The Aryan Way: Episode XLVIII – Extinction Level Event: Who’s Genociding the White Aryan Race?


de Hewitt House of Radio

The Aryan Way: Episode XLVIII

Extinction Level Event: Who’s Genociding the White Aryan Race?

William de Hewitt explains to his Folk that jews use several different types of proxy armies to genocide the White Aryan Race in order to deflect the blame. Some are biological weapons of mass destruction, such as non-Whites and politicians some are Foundations, CORPORATIONS, Governments etc. etc.



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Kevin MacLeod “Sober Scotsman”

Kamau Kambon advocates exterminating all White people

New Black Panthers Threaten To Kill White People

Crazed Black Woman Calls for White Genocide

“Kill them all”

Howard Stern Private Parts Kill, Kill, Kill the White Man

Black Land First Group demonstrating against White South Africans in White neighborhood

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  1. warlord says:

    Yes we are the new Gypsie ROM just like Robert E. Miles said years ago..We are the new new Heretics…Al lmy life I have tried to awaken the white race..Passed out White Power Newspapers of NSWPP..WHITE POWER REPORT stuff NSLF leaflets and Aryan Nations Leaflets..Attended all kinds of White Movemeent Meetings…The Meetings always had local hate crime cops, zogbot idiots, ADL and JDL Spies and Feeebnies.. I asked David Duke and Don Black of Stormfront..why dont they use Lie Detectors like Robert DePPugh and Robeert Shelton of Klan did at their Patriot Meetins in late 70s….They would not discuss it…Robert DePugh of Minuteman wrote Degyoeo..about infiltration of White Movements…The PTB has a training school for Jusrtice Deot., Agents..They train them everything about White Movements and beliefs…Theey infiltratrate all whiote movements..Some aree even paid extra money to set up PHONEY outfits that look real but are not..They do three trhings..1.) CONTROL 2.) MONITOR and 3.) Neutralize…Every Moivement Meeeting I went tto had these Agents and ZOGBOTS Mossads JDLers and SPLC freaks..and they all spied and tried to set people up..Anyone showing true leadership ability would always be neutralized. in so0me way..eithr by death or prion or other ways…To tell you the truth we just dont kinow who is who unless Lie Detecto and ARM TEST is used..using Kieonsology..musclee testing……Martinb Lindsedt says the fall of the trhird and lastZOG BABYLON will ocuur natrurally by implosion..not enough of white tax payers to keep itr aflaot and when the money runs out for the darkies they will riot like this and this will ignite Civil War 2 or Triubulation..Most White Whiggers will die in North America.. Martin Lindstedt says their will be maytbe 10 million white whiggers left led by 10000 Warlords Programs…We will see if this happoens…DEVOLVING cointinues at a fast pace…Many say we are in the Organic life cycle of the last part the Suicide Phase…No UNITY or Crusade can be raised or can can be had and all want too die. its all biological part of western civilization is going thru…Francis Parker Yockey abd Spangler wrote books on this….Pastor Dan Gayman says only a small remant will survice to restaart a new civilization..Lindstedt says be in a safe place with family and ready..and hope you survive…Many say EMP could knock outr the grid and put civilzation back into the dark ages…Many say the PTB controls by using RADIONICS and BLACK MAGIC…May the force be with us tokep us safe and alive to create a new Hell with the Kike ZOG WORLD EMPIRE MATRIX..LONG LIVE THE CSE 14-88-5…


    1. Well, that was your first mistake, Warlord! David Duke oh crap… SORRY!.. DR. David Duke is CONtrolled opposition! I have never associated with him nor Black. Honestly, I’ve never been a part of the StormFront crowd. I never trusted them. I know for a FACT that Duke is a son of a bitch who is leading our Folk astray!


