you going to do about it?”

Woodford shifts uncomfortably in his chair: “It is receiving my fullest attention, believe me. No one on Earth wants that thing gone forever more than I do.”

“You have a general in South Africa who is acquainted with them, don’t you? What has he found out?”

The wrinkles on Woodford’s forehead extends to his balding hairline: “He claims that he can’t communicate with them since they don’t speak our language, and that we have to wait until they can. Also, they are learning Afrikaans, which Anstrom also doesn’t understand. He does have people there who can translate once the visitors have learnt their language, however.”

“General, we both know how you were appointed, your son’s position, how much we pay you for services rendered, and what will happen if your indiscretions are revealed. We also know that the spaceship must have technology aboard that is capable of generating enormous amounts of power for a very, very long time. We must get exclusive control of that technology. We think it’s high time for you to deliver and stop making excuses. The Masters in charge are getting impatient. Do you understand?”

Woodford frowns, irritated. The threat is only too clear and he would actually like to strangle the slick snake with his expensive clothes, arrogant attitude and lavender fragrance: “I will see to it personally. We have radar guided missiles that do not require satellite guidance. Don’t worry, I won’t shoot the damn thing down… not yet anyway. We don’t have a valid excuse to do so right now.”

“Good, I’m looking forward to our next meeting. In the mean time we’ll use our media to generate an excuse. The public is gullible enough to believe what we tell them, as you know well enough. See you soon.”

He leaves the office and Woodford curses under his breath. He meets with his generals again and this time he doesn’t beat around the bush: “Gentlemen, you must realize that the visitors spaceship is threatening the balance of power. We are told that it has enormous long range destructive capability. We do not have the targeting assistance or our satellites any longer, but we have to find a way to neutralize it. Any ideas will be welcome… yes, Barone, do you have something to say?”

“Yes general. Obviously the ship is virtually untouchable, if all we are told is true. According to our CIA man in Colesberg they have disembarked most of their people who are being settled on two adjacent farms in the district. It seems to me that we should engage these visitors on the ground… on the farms in South Africa where the ship will be unable to respond, and hold them hostage.”

“Yes, General Zitello?”

“General, we will not be able to attack directly. According to our ambassador they flew rings around the South African Air Force, and their landing craft, which we are told are also equipped with meteorite crunching capability, are positioned around their settlement. I propose that we infiltrate and get first hand information before we act. Perhaps a solution will present itself.”

Woodford likes this idea better, and a plan is slowly beginning to present itself to him: “You’re right, we do require more inside information. This meeting is adjourned gentlemen. General Zitello, come to my office please.”

Back in his office Woodford compliments Zitello: “I like your idea.”

Zitello is only too eager to expand on his idea: “We should send more CIA members to Colesberg to collect information and be ready to infiltrate the farms when the opportunity arises, as it must eventually. I think we should send a man and a woman as a supposed married couple to befriend the visitors or their hosts.”

Woodford is impatient. He is also tired of relying on others for information and action: “I agree. Contact the CIA and get that started. In the mean time I will go there personally and see for myself. They can hardly refuse a visit from the US Chief of Staff. I have a few things to clear up today, but I will leave for South Africa tomorrow and relieve General Anstrom myself.”

In the laundry room General Zitello complains to General Hoffman: “What does he think he is doing? Now he wants to go there himself… and claim all the glory.”

Kelso Hoffman, who was instructed to inform the media, calls his brother Don. Don has told him much of the new arrivals and their good intentions, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell him everything that Woodford just told him.

“The guy is a complete glory guzzler, and he has extreme tunnel vision,” he complains, “He fails to see the big picture… the knowledge, experience and advantage that these people have brought for our people and for our continued existence. In the light of all the conspiracies against us all these years, I don’t see how we can do without their help.”

Don does not allow the grass to grow under his feet, and immediately sends the news by e-mail to Rob. When Erik has been notified that he will be replaced, he immediately warns Rob that the US Army Chief of Staff was sent to replace him. Taking Rob along with him, they get into his car and Erik immediately serves his letter of resignation at the embassy and returns the official car.


Meanwhile Melody and Helga are becoming good friends with the other women now living on the farms. Melody notices that one by one they visit their medical unit, and that even those living on Eddie’s farm are regularly brought here. Today Helga also visits Melody and finds Anki, one of the ship’s women, in the kitchen, learning new recipes from her.

“Ask her why only some women go to the medical unit,” whispered Helga.

“What’s going on there, Anki? It seems to me almost all of you have visited the medical unit. Is something wrong? Do you have something going around? “She asks.

“There are frozen fertilized eggs of our people we have brought with us. We need to use them to expand our population. They will not last forever and we dare not lose them. All of our women not already pregnant, who are able to bear children, as well as those who already have children are inseminated with two eggs each,” says Anki, “We must begin the process as soon as possible… there are about five thousand eggs and just fifty women. That means a hundred children a year for fifty years to complete the project.”

Melody covers her mouth with her hand: “Are you all happy to bear someone else’s children? Are you being forced to do this?”

Anki laughs: “No, not at all! On the ship we could not have children as we wanted. Now we have the opportunity, and it’s really urgent. We have to use the eggs before they deteriorate or something happens to them. The genetic diversity of our people needs to be restored. That’s our mission. Our own children can wait until later. Do not worry, we keep good record of the children’s origins and other details for healthy marriages later.”

Helga grins: “Well, that certainly gives new meaning to the term ‘illegitimate births’”

Melody was relieved: “I was afraid you might be suffering from some or another disease. Here may be many germs against which you might not have any resistance.”

Anki smile: “We could not run the risk of having an epidemic on the ship. Our ancestors provided us with just enough exposure to all the diseases that were known to them in their time in order for us to build up healthy immune systems. Probably the same diseases as you now have on Earth… germs do not just die out or change. For the very dangerous and mutated ones we have special natural immunity enhancers.”

Melody looks at her appreciatively: “Your ancient civilization really thought far ahead.”

Helga agrees: “I’m happy to hear that you can introduce us to natural ways to enhance our immune systems instead of using vaccines and antibiotics! And I think in about nine month’s time there will be a lot of midwifing going on around here.”

Anki laughs: “Our women are all trained midwives, there is not much else to do while constrained on a ship, so we were more than happy to learn everything we could. We of course also had the advantage of thousands of years of experience on the ship.”

“Should you not perhaps advertise?” Asked Melody. “There are many families who want to have children and somehow can not. The more surrogate mothers, the faster you will use the eggs.”

Anki seems to like the idea, “I will ask Brato. Perhaps it’s a good idea because our goal is also to recover the lost genetic diversity of the Aryan people related to us on Earth.”

Melody also shares her idea with Rob, but he is not so sure: “How many of these children do you think will land up in worthy families? If we do such a thing, we will have to manage it very strictly. General Hoffman also warned us that there will probably  be attempts to infiltrate us. Something like this would give them an opportunity. But it’s worth keeping in mind, we will just have to be very careful. The eggs were kept on the ship for thousands of years, something will not suddenly happen to them now unless someone willfully causes damage to them. I will discuss this with Brato, perhaps we can come up with a good plan together.”


Rob discusses General Woodford’s proposed visit to the others and they were unanimous that the general should not be allowed to take back strategic information to the US that can be against them.

Brato however, gives a very different twist to the issue: “This man is coming here to spy on us and to take over control. It’s a blatant aggressive act. According to the information in Rob’s books we already know who most of the leaders and organizations are behind the oppression of our people. We have so far acted peacefully and this man has no reason to act militarily against us. We must assume that it is the organization right at the top, the Kehillah,  that is putting pressure on all their political and military puppets. It makes no sense to wage war and kill people for the sake of evil individuals’ desire for wealth and power. We should rather take action against the ones responsible themselves. I suggest that we arrest General Woodford, hold him up in the ship and thoroughly question him. We need to find out exactly how this organization is compiled and organized and all who are involved.”

The statement comes as a shock to Rob: “That’s a very drastic step, Brato. We will immediately be branded as aggressors and give them reason to act against us.”

“We can interrogate him and keep a recording. Erik can call his brother and he can again inform his government and his people. These people will not rest until they take everything from us for their own benefit, or the alternative to their power play is destroyed. I saw in Rob’s books how they behave. They are ruthless, and human life has little influence on their decisions or actions. They can moreover not stand against us if it comes down to war. It’s time we teach them that their reign here is over.” After back and forth arguments, the others agree to Brato’s proposal.

“Good,” said Rob, “then we have a plan. While we’re about to take drastic steps, I think we should shake the General’s confidence properly from the outset. We can surprise him where the farm road turns off from the main road, give him a small demonstration of your craft, and take him from there straight to the ship.”

Helga feigns a worried look: “Remember to waterproof the seat.” Everyone laughs. Brato gives her arm a hug: “You do have a gift to ease the tension.” Helga says seriously: “You think I’m making a joke! Do you know how close my big strong man, Eddie, came to having an accident on his trip?”

Rob could not resist the temptation: “Shame! Next time we’ll make sure he takes a nappy.”

Eddie is red in the face and mutters: “It was not that bad at all. It’s more dangerous to ride in a car with her!”


General Woodford arrives in Johannesburg two days later. At the Embassy he hears that General Anstrom resigned his commission. He wastes no time and asks the Ambassador to get Rob on the telephone for him immediately.

When Rob picks up the phone he hears the secretary’s American accent: “General Woodford, I presume.”

Woodford says disdainfully: “Yes Mister Arndt. I am General Woodford, the US armed forces Chief of Staff. I will be visiting you tomorrow at twelve hundred hours. I want to have a word with General Anstrom.”

Rob is quick with his reply: “I believe it’s Mister Anstrom now, but you are welcome to visit my humble abode. We will be waiting. Oh! One more thing. Please do not come by helicopter, we do not allow any flights over our airspace.”

Woodford turns red in the face, angry. Who do these Boers think they are? Do they not realize who they have to do with here? He replies curtly: “Very well. I look forward to meeting you. Goodbye Mister Arndt.” He sat down and pulls on his lapels: “Damn cheek!”

The next afternoon three diplomatic vehicle turn onto the farm road. They are less than a kilometer down the road when two landing craft block the road, one in front and one behind the convoy. The braking cars kick up a substantial dust cloud. From the front and rear vehicles three men get out, holding automatic rifles.

A loudspeaker bellows: “Put down your weapons, and get out of the vehicles. Move away from your vehicles, we don’t want any mishaps!” They hesitate and a plume of dust and stones are kicked up from the ground on both sides of the convoy and the men dive to the ground. At the front and rear the vehicle drivers get out fast. They and the other guys move away from their vehicles but keep their weapons ready. Woodford remains stubbornly seated in his car and mutters to his driver: “Damn Cheek! I will not be intimidated. I am the US Chief of Staff, after all!”

The speaker bellows again: “You gentlemen who are out of your vehicles, move behind the vehicle in the rear, and drop your weapons!” The men hastily move to the back. The next moment the vehicle in the front explodes in a huge ball of fire. The guards and drivers throw down their weapons in alarm and dive in amongst the Karoo bushes.

