The Aryan Way: Episode LI – Will Ormus Monatomic Gold (manna) Help You To Live 6 Million™ Years Like the Tyrant Immortal Lords of This World?

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de Hewitt House of Radio

The Aryan Way: Episode LI

Will Ormus Monatomic Gold (manna) Help You To Live 6 Million™ Years Like the Tyrant Immortal Lords of This World?

In the first hour of this episode of The Aryan Way, William de Hewitt debunks the claims that Monatomic Gold Powder makes you live longer and brings about Spiritual Enlightenment. In hour two, he explains what the 4 Stages of “The Great Alchemical Work” are and encourages his listeners to invest in themselves rather than the snake oil Jew Age gurus and so-called scientists are offering for very large amounts of $hekle$.

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Zptech – White Powder Gold Secrets Revealed
Van Morrison “Philosopher’s Stone”
Jeff Buckley “Eternal Life”
(((Jacob Tietmeyer))) “Manna From Heaven”
Oasis “Live Forever”
Alphaville “Forever Young”
Zptech – White Powder Gold Secrets Revealed
The Police “Invisible Sun”
Funkdoobiest “Rock On”
Zptech – White Powder Gold Secrets Revealed
Cathedral “Fountain of Innocence”
Pink Floyd “Wot’s… Uh the Deal”

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  1. warlord says:

    Good article and show…Yeah their is alot of snake oil out their…They come up with new snake oils all the time…A friend of mine told me that their is company in Colordo that makes Ormus..Supposedly the real stuff…The process for making it is very expensive..This company..if you want to buy their White Gold must write a long spew on why you want to take their product..Then the company reviews it and maybe two years later they let you know if they will sell White Gold to you.Many say Warren Biffet and hisnfamily and Donald Trump take it?..Sherry Shriner wrote an article about ORMUS..WHITE POWER GOLD THE MONO ATOMIC DESTRUCTION OF MANKIND…Their is so much stuff out their saying by taking can live longer…I know one thing..back in early 90s a Anti Abortion Group put camareas that were hidden around a clinic in Hitlton Head issland SC…This group had videos of Dick Clark Strom Thurmond and George Burns .and many other VIPS going to this clinic Supposedly they gave treatments by IVs made from Aborted Babies using Collogen…This Doctor guranteed 10 to 20 years more life by doing the treatment every six months. 15,000 for each treatment IV..This Anti Abortion Group had a newspaper and they had article on this…This has been totally censored everywhere by the PTB…on net or any place….This is like how everyone is looking for the Ponce a Del Leon…spring that gives long life…Many books on this life extentension subject..liike the book RARE EARTH and who people in Vilcabamba drinbk the Glacier water in high mountains which they call colladial Water…Supposedeely it has all tyhe minerals that are not around totday in foods becaes of over use of land and fertilzers etc…As far as the Council of Nine..or 12 or like the Russian Girl IRENE CEASAR calls them the Council of 13…that these controllers take something to give them super long lives…Yeah for sure their is alot of snake Oils put their…I remember how Bee Pollen and Raw Honey was pushed saying it would give longer life…Many say we all have an Alloted Time and thats it…Long Life has to be in the Genes and its the biggest factor…Old Man Time will get escaping him…But Michael Relfe and Stephanie Relfe of Metatech site say the Tall White Nordics in the DONT GET ON THE SHIPS..Harvest humans to get the METAGENE FACTOR which gives supoer long life 800 years and PSI Abilities..wild struff…Maybe the best advice to live long is..Walk SLOW and drink plenty of water…Anyway..great article and show..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14=88-5

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  2. warlord says:

    Oh yeah people like Silvester Rambo take HGH Hormone to ;live long and be strong and healthy..He got stopped in Aussieland because he had a whole bunch of Viles of HGH Hormone…This HGH stuff is in all Vitamin Stores…Some of it liguid..put a drop under your tongue…Yeah so much Snake Oil stuff…like Ginseng of Chinks and doing secret Chi Kong stuff..transmitting the sperm up the back from balls to barin forlong life…crazy stuff…And their is oneearticle about how a Chinese guy lived 250 years …He lived in the mountains…CI people say people lived to 800 years before the flood…More Oxgen in the air they say…To bad we dont have something to make Aryan Nordics awaken from their death suicide phase they are inb now and retain their Racial Souls Consciuosness and Instincts…Maybe a Medatation and Visualization broadcasted world wide to awaken them..ha ha ha.boy wish we could do that…LONG LIVE THE 14=88=5

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  3. Thanks, Warlord! If it weren’t for you, I would have never done this particular show. When you brought up the Monatomic Gold Powder in that one email, you got me looking into an area I otherwise wouldn’t have bothered looking into.


  4. warlord says:

    Their is so much stuff out their to live longer life…New Age is all wrapped up in taking Mono Atomic Gold of David Hudson..Many are researching to see if Lakhovsky Multi Wave Osillator (MWO) will increase lenght of telomeres to live longer…Using Freg Waves…even Pyramid over bed to sleep under with copper wire run thru PVC Tubes with crystal on top to gather and to get cosmic energy to live longer and slow down decay of body…Some even drink out of Copper Cups and wear COIL Copper Wrist bands etc. etc. that Lakhavosky came out with….Their is one guy in California Silicon Valley who drinks teenager blood to live longer..Billionares and super rich will do anything to live longer. some even take stuff made out Aborted Brains of Babies to a IV and Vax..crazy..Some say the Elite Pharoah Bloodlines take BLACK GOO…to live long long lives…We need a way to stop the Devolving of Nordic RH Negs? Aryans which was first and Original Race of Earth..Also a way to stop Whigger Golem Cyborg Hive Mind ZOG Zombie Virus if it is possible…Maybe not.. Genes are changed and brains…We need to protect Nordic Rh Negs and pure Aryans…Whats left of them…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE for a Aryan Controlled World…14-88-5…..PS) whats really scary is the large percentage who take OPIODS..that really screws up the Lithium, Oxy Love Drug and other crap they put in food GMOS air and water. vaxes .chemtrails etc…Guess the Aryan Traitor Overlord Pharoah Bloodlines and Rep Yiddish Kike Askanazis have an immunity to all this and the new G 5 system of cyber world…Notice how the Serpent Rep Yiddish Kikes drink Selzer Water and Perrion MIneral Water..Wonder why?


  5. warlord says:

    William: Here is another one to be checked and looked at…SACRED AYURVEDIC WATERS by Alexander Putney…Read the part about Mono Atomic Gold and how Electrum Water is the superior…and he says the one that works..He says Electrum Water is the SOMA of the Gods…Its made naturally by earth…Its not like the Mono Gold Powder or liquid…It has the perfect amount of nano silver and nano gold for health..he says….Putney sells his Electrum Water maker also..but you have to get it from him…La Mana Sacred Waters of Ecuador he says…On the net their is all kinds of stuff on Ionic Silver Collodial also..its much different than the La Mana sacred water…Alexander Putney says he is the reincarnated Nicola Tesla…He says in the end of his Veil of Invisibility PDF book..that Electrum Water or Sacred Ayurvedic Water is the greatest answering for all the problems and so on in the world…I wonder if this Electrum Water. will save Aryan Race from Genocide???? LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5


  6. warlord says:

    Here is another one…Read Alexander Putneys…RESONANCE IN HHO PLASMA REGENERATION…..he says that in La Mana Springs Water and around the Spring caught on camera is HHO PLasma Orbs…People sleeeping in their beds with the PVC with copper wire and Crystal attached on top of PVC Pyramid..oh my my my…but keep this in mind also..they call Selzer Water the SELZER JEW GENE …hum??? wild but who knows…In one Pyramid book I read Fruits and Veggies dont decay fast…when placed in Pyramid…Then read in another book that all the sacred Grid Sites have been taken over by the Rep and Kikes to control us thru Mind Control and etc…Putney in his works says we can regain control over the Grid Sites…What about the new G 5 how is he gonna correct that? I guess what he says in end of his Veil of Invisibility PDF on net book that it all can be done…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

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