The Aryan Way: Episode XXXVII – Black Monday In South Africa 2017: Why Are We On Our Knees When We’re Being GENOCIDED?!

paul hickman rip
Paul Hickman of National Action: Thank you for being a noble warrior for the White Aryan Race. You will not be forgotten. Valhalla awaits you, Brother.

A Call To Boers: Rise and Defend Yourselves 

black monday on their knees
A group under the banner “Genoeg is Genoeg” (Enough is Enough) organised the demonstration on social media following the murder of Klapmuts farmer Joubert Conradie.

de Hewitt House of Radio

 The Aryan Way: Episode XXXVII

Black Monday In South Africa 2017: Why Are We On Our Knees When We’re Being GENOCIDED?!

In the first hour William de Hewitt questions the motives of Afriforum, asks his White South African Aryan Folk why they are getting on their knees as if they’re surrendering like cucks and praying for jewsus or yhwh to save them? It’s about damn time we get off of our damn knees, get on our feet, start taking care of business, get down and dirty and destroy our enemies before they destroy the last remaining few of us! Our enemies are MOCKING us… they think we’re weak! And you know what… when we’re on our knees begging, praying and surrendering to jewish sky fairies…


black monday on their knees 2
The debilitating mind virus of christinsanity must be cured if our Folk have any hope for survival.

In hour two he asks his Folk yet again why they are paying attention to and giving the enemy’s media any credibility in the first place? No matter what we do they are going to demonize us, Besides, our narrative is all that should matter. Screw theirs! He also touches on the jewish slave trade and how jews enslaved both Whites and blacks worldwide.

   Not our flags!


boer original flag

Boer Republic Flag: This is our Flag!

Music & Audio clips:

AfriForum Refuses To Be Part of the Use of the Old SA Flag Debate
I Surrender “Hillsong Worship”
Probot “Red War”
National Action Speech
Bully Boys “White Kids Gonna Fight”
Bok van Blerk “Jy Praat Nog Steeds My Taal”
Bok van Blerk “De la Rey”
Jews Ran the Slave Trade 
Racist Black People Cringe Compilation 2016
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Give Me Back My Bullets”

A single, unedited video of the attempt by Afriforum Youth to deliver a memorandum (and list of murdered farmers) to ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema at Luthuli House in Johannesburg. Watch out for Steve Hofmeyer trying to impersonate a building inspector – and the list of murder victims ending up in the gutter.


Works cited:

A Call To Boers: Rise and Defend Yourselves! by William de Hewitt

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  1. Fanie says:

    The old Afrikaner flag is not waved because the Afrikaner does not want to be associated with “apartheid” which was a British-Afrikaner scam to give whole homelands to Africans in the Boer’s country in the 1960’s by the British trained Afrikaner Verwoerd. These Africans all have their own countries. Remember that since 1902 the Afrikaner was placed in a dictatorship to suppress the Boers by force, and were in full control of the illegal British colony of South Africa – but everything is always the Boer’s fault, hence the Africans sing Kill the Boer, not kill the whites or kill the Afrikaner. They cannot distinguish who are Boers and who are Afrikaners.

    All these protests are organized by Afrikaners and then wave the Boer’s flag to implicate the Boers. The intention is to create an “us” against “them” through which the Afrikaner wants to shift the Boer under his “leadership” and when the proverbial paw-paw hits the fan, the Afrikaner wants to push the Boers in front to take the brunt.

    At the same time the Afrikaner is fueling the black and white polarization as much as the African’s do. The Afrikaners cannot refuse the Africans because they brought them into the Boer’s country which the Afrikaner stole from the Boers. To create the impression the Boers do not exist and have become Afrikaners, the only identity not recognized is the Boer’s identity. The “South African” genocide flag openly symbolizes the Boer’s four colour flag split in two by the black (African) wedge.

    For those foreigners who are under the impression that Boers and Afrikaners are the same, here is a document written by the Afrikaners wherein they admit that in 1875 they did not have a language. If the Boers and Afrikaners were the same people they would have spoken the same language ! At this time the Boers were already in their Republics which were internationally recognized in 1852 and 1854. After the War (1899-1902) the Afrikaner renamed the Boer’s language to Afrikaans to create the impression that it is their language and re-wrote the Boer history to place the Afrikaner in it ! The Afrikaners were part of the British forces, they were the Royal Scouts and participated in the atrocities in and after the War.

    The only solution for this absolute disaster is that the Boer’s country be returned to them, and not again to the Afrikaner – or these mass murders will continue until all “whites” are exterminated. Almost nothing of this is in the media. At the same time the Soros funded disarmament law is enforced by the Afrikaner and African police so that people can become easy victims.

    What is even more disturbing is that the whole world is looking the other way – while half the Western world were fighting the small Boer nation so the British can get the resources. That is how we know your religion is fake, because you have lost your humanity.


    1. Well said, Fanie! Can you contact me privately some how? Maybe facebook if you’re on there or any way that’s easiest for you. I’d like to get on the phone and talk with you. I’d also like to have you on for a future show if you’re interested.


  2. s says:

    Your so confused by hate and pride and god knows what else, you do the wishes of satan every time you open you mouth. I see you are aware HW was a plant, not of the BRITISH any more than the DUTCH were responsible for BIlly the Pink. Die Boere and the black tribes DID have an understanding and making each other enemies was the goal of the ziominers. The blacks can’t understand why the country’s gone to hell because they have been just as brainwarshed as you. Fool? You’re obviously just another ZIOPLANT. Funny, I can’t wait to break out the popcorn when your masters in UR to wipe you and ilk off the planet.



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