“We are waiting, General!” A pale General Woodford and his driver quickly get out of the car. One of his guards tries to get away unnoticed, but a huge plume of gravel, dust and a big smoking hole in the ground quickly changes his mind.

“General, remove your sidearm and approach the craft at the front… your driver too!”

This time Woodford doesn’t hesitate at all. He and his driver throw down their pistols and meekly walk forward. He tries to maintain his dignity and walks erect and awkwardly. The boarding hatch of the vessel opens, “Come aboard, General!” He is escorted in and the hatch closes behind him when Erik greets him cheerfully: “Good to see you again, General!”

“Anstrom! You are going to regret this!”

Erik points to one of the reclining seats, still smiling: “I doubt it Woodford. Please take a seat. You can watch the rest of the show from there.”

Woodford’s mouth falls open when he sees the green man in the subdued light at the control panel. He sits down, and startles as the arms on the chair lock him in.

“Driver, please join the gentlemen at the back!” It sounds again over the loudspeaker, and the driver hurries to join the other guards. Woodford’s confidence has already received a nasty blow, and now he is even more shocked when his own car also spectacularly explodes. He also watches the men dive to the ground in fear of their lives: “What do you think you’re doing?!”

“A small demonstration, General. The last two shots did not come from us down here, that came from our ship in orbit, and at considerably reduced power might I add.”

Woodford is in awe. Clearly the visitors are in possession of a weapon which no military on Earth has defense against. It is suddenly clear to him that he, and especially the dreaded order of authority who blackmailed him have already become powerless, even though they haven’t realized it yet. Oddly, he finds the idea not at all repulsive. His men are ordered to disarm and undress, as Woodford watches how they are taken, in their underwear, aboard another vessel. Two more landing craft appear. A large bearded man with long blond hair gathers the clothes and weapons, and the moment the hatch closes the remaining car explodes.

Erik sits in one of the other seats and Woodford feels as if a big hand is restraining him in his chair and his breathing is heavy. He sees the Earth rapidly growing smaller and groans: “Where are we going?”

“You have become an astronaut General. We are going to visit the spaceship you were looking for. Unfortunately you will not see it in it’s full glory, for half of it is on the ground already, but it’s still an impressive sight.”

They approach the communication balloon, acceleration ceases, and the vessel begins to brake.

Woodford exclaims, “I knew it! I told them they must be hiding behind one of the reflector balloons!”

Erik smiles: “We realized that you would guess where they are eventually.”

The ship begins to come into view, and the more it is revealed, the more Woodford’s eyes widen. He notes the large rear section where they are headed, the long spine with the larger front end and the shield. Erik explains: “The central spine is where the self-propelled, detachable accommodation and maintenance modules had been that are on the ground now. They are all spaceships in their own right.”

They sail silently through the reception hatch, and three other vessels join them. After gravity is recovered and the landing craft anchored, Woodford and his men are taken along the central corridor to two of the remaining units. A bearded man with long hair brings the clothes the men were forced to take off and they gratefully get dressed. Apart from having to control his nausea from the alternate acceleration and weightlessness, Woodford slowly begins to recover from the experience: “What are your intentions, Anstrom? You know you can’t get away with this. You can’t fight the entire US armed forces. You have now become a traitor!”

“That is all debatable, General. In the first place, I do not make the decisions. In the second place, you came to us with bad intentions whilst these people had only good intentions and the welfare of their folk in mind. Thirdly, these people occupy a commanding position with this ship where it is, your satellites are disabled, and they have a weapon you could not have ever dreamed of, and in the fourth place, you will tell us who is behind your decision to undermine these people and why, or your feet won’t touch Terra Firma ever again. As far as military capabilities are concerned, you have seen a small demonstration of the ship’s capability at considerably reduced power. It is designed to destroy very large objects moving at much, much higher velocities than any of the weapons that might be deployed against it. I wouldn’t have much faith any armed forces on earth’s chances against it. As far as treachery is concerned, what I am doing is for the good of my country and our people all over the world, instead of for the benefit of a greedy, power hungry establishment puppet like yourself. Perhaps you should take a very good, hard look at yourself when you mention treason.”

“Do you intend to kill us?”

“We are not murderers Woodford, unlike the people you work for. You will agree however, that this prison is much more secure than any of the high security prisons on Earth.”

The hopelessness of his situation is now clear to Woodford. He answers meekly: “Yes, I suppose it is. What happens now?”

“Now you and your guards are going to receive some instructions, and then I trust you will tell us why you co-operated with those scoundrels. Who are they, and how they operate?Your family will be terribly worried once they find out what has happened to you. If you co-operate you will not have to be here for long.”


A Point Is Made

A little earlier, a truck driver on the highway to Cape Town sees two out of place dust clouds in the field next to the road. He also sees two strange craft hanging in the air and gets the scare of his life when the first car explodes and shortly after that another dust cloud fills the air. With screeching brakes he pulls off to the side of the road. The driver in the truck behind him swears loudly as he swerves to avoid hitting the truck in front of him. He gets out, but forgets his anger when the second car explodes and pieces of metal and dirt go flying through the air and the strange vessels land in the farm road. While the two drivers are still staring at the scene, a few other vehicles also stop to see what is happening. They are just in time to see the third explosion and the departure of the four vessels. At the nearest gas station there is quite a stir as all the motorists and truck drivers are trying to tell what they have just witnessed, all at once. Soon the news reaches the CIA agent in Colesberg. In turn he calls his Head Office to convey his suspicion that something disastrous has happened to the General. After contacting the farm and hearing about Woodford’s arrest by the visitors, the US Government is informed.

Rob sends Don an email to explain what they did and why. He emphasizes that the US, to save lives, should keep from responding militarily, and that he and his friends simply responded to an aggressive act on the General’s part and that the visitors only have good intentions. Don immediately calls his brother, General Hoffman, to let him know what happened and he in turn informs the President directly. Don’s TV news service immediately switches to a special broadcast to inform the general public.

Chaos erupts throughout the country. Order collapses at the Pentagon. At the head office of the Kehillah, the King’s orders are barked down the ranks and each in turn gather their lackeys. Pressure is now exerted onto the President.

On his secure phone, a well known voice, not so friendly this time says: “You know who put you in the White House and what your future will be if you do not co-operate. You must act now! These people must be stopped!”

The President sighs: “They have us with our backs to the wall. They have Woodford, and they occupy the high military ground. There is virtually nothing I can do that I can think of. I will speak to the Pentagon however and get an assessment.”

On the other side of the line the voice becomes shrill and threatening: “How dare you even suggest that you get an assessment first. You are here to follow orders, just like everyone else and I suggest you issue a couple of your own and get the Military ready to do what they’re expected to do. The orders I’m giving you come right from the top and I advise you to do as you are told!” With that the line goes dead.

At the Pentagon a special and urgent meeting is called. Second in command, General Blue, tells the story: “Gentlemen, our chief of staff has been captured by the aliens and the President demands a solution to the crisis. These people must be neutralized, and I for one agree with him. Any suggestions will be welcome.”

General Hoffman answers immediately: “General, these people have a weapon we have no defense against. When they abducted the General they vaporized the vehicles that General Woodford and his men were travelling in. In my opinion that is enough proof of the existence of such a weapon. According to my brother, who has maintained contact with them, that was done from their ship in space, not from the arresting craft.”

General Blue is just as determined to use force of arms as Woodford was previously: “I seriously doubt that, Hoffman. I think they’re putting us on. We are the most powerful nation on earth. Are we going to back down to a small group of people with limited resources? I propose we attack their camps on the farms and use their people as hostages as discussed previously. I believe they didn’t blast them from the craft they sent to pick up Woodford because they’re probably not even armed!”

“My brother assures me that they are, General.”

Blue doesn’t like to be rebuked: “I think we must investigate you and your brother’s involvement in this, Hoffman. I smell treason!”

Hoffman said indignantly: “You are making a serious mistake sir, and I the resent your implication!”

Blue ignores him: “Let’s have a show of hands for positive action, gentlemen.”

Despite Hoffman’s warning the majority vote is in Blue’s favor.

“That’s settled then. I will consult with our strategists and present a plan of action. Thank you gentlemen. Meeting adjourned.”

Hoffman leaves the meeting hall and goes straight to the laundry room, from where he phones his brother: “Don, they’re going to attack the farm. I suspect that Blue is going to place me under surveillance. Warn them.”

He had barely hung up when Blue also comes into the washroom. “When you’re done here, come directly to my office, Hoffman.” He said strictly.

‘I wasn’t wrong,’ Hoffman thinks to himself. However, he remains calm: “Certainly, sir.”

Don doesn’t waste time and immediately sends a message to the farm. A while later Rob replies that he should warn the Pentagon staff that no one should be in the courtyard at noon the following day, the visitors will demonstrate the power of their weapon. Don calls his brother, who is being questioned in Blue’s office, and relays Rob’s message. He immediately inflorms Blue: “General, my brother Don says he received a message that the Pentagon’s central area must be cleared for a demonstration tomorrow at twelve hundred hours exactly.”

“What kind of demonstration?” Asked Blue.

“I suspect a demonstration of their capability, General.”

Blue is furious: “You told your brother of our plans didn’t you? I am placing both of you under arrest for treason!”

“General Woodford ordered me to consult with the media. I was merely following orders. You should reconsider your options, sir. General Woodford and the people who control you have already lost all their power anyhow.”

Blue ignores him and gives an instruction to his secretary: “Joy, get security ASAP.”

Moments later General Kelso Hoffman is arrested and taken away. The Generals are called together for a meeting again and Blue informs them: “As I suspected, Hoffman and his brother Don are traitors. I have arrested him, and his brother’s arrest will follow forthwith. We have been warned to clear the central area for a demonstration of power tomorrow at twelve hundred hours. See to it that it is done, we don’t want any unnecessary casualties. This may be an unexpected opportunity though. The spaceship will have to come out of hiding to execute it’s demonstration, and that will give us the opportunity to attack it with radar guided missiles. We have missiles with the necessary range, and we will launch them at eleven hundred and fifty-five hours tomorrow in the direction of all the communication balloons above the horizon. When they come out of hiding our missiles will be on their way already. With the ship out of the way, we can attack the ground bases. Send a message to our nuclear subs to be ready to engage.”

General Krzysztof Baran is not so sure: “What about public opinion and General Woodford, sir? He’s still on the space ship.“

Blue chuckles: “One man in exchange for a nation seems reasonable. He wasn’t very smart to go there himself in the first place. As far as the public is concerned, the media will handle that as always. We launch tomorrow as ordered.  Meeting adjourned gentlemen. “

Later that afternoon Rob phones Don’s office to determine whether the message was received. His secretary answers, clearly upset: “They’ve arrested Don… for treason they say… I can’t believe it… and his brother too!”

Rob reassures her: “Do not believe them. The treachery is on their side… to the exclusive benefit of a small group of criminally insane, power hungry ancestors who were left here thousands of years ago and would like nothing more than to see White Folk all over the world genocided as revenge for them having been left behind.”

He informs Klem and contacts Erik on the spaceship, “Erik, they’ve arrested Don and his brother Kelso for treason. I suspect something very serious is going on. “

“That must be General Blue’s idea. He and Woodford were birds of a feather. He is extremely ambitious and probably sees an opportunity for an attack… and promotion off course. I will inform Brato.”

Klem, Dant and Brato discuss the issue, and at sunset a number of the landing craft return to the spaceship. However, Klem remains behind to command the remaining vessels. He sets Rob’s mind at ease: “We will place the landing craft around the ship for defense if necessary. Brato will also disconnect the remaining modules from the ship. Although they are well armed we would rather keep them out of danger and only use them in case we need backup.”


At 11h30 the next day a signal appears on the US Defense radar screen clearly depicting smaller vessels surrounding a much larger ship. General Blue is excited: “There they are! They’ve made the one mistake we were hoping for! Now we do not have to guess! Concentrate everything on the large ship… fire at will! “

A multitude of missiles take of… but before they can even reach the atmosphere, one explosion after another is observed. Blue and the other staff in the control room are stunned. One of them comments dryly: “Wow! They have a ‘Starwars’ program up and running.”

Blue virtually growls at him, glares at him for a moment, then turns around to call the President: “They’e shot down all our missiles before they could reach the atmosphere, sir!”

The President sounds tired. “Clearly we will have to negotiate, Blue. Ask them to send a representative.”

Blue, however, is not convinced: “We can still try to attack their ground forces, sir.”

The President, however, has had enough: “Blue, I will not send our forces to a certain death, and that is the end of it! We will negotiate!”

It’s not entirely the end of it. Exactly at noon, there is a huge explosion in the Pentagon courtyard. When the smoke and dust clear, a deep, smoldering hole in the middle of the square can be seen. It’s enough to convince everyone that they have met their match. It’s something that can not be hidden from the public any longer. Almost every TV station was notified beforehand and hundreds of cameras are on hand to capture the event from their helicopters and on the ground, to be broadcasted around the world simultaneously.

An hour later Rob receives a call from the US Ambassador: “We want negotiate Mister Arndt. Please send a representative. “

Rob, Eddie, Brato, Dant and Erik have however already agreed on a strategy: “The USA is not the only country involved now, sir. This is a international affair now. We do not feel the US represents the well being of our Folk  and other inhabitants of the world. We would suggest an international representation.”

The Ambassador objects, but Rob is adamant.

“I will inform my government of your demand, and let you know what we decide, Mr Arndt.”

“I do not think the decision is in your hands, sir. We want to help avoid armed conflict and unnecessary loss of life. Our intentions are entirely honorable and to the eventual advantage of the whole world. The rest of the world will soon be aware of your loss of control anyhow, if they’re not already. We will inform the heads of state of all the nations of our intentions. Your government will not be able to prevent us from putting our case before the whole world. Goodbye sir.”


General Woodford and his guards are meanwhile forced to watch the same historical footage as the others. It’s impossible not to be very impressed with the courage and perseverance that would’ve been required from the original astronauts to take such a drastic step. The courage of the bereaved families and those left behind brought a tear to several eyes and left them speechless. Woodford himself is thoroughly disillusioned. His attitude has now undergone a drastic change, especially after he was admitted into the control cabin to see that the attempted attack would have killed him and his guards if it was successful. All his arrogance disappears like mist before the sun.

“I have done these people a great injustice.”  He says to Eddie who has since swapped places with Erik, “I will give you my fullest co-operation. I have only one favor to ask, though.”

Eddie is visibly relieved: “I can’t guarantee anything, but let’s hear what you have to say.”

Woodford is humbled: “My son works for one of the big oil companies. They sent him to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and he’s being kept there. They warned me that if I do not co-operate, he will have an unfortunate ‘accident’. Many of us, like the President and myself, have been blackmailed into doing their bidding, because we did a small unlawful or unethical favor long ago in exchange for money and position. Once you have done something like that for them, they have you in their pocket for life, and the transgressions just keep escalating so that you are more and more committed to satisfy their demands… I am not really the person I have been forced to be, and the same goes for many others. Do you think your friends could perhaps help me with my son’s predicament? He will be in terrible danger when I reveal what I know, and he is my only child.”

Eddie feels sorry for him, “I will speak to the two captains and see what they can come up with.”

Dant listens carefully to Eddie’s explanation and request and contacts Brato. After they review the case, they decide to help Woodford.

“They want to know if you can tell us where this oil rig is exactly… and what about your wife? Will she be in danger too?”

Woodford sighs: “My wife died a few years ago. As Chief of Staff it was not s difficult to find out exactly where my son is being kept. If you can show me a map, I can pinpoint his location.”

“His wife has passed away. Fortunately he could point out the oil rig on a map.” Eddie informs Dant.

“We can do better than that,” says Dant, “Bring him back to the control room.”

In the control room, the ship’s sensors focus on the area pointed out by Woodford.

“If you will tell us where we must focus, we can zoom in and find the target.” Explains Eddie. With Woodford’s assistance the oil rig eventually appears as clear as if they are right above it. Woodford exclaims appreciatively: “Wonderful equipment you have here!”

Eddie smiles: “I am told that in space that’s not a luxury, but a necessity.”

Dant is getting impatient: “Well then, let’s go get him! Anyone have a plan?” He calls one of the green men, and after Eddie and Woodford explain what they are about to do, the four of them take off in a landing craft.

The three Aryans and their green pilot…


The Truth? You Can’t Handle the Truth!

“Hey! Look! What is that? “A worker on the drilling rig exclaims. “Geez, it moves like a bat out of hell!” Shouts another. “It’s coming this way! Whoa!” He calls out when it seems that the craft is about to collide with the rig. The lander sets down just short of the tower on the drilling rig. “Get Matt Woodford to the helipad!” Bellows a voice on a speaker. When nothing happens a plume of water shoots hundreds of meters into the air next to the tower. “If you do not move quickly we will remove the legs from under this rig and you will be swimming with the sharks! Get a move on!” The voice barks again. There is a scramble, and a surprised Matt Woodford is hurriedly accompanied to the helicopter landing site. The lander moves right up to them and the hatch opens. “Get on board, Matt! This is your dad!”

A stunned Matt Woodford scurries into the craft and the hatch closes. Brato shows him to a vacant seat and moments later the vessel takes off at a staggering speed. It’s all over before anyone on the rig realizes what had just happened.

Back on the ship everything is explained to Matt. He is not sure if he’s having a psychological breakdown or just a dream, but gradually his panic subsides and he realizes what his father is telling him is true.

Eddie’s getting impatient: “Now it is your turn, General. We now want the names of everyone you know of that are involved, and especially who their controllers are. Do not leave anyone out. Every detail is important.”

General Woodford is starting to enjoy the game: “I have longed for an opportunity to get back at those scumbags. It will be my pleasure to rat out each and every one of them.”

For more than two hours General Woodford tells everything he knows about the criminals who control his life and how they forced him to act against his better judgment. The interview is also video taped and Woodford is now fully part of the team. After having recovered from his ordeal, Matt Woodford joins them again and his father explains to him what has happened and the danger he himself unwittingly found himself in.

Eddie warns: “We will probably need you to testify before the UN, General.”

General Woodford gets a determined look on his face: “Whichever way it goes, my military career is probably over anyhow. I will testify.”

“Count me in.” Matt said.

But General Woodford is concerned: “The UN building is situated in New York City. The UN is an organization itself created by the establishment, and its senior staff, including the Secretary General, are probably all on their payroll or forced to dance to their tune. They will probably try to eliminate any witnesses before the meeting. “

“We are aware of all that.” Said Eddie, “We’re not going to actually meet in New York.”


On the US Defense System’s radar screen a group of very dim and fast moving images appear. This causes an alarmed stir in the control center.

“Get hold of the President immediately!” Commands the General in charge. When the red phone in the White House rings, the President picks up immediately: “Yes, what is it?”

“Mr. President, a number of fast flying objects are approaching us from space, what are your orders?”

The President sounds tired. He has seen the writing on the wall: “I was expecting something like this. So far there hasn’t been any loss of life and I don’t think they’re going to hurt anyone. We don’t need another demonstration. Leave them alone. Let’s see what they want first before we all start acting like idiots.”

“They are approaching New York City, sir.”

“Where else?”

One of the craft lands at the back of the UN building near the East River as the other craft form a circle in the air providing cover. A loudspeaker bellows: “The presence of the Secretary General is required on the helipad… Immediately!”

In the buildings around many faces appear in the windows, a few cameras start flashing and in the streets people curiously start to congregate. The vessel rises to the roof to await the Secretary General. In the Council of Foreign Relations Headquarters opposite the UN building chaos reigns. The President is immediately called: “What are you doing about this invasion?!”

The President has already decided: “Nothing. You and I have relinquished control over world affairs!”

“You have to stop this immediately!”

“We have no effective deterrent and there is no way I am going to risk any more lives for your benefit!”

“That will be the end of your career, your reputation and your life you foolish old Goyim!”

“So be it. I have seen this coming and made my peace with it.” Replies the President as he gently hangs up the phone. A smile flickers across his face… who could’ve known that today would be the end of his Presidential mockery. He was never in control and feared for his life and the lives of his family every single day. Not from some mad man roaming the streets, but from his Kehillah puppet masters. They show no mercy and the relief he felt was making him lightheaded. The oligarchs within the Kehillah have met their match at last.

An uncertain Secretary General appears on the helipad area on the UN building. The lander approaches and the hatch opens.

“We will not keep you for long, sir. Please come aboard immediately.”

The Secretary General comes closer and hesitantly gets on board. The hatch closes behind him with a hiss and a clang.

He recognizes General Woodford immediately and hurries over to him: “General Woodford…?” he utters hoarsely.

“Don’t worry; nothing’s going to happen to you. Please sit down. We need to meet with the Heads of State of all UN member countries. You must contact them and provide us with a list of locations where we can pick them and their translators up, three days from now around noon. We will transport them to a safe place where we can meet. Anyone who does not comply will suffer dire consequences. Contact us at this email address.”

General Woodford hands him a note with the address. “Go now, and tell them not to try anything foolish. They are to come unarmed. This is not a game and we want to ensure everyone returns unscathed.”

Woodford takes him by the arm and escorts him to the hatch.

Without uttering a word, the Secretary General gets off the lander, the hatch closes, and together the vessels take off, straight up into the sky. The news spreads like a wildfire. Nobody in a position of authority at this time is unaware of the newcomers’ display of power and within a day the list of attending members is completed.


An insider meeting of authoritative members is hastily called and assembled. Oil tycoon Dave Roth, accompanied by his brother Chuck, has the floor: “We have to act quickly or we will lose control. We have lost the President already. We must find a way to neutralize these invaders.”

Jane Heller of the Federal Reserve Bank suggests: “We will have to think long term Dave, as always. The military has effectively been neutralized, so immediate violence is out of the question. We need to get hold of their technology before we can be on an equal footing and that dictates infiltration.”

Roth agrees: “You are right, Jane, but we must act quickly. We must use subtle disinformation in the media to generate distrust, get the public suspicious of any agreement they might conclude and also generate sympathy for ourselves and the world.”

Joseph Greenberg is concerned: “We will not be safe once everything is revealed, Dave. We have to circumvent any action that might be taken against us and put our plans into action at the same time. We will have to introduce those of our sons who are not yet implicated and can not be prosecuted. I am fairly certain all of us will. We must transfer as much money as possible to their accounts and disguise the transfers while we still have control of the banks and computers involved.”

Roth and others agree wholeheartedly with this. In the next few days large amounts of money find new homes and special instructions and advice are given to their children.


On the third day, as arranged, landers appear at all the places indicated, and the world’s heads of state are all, to their surprise and sometimes dismay,  taken straight to the ship’s meeting room where all sit down meekly with their interpreters.

Eddie, standing on the central stage welcomes everyone and starts talking in a jovial tone: “I get to speak first since I was the first rookie astronaut from Earth to visit, long before you.” Here and there a nervous laugh can be heard: “First of all, we want to ensure that everyone is properly informed before we proceed to the next stage. We are going to show you some information from the ship’s archives dating back many millennia, in case you missed Don Hoffman’s broadcast. Since the soundtrack is in its original language, we will fill in where necessary. The video material should speak for itself, however.”

For the next few hours the foreign audience sits quietly, spellbound by the story that unfolds before them. When it ends a lively discussion erupts. Eddie gives them some time alone and after an hour calls them to order: “Gentlemen, I want to introduce you to General Woodford. He is the previous military Chief of Staff of the USA. We apprehended him in self defense some time ago because he planned an aggressive act against this ship and its crew.”

General Woodford takes place next to Eddie and clears his throat. His weightlessness does not make him any more comfortable: “Gentlemen, I have come to the conclusion that my assessment of these people and their intentions had been totally wrong, as you probably realize at this time. I bear no grudge towards them for my some what disturbing reception. I’m sure I’ve earned it.” A few gloating smiles can be seen in the audience. “I have an embarrassing confession to make in this regard, something I’m not proud of. When I was a young officer, I was tempted to commit what I thought was a somewhat unimportant indiscretion. I found out later that it was orchestrated by criminals in the financial and oil connected establishments. This was used to force me to commit even more indiscretions with some reward for my career afterwards. I convinced myself that my actions must have been for the good of my country since these are men with immense power at their disposal who are associated with most of the more powerful politicians behind the scenes. Eventually however, I discovered that their actions were completely criminal and aimed towards gaining even more wealth and power for themselves… a kind of game played in total disregard for human life. I protested against some of the schemes I was told to support, but by that time I was completely entangled through my previous transgressions, evidence of which they held to black mail me to comply with their wishes. After the death of my wife, my career became less important to me and I became more inclined to oppose their instructions. In the mean time however, one of their oil companies had offered my son a lucrative salary which he found impossible to refuse. He was then sent to supervise one of their deep-sea drilling operations, and once he arrived there, I was told that if I did not dance to their tune, he would have an unfortunate ‘accident’.” He turned to Eddie. “Thanks to this gentlemen and the crew of this spaceship, I am off the hook as far as he is concerned. Everything is up to you now. You were brought here because we must have everyone’s cooperation to make things right. I am not going to name anyone, but I know many of you are being pressured by the very same establishment. With the possible exception of a few, I think most of you will agree that it is illogical, if not downright irresponsible, to belong to an organization with the power to make decisions contrary to your own country’s interests whilst some members are immune from similar decisions taken for similar reasons. We propose to change to a system that makes it possible for all nations to allow their folk to make informed and just decisions to the advantage of their own nation and folk.”

Here and there sounds of agreement can be heard.

The US President has thoughtfully been listening to General Woodford. At this stage he indicates that he too has something to say: “Gentlemen, I fully concur with my General. I have been under the same kind of Damocles Sword as he was. I am ashamed to have to admit that many of my government’s important actions in the past century, which influenced world affairs and the decisions made in the General Assembly, have been tainted by decisions aimed at forwarding the purposes of the establishment my General referred to. At least two of my predecessors have even been insiders of this establishment.”

He turns to the British Prime Minister: “You know what I am talking about. The two of us have had to co-operate in controlling the oil supply, oil prices, and associated dollar based floating exchange rates. We have both benefited handsomely, especially due to our shareholding in military industries and the wars we had to authorize to maintain control. In fact, since even before the first World War, since 1912, every President in my country was put in place by this establishment controlled by criminal Jew gangsters, forming public opinion through their control of their media and by misuse of their monetary powers and government backed covert operations. As you must know, our reserve banks are all privately owned and are interconnected. They are orchestrated to increase the wealth and power of the world’s true enemy, a secret organization the establishment is a large part of, called the Kehillah. It is run by an unknown, self proclaimed King who gives orders to his two Princes, one of the eastern hemisphere and one of the western hemisphere. The Princes then pass the King’s orders down the rank of command to others lower in the organization, until it reaches the establishment, which consists of International Jews who control the monetary system, energy industries, the media and every other industry used to control and enslave the masses. It’s a very sophisticated organization that controls the entire world. These banks are first based in the City of London, the independent financial and monetary establishment based in Britain and, since the First World War, affiliated with ours on Wall Street in New York City. In my country and in many others, due to their control of the media and the cost involved in presidential campaigns, no one can hope to become or remain President without their backing. The crux of their power is control of the monetary system, control of the media, and control of the energy resources used to manipulate the monetary system, exchange rates, and economic development of countries. We must put a monetary system in place that is honest and fair, based on a nationally agreed fixed value immune from any manipulation by these criminals. Gentlemen, this is an opportunity that must not be wasted. We need your input and cooperation to put these criminals in their place.”

Everyone is surprised by the President’s brutal honesty. There is a moment of stunned silence before the  dam wall breaks. One after another each one comes forward with similar stories and finally it seems that almost all the countries in the world are in one way r the other totally under the control of the Kehillah. The oil-rich countries more so than others as their rulers are always under International Jewry’s influence and only came into power with the help of their stoking unrest, leaving the door open for a take over.

Eddie has to raise his voice to be heard: “It seems that almost everyone here has in some way been directly or indirectly controlled by this merciless, criminal establishment. The undeveloped and developing countries especially have suffered by being prevented from developing their industries and infrastructure, having their populations impoverished and reduced through wars and adverse health conditions, and their governments replaced in the cruelest ways. At present your respective infrastructures are still controlled by these criminals. They will do their utmost to prevent you from taking control. As far as energy is concerned, they have prevented the universal implementation of the super flywheel, fuel cells, large scale solar and wind power development, viable nuclear energy systems development… any alternative energy solutions for general use, especially the erection and development of nuclear power plants in developing countries. The spectre of nuclear war was used to create an excuse for meddling in nuclear programs in developing countries, whilst the countries with veto rights in the General Assembly were those who in reality constitute this very same danger. ‘Green Peace’ was created for this specific purpose, financed by a Canadian oil company to propagate and exaggerate the danger of pollution by radio-active substances from nuclear power stations and prevent the establishment of an alternative to oil for the generation of energy. Ironically, the main contributor to pollution today is oil and coal, together with pollutants like dioxins from the related chemical industry in developed countries like my own. At present oil is the main leverage for all these violations. Our visitors from space are prepared to supply you cost effective, unlimited, non-polluting power, totally independent of oil. On the one hand, plans are available for extremely efficient solar power and energy storage systems, suitable for remote locations. On the other, this ship is powered by a hydrogen nuclear fusion process that does not contribute to pollution. If we provide every country with similar power plants, that on its own will remove the must important component of their power base. Our problem is how to implement it without undue interference and loss of life. These criminals will not relinquish power peacefully if they can help it.”

It sets a lively debate going and the teachers have a busy time. General Woodford now sees himself as part of the team: “Gentlemen, if you will allow me… I have a suggestion. Our main problem is the chasm between truth and disinformation. If we can teach the truth to the peoples of the world, we will have won, for our peoples themselves will demand retribution. The majority of the main media bosses are under the same kind of pressure as most of you. I suggest that when we take you back you use your powers as Heads of States and summon these people to your offices. We will then pick them up for an excursion similar to this one and see to it that the peoples of the world are informed. Those media directors who are insider members of the establishment and have not yet been identified as such, will be obliged to conform to the majority decision. If they do not, they will expose themselves to the wrath of their people. Before you do this however, you will have to take control of law enforcement. The establishment’s power over people must be immobilized  before they can act effectively and without threat to themselves and their families. The known members of the establishment must be detained as soon as you are returned, before the media comes into play.”

After further discussion, there is general agreement with this proposal. Eddie has one more thing on his mind: “Gentlemen … in the past months the Captain here has been keenly interested in our financial history, among other things. Drawing on the experience of their original civilization, which was very successful until the unfortunate event that terminated it, he suggests that we decide on a common exchange currency based on true value, banish financial speculation, and use a similar system internally as was used very successfully in a few states in the USA before their Revolutionary War. Also other examples like Swanenkirchen’s Wara notes in Southern Germany, Worgl’s Notgeld in Austria, and similar experiments in Geunsey in England and Alberta in Canada, where governments and other organizations printed their own internal currency and the regulated amount circulation according to demand until halted by the establishment’s minions. Even Hitler did that successfully until he was nearly brought down, not realizing that his financiers were his true mortal enemies, using him to forward their own designs. Proper analysis of the events that led to the Second World War, reveals that it was Britain and France who instigated the war. The purpose was to involve most countries in the world in a lengthy war, to be able to convince a war weary world that they need an organization to enforce world peace… a prelude to a world government which they intended to control themselves, initially by means of their control over the countries with veto rights. Incidentally control of the monetary system as well as the true cause of the American Revolutionary War, at first compelling all Americans to return to the use of the British pound, and then by trying to punish them for trying to circumvent it by submitting them to severe taxation, compulsory Imports, and Military force.”

The British Prime Minister has a serious objection: “Pardon the interruption, Sir, but a system like that will restrict free trade between countries. Britain is dependent upon trade to a very large extent as we have little internal resources.”

Eddie feels he should correct the Briton: “Your people and your manufacturing industries are your resources, sir. You will now be obliged to pay honest prices for the raw materials. Jews who’ve been controlling your British Government and also America after the First World War, have been abusing the world’s monetary system and the economies of other countries to finance wars to extend and reinforce their rule for far too long. The so-called free trade principle, together with recall or support for internal agriculture and reduction of support for the poor, was introduced in Britain in the 1840’s with the specific purpose to enrich the rich by importing goods from cheap labor sources, impoverishing the British Folk and causing famine in Ireland, though in reality was a planned genocide, making them immigrate to America in droves. Others tried to follow this example, but failed, as planned, because of Britain’s Jew financiers’ control of maritime foreign trade due to Britain’s superior military fleet and its support or privateers who plundered any ship that was not insured in Britain, using their controlled government’s extensive secret service network in all the countries they exchanged with. In the 1870’s a German economist, Friedrich List, convinced his government to use a contrary approach. They restricted financial and foreign stock speculation and concentrated on developing their own industries, agriculture and other sectors. They did this with such success that the Jews who controlled Britain felt compelled to declare war in 1914 to maintain their trade and maritime dominance. Incidentally, this was at a stage when the British government was, to all intents and purposes, totally bankrupt. The war was waged with cash and supplies supplied by the American Jews, who controlled the financial and manufacturing establishment, that eventually resulted in the so-called Anglo-American alliance between the Jew establishments of both countries. Free trade is a parasitic design to enrich the rich and oppress the poor by importing goods from cheap labor sources in undeveloped and developing countries who are continuously prevented from developing an efficient infrastructure or their own that will improve the well being of their own people, keeping them poor and their labor cheap.”

