I Am, Aryan Vindicator: 7 – Earth Is the Grand Chessboard: Which Piece Are You?

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de Hewitt House of Radio

I Am, Aryan Vindicator: 7

Earth Is the Grand Chessboard: Which Piece Are You?

William de Hewitt discusses the Grand Chessboard and asks his listeners what piece they are on the board in real life. He then goes into the Gina-Abul Dracos vs. the Aryan/Lyran Annunaki cosmic war, Enlil, an Aryan traitor working together with Gina-abul to genocide us descendants of the Aryan gods. The series Westworld is brought up and some connections were made comparing the show to how humans were created/cloned by the different gods.

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View story at Medium.com

View story at Medium.com

Enki the Annunaki Aryan or Enki the Annunaki Reptilian?

This clip was not included in the show, but is very revealing to me.

In the cartoon, it is said that Cobra was the result of a laboratory accident, which caused mutations in him. I would say, Cobra (originally an Aryan) was the result of the Reptilians injecting their DNA into him and intentionally created a hybrid half Aryan, half Reptilian being and ultimately a race. This is actually the origin of the so-called Blue Bloods… the impostors who claim to be Aryan Royalty but really are not.

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  1. warlord says:

    Great show..good info…Robert E. Miles use to say IF YOU THINK YOUR MADE FROM MUD..THATS YOU PROBLEM…He said we are from the STARS…He was a Dualist…He taught many…David Lane was one..I also got all his material..thru the years…Viking Bitch is the one who coined the term Mystery Meats…The Royals today are fake false Royals..They are not real Royal Race..They strole it and killed most of the Royals except for a few who escaped from them,,and went undergrond..The Fake False Royals also interbred with the Black Nobility of Venice the Khazar Bankers…I am Scot Irish Celtic Galeic ancesrtry..Have blue eyes…Concerning Rh Negative..The fake false Royals have someway got a little Rh Negative in them but its not pure…I agree with Julie Mitchell that Nordic Rh Negs are Original Race of earth from the one large continent which broke up into the land masses we have today and some were destroyed like MU and Atlantis and Hyberboria….. Nordic Rh Negatives were the first Race on earth…Also she says all history is lies..If you look at history you will see how the Kikes have got their fingers into all history from every aspect..and write it the way they want it…Betty Rhodes books and info is interesting…The Freemasons are the ones who push WE ARE ALL ONE CRAP..of course with the Kikes being on top..and Aryan Traitor Overlords hidden…Yes the United Nations is anti White just like then USA is today…We are the true minority in ths world and they want us dead…Great show William…Long The Cause for an Aryan Controlled World…14-88-5 PS) Many believe that we are from Hyperboria…like the Irish and Scot Gaelic Druids.. Also the Slavs or Russians like Irene Caesar says is where real earth history starts…Nicolai Lavashov books are interesting as well as the Slav Aryan beliefs…As far as the Virus..yeah most two legged critters are infected with it..and are Golem Cyborg Hive Mind Zombies of ZOG and the Aryan Traitior Overlords who stay hidden..Whats really something is how almost all whites today have this virus..as well as Mystery Meats and the other races..Notice today how Facebook is censoring..just like the EU is censoring Net…..In future you might have to broadcast via Shortwave.Radio…Who knows that might be even blocked and the mail checked and censored…The Kikes and Aryan Traitor Overlords who are hidden want to control everything…and allow only what they want…The day of the free net is fast closing…We have to come up with ways to confront this…

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    1. Thanks, Warlord. I was a bit hesitant to do this show. As you know, my wife taught me a lot of this info. She did not have the Gina-Abul Droconian Reptilians in her puzzle though. I know it sounds silly… “Reptilians” but the more I study, the more I am convinced they not only exist, but are major players in this war we find ourselves in. Most call me foolish, but there’s just too much evidence out there for me to overlook.
      I was introducing the Reptilian info to my wife before she died… At first she didn’t buy it, but gradually she started to see what I see once more evidence was presented to her.
      I’m not afraid to being wrong. If I do come across more information, I will correct myself. I’m not one of those types who will not admit they’re wrong.
      Thanks for listening and thanks, as always for the great comments! I appreciate your input greatly, my friend.


