The Aryan Way: Episode LV – False Jew Flags, Hoaxes and The Mixed Race “White Supremacy” Deception

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de Hewitt House of Radio

The Aryan Way: Episode LV

False Jew Flags, Hoaxes and Mixed Race “White Supremacy” Deception



Lions and tigers are both cats and do not naturally mate. When they are forced to mate by a degenerate mixed race jew scientist you get a liger.


William teaches his listeners how to spot a false jew flag from a mile away and explains how he doesn’t even have to look into events such as the recent Florida High School shooting hoax anymore, but for educational purposes did for this particular incident.    In hour two, he talks about the ill results of race mixing and how foolish our enemy looks to him when they give the naive masses mixed race White Supremacists to demonize.

mixed race shooter cruz
Bolshevik mixed race Mestizo jew Cruz who allegedly shot his former classmates at a Florida High School . Our enemies are calling him a “White Supremacist,” which is laughable.
race mixing and mullys
Most so-called black people in America are of mixed race. Some are lighter than others. They say one drop of niggroid blood makes you a niggroid. I say rubbish! One drop of niggroid or any other blood that’s not of the same race makes you a bi-racial, mixed race jew.
mixed race cruz looking whiter
Notice how the jew media tries to make this mixed race Mestizo jew look as Aryan as possible. This is not the image of a “White Supremacist.” This is the pathetic attempt by the enemy to pass off a “colored” as White Aryan.

Bumper Music & Audio:


-FBI Admits Failure On Florida Shooter
-Student On Shooting: I Don’t Want Something Like This To Happen Ever Again
-Discharge “False Flag Entertainment
-Janis Ian “God and the FBI”
-Janis Ian on Roseanne God and the FBI
-Janis Ian “Society’s Child”
-Shiksa Goddess “Mud Blood” Parody of Taylor Swift “Bad Blood”
-Jew Girl Commercial
-Bible Raps “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish”
-NOFX “Don’t Call Me White”
-Student Reporter David Hogg Spoke with His Classmates at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School While Hiding From Deadly Shooting
-Lynyrd Skynyrd “Gimme Back My Bullets”
-Johnny Cash “White Girl”

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false flags

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. warlord says:

    Julie Mitchell said Aryan Race is Aristocractic Race of earth..Terrible Tommy Metzger has a list of men who are in the dungeons of ZOG…Many Good Men fought for an Aryan State. To win over ZOG…it will take something new..ZOG is well entrenched everywhere on earth…Must use our creatrive abilities to come up with something that will bring us victory and freedom….The Millennium Report site has excellent article on False Flags or Staged Events..OPERATION GLADIO C..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. warlord says:

    The Kwans and Whiggers are really dumb stupid idiots. They must be culled out of a Aryan State…The Nogs and Mystery Meats will turn on them and kill them. They get what they deserve..Yeah School Shooting in Florida was a Staged Event. False Flag Event Gladio C…like The Millennium Report says…..PTB wants total Gun Control…They want to take all guns away…Its a UN Agenda to disarm civilians..Small Arms Treaty of UN…But guess what..taking the powder shooters will spark a repalcement for powder shooters…FBI CIA MOSSAD KGB already have the brain freq fryer weapons…Some call them Psychotronic Weapons…..The PTB has them in Vans and they go shoot the beams at people they want to Gangstalk and neutralize…Who knows maybe somebody will high jack one of these vans..maybe already done..Look at Cuba and all those GOV Workers who got nuke freq fried and got sick…HIGH TECH will replace the powder shooters..count on it…Star Wars Ray Guns will become real and small well compacked to carry easily…The purpose of having guns is for protection and the most important….Its to use them when the GOV becomes Tyranical and evil..and form Militias…The OKIE Bombing was a Staged Event to stop the rise of Militia Movements and White Supremacy Movement…I know you are not CI William..but if ever get a chance read WHITE SUPREMACY by William Lester Blessing..(1952)..I have met some good CI People in my life and they are very anti ZOG…I agree with all your comments William..Your right…Years back everyone called Robert E MIles the Grand Daddy of white supremacy…..He had a lot of good views…He use to say be a RAM and go to the High Ground…He also wrote a article called UNITY NOW..He was from Michigan…and he was a Dualist…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5…

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  3. warlord says:

    The Florida School Shooting was a Stated Event False Flag…Its UN AGENDA to take all guns away from civilians from every country on earth..Its like the LGBT crap and Agenda 21..its UN Agenda..UN is extreme anti White Aryan…Taking the Guns away will spark a development of new HIGH TECH to replace Powder Shooters which will become obsolete…The PTB..The NSA and DHS Fusion Centers already have the beam brain fryers they use on gangstalking victimes…They can shoot beams from a Satelite to any person on earth to zap them..They can use Cell Towers and do the same thing. using GPS…Imagine EXPROPIATING THE EXPROPIATORS somebody getting all the Hi tech in the DHS Fusion Centers…used in ganstalking..Keep in mind how USA used Electronic warfare on Iraq .They zapped the Iraq soldiers and they surrendered on mass scale….As far as schools..oh my my my..its better to HOME SCHOOL YOUR KIDS and not send them to multi cult crap public schools…In the Multi Cult crap Schools their is drugs the sicko music tatoes race mixing and the bully idiots.and anti white insanity..HOME SCHOOLING is the only way to go now in this insane world for Aryan Kids…Aryan Nations Declaration of Independence and Robert Matthews of the Order The Declaration of War they are great works of our race attempting to set up an Aryan State…Their will be more attempts just like Robert E. Miles said..ITS THE GREATEST DREAM..THE ARYAN STATE….LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5


  4. warlord says:

    I grew up in Segregation times in USA..Till 63 it was white..BUT had jews and Mystery meats in Segregation..That was no good…Yes Blacks in USA are mixed and not pure Black..They either have a White or American INDIAN or Mexican or Asian in their ancestry..ALI THE BOXER was mixed..He had a White Irish and Cherokee in his ancestry..They call these Black Mystery Meats BLUE GUMS…The Kikes in Israel using Sperm from Nordic Men from Sperm Banks are trying to breed a mixed perfect looking KIKE NORDIC…Kike Nordics want to be Master Race of the earth..over the GOYIM ZOMBIES of ZOG…Yes WHITE MOVEMENT has since end of WW 2 has been infiltrated by ZOG..They use Agents who are not white…but mixed…Pretenders …TRUE WHITE SUPREMACY is NORDIC ARYAN…RH NEGS who are original race of earth..All history is lies..Kikes have written the history and its all lies… Most of everything is really the opposite…Notice how ZOG attacks Flat Earthers…and people who do research on RH Negative..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

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