South African Aryan Folk: Would You Support A Declaration of War If One Was Drafted?

zuma middle finger

Since an undeclared war has been waged against South African Aryan Folk by niggroid leaders, their cronies and jews who financially support them and since it’s open season on White Aryans across this country; here are my thoughts on who should be included if an official Declaration of War were to be drafted by We The White Aryan Folk of South Africa…

For too long White South Africans have been GENOCIDED in the country our forefathers created and built. Niggroids are the preferred biological weapon of mass destruction of the CORPORATE jew slave master who enslaves us in our own country from behind the scenes. Do not be naive and believe for a minute that niggroids actually run and rule this country. They are a proxy army being used to instigate a Race War between the niggroid and Aryan, while the jew sits in his ivory tower, counts his $heckle$, rubs his jewy hands and laughs as he robs the rest of the country blind.

Our enemies have made it impossible for us to participate in this unofficial war waged against us. If we do dare to stand up for ourselves, whether it be via speech and/or action we face the threat of losing our wage slave job, which we need to support our families and are threatened with a large fine or even prison if our speech is determined to be hateful. In other words… PRO WHITE!

Anyone who has participated in the theatre of war will tell you war is hell and to be avoided if possible. We have avoided this war long enough, which is hot on their side, but ice cold on ours. Our body count is 70,000 + dead civilians, while they haven’t lost a single soldier or civilian. Those who are in denial that we are indeed in a war need to snap out of it before it’s too late.

So Folks, what is the solution to our big problem we face in South Africa?

The solution is we DECLARE WAR against our enemies who are lording over and GENOCIDING us.

Declaring War makes us exempt from their oppressive anti-White Laws and Prisons!

Here is a rough draft list of our enemies whom we the South African Aryan Folk should declare war against.

  1. The ANC, EFF and the rest of the anti-Aryan Parliamentary Government.
  2. All niggroids (Have you ever known one that would take our side?) If there happens to be one, he’s most likely a spy and is not to be trusted.
  3. All media whores of the jew who Whitewash the minds of our Aryan Folk.
  4. Christinsane church propagandists such as preachers and pastors who continue to lie to us, preach peace and tell us to love our enemies.
  5. Jew Banksters, their usury monetary system and their CORPORATIONS which enslave and poison us.
  6. Treasonous Whites whom make excuses for and aid the enemy in any way.
  7. Jew Sayanim (doctors, lawyers, teachers i.e. prominent jews in town whom aid the Mossad and other spy organizations)
  8. South African secret police called the “Hawks” or any other spy organization such as the Mossad, CIA, MI5 and MI6 etc, etc.
  9. The Broederbond and other masonic groups like it.
  10. The (J)united Nations.

Furthermore, we must stop paying taxes, which funds our own GENOCIDE. The jew shakes us down for our hard earned $hekle$ we work for and gives it to their proxy army of niggroids, so they can grow big and strong. They even pay niggroids with your hard earned tax Rands to reproduce as often as possible, in order to kill your Aryan children and grandchildren in the future.

This write up is not a Declaration of War, however if the majority of South African Aryan Folk can manage to stick together and support one another for a change, maybe someone will draft an official Declaration of War for us, the South African Aryan Folk to support and sign.

The enemy (niggroids, jews including the White looking crypto-jew) sees ALL White South African civilians as their enemy, therefore we are ALL involved in this war whether you like it or not.

Since this is the case, you are either on the side of your White South African Aryan Folk or you’re a traitor who sides with the niggroid and jew enemy.

Lastly, I am not for an all out Race War. (RaHoWa) This is what the jew desires! This war must be waged wisely as we focus on the jews who fund these niggroids to GENOCIDE us. Cut off the head of the jew snake and watch how fast the niggroid cockroaches will run away! So, what I’m saying is… We eliminate the parasite jew from South Africa who will try us in their jew-dicial system and throw us into their prisons as the niggroid will be much, much easier to deal with. 

jew-dicial system 2.jpg

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. EnE says:

    How long do we do nothing?