The Prime Minister is not satisfied: “You also propose to corrupt the entire monetary system? That will have profound repercussions all over the world!”

“You’re telling me, an honest system will have a profound effect all over the world? May I remind you sir, that it was because of British and American Jews that the monetary system was corrupted in the first place! First by under evaluating gold as a currency in foreign trade, and then in 1971 to save America’s economy and artificially boost the value of the dollar and the British pound, by sucking other countries dry through America’s unilateral abandonment of the gold standard, replacing it with a dollar standard and making it an unstable, stock market controlled device for manipulating the fortunes of other countries and their economies. The seven biggest oil companies are closely connected to this process. By means of an agreement with the Jewish Saudis, and through them with all other Arab countries, every country is obliged to pay for oil in dollars, which opened the way to print, many times over, more dollars than the Federal Reserve could ever back. Raising the oil price by 400% the first time destroyed the economy of the fastest developing country in the world, Mexico, and put them in debt to such an extent that they could not even pay the interest on their national debt. In addition, keep in mind that the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and most, if not all, other reserve banks, are private institutions, intimately interconnected and created to serve the Jew establishment and finance the Kehillah. The UN and it’s immune members are in place to enforce any decision against countries who try to resist their draconian measures, using the World Bank, military means, the secret services, assassinations, sanctions, and support of terrorists and agitators to replace current legitimately elected governments, all of which we have experienced in my own country. Not even the Communist block and developed European countries like Germany, France, Austria, Yugoslavia, Sweden and Italy, have escaped their closest attention. My nation and my folk in particular have suffered and lost their country twice in one century due to their greed. The free trade principle is a sacred cow we must get rid of and replace it with a system that has the internal welfare of the peoples of individual countries in mind.”

The other heads of state who up to now sat listening in silence, started clapping one after the other, until a general applause could be heard. The British Prime Minister throws his hands in helplessly in the air.

“Gentlemen, that is not half the story, but we are not here to sling mud at each other. I can understand the British Prime Minister’s concerns and his country’s economic vulnerability. His government’s intimate and shameful involvement in the Jewish establishment’s atrocities are not the fault of the British people. However, we must come to an agreement and develop a satisfactory and mutually beneficial solution. Can we have a show of hands for an improved monetary system based on the principles I have outlined, please?”

The proposal was adopted overwhelmingly, and Eddie notices that the US President had raised his hand. He concludes: “Very well, we will take you back in a while, but because of the numbers involved now we will have to schedule a series of visits on consecutive dates, starting with the most influential countries in different sectors of the world, allowing time for the necessary steps we have agreed upon. We also require a list of all known members of the establishment you can think of.”

For the next few hours lists and schedules are drawn up, covering all the different cultures on Earth in a balanced way.

“The first group will probably be enough to spread the news,” said Brato.

Eddie agrees: “Yes, and the knowledge that others will follow will at the same time prevent any resistance from the criminal establishment. We must not allow anybody to feel left out. That could cause major problems, so we need to do this right, we only get one chance. But before anything else, Brato, your people have to take out the Kehillah…”



The next few weeks are a busy time on the ship. Scores within the media visit and ask probing and sometimes uncomfortable questions. In the end, however, the general consensus is reached to not act unnecessarily harsh with staff and heads of state who were forced to cooperate with the order of authority, but rather to concentrate on the really evil forces behind them. Quite a few relieved faces could be found among them, but also a few anxious ones. In this way, almost all the earth’s inhabitants are made aware of the true state of affairs, both the Aryan newcomers’ goodwill and the truth about the criminals who were, for centuries, responsible for so much misery on earth.

The result is that outrage, but also relief and gratitude take root among the general population of the world. Outrage is displayed by blacks, arabs, jews and all shades of mixed race inbetweeners in all Western Countries, as “racism” is shouted, screamed and smeared all over countries that want to revert back to a Nationalist System. Protests take place and cities burn, that is until the Aryan newcomers help restore order, threatening the criminal, parasitic invaders with permanent deportation back to their native countries. Ships fly day and night, clearing out countries of the hordes that held it ransom for decades. Liberals try their damnedest to instill guilt in White Folks all over the world but lose the battle when their leaders all disappear in one night, leaving the foot soldiers without any leadership and funds, and the whole movement dies down in a couple of days. The rest are rejected by their own societies and end up in third world countries with the people they were defending so passionately, never to be seen or heard of again. 

Parliaments are dismembered and measures are adopted to charge the offenders, freeze their bank accounts within the banks that are now taken over by the Nationalist Folk, and their assets are confiscated.

After many arguments and counter-arguments, the mere fact of the spaceship’s threatening and dominant position takes precedent. The UN is dismantled. Each country will have to rely on its own population for its own resources and capabilities. Politics are treated as deserved and are abolished. No Government is left intact and all politicians are stripped of their status. Individuals with racial and nationalist mindsets are recognized by the visitors and are helped to fill the vacuum left by criminal politicians and governments. Countries of every race, one after the other, revert to racial nationalism and a great migration takes place all over the world. 

Economists are shunned. The Aryan newcomers meet representatives of all countries with full media coverage to reorganize the monetary systems of individual countries, changing them into barter type systems, based on the value of a man or woman’s labor as natural resources are free to the folk of a nation and only labor is rewarded. The various countries’ secret services were disbanded, and new security organizations are formed from carefully selected patriotic folk from all newly formed Nations which are based on race. Meanwhile, a principle is adopted that all discussions between the respective countries’ authorities will henceforth take place only in public with full media coverage. All secret policing agencies are dismantled and no Federal system is left. The world appears free of manipulation… but the Kehillah, its King and his Princes must still be dealt with.


With the newly designed nuclear power reactors generating power for the two farming villages, Nations are impatiently waiting to get similar generation technology. The new company has no difficulties in getting orders for their generators. Engineers from various countries are given information regarding the fusion process and maintenance. The manufacturing of power generators create substantial employment opportunities for the newcomers and their new industry. They build a house for each family, and the two farms arose into two new towns which are expanding rapidly… because of the first boom of births, their numbers increase tremendously. 

As the housing modules are evacuated, they are systematically taken back to the space ship until every one is back in it’s place. The ship itself has since become a popular tourist attraction and a preferred place of education. The environment around the two new towns have changed completely. With unlimited energy from an energy source similar to the ship’s, it is possible to extract water from the air vapor, and this has gradually turned the towns into a small oasis, independent of rainfall, with agricultural possibilities normally not found in the dry Karoo. This made other arid countries interested and before long places like the Sahara, Mojave, Gobi and other deserts are blooming and producing organic crops. Before long no country has any excuse for not being able to feed its own population. And those that did not, knew not to expect any help from producing countries.

Those who have heard of the Aryan Surrogate Mother Project, meanwhile inquire about the possibility of participating. Brato and Dant, however, recommend that individuals can only be considered after proper inspection, and provided that such applicants are genetically pure and that they permanently become part of the community. It would also imply that more jobs would be needed in the towns, which have not been possible on a large scale at this stage, except for employment in the new industries and for care and education of the children. 

With the general energy problem in principle resolved and beginning to be implemented, the transportation industry undergoes a complete change. The necessary land is allocated and a large aircraft industry together with a nuclear power development factory is erected at the dam near Colesberg, where a fusion reactor is easily added as support to the country’s existing power supply network.

Men and women of the Aryan Race from other nations are also selected and employed on merit for the aircraft manufacturing. A proper security system should now be established, and security personnel are carefully selected and their respective offices appointed according to qualifications and experience, some for training new staff. As security chief, a married man whose wife is nearly as well qualified is appointed. Both decided to relocate to South Africa from The United States.

The Aryan newcomers, however separate three important developments from the rest, which only the country’s own people and visitors are involved in.  The manufacturing of nuclear power stations, the surrogate mother project and the powerful computer controlled laser technology, which of course is a formidable weapon.


Brato and some of his fellow Aryans have since found a new interest studying various books on the Geology of South Africa and other countries. Eventually, at one of their meetings, he discloses to the others what he has in mind: “Almost all the minerals we need for the production of free flying vehicles are available in this country. With the power networks all supplied from nuclear power, the only remaining issue to address is the dependence on oil. The car industry is indeed systematically trying to switch to super flywheel technology that will make use of the power network. Then there is solar and wind power, combined with the super flywheel to store energy, these can supply most remote areas with power without the need for long lines, but we can provide the airlines with better and safer vehicles. I especially have the future of the greens in mind. They are still the best equipped pilots. It will mean a lot to them to have a special place in the world where they can be applied for their unique characteristics.”

Rob agrees: “It’s true, and I think I know what you have in mind. You want an agreement with the government for the production of their expropriated mines.”

“Not an agreement Rob, I think as we can provide significant advantages to the population, we should be the leaders of our nation and Folk. We can also establish agreements with national aircraft manufacturing companies and space agencies for the manufacture of parts. If we establish a large local industry, it will be an extra incentive and source of income for the population, a substantial boost for the country, expansion possibilities and future job opportunities for future generations.”

Eddie gets a wry smile: “It didn’t take long for you to realize that we need a new and trustworthy leader in this country. With everything happening in the world and us being involved in most of it, we have neglected to look after our own people. How do you propose to do this?”

“Well… since most of the invaders in the country have left for their respective countries, the handful still remaining and trying to bring back their “days of power & freedom” will be easy to remove. They will be dealt with. No political process will be allowed, ever again, and our people will be led by their own. We will make it clear that we are one Folk and no others will be allowed to interfere with our way of life. We will first establish local community leaders, and the best Nationalistic minds will represent the nation.”

Helga nudged Brato’s shoulder: “I don’t think you’re telling us everything, Brato. Come on, out with it.”

“You’re right, Helga. For us it is impossible to forget how we got here. If there is one certainty on this earth, it is that once again, one time or another, a catastrophic collision or something similar will come from space, as it has clearly done several times since our ancestors left here. The next one, however, can be larger… what you call a Extinction Level Event… the end of all life on earth. Your astronomers have found thousands such objects coming dangerously close to the earth, and the most dangerous are not even those, but the countless comets in the Oort cloud that could at any moment be disturbed by unpredictable movements within the planetary system, and might end up in a collision with the earth. They move at a much greater speed than the objects that simply revolve around the sun, with correspondingly greater results. Most of our Folk who stayed behind thousands of years ago were indeed wiped out by such a comet, and it was not nearly the largest that we have encountered in the Oort cloud. The chances are very good that Osiris, or a later model of it, will have to be brought into use in the future as it was before. However, it would be much better if we were prepared with more arks this time.  For safety and support we can perhaps send them into space in pairs or larger groups looking for another safe place for our folk in such an event.”

Helga laughs: “That’s it. I knew it! But you will have to make a fire under some of our Folk. This is not a topic they like to talk about.”

Rob is more optimistic: “I’m sure it can be resolved. It will indeed provide a lot of work, especially for our Aryan Folk from other countries who want to settle here.”

“How fast do you reckon one of those ships will be able to go? Will it be able to get away safely before anything hits us? Will we be able to rescue most of our Folk? Will it be like those ships we see in movies that go at “warp speed”? Asks Helga, frowning.

“Interesting questions, Helga. Yes to all of them except “warp speed” which is just a figment of someone’s imagination. Your scientists have led you by the nose hairs for more than a century with a science that is tainted by politics and the Kehillah to serve their agenda and keep you in the dark.  The theory proposed by a kinsman of the order of authority that led to ideas about time and dimension stretching and shrinking, was the cause of many mistakes. Even if it was possible, which is highly unlikely, you can imagine how much energy is released in a collision at the speed of light with even a micro meteorite, and how much matter you will encounter in a journey of 100 light years through space. I would not want to participate in such a trial. You should travel through space with the greatest caution and constant vigilance. Your own astronomers say that 2/3 of the matter in the Milky Way consists of dark mass. You should know that your chance to evade obstacles at the speed you move and your ability to evade such barriers is impossible. Even travelling at the speed we did, not everything that can damage a ship can be evaded. It’s one of the reasons why we had a comet anchored to the front of the ship… as a shield against the smaller but more numerous objects that are not easily found or can not quickly be evaded.”

Helga laughs: “Well, I bow humbly before your superior knowledge and insight.”

Rob is not so sure: “How can you be sure our science is on the wrong path? There are many successful developments in the field of nuclear research done precisely by this approach.”

“This should be expected. The theory was necessarily tailored by fraudulent scientists to a particular already known phenomena. The mathematics involved had to be fudged to make their theory seem believable. Credible scientists apparently had objections and some still have problems with their pseudo science, but the media, and even the British Royal Society, is under control of the order of authority, and any objectors are silenced or ridiculed, and publications by these brave individuals who dare publish their objections are economically ruined by the so-called scientific community. The problem lies with the premise. Two theories had to be adapted to form a unified theory. One had to be changed and unfortunately the one chosen was the one where the math could be manipulated the easiest. Einstein’s theory requires movement without a medium, the speed of light as the maximum speed. Maxwell’s theory, a purely mathematical approach to the propagation of electromagnetism in a dielectric medium, requires a medium. However, Einstein used Lorenz’s equations which were based on Maxwell’s theory to support his conclusions. Clearly contrary. It was Maxwell’s theory that had to be adjusted, not Newton’s. The math should not try to change time and dimension, but rather the propagation of an electromagnetic wave or particle. Clearly you’ve made physics out of mathematics, instead of using mathematics as mere tools to be applied with caution to explain physical phenomena. If the math works, it is not a given that the physics derived from it is true.”

Rob was slightly taken aback: “What do you mean the math works, but the physics might not necessarily be true?”

“Well, I’ll give you a simple example. If you want to calculate the surface of a square, for example, just the length of one side is necessary, you then square to get the answer. However, if you take the square root of the surface, you get two possible answers to the length of a side, a positive one right, and a negative one that is impossible. Common sense and practical experience, or rather experiment instead of theory then eliminates the wrong one.”

Eddie, who remained silent until now, gives his two cents worth: “I read a book, Science at the Crossroads, and found that late Professor Dingle of Tasmania wrote that he had a almost lifelong battle against Einstein’s plagiarized Theory of Relativity, the media, and the Royal Society. He also mathematically proves how and where the doctored math was slipped in. In his theory Einstein considered the movement of a dimensionless point. If you rather give the imaginary object a length, and you apply Einstein’s thought experiment, the mathematical solution is totally contradictory. Mathematics can be also be used to prove other math wrong, although it does not necessarily provide the right solution. Prof. Dingle also says he does not know what the answer is, but he is very certain that there is a major screw loose.”

Helga sighs: “I think our new media will have to be used to break this to the public. We will just have to make sure they do not run away with this story. We will have to avoid speculation on multiple levels. Our science books will have to be re-written…and the old ones burnt!”

Brato continues: “The point I would like to make is that there are no easy solutions, but if our Aryan Folk can advance jointly and act to our mutual benefit, we, as a Race, have a reasonable chance to survive. Before that can happen, however, there must be a lot of change taking place in our Folk’s attitudes as the world’s past political system caused divisions, discord and strife. For people of different races in the same territory to be allowed to compete for the same resources, is clearly a recipe for disaster.”

“We got heavy opposition as we awakened people to separate, and it required a totally new way of educating our Folk.” says Eddie, “but let us begin. We will probably have to lean heavily on the example of the ancient civilization’s success.”

It didn’t take much for Brato and his crew to convince the unwelcome, power hungry, savages and parasites that their place was not here in this country any longer. And so begins a new role for the newcomers. There’s still opposition to the new direction being taken, but nobody even considered acting in a violent manner as before. For the first time in thirty years, White Folk in South Africa could sleep without fearing for their lives.


With the main malefactors behind bars, the world now enters a period of unprecedented prosperity. In remote, sparsely populated areas, where it is currently not justifiable to build reactors, more efficient solar systems based on knowledge of the ancient Aryans’ archives have become popular. Especially in undeveloped and developing countries, the Aryan newcomers are highly favored. In the European community, whose progress and development was thwarted time and time again by the Kehillah and their Jewish puppets, their suggestions and arguments were considered favorably and accepted with little opposition.

Brato, Dant and Klem systematically visit all the different countries for support with the building of more spacecraft, but despite the prestige they enjoy they experience a surprising amount of resistance as in some countries, for the first time in a very long time, the inhabitants were starting to enjoy their new ability to focus almost exclusively on their own industries and welfare development.

Rob comforts Brato at a time he complains to him about the lack of cooperation from these sectors: “Ingratitude is a worldwide phenomenon it seems, but there are at least encouraging signs from the developed countries, and the cross-border industries that we have established for the unskilled are beginning to move their population to their own countries.”

Eddie sees another possibility: “I think we should turn to only our Folk. Other races are not to be trusted with something as important as this. We have now already spoken to them and if they want to start their own manufacturing I imagine we can’t stop them. But I think our resources and time should be for our own exclusively.”

Brato does not want to struggle: “Let us rather find out who really wants to work together. We can establish an industry for the people to build spacecrafts such as Osiris, and a condition that when danger threatens, people will have the right to evacuation in proportion to their contribution.”

Rob agrees: “It makes sense. Don Hoffman can do recruiting in other Aryan countries. Your story is a good example to keep for motivation. Brato, would you mind writing a short motivational story Don can publish in those countries?”

Brato hesitated only a moment: “Well, I’ll try.”

A few days later Don Hoffman published an article with the following content in the form of an ad in a few major newspapers and magazines, which was translated into the languages of all Aryan countries:

The Interest of the Whole Above that of the Individual for the Preservation of the Aryan Race

Many years ago our ancestors had to flee from the earth for the survival of our Aryan race. They had a limited number of years to prepare, for they knew that a massive object from space was on its way and that our people on earth would probably have little chance of survival. Fortunately at that time they were  already skilled space travelers, unlike civilization before them, who were almost completely wiped out. The few survivors of these civilizations no longer had an infrastructure, and was inevitably focused on mere survival, and almost all science, and even knowledge about their experience largely disappeared, with only myths and fables to remind them. After many years, a new civilization resurrected, and archaeologists systematically unraveled what happened to their ancestors, to the point where a drastic decision had to be made to send a diaspora into space. They were still in the grip of an ice-age following the previous disaster, and was located primarily in the warmer lowlands where the Mediterranean is now in Central America, and two large islands known today as the Atlantic. This spaceship, Osiris ‘, and a sister ship Isis’ was built in orbit because they would be too big to rise up from the planet. All possible survival tools were built into the ships, and their civilization’s knowledge and history was contained on computer discs. Because there was too little time to build more vessels, people were selected on the basis of skills, knowledge, intelligence, and personality traits. Equipment was designed from materials that could be recovered and recycled,  Also for air purification and food production. For the sake of maintaining genetic diversity, ova and sperm of people, useful animals and other life forms selected with ecological balance in mind were harvested and frozen,. Seeds and bulbs of plants were preserved in order to start a new civilization in a new living realm which they hoped they would find.  In space cooling is obviously not a big problem. The lack of genetic diversity in the world can now be replenished because of our forefathers’ foresight.

The only way to ensure true survival of our species, was by variety and spreading throughout the galaxy as far as possible. “Osiris” was finished first, and immediately departed in the direction of the constellation of Orion, because we could not be caught in the chaos of the impending disaster. We suspect that the ‘Isis’ could get away in time, the Giza Pyramids are proof of that. We lost communication with them due to distance and different routes, They would’ve gone in the direction of the Sirius’s constellation, and the corridors of the King’s Room and Queen’s Room in the Great Pyramid are a documentation of this fact, as can be proven by myths.

As you know, our search so far has been unsuccessful, and we decided to return and to determine whether our mother planet recovered sufficiently that we again can live on it. The ship has its limitations, particularly with the number of people it could safely sustain, which had to be strictly adhered to and only what is necessary for operation of the ship. For effective development of science and technology, materials, space and number of people with the necessary skills and infrastructure was sustained for a workable group if we should need them, whether it would be here or somewhere else.

This is a plea to our fellow Aryans at this time to make timely provision against a recurrence of the events that sent us on our way. The next time we may not be so lucky enough to get the timely warning that a deadly object on its way.  For this reason it is necessary to send a diaspora in a variety of directions, preferably at least in pairs so they can support each other to ensure that at least some, and possibly all, will survive and find new homes. Forget the fiction that the speed of light is a solution. It’s mere wishful thinking based on false assumptions.

An industry for our Folk, called Survival Ltd. has been established to build spaceships. Nations and individuals who decide to join us will have the benefit of automatically having their own ships for their people or for individuals  a unit on one of the ships for themselves and their families. Join Survival Ltd. and ensure the survival of your Race!

We can not sufficiently emphasize the importance of such a decision.

~The management of Survival Ltd.


New Projects and a Snake Stirring Again

As expected, little or no response from developing and underdeveloped sectors follows. In developed countries the article however attracts great interest, and not only in the project itself. Three weeks after the article appeared Rob’s phone rings:

“Rob Arndt, good afternoon.”

“Hold for Doctor Pierce please.” a lady replies. A moment later: “Good afternoon Mister Arndt. I’m Dr. Ian Pierce of the zoology faculty in Bloemfontein. My colleagues, botanists and paleontologists from all over the world contacted me about the revelations in the media about eggs and other material that were brought here by the Aryans. Do you think it’s possible… will you please contact Captain Brato and request a meeting with us to discuss the subject?”

Rob smiles:”I thought it would interest a special group of people like yourself, Doctor. I’ll ask him to call you and set up a meeting.”

“We would appreciate it tremendously, Mr. Arndt. You can imagine what it will mean for us to study the origins of our race and understand how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago first hand.”

“I do not believe there will be a problem doctor.”

“Well, thanks in advance, Mr. Arndt, and goodbye.”

