Boldly Stand Erect by Ragnar Redbeard and The Infiltration of jew Dogma in Christianity

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I usually only publish my own work and the work of authors who chose to write for de Hewitt House of Publications. The poem “Boldly Stand Erect” by Ragnar Redbeard is of course not one of my own original works, nor is it by any of the authors at de Hewitt House of Publications. I nonetheless, strongly feel that this great poem is worthy of being republished here. Please read and share it with those whom you know are still sitting on the fence and haven’t fully come over to our side completely. We must all do our part and reach the reachable.

The fate of our Aryan Race depends on those of us who can see that our semitic jew enemy and their various non-White proxy armies are actively genociding us wherever our Aryan kind are in the world.

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Boldly Stand Erect
by Ragnar Redbeard

“Jewish books are for the Jews,
And Jew Messiahs, too.
But if you’re not of Jewish blood,
How can they be for you?

To make an Idol of a book,
Is poison for the brain;
A dying God upon a cross
Is reason gone insane.

Beware of all the Holy Books
And all the creeds and schools,
And every law that man has made
And all the golden rules.

“Laws” and “Rules” imposed on you
From days of old renown,
Are not intended for your “good”
But for your crushing down.

Then dare to rend the chains that bind
And to yourself be true.
Dare to liberate your mind,
From all things, old and new.

Always think your own thought,
All others thoughts reject;
Learn to use your own brain
And boldly stand erect.”

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These semitic books are the root of evil, not those who have the courage to destroy them! 

quran set on fire best.gif

Do not fear semites and their evil…

Destroy and eliminate it.

For it is The Aryan Way!

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It is very important that Aryans of the Aryan Race remember who we are. Jews have done everything in their power to make us forget who we truly are… we are the descendants of the Aryan gods and goddesses. These parasitical and terrorist jews love to brag about how they have destroyed and conquered us. One of the many tools at their disposal is religion, especially christianity. 

The Infiltration of jew Dogma in Christendom

The Control Over Religion:

Interview with Harold Wallace Rosenthal 1976 – Hidden Tyranny

abrahamic jewligions

As the hours rolled on in this intense, but cordial, interview, Mr. Rosenthal exposed his thoughts concerning religion…

“Religion, too, must be taught, and through this necessity we have labored. (As the jew Karl Marx stated: “Religion is the opiate of the people.”) With our control of the text book industry and the news media, we have been able to hold ourselves up as the authorities on religion. Many of our rabbis now hold professorships in supposed christian theological seminaries. We are amazed by the christians’ stupidity in receiving our teachings and propagating them as their own. (This is one of the main reasons for the power and the control jews have attained over Aryan nations — the adopting of jewish ways. As Henry Ford stated: “The christian cannot read his bible except through jewish spectacles, and, therefore, reads it wrong.” (The International Jew Vol. IV, p. 238). As a result, christians don’t have God’s word on a certain matter, they have the jew’s word.) Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every ‘christian church’ in America. Through our propaganda the church has become our most avid supporter. This has even given us a special place in society, their believing the lie that jews are the ‘chosen people’ when really Aryans of the Aryan Race are the descendents of the Aryan gods.” (Soos veral deur voetnotas soos vervat in die joods geïnspireerde Schofield bybels.)

“These deluded children of the church defend us to the point of destroying their own culture. (jews need not have their finger on every button that causes a destruction or a judaization of christian civilization, as in many cases they have their proselytes or “Gentile fronts” to do it for them.) This truth is evident even to the dullard when one views history and sees that all wars have been Aryan fighting Aryan in order that we maintain our control. We controlled England during the Revolutionary War, the North during the Civil War, and England and America during World War I and II. Through our influence of religion we were able to involve the ignorant christians of the Aryan Race in war against themselves which always impoverished both sides while we reaped a financial and political harvest. Anytime truth comes forth which exposes us, we simply rally our forces — the ignorant christians. They attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families.” (Anyone who has been in the forefront exposing the truth of the jewish issue can attest to this fact stated by Mr. Rosenthal.)

“Through religion we have gained complete control of society, government and economics. No law is ever passed except its merits have previously been taught from the pulpits. An example of this is race equality which led to integration and ultimately to mongrelization. (i.e. White Genocide ~deHewitt) The gullible clergy in one breath instruct their parishioners that we are a special, chosen people while in another breath proclaim all races are the same. Their inconsistency is never discovered. So we jews enjoy a special place in society while all other races are reduced to racial equality. It is for this reason that we authored the equality hoax, thereby reducing all to a lower level.”

“We have been taught that our current economic practices are benevolent therefore christian. These pulpit parrots extol our goodness for loaning them the money to build their temples, never realizing that their own holy book condemns all usury. They are eager to pay our exorbitant interest rates. They have led society into our control through the same practice. Politically, they hail the blessings of democracy and never understand that through democracy we have gained control of their nation. Their book (Notice that Mr. Rosenthal always refers to the bible as their book… the christian people of the Aryan Race, never as our book or the jews’ book) again teaches a benevolent despotic form of government in accordance with the laws of that book, while a democracy is mob rule which we control through their churches, our news media and economic institutions. Their religion is only another channel through which we can direct the power of our propaganda. These religious puppets’ stupidity is only exceeded by their cowardice, for they are ruled easily.”

gagged by jew.jpg

I hope my Aryan Race is outraged once they’ve learned that they’ve been duped by this jew enemy, who has used and manipulated our kindness in such a way that he has us worshiping and serving our enemy… an enemy who wants us to become extinct.

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  1. Eliza says:

    Thank you William for this straight to the point, superb article! I agree with you 100%. The Christians will gladly destroy their blood brothers for the Jews. They have done many times before. Indeed, we are the descendants of the Aryan gods and goddesses.

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