  2. warlord says:

    David Icke really pushed the Rep thing strong…It was first started by a guy in Las Vegas…Now its all over place in many beliefs…Maybe the Aryan Overlords who stay out of the light and the Royals and Kikes their high caste have the Rep Genetics…Have been reading the Yogin-TrueKrisnaPriya sites..wild stuff…about OM or AUM and Illumnati…Jost Turner was in to the Mantra stuff and Kriya…Julie MItchell was into the Gnostic stuff…She said Nordic Rh Negatives are first and Original Race of Earth…Anything about this is highly censored on net now…The Krivanda guy has some wild interesting stuff on OM…Everyone says you can spot the Reps by the slit in the eyes…The High Caste Kikes and Aryan Triator Overlords are mixed with Rep…Long Live the Cause for an Aryan Controlled World 14-88-5 The big Elites at Kentucky Derby drinking the expensive Philly Cocktails and Champayne and the women wearing those large hats…Thee Whigger Golems watching all the Kike Darkie Sports and their Darkey Galmorized heros…What a world…

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    1. I’ve read most of the old Vedic texts. In these books, there’s a race of beings called the Nagas. Naga, of course means serpentine or reptilian. The way Icke presented it was not very smart. He came right out with it without laying much groundwork to prepare his readers with. I even admit, his work is fascinating, but without preliminary knowledge, it just seems too far out there.


    2. Also, have you ever seen the GI Joe cartoons from the 1980’s? They were reptilians. (Cobra) That cartoon tells an elaborate story about who they were and even goes into “the cosmic war.”
      There’s just too much info about them to not take seriously.


  3. Here are some clues I was referring to from the GI Joe cartoon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKzayGo6NaE


    1. In the cartoon, it is said that Cobra was the result of a laboratory accident, which caused mutations in him. I would say, Cobra (originally an Aryan) was the result of the Reptilians injecting their DNA into him and intentionally created a hybrid half Aryan, half Reptilian being. This is actually the origin of the so-called Blue Bloods… the impostors who claim to be Aryan Royalty but really are not.


  4. warlord says:

    Excellent Post William..I agree about the Mixed Aryan Traitor Overlords…The Fake False Royals stole the Royal Crowns from the true pure True Nordic Aryan Rh Negatives…They killed most of them but some escaped and went underground…The thing about the Serpentine Reptillian Lizard thing is that the Kikes have infiltrated into New Age and put their anti Race anti Nprdic and Aryan crap in it…Look at HUMAN MANUEL FOR RETILLIAN RESISTANCE…by CATHY BILSKY…Cathy looks like a Nordic Kike mix to me in her photos..She puts mostly truth and then attacks race and Nordics and Aryan Nations KKK anto NS garbage etc…She has truth but she puts the Kike crap in it to…Same for YOGIN TrueKrisnaPriya..He says their is only two races..Reptillians and Humans and racism is bad…etc..he has alot of truth but puts the Elite Ruling Class and Kikes have their crap in it..He says witth Return of the Planet Nibiru Reptillians and their Hybrid Mixes will be destroyed…,Then you will see how DONT GET ON THE SHIPS site talks about Tall White Nordics..etc…Most of the New Age is controlled by Kikes and its infiltraeed just like the White Movements world wide..The Kikes take the Reptillian things and they try to turn away people from Racial Genetics to their WE ARE ALL ONE CRAP…Have you read MYSTERY OF THE SERPENT by B.F. JACKSON its on net as PDF…What he say about blood of Kikes and Mixed Reps is true..That why they are Vampire Blood Sucking critters and need Aryan Nordic Blood and and Organs formsurvival and longmlife..Anyway Jacklson was killed for writting that book…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE FIOR A TRUE PURE ARYAN CONTROLLED WORLD..14-88-5 PS) Most of all history has been rewritten the way the Kikes want it..Like the Bible how the Kikes rewrote it and changed the word meanings…Same for all the Religions how Kikes have changed and rewritten things,,,Look at how Racist Old Original Mpormons were…then the Kikes and Judeo Masons infiltrated it..and look how Salt Lake Mormons today are a cult of race mixed crap..,.

