I Am, Aryan Vindicator: 13 – There Is No Goy In Golem

golem with hebrew

de Hewitt House of Radio

I Am, Aryan Vindicator: 13

There Is No Goy In Golem

William de Hewitt talks about his recent battle with depression. He then speaks of the origin of the jewish golem and the role it has played throughout history even ’til up to this very day destroying the jew’s “Goyim” enemies.



Is the Honey Brown “Beer God” a golem?

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The Mysterious Golem of Prague
South Park Dreidel Song
Green Jelly “Three Little Pigs”
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Honey Brown “Beer God” Ad
2 Live Jews “As Kosher As We Wanna Be”
Grand Buffet “Cool As Hell”
Do Jews Have Souls?
de Hewitt House of Radio Station ID
Borat “Throw the Jew Down the Well”
Joy Division “They Walked In Line”
The Jew Girl Ad
de Hewitt House of Radio Station ID
NOFX “Don’t Call Me White”
Nightwish – “A Vehicle of Spirit” (We’re the Voyagers)
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  1. warlord says:

    Glad to see you are back. Great show on Golems…..Keep in mind resilience and resiliency..Be Strong…..Vietnam Vets were exposed to Agent Orange and Dioxin..The GOV pushes Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome to the hilt..They use it as a smoke screen to cover up the real truth…Chemicals in AO and DIOXIN cause changes in brain functions…It messes up Serotonin and Dopamine levels which control behavior…The reason so many Nam Vets went to prison for violent crimes and committed suicide is because of TOXIC BRAIN SYNDROME..not PTS Syndrome or Disorder..Maybe Shell SHOCK from combat does effect a small percentage..but its not the whole and only reason why Nam Vets were so crazy on their return from NAM….Concerning GOLEMS your views were perfect..its just like Superman and Kryptonite..To me Golems are ZOMBIES of ZOG..They love and worship their ZOG Masters and will kill and die for ZOG… Or Is it biological created VIRUS made eons ago..and is it contagious? like SKITZO and WITIKO…or could it be a real Kaballah Curse or Spell? Just like Witches and Warlock Spells and Curses or is RH POSITIVES and its just the way they are…or is it a Etheric Psychic Virus…?? Most of the worlds population is RH POSITIVE and Nordic RH Negatives are disappearing and have been contaminated by race mixing thru the eons of time to destroy pure Rh Negative Nordics..The world is really DEVOLVING… Anyway great show WILLIAM Long Live the Cuase for a Aryan Conbtrolleds World..14-88-5

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Warlord.
      There’s still a few things I didn’t get to because I ran out of time. I’ll maybe finish it off at the beginning of my next broadcast.
      Thanks for the kind words and insights as usual, my friend.



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