I Am, Aryan Vindicator: 10 – The New Jue Blood World Order: Pharoahistocrats and Jews Consolidate Power


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de Hewitt House of Radio

I Am, Aryan Vindicator: 10

The New Jue Blood World Order: Pharoahistocrats and Jews Consolidate Power

William de Hewitt discusses some current events, Switzerland’s Hidden Pharaohs of the Octagon, modern Aristocrats of Europe being ancient Pharoahs of Egypt, the consolidation of power between these Artistocrats and Jews, which makes up the New Blue Blood and Jew World Order, the differences between a soldier and warrior, tyrant Blue Bloods resembling Aryan man, ruling over man kind and Aryan man, but definitely aren’t Aryan man, Cthulhu, Torus Stones, man and mankind are ‘Energy Conductors’ for our overlords and much, much more!



Chaos Star and Knights Templar Symbol comparison

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Sean Hross audio: The Octogon, Pharoaohs & Aristocrats
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Are the Blue Blood Aristocrats and Pharoahs of Egypt are one in the same?

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. warlord says:

    Excellent Radio on evaluation of SEAN HROSS, former South African Soldier..Read article he went Awol in 1982…Anyway he does have interesting info..I agree with you William…about Sean Hross…Hross said South Germany is loaded with the Ashkanazis and most leaders in NS Germany were made up by them…Eustice Mullins a writer and many others say Germany was set up so Israel could be Created and Guilt Complex put on Whites abour Holyhoax.and to destroy Aryan Germany…One thing that Hross said is how Templars went to Scotland. from France after De Molay got struck. by French..and years ago I saw a Knight Templar Magazine were TRUMAN was highest ranking Mason ever as Prez..He was a 33 degree Knights Templar..He fired General Macarthur, Intergrated the Armed Services and lost the Korean War…I keep thinking how does the Elite keep from getting messed up by all the crap they are doing like Chemtrails, GMOs, Vaxes etc. etc.., is it drinking Selzer Water or they immune by their blood DNA? One friend says they are Aliens.. One friend told me to eat Kosher Food thats its the safest food…Anyway this Pharoah stuff of Switzerland is wild…but its the Kikes just like you say William…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Warlord!
      Thanks for introducing Hross to me. I wonder if he is still alive? To my knowledge he’s not been heard of for about a year? I could be wrong though.
      If you’re going to eat kosher food, be sure to buy it at a jew shop… the “kosher tax” crap you find on the average supermarket shelf is not kosher for jews to consume, just taxed for jews to shake our more naive folk down. Oy Vey!
      Oh… my wife always drank carbonized soda water. We would buy a Co2 gas cartridge for our Sodastream. As you know, she died in her early 50’s from ovarian cancer.
      To be honest, I don’t know if the bubbles are really that good or bad for us, I think jews are taught to drink reverse osmosis water. When I lived in Brooklyn, there were two shops not very far from my flat that actually produced and sold reverse osmosis water. There was a large machine that did it right in front of you. They would even show you tests of different water. Tap water was actually less poisonous than the bottled piss you buy in the stores.
      LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5


    2. Ohhh! and Warlord…
      You know that I have an Internet Radio Station website that streams my LIVE broadcasts and all of my archived shows 24/7. Right?
      I try to keep it streaming as often as I can, but I’ll be moving in a week or so, so it might be off for a little while until I get WiFi or some sort of internet set up at my new place. It’s on now though.

      Cheers, brother!
      ~de Hewitt


    3. I should probably mention… If you go to my Radio Station website, Warlord, I’ve been having problems with the formatting for cell phones. Sometimes certain APPS are to big for the cell phone screen and it becomes difficult to scroll down the site.
      Hopefully you’re using a laptop or desktop? I’ll try to fix the cell phone formatting tomorrow… like I said, sometimes it’s fine, other times it’s not.


  2. warlord says:

    In USA the libaturds are crying about Jew Roseanne Barr statement about Planet of the Apes..Hell..the whole damn world is a Planet of The Apes and Mystery Meat Mutations Now…All the big Cities are crap holes now…We truly live in a Devolving world..and it gets worse and worse…Eventually this will catch up with the Elites in their high security walled living areas…The Nogs and Mystery Meat Muatations will go after them…That day gets closer and closer to…Notice how Bahama Farakhan (He is part White thru his Grandma)) The Black Moslem leader of Nation of Islam he is attacking Jews…and the Jews are pissed…Lookin Good…

    Liked by 1 person


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