Pressure from the inhabitants of developed countries are urging their Folk Leaders to join the space project. They all agree that a direct benefit to the people should come from such a project. Brato and his fellow Aryans highlight the technological benefits that the world has already gained from Osiris’s design and the possibility of tourism in the planetary system.

This last proposal is especially popular, and a start is made on the design and construction of the first new deep space ship, with crew awards according to contribution.

Rob relayed Dr.Pierce’s request to Brato. He is more than willing to make one of his medical staff available to the group to assist with their research, and at the same time suggests that a laboratory be made available and a suitable area set apart where the eggs of hundreds of extinct animal species can be fertilized and be made to grow up in a controlled environment.

At a meeting Dr Pierce called, zoologists and paleontologists are overjoyed with the news, especially when Klem’s wife, Breti shows footage of these animals, a predecessor of today’s Llama with five toes instead two, amphichelydia, an extinct turtle, mastodons, and ancestors of sheep, horses, camels, and a host of other extinct animals.

The delegates return to their respective countries and make plans to assure the proposed project gets going. 

Another project development comes from linguists, who in turn are interested in lost languages, including their gematria and etymology, which in turn can solve many problems, including archaeological. Information relating to this are available to them from the ship’s archives. The Smithsonian is forced to give up their secrets, and for the first time in modern history, our Folk find out what has been hidden from them for centuries. White Aryan Folk learn to look at the world with new eyes.


Time flew by, it’s three years later and the two farmers and their families are having a braai with Brato and his family..

“One day soon we will have a nice big wedding for Lee and Geni,” says Melody, “Did you see how they look at each other?”

Lee’s ears glowed almost like the coals in the fire: “Mother!”

Rob laughs: “You’re imagining things.”

“You men never notice anything.  They are always together, and look out for Eddie Jr and Heli too. They disappear into the barn far too often.”

Now Eddie Jr’s ears are also red: “What? That’s not true!”

Helga chuckles: “Well, they’re not crippled. It will not be bad to have smart grandchildren.”

Brato suddenly turns serious: “I don’t want to upset you, but there is something you do not realize. The children may fall in love with each other, but there is the issue of our long-life gene. Many of us are centuries old. If any of you would marry one of us, things will get very complicated as one will age and die much earlier than the other. Furthermore, some of their children will have our genes as a dominant gene and others will have yours. This means that some parents will have to bury their children. I’m not sure if you thought of this?”

Melody is now very concerned: “You must think carefully, children. It could go well at the beginning, but later you will merely become a burden to those who do not age as quickly as you. Is it fair to them or their children? If you do consider taking a mate from our Aryan relatives, make very sure it’s not just puppy love and think seriously about what Uncle Brato said.”

All are somewhat taken aback and Helga says: “I think you youngsters should all think about this very seriously and be honest with each other. It’s not for us to decide on your behalf, but it’s not a decision to be taken lightly or at the spur of the moment.”

It’s a somber group that goes to sleep later in the evening. The next day, the children inform their parents that after discussing it at length they have finally come to a decision. They will remain close friends, but marriage is out of the question. All the other children in the community should be informed about this. Their parents are visibly relieved. “It was a very mature decision and I know that it was very difficult,” said Rob, “But sadly, I believe it was the right one.”


In a luxury mansion on New York’s suburban Long Island, a secret meeting is taking place. David Roth Jr. has a satisfied look on his face, A scrambled message from Heim Cohen and Sheila Cooper arrived from South Africa this morning. They were accepted into the new aircraft industry’s security section. “Our thanks go out to the guys who invented our new identities. It worked! Clearly my wife and I are jews, but somehow we were accepted as Aryans! We got a foot in the door, gentlemen. One of these days we should be able to free our fathers. Revenge will be sweet.” As Heim rubs his hands and deviantly giggles out loud.

“They must be careful and avoid anything that may be construed as suspicious. If they do a decent job, and I am confident that they are capable considering their training, they should be promoted fairly soon.” Says Joe Kahn.

“Are you sure their paper work is in order? They cannot be traced back to us?” Asked James Levi.

“They were provided with new identities before our fathers were arrested, using the USA witness protection system. We framed a drug ring member to get them into the system legitimately. At present they are known as Mr. Cal Wilson and his wife Sheila. They seem to get on well together… one would think they were actually married.”

“Yes, to be convincing, they might even have a baby while they’re at it.” said another.

The others laugh at the thought…

It’s ten years later and two new and improved deep space ships are nearing completion. The first is slightly larger and broader than the one with which the Aryans arrived, with the main change in the middle part of the ship that has four round counter orbital sections within a fixed hexagonal outer sleeve. The modules within the revolving cylinders are no longer directly exposed to space.

New tensions grow around the territory the Aryans are settling due to unprecedented prosperity, increase in White population, the claiming of more land around the development and race based selection of this territory’s Folk.

The media, still controlled by the same criminally corrupt families was up to no good once again.

Eddie is upset: “We will have to watch these media moguls. It’s no coincidence that the same families as previously are causing problems.”

Helga agrees: “Oh yes, the jew snake is sticking out its head again.”

Rob has also for a while now had an uncomfortable feeling about this issue: “I think we should have an investigation team look into their operations thoroughly. There are also a few documents at the factory that have disappeared despite our security. I just have a feeling that everything there is not as it seems. The security chief, Cal Wilson tried to reassure me, but his wife can not look me in the eye. Fortunately the documents’s symbols and language are in ancient Aryan, making it more difficult to decipher, but it’s only a matter of time before others figure it out.”

“Do we know where the Wilsons come from?” Asked Dant.

Rob thinks for a moment: “If I remember correctly, they come from the US Witness Protection Program. They have an advanced knowledge in security matters, which is the reason for their rapid progress. It makes me wonder, because Wilson does almost all the security appointments since his promotion.”

Dant is now worried: “I will send a team to do an extensive background check on the both of them. We can not let everything fall back to the previous chaos. We can increase the security team with some of our own Folks and then we will inform you about any irregularities.”


With the rapid growth of their numbers it was necessary for the Aryans to claim more of the land surrounding the two farms. They are now settled in a large part of the Karoo, which is undergoing an unprecedented metamorphosis. Farmers in the newly acquired areas have willingly blended into the self governed Aryan settlement and are benefiting from their technology and prosperity. New residents participating in the surrogate mother project were, as agreed, selected according to genetic characteristics and condition of permanent residency in the Aryan settled territory. The large number of children are educated in special schools. For outsider employees a special school is set up for their children, with the education by teachers like Melody and Helga to the bring the proper and correct worldview to them without the interference of international world jewry .

Because of the danger of bad outside influences on their children and the possibility of corruption of the genes they have so long protected, the new coming Aryans insist that the farm laborers be resettled. They are taken back to their home countries and are relocated with more than sufficient resources to adequately support themselves. This in itself creates tension between the Aryan Folk and members of the former black South African government who have not been relocated yet. The blacks are now taking an aggressive stance and expressing an unwillingness to cooperate. Despite the fact that new industries and an extensive infrastructure has been built around them, they are one of the racial groups who do not want to participate in the construction of new spacecraft. At a board meeting Rob brings up this issue: “We are being accused by the previous government of black South Africa that we are taking land from the black population. Though none of them are indigenous to this country. They want to revive the negative land claims principle again to take the land that we have developed and the multinational media encourages them with accusations of racism.”

Brato has recently had many arguments with these people, “They can not really do much about it. Most of it is mere jealousy that ultimately everything will belong to us and our Folk, old and new, all fueled by the media. They are especially unhappy because we refuse to interbreed, and we do not bribe them. They do not understand that for us and the world in general there is no benefit to interbreed with them and that we will not include them in our breeding program.”

Eddie agrees: “Other races see race mixing with us as a benefit for themselves, but such a thing is detrimental for us.”

Brato continues: “I have thought about it. Blacks seem to think that Africa is exclusively for them. They do not realize that they were brought here many centuries ago by our ancestors from South America who were trying to get rid of them. They did not quite turn out as intended and were reckoned as a scourge. Maybe they had the right idea as it seems like we’ll have to do the same again.”

Eddie chuckles: ” Maybe we could develop a floating island and steer it well away from other civilizations?”

Everyone laughs and some even think it should be seriously considered.

Brato resumes: “We must also remember that our technology is now largely common knowledge, at least in developed White nations. How long will it be before some other country or group thinks they can take our place and dominate the world like before our arrival?”

Helga laughs: “Come on Brato, tell us what you have in mind!”

Brato is not quite sure about his idea’s reception: “What I have in mind will take time, but in the end it may be a solution to rid ourselves of all undesirables. We will not know until we try it.”

Helga is getting impatient: “Please Brato, out with it!”

“I just thought… the only other planet where we might be able to colonize, is Mars. The only problem is its distance from the sun which makes it cold, it lacks water and a proper atmosphere, and its inability to maintain an atmosphere because of its size.”

This comment confuses Rob: “What do you mean by ‘the only problem’. It sounds like an impossible problem to me!”

“Well, we have pushed a fairly large comet through space for a long time. What prevents us to do such a thing again? Mars needs water… we could harvest a few comets from the Oort cloud and deliver them there. It needs mass… we can supplement it with some asteroids and at the same time remove a few of the really dangerous ones crossing the earth’s orbit. It needs heat and is far from the sun… asteroid collisions may activate volcanoes and also release carbon dioxide. A little methane gas, which is twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide as far as heating of the atmosphere is concerned would also help… there are such sources in space that we can use and wildlife will later contribute to this. The real problem is to create a balance that will start a cycle as we have on earth, where vegetation picks up excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen. This in turn can be utilized by livestock and together with the water of the sea and its marine life, which also binds carbon dioxide in lime, a self-regulatory system can form, where carbon dioxide is captured by sediments in the rocks and is then released by plate shifts, causing subduction and the resulting volcanoes.”

Helga exclaims : “Oh that, that’s easy! It’s like planting maize in the Namib Desert, and then organizing a prayer hour for rain!”

Eddie chuckles: “She about has it right!”

Brato is dead serious: “I do not think we’re going to get a lot of support for it. Osiris is still available, and if we can find out what his sister ship Isis has become, we may have two ships.”

“What do you mean ‘what Isis has become’? You said she might not have gotten away in time.” Rob says.

“Well, according to the message left at the Pyramids of Giza, I concluded that they did in fact depart in the direction of Sirius, but who on earth built the smaller Pyramids of Giza complex with their built-messages, and why… and where did the technology and science for it come from? “said Brato,” The Pyramids were built some time after their departure and the disadvantaged, reduced population, in the mean time obviously concentrated on survival. At that time they no longer had the old infrastructure of many technologies at their disposal, if anything. It may well be that a few of us survived and supervised the building of the pyramids as a reminder of the two ships; but where are the legends about Horus from? Isis’s crew also came from the legendary people of Atlantis which ancient Egyptian priests knew. It makes me think that they may have come from ancestors returnees. I suspect that they came back, like us, but that something perhaps happened to Isis within the planetary system, as it is obvious their numbers and resources were not enough to set up a new infrastructure in time. I suspect that only a few of the modules and landing craft on board survived the disaster. The wreck may still be floating around somewhere in the area of the disaster. If so, it must be within a distance from the earth that would make it possible for a landing craft or module to reach the earth. Perhaps parts of it is still usable. The reactor and propulsion system will be quite handy and time saving.”

