The Aryan Way: Episode LIV – Plane(t) of the Ape? Rh- Aryan Blood Discussion with Lorraine

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de Hewitt House of Radio

The Aryan Way: Episode LIV

Plane(t) of the Ape? Rh- Aryan Blood Discussion with Lorraine

William de Hewitt has on Lorraine this episode to discuss Rh- Aryan Blood. We cover quite a bit in this discussion including how our jew enemies are trying to contaminate our blood via their race mixing agenda in all White countries, certain man-made diseases, homosexuality and many, many other insidious tactics of war all to genocide the Aryan Race.

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Rhesus Negative blood
Morrissey “Irish Blood, English Heart”
Electric Light Orchestra “Livin’ Thing”

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  1. warlord says:

    Excellent show…On the website Hellene and Choas a Greek explains the 5 Mongol Invasions of the West and how when the Mongols conquered they killed all the men and raped all the women to produce the Euroasians…These Hybrids have the Doberman Syndrome and they have the Genocide Trait and Skitzo. mind set…Alsoi Hellene and Choas site talks about how their was an Ancient White Nation in China and the Chinese wiped them out and raped the White Women to make the Mongol Hynbrids..The Chinese yellows had to build the Great Wall to keep the Mongols out of China…Hellene and Choas also says that the Chinese Hong Masons are above the Kike Masons…They also explain how many branches of whites in Europe got blood contaimination thru mixing with the Mongols…Hellene and Choas site says Kikes work for the Chinese Race..and when the Chinese take over world they will kill all the kikes and the others whoi are not pure yellow race…Julie Mitchell who is banned and bl,ocked oin net says Rh Neg Aryan Nordics were Original Race of Earth…Their is so many stories of how thee Kikes where made…I believe that the Kikes were made by taking Aryan and mixing it with ape family and further DNA crap to make the Kike Infiltrator blood…Also the Royals of Europe have married into the Black Nobility of Venice Banking Famlies who are Khazars..They are not thye real Royals..They killed off all the true Royals…They the Kikes interbred someway to get the Rh neg blood which is not pure Nordicx Rh Neg Bl,ood. The kike Rh Negs consider the pure Nordic Rh Negs Rogues and are genociding the pure Rhy neg Nordics…Keep in mind that all history has been rewritten by the Kikes…Almost everything we are tauight is really the opposite…Williand Lortraine your so right about how the PTB Kikes want all races mixed up with them as the Masters of the world…The Freemasons say WE ARE ALL ONE THE SAME BLOOD..thats bull crap…we are different…The USA is going down fast..To many Darkies have arrtived since 65 immigration act and they breed like rats and rabbits and take white stupid mates to futrher mix the blood…The USA is full of Darkies now…Go by the schools..its loaded with Mystery Meats of all sorts..and very few whites..Go to Hospitals and look in Baby Wards..maybe one or two Whites and the rest Mystery Meats…PLus the USA is moving into a total Security state like China…Then the PTB wants Digital Money ho my what a world..everywhere you go its computor computor….Those Computor answering machines piss me off…then all the Stores are getting rid if cashiers and putting those check out computor machines..Plus all thye new cars are super Souped up Golf Carts with all kinds of Computor buttons and crap..The cars from 50s and 60s were so much better..Thye cars today are junk..Plus thye Controllers put those computor boxes in the vehicles and the PTB Controllers can shiut them off by celll towers etc.Plkus we are being nuked fried by freaks from Computor lab tops and cell phones….Great show William and Lorraine about Rh Negative Factor…Keep in mind how JULIE MITCHELL is banned on net and blocked..she was the first one who really got in tthe Rh Neg Factor…Great show on Rh Negf.LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

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    1. Oh! So, Warlord… You liked Lorraine’s and my show? Good!We will be doing a part 2 very soon.


    2. My South African Boer wife has Royal blood (Aryan Royalty, not the muds whom are considered royalty today) from France and Holland.
      Her ancestors fled before they could be genocided.


  2. Libby says:

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but this show has impressed me! 🙂
    There’s not much good work done on the Rh- blood topic.
    Thanks for the unique insights, both of you.

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