  2. larryzb says:

    This targeting of whites in southern Africa, not just in the country of South Africa, has to stop. This is ignored by the world news media that is controlled and/or too damned biased and leftist.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. warlord says:

    Its not just SA…its the entire world in every country…Read DAVID TATES LONG LIVE THE CAUSE and Vigilantes of Christendom and WHITE RESISTENCE MANUEL. My father told me long ago..if all the Capitals disppeared overnight with the snakes in them..their would be millions of like minded idiots to replace them…If you went around zapping e with powder shooters all day the barell on the poiwder shooter would many of them now for powder shooters.They breed to fast…Judeo Masonry is well entrenched everywhere same for Chabad.. also.Natural or MaN MADE EVENT will do the trick…or maybe the best solution HIGH TECH…Invisible Empire was Invisible and they kept the hoods on..Dont take trhem off….Lone Wolf Tactos..we all have to be one..Julie Mitchell is right on how this is going on…Remember most White Mayonaise Rh Positive Monkies will always be on the side of ZOG..most of them…Its all in the blood…RH Neg Nords are the Original Rac of earth…Keep in mind ZOG is iniltrated into every White Movement..they do three things..CONTROL MONITOR and NEUTRALIZING…Be careful who you have as Comrdes…Stay in small units to more than 6..To large and infiltrators will come..TRUST NO ONE…Keep in mind everything on net is monitored.. LONG LIVE THE CAUSE

    Liked by 1 person

  4. warlord says:

    The Monitors of ZOG are Monitoring..They just shut off me from emailing..So much for a free net…,Years ago THE ORDER of Robert Matthews had a DECLARATION OF WAR…Most Whites are in a deep curse of some kind where thay will not wake up..The curse or Spell or whatever needs to be removed…Thje whole White Movement is infiltrated..Thee net is fully watched by the creeps and critters also…Hasbara and other PTB Censors are watching the net full time now…These bastards shut me off from eamailing anything…The day of the free net iss fasst ending…Will have to do wwhat Russiaan Disssenants years ago did in Russia to get the word out… May the Day of Reckoning Come soon….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bummer about the email. if you’d like to get in touch with me just come back here.


  5. warlord says:

    The bastards are doing all they can to block truth…Microsoft and Bill Gates all Sayanims for Kike Kehilla Klan…On accounts when you try to send a new Email its blank..nothing all dirty tricks of the Kike Kehilla Klan…Will try to fix it…You have great Articles and Radio Shows..Hope you do a shpow on Rh Neg with Lorraine…


  6. warlord says:

    Robert Matthews of THE ORDER had a DoW….ARYAN NATIONS had a Declaration of Independence.. like Terrible Tommy Metzer says./..FREEDOM ONLY COMES THrU BLOOD…..Robert Mathews DOW is on WHITE ARYAN RESISTENCE SITE of Terrible Tommy. Metzger….


    1. I’m familiar with terrible Tommy and Robert Matthews. While I respect what Tommy, Pierce, Rockwell, Lane etc, etc tried to do in the past, I am just one Aryan trying to awaken his Folk to live the proper way… The Aryan Way.
      Cheers! Warlord


  7. warlord says:

    Outlook Hotmail email has been messed with by PTB…It happened in Europe in its in S America.,…They want all the emails of everyone so they can check them…Its a PTB Op…Aryan Nations had a great DECLRATION OF INDEPENDENCVE…Its no where on net…In the future the net will be censored..Must come up with waays to beat it…You have great articles and shos…Great Aryan work…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Jh nel says:

    I have always said there is an bigger picture to this whole issue. There are clever people working behind the seens. They useing the goverment as their puppets. They are raping the country. As the english has done many years ago. Look what happend to the Shabbir shakes. The biggets criminals. Terminal ill but is living for how many years now.



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