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    1. I shall look up and read The Mystery of the Serpent by Jackson.
      Thanks for the recommendation.


  5. warlord says:

    William: Dont take me wrong this is just some questions to think about…Concerning Reptillians, Archons ETs etc..many believe its a hoiax and lie of Kikes to hide Genetic truths..Some say we live in a Mutated Mixed Hybridzied world…Many belive Earth is flat and Man has not been to Moon..like Bill Cooper James Mccanney the Scientist said Van Allen Rays and Cosmic Rays stop all living things from going into space..That the Cosmic Rays will penetrate and go thru anything..If you go farther than 300 miles up from Flat Earth. Check out CATHY BILSKY who looks like Kike Nordic Mix and her articles Human Manuel for Reptilian Resistance and WE DECLARE HUMAN ENLIGHTENMENT FREEDOM -Reptillian Rule is Over… then she has articles attacking Aryans Nordics..Nazis and has a pro jew article for their protection..You will notice how she uses VIOLET FLAME as weapon aganst Aryans..like… how the Witches in Romania use VIOLET FLAME also…then their is HIndu Mongrel YOGIN TRUEKRISNAPRIYA who says their is only two races..Reps and Humans…Julie Mitchell says in her writtings that their is only 400 or 500 hundred unmixed ARYANS left in India in the Mountains hidden in Villages..The rest of India is little Brown Mixed Race……Their is so many people and sites on net that promote the Reptilian/Archon belief..Many believe that NORDIC RH NEGATIVES were First and Original Race of Earth..and that the yellow black races and most of whites were made with Ape Monkey family genetics as well like the RH POSITVE WHITES with Chimp Genetics…Many say their is two branches in the Nordic Rh Negatives…the Red hair Celtic Gaelics and the Blond Germanic Slavs…how they came about is a good question..They both came from Hyberboria Celts to Ireland and Germanic Slavs to Russia…The creation of the Kikes were made by Traitor Aryan Overlords and they use them to control world many believe,,,All the created Mutated Races have race mixed and created the Mud Mystery Meats..The world is a Matrix that is DEVOLVING…The saddest things is how most Whites..are contaminated with the WHIGGER GOLEM CYBORG HIVE MIND DNA VIRUS..If you question anything about the Kikes Matrix or question anything about it..they go in toi attack mode against you..Espacially if you say say you love our Aryan Race…Another thing to think about is how fake false ROYALS who stole the Royalty from the Pure NORDIC RH NEGS ROYALS….How the fake false Royals got Rh Neg Blood in them is something also…but they are not Pure Nordic Rh negs…Anyway the Retilian thing is every where now promoted by Kikes to hilt..wonder why? To hide the True belief of the First and Original Race of Earrh..The Nordic Rh Negs…Anyone who does research on this gets censored and blocked on net…I agree with Terrible Tommy Metzger and MartinLindsetdt that I hate the Aryan Traitors..as much as I do Kikes or Nogs. The thing is you know where Nogs stand on you and the Kikes..The Virus Infected Whites who look like us but are not us they are the ones..the main ones who have stopped all true White Aryan Movements and destroyed all White Aryan Civiliazation thru history for the Kikes and Aryan Traitor Overlords.. Please dont take me wrong..I am just questioning things..Most of History has been tampered with and changed the way the Kikes want it…Almost all history is lies…For Aryan CONTROLLED WORLD..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5 PS) ABUNNDANTHOPE site has good article on Celtic Gailics..and also many sites on net about the Russians being from Hyberboria in Slav Vedas..

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