    2. I kind of hope an EMP does knock out so-called Western Civilization! My family and I are not completely set, but at least we’ll survive if and when shit hits the fan.
      I used to live in Jew York City. It’s where I earned my self edUcated Ph.D in JEW STUDIES. I officially earned a Master of Art in Sociology from the Juniversity of Pittsburgh. The edJEWcation was an utter waste of my time, but at least I got to live off of their student loan$ for a while and I’ll be damned if they ever collect a penny from me! I started waking up just as I graduated and never paid them a cent. Thanks for the 8 years of rent, food and car, jews! hehe 😀
      Anyway, I gradually woke up more and more and met a great Boer Lady from South Africa. I came for a visit, never went back leaving everything behind, while never looking back. Best choice of my life! We live high up in the mountains somewhere in the mighty Karoo far, far away from niggroid townships and the rest of the uncivilized “Western World,” which is infested with parasite jews and nigger savages!
      Not to say that we’re 100% safe, but we’re much, much safer than most here.


  2. larryzb says:

    Ghaddafi had been good for Libya. Just look at Benghazi and Tripoli today! These look like the Beirut of 1985.

    Old Moammar warned the West, that after he was gone, floods of migrants would make their way to Europe through Libya. He has since been proven correct.

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    1. He sure was! When I lived in NYC in the early 2000’s I remember Ghaffafi speaking at the Junited Nations going on and on for hours in an empty JU.N Auditorium about how rotten our enemies are and thinking to myself that he was the eeeeeevil one.
      He wanted to pitch a tent in New Jewrsey rather than giving jews $hekle$ for a hotel. I thought he was mad! I would, wouldn’t I?
      The jew media told me he was evil and hated me!
      No jews! He doesn’t hate a man like myself… HE HATES JOU! He’s trying to warn me!
      Well Muammar, it took a while and your message sunk in just a few years later!
      Thank You!
      Your brave efforts did not die in vain!
      You were not White, but I do consider you a friend to the White Aryan Race


  3. warlord says:

    I know David Duje is a Justice Department Agent…Its no mistake..I confronted him two times..One time in Miami when he was running for Prez and I asked him how does he put up with the crap in the fed court and he ran away from me..The second time was in his meetings with Blacl in Palm Beach..I asked about using Lie Dector Test and they both would not talk about it..I knoiw for sure an Agent of PTB,,When I was younger and Duke was forst staring off I use tpass out his Crusader paper and his article leaflet about Klan saving Whites in South…Yeah we just dont know who is who…Robert DePugh wrote Degaleo Report read it…MIchael and Stephanie Relfe have wild stuff..but interesting..They say Nordics started Freemasonry..No Freemasonry was infiltrated and taken over by the Kikes…Also they talk about Nordics..They say Nordics control..but who are the Nordics they speak of..Its got to be the KIke Nordic Mixes…Also They talk aboiut the MetaGene Factor..The pure Rh Nordics are the carriers of the Metagne Factor…I have know for many many years that DUKE and BLACK are traiuned Justice Department Agents…They got extra money to set up the phoney STORMFROBT from Justice Department..What males youy think I made a mistake? about DUKE..I have known for years he is a phgonet creep….Robert E.Miles wrote a good article on DUKE..REVOLUTION IS NOT A DINNER PARTY…


  4. warlord says:

    Many call the Northeast..around Jew York a Kikedom..Then their is the Kikedom Suburds like Cuntnetica,..70 oercent of the people in NYC are nott American Born…Its flooded by darkies of all sorts…I do not like NYC DC Hollywood LA Vegas and all the orther large cess pool cities..They are now flooded with zillions of darkies..,I have liked NYC..Most of the people their embrace the ZOG Crap totally and they will die for ZOG…If EMP dont occur..IMPLOSION will occur naturally..not enogh of white whigger tax payers to keep it afloat…Millions and Millions of Darkies get free money…Anyway if the Impolosion dont occur,,,,DEVOLVING will get worse and worse..DOWN WITH ZOG…


  5. warlord says:

    To be honest…most whites are GOLEM CYBORG HIVED MINED WHIGGERS…most will never morph into being White Aryan…Their DNA has been transformed..they are Aryan Souless, No Race Inctincts no love of Aryan Race etc. etc…they are made to keep true Pure Aryans from arising..As soon as these Golems radar picks up and senses that one loves Aryan Race..they go into attack mode…Their brains have been programed and changed..When they have children..they will also be Whigger Cyborg Zombies of ZOG…Making Golems has many many ways…To bad we dont have a high tech to click their brains into attacking Kikes and Aryan Overlord Traitors…Many say Black Magic and Radionics is used by the Elites to control world…Plus now they have the new G 5 Cell Towers all over the world everywhere now and Harp in Alaska mind control…Would be wonderful if Cracker Hacker could hack their Hi tech and turn it on them…Check out everything on Golems and Cyborgs on net…even how Voodoo makes Zombies with the Dolls…The controllers do it with hi tech now using Microwave and scalar beams to putting Nanobots in Vaxes and food GMOS and water and even in the air by dust. and Chemtrails.Then their is all the Black Goo stuff going it takes over..Then..look at how the Elite even uses LYME DISEASE Bacterium to infect us all. We all have it in our blood now..Msny say Copper One will kill this in our blood….These Bacterium can be triggered by Cell Tower Beams…Martin Lindstedt is right Whiggers have been around for eons of time…We live in one hell of a world today..The ZOG Matrix is everywhere now on earth…We must keep the faith and have on minds the creation an Aryan World all the time..We need to figure out how to reverse the Golems into attacking the Aryan Overlord Traitors and the Kikes.TURN THE TABLES on them…..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

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    1. I think I figured out that Aryans are in fact descendants of the Lyran/Aryan/Annunaki gods who came to earth and created mankind. To my understanding, us Aryans with Spirit are gods and goddesses… descendants (not a creation) of the Aryan creator Enki and his mother Nammu. Humans are clones, or golem and do not have spirit. I did a show yesterday that explains all of this, Warlord. I didn’t use the word golem though unfortunately. I think you and I are on the same page… I don’t know of anyone else who thinks the way you and I do. I hope you enjoy the show.


  6. warlord says:

    Yeah these Whigger Golem Cyborg Hive Mind Slaves of ZOG and killers of ZOG and lovers of ZOG have no race soul or Aryan Spirit..Its erased..The Aryan SPIRIT DNA MARKER has been removed by deadly virus created eons ago….Most Whites have this infection today..Julie Mitchell says in her articles that Nordic Rh Negatives are First and Original Race of Earth…When they came to earth on the one large continent before it broke up and created the continents…HYBERBORIA, MU and Atlantis they sunk and were destroyed thru war and natural destructive events. Their were two branches of Nordics..The Celts who went to Ireland from Hyberboria and they had red hair the other branch was the Germanic Slav Blonds who went to Russia from Hyberboris from its destruction…. their was no Kikes or Mud Mstery Meats when the Nordic Rh Negatives came to earth.They were created by Aryan Traitor Overlords using Aryans and Ape Monkey Families to create the different mud races..Kikes have a special blood as B.F: Jackson says in his Mystery of the Serpent…..Many say the Nordic Rh Negs came thru Star Gate Tech because all two legged criiters cannot go into space 300 miles out because Cosmic Rays will burn them up…For the last 20 years the Reptilian View has been pushed heavily thru New Agers and people like David Icke Lis Renee and others…..Do Lizard Rep Critters really exist.—or do the Kikes use this to cover up the true Genetic history of Race Factors and Devolving thru Race Mixing…You will notice how the New Ager CATHY BILSKY who looks like a Kike Nordic Mix pushes Anti Aryan Nordic crap..Check out her works like Manuel For Reptillian Resistance…and other works on net…One Hindu YOGIN TrueKrisnaPriya says their is only two races ..Humans and Reptilians…Who knows maybe we can use a picture of ELA the Smokey Quartz Crystal of Bilsky that weighs 1000 pounds and do a reverse spell on enemies of True Pure White Aryans..use the VIOLET FLAME on them….A few laughs anyway..just a view thoughts to spark other views… FOR A ARYAN CONTROLLED WORLD LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14 88 5

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  7. warlord says:

    Examples of the New Agers and their Anti White Aryan Anti Nordic Race Genetic truths and stance…Cathy Bilsky who says all humans .. part of the brain is Reptilian..Then she pushes anti nazi stuff and pro kike stuff…and pushes crap about Nordics…Then their is KERRY CASSIDY of Camolot Project…Alot of her stuff is interesting just like Cathy Bilskys stuff…but listen Kerry says we are all HYBRIDS..and we are mixtures of 12 races of ETs….These are just two examples…Net is loaded with the New Agers and its infiltration by Nordic Kike Sayanim Mixes to the hilt just like White Movements…You will notice how Julie Mitchell is no longer on net…totally banned and blocked…why..because she started breaking ground on how Original and First Race of Earth is Nordic Rh Negatives…look at our world today how its a insanity of attacking and erasing White History…True White Aryan Nordic History…The filthy Libaturd Eliites want us wiped out period…They want us all mixed up…The Rh Postives are the Mutations not the pure Rh Negatives…Me..I think most of the two legged critters are Mystery Meats of some kind thru the eons of time of race mixing (DEVOLVING NORDIC RH NEG PURITY)…What I really hate is all the sicko Aryans who hate their own race…I know how the Nogs Stand and the Kikes…but these slaves of ZOG the Whigger Golem Cyborgs Hive Mind Zombies…man they are the low scum…Like I said in my comment above..maybe we can use Cathy Bilskys Photo of her giant Smokey Quartz Crystal and use Reverse VIOLET FLAME on our enemies…just joking..but who knows…For the Future Aryan Controlled World..Long Live the Cause 14-88-5


  8. warlord says:

    William..This guy calls the Aryan Traitor Overlords..THE VELONS..check his work out …. THE VELON: AN UPDATE ON OUR EVOLUTION BY CHRIS THOMAS….Guess the Velon are the ones who are DEVOLVING THE NORDIC RH NEGATIVES…or is it the ARCHONS? Oh Boy…the way I see it…its just simply race mixing…to create Mystery Meat World…The Velons the Alien Race big Boss Overlords of the Matrix Zog World…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

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    1. Thanks, Warlord. I’ll check him out.


  9. warlord says:

    As you know William..the New Agers and Others on the net and in books have countless and endless beliefs about Reptilians and Archons and ETs.and David Icke Lisa Renee John Rhodes and on and on…Most are Kikes like Sitchen who translated Sumarian Tables about Nibiru or Planet X…Funny but on the net their is no viiew on Nordic Rh Negs being First and Original Race of earth.Julie Michell brought this out and said the world is Devolving thru race mixing. She is no longer on the net and is blocked on net…We live in a world of devolving critters led by Aryan Traitor Overlords and the Kikes…Chris Thomas says WIFI/G-5 will kill most human critters on surface of earth..Maybe these Hybrid mixed mutated Aryan Overlords have an immunity to it…They want to cut world population down to 500 Million who will be their Slave Cyborg workers and etc…They also use Poisons in food air and water and Nano technology to do it…Chris Thomas says their is 3 Million on earth who are transforming to higher fregs etc…Then he says in his workds the VELONS came 300 years ago weird.???..anyway to hell with the Rep Mutated World Matrix…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5……PS) Notice how the Controllers are pushing Hate Crime and not allowing critizism of the Kikes which they say is Hate Crime and making it law..and teaching HoilyHoax in schools…The Nordic RH Negs are the ones the Elites are Genocing all thru history…using thei Whigger Cyborg Zombies and Kikes…and Dark Critters…as their Weapons of Mass Destruction…

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