“Where in the vast expanse of space will you go looking for it?” Asked Melody.

“Well, when I think of how much attention the hieroglyphs pay to the sun, which they call Horus, it’s location and movement and what we thought when we approached the earth… where do you think you can hide a spaceship if you want to investigate the Earth without being seen? If we did not receive your broadcasts, we would perhaps also ended up following that strategy as we were uncertain about the nature of possible occupation … I think it might be worth investigating around the sun… we do not have to look further than that… if it’s not there we accept that its gone, but perhaps we get lucky.”

Helga interrupts: “I am going along.  It’s my turn.”

“I agree,” said Melody, “Our children can join us. It will be a educational experience for us.”

Rob tries to intervene: “Wait! This can be dangerous!”

Melody is not easily convinced: “Just as dangerous as when Brato and our relatives wandered through space for thousands of years? It’s more dangerous crossing the road in town!”

Erik has been following the conversation closely. He has since learned Afrikaans, but still struggles a bit to compile sentences: “Why don’t we make it a holiday for all of us? I know Sandy and I will love it. Sorry Don is not here… too busy as usual.”

Brato smiles: “It seems that we are decided then. We will just have to decide which of our captains will be left behind.”

Dant is building a new house for his family: “You go. Klem and I will look after the place and take care of the work. Just place a Green one with every family in each unit, just in case something does happen. I will have the landing craft serviced and ready, should they be needed.”

Things get organized quickly. Two weeks later the new and old travelers and their pilots excitedly board the two landing craft and take off to rendezvous with Osiris, and begin their journey to the other side of the sun. The children, now ten years older and almost grown up, brought their friends and their parents along.

“You’re fast asleep,” Leah says to Chance when she finds him alone in the archive.

Chance is caught off guard: “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know that Helena is in love with you or haven’t you notice that she is quite grown up now and a very beautiful woman?”

Chance was somewhat taken aback, but not speechless: “Don’t worry, Henrie also looks at you like you’re the last woman on earth!”

Leah is now blushing a bright crimson: “Henrie has always been like a brother to me. I’ve never thought of him as a life partner. Maybe we’re both asleep.”

“Well, he is just a shy guy. He keeps his feelings well hidden, but he does not fool me. Don’t you think we need to do something about that little sis?”

“I can not think of a better sister-in-law that Helena. I would say yes, you do something about it and I will too.”

“Well, if you will promise to treat my best friend gently. Be honest and do not hurt him unnecessarily.” Chance chuckles.

The two now see their childhood playmates through different eyes and found themselves quite drawn to them. A few days later Leah calls Henrie over: “Can I speak to you privately for a moment? Come, there’s an empty module just next door.”

Henrie follows her meekly: “I know this must seem awkward to you, and believe me when I say, I feel really stupid doing this but it needs to be said. Chance says you have feelings for me. Is that true?” The airlock hisses shut.

Henrie did not expect such a direct approach, but this was Leah after all. His head starts spinning. He does the only thing he can think of…and kisses her softly. She kisses back, but then pushes him away gently: “Slow down Romeo!”

“Leah, I’ve been in love with you for a very long time, but I wasn’t sure how you would react. Our lives have changed so dramatically and time seems to fly by. Seeing how the Aryans do not age as we do, I feel we are foolish if we waste time. I need to ask you in all seriousness… Will you please marry me?”

This time its Leah’s turn to be caught by surprise, but with a devilish smile replies: “Hm-mm … I’ll have to think about it. There are so many cute guys on the farm.”

“Ha ha yes like your dad and brother! Come on freckles, you know you want to!”

“Freckles?! They’re that bad?”

“You have the cutest freckles on your nose. The Aryan children all turn pink in the sun and I’ve looked to find any on them. They seem to react differently to our sun. You on the other hand are a true Earth Aryan and I love your freckles.”

Leah melts. “You are forgiven, and yes, I’ll marry you.”

He felt in his pocket and pulled out a box: “I bought a ring long ago and waited for an opportunity to ask you.” He wastes no time, put the ring on her finger and kisses her again.

Leah laughs: “You had your own plans it seems. Let’s go tell the others.”

They come into the archive holding hands and Chance sees them first: “And now? Why the smiles?”

Leah holds out her left hand: “Henrie proposed!”

Chance shakes Henrie’s hand: “So you finally popped the question my friend. Congratulations you two. May your days ahead only bring happiness.”

Leah beamed with happiness: “Thank you brother. Now it’s your turn, or will you be left behind?”

“Well, I don’t really know if she will want me… what do you say Helena, shall we make it a double wedding?”

Helena looks at him askance: “Are you joking or are you serious?”

“I’ve never been more serious. I love you. Always have. Will you marry me?”

Helena hesitates only for a moment, and then puts her arms around his neck: “Of course I will. I have long loved you too.”

“Well, come with me, I want to speak to you in my office. There are too many spectators here.”

“Not spectators. Witnesses,” Henrie laughs.


A while later Brato’s voice is heard over the intercom: “Turn on the magnetic soles of your shoes and come over to the control room, you will find this interesting.”

All ride the transit system to the control room where they find Brato: “You’ll soon get used to weightlessness, but be careful for now. Take a look around and ask if there is something you want to know.”

On a panel with screens, they see the earth behind them, the sun and a planet on another. A computer screen shows the path they will follow.

“Are we not going to get too close to the sun come?” Asks Ryan Woodford.

“We have reflective panels that will keep us cool.” Explains Brato “We can not take years to arrive at our destination. We will therefore follow a fairly tight orbit around the sun. We will have to change course a few times to arrive in the right place to get in the same orbit as the earth around the sun. The course has already been computed and everything will take place automatically. You will have a fifteen minute warning before every change of course, all will be expected to go to your living quarters and strap yourselves in. The units will be locked and you will for a while be weightless until the spaceship’s propulsion system starts up. You will be weightless again until the units start turning.”

The group is still in the control room when an alarm sounds and a strange whooshing could be heard through the ship. All the computers suddenly shut down for a few seconds before turning back on again.

“What was that?” Melody nervous.

Brato reassures her: “It’s the defense system. It picked up something in our way and destroyed it automatically. The sensors are tucked in behind the shield for a short time to prevent them from being damaged by the remains. That’s why the screens went blank for a moment.”

“Oh! I just thought there was trouble. “

“Do not worry, if we encounter something that is too large to destroy we will be warned in advance in order for us to prepare for evasion. Such big things are easier to detect and respond to earlier.”

Melody is still concerned: “It still makes me nervous!”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen that we can not handle. In a few weeks we will be close enough to Venus for you to see it clearly on the screens.”

“I never thought about how long this trip will take,” said Eddie, “I’m beginning to get an idea of how it would be to spend your whole life on board.”

Henrie is excited: “We are really on our way to the sun. I never even dreamt of becoming an astronaut!”

Helga smiles knowingly: “It does not look like you and Leah are really complaining.”

Henrie’s ears turn red: “Yes mother, neither are Helena and Chance?” He looks over at Chance, who is in turn trying very hard to ignore him.

Now there are two sets of red ears. Everyone laughs heartily.

Rob laughs: “It seems to me it’s contagious. Congratulations on your decisions. Let’s leave the partying and planning till we get back home.”

Helga joked: “Yes, their feet must first touch ground again, they’re flying a little high now!”


The fake security chief Cal Wilson is excited: “We must inform David that Brato and the others left port, Sheila. This can be an opportunity to take over and organize a reception committee for their return before there are more space ships.”

“Yes, I’m afraid this might be our only chance. When they have more ships it will be very difficult to take over. At the moment they are all on the ground, we should be able to surprise them. Send it.”


One evening just after midnight Dant’s communication device rings. He says sleepily: “Dant here.”

“You were right, captain. We recorded a discussion between Wilson and his wife. They want to take over control before Brato and the others return. He also just sent a coded e-mail to a man named David and received a reply. He and Sheila are trying to convince some of the other residents to give them control and are organizing a meeting in the town hall.”

“They probably have an insurgent task force ready. Get our own people to the dam wall… and be careful. Do not act yet. I will bring reinforcements.”

It’s dark moon and soon several landing craft are circling high above the factory complex. Klem and his team have landed some distance away and now join the men on the ground. Dant follows Wilson’s movements with his long-range infrared tracking device. They visit several houses one after another, and find most of them empty, the residents having left for the town hall.

Dant informs Klem’s group on the ground: “Move carefully towards the town hall, and do not let anyone see you.”

When the Wilsons finally show up, accompanied by the last of the residents , Dant and Klem are ready to for them. The landing craft silently surround the hall and an astonished group of armed terrorists are caught completely off guard when a voice bellows over a loudspeaker:

“You’re surrounded! Drop your weapons and come out with your hands behind your heads!”

A bewildered group of recruits, workers and security officers appear, Wilson and his wife at the front. The team on the ground arrive silently out of the darkness and one by one the perpetrators are handcuffed and taken back into the town hall.

Dant enters: “I thought you lived a little too high for someone with your salary, Wilson. We are now going to have a little chat about you and David and his other friends.

Cal’s eyes widened: “Who is David?”

“The man you messaged tonight telling you to take over. Did you perhaps think we were asleep?”

“Where did you hear that?”

“We have been watching you for some time. It’s you who should answer my questions. How your answers match our information will determine what happens to you.”

“I have nothing to say.” Cal mumbles stubbornly.

“Well, then you are going on a journey into space… without a spaceship of course.”

“I don’t believe you, it’s not in your nature.”

“You’re making a serious mistake if you think that. Take him to my landing craft. I will personally take care of him.”

Cal is handcuffed and taken away. Dant turns to Sheila: “Will you also be so stupid?”

Sheila’s hands are shaking, “Cal’s father is in jail. He was one of the inner circle whom you had locked up. I’m not actually his wife and his surname is actually Cohen. I had no choice, they would have had my parents and sister killed if I did not do their bidding. “

Dant’s face hardens: “The same game their daddies played, eh? Then I think its only fair he and his friends join their fathers. Bring her along, she will cooperate.”

Back on the farm town Sheila sings like a canary. She tells where and by whom she was recruited and all of whom she knows is involved. Eventually it becomes clear that all the original inner circle members’ families are involved. There is also a new twist that no one could foresee. Sheila also reveals a conspiracy with former South African authorities that would come into force after the takeover, with the necessary compensation of course.

“It makes sense,” says Dant, “they have been trying for a while now to get to us and the take over would not have worked without their co operation. I’m sure the racist card would’ve been played with no mercy in order to justify it.”

Dant sends a message to the relevant countries’ authorities to inform them of the events and to get Sheila’s sister and parents to safety before those involved are arrested. One by one, they are charged, convicted and imprisoned. It’s also the end of their power play that only earned them contempt, even in prison. The former South African government’s involvement is also exposed. Worldwide contempt for this is expressed and those involved are removed from society.  The perfect opportunity presents itself to send them and their families all back to the African countries they originated from. With, of course, a clear warning not to return to South Africa…

Chapter 12 and final Chapter 13 will be available soon 😉



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