The Aryan Way: Episode XVI – Who Will Free the White Slaves from Jew CORPORATIONS and Usury?

The Aryan Way: Episode XVI

Who Will Free the White Slaves from Jew CORPORATIONS and Usury?

William de Hewitt talks about modern day jew slave masters who enslave the White Aryan Race via their CORPORATIONS. He also discusses the American Constitution and Declaration of In-dependence and how those documents have been made null and void making them unusable at the moment as tools to fight our jew slave masters.

white slavery 3


Opening song: Alestorm “Keelhauled”
Closing Song: Type O Negative “White Slavery”

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Audio clips:

white sex slaves


100-percent-jew-criminals (Large)




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  1. Here says:

    No one can do it better than you.


  2. warlord says:

    One thing NS Germany did…They controlled all Utilities…Road Building, Bridges Sewer Water and Electricity…If `you did not go into military you could join the Utilities Force Public Work Service and work…This was done because private company owners are no good, greedy and take the money and give very little pay to the workers..They fly around in lear Jets..Go to Africa to hunt and live in multi million dollar castles and and their wifes these CEOs and Administrators live high on the hog…They go on expensive vacations, shopping trips to places like LA and NYC..and drive around in Rolls Royces and Bentleys and fancy vehicals…The NSA State of Germany was correct about this..Look at all the corruption today in these big companys…The Tax Pan oh my are the Fat Cats Happy more money for them and a few crumbs to their slave zombie workers…One of the NS Founders and members wrote an excellent book about this …cant rememeber his name…Its impossible to totally escape ZOG Matrix..Its world wide thru banks and all Governements are under the control of the Kike Kehilla Klan…Boy do we need some super Hi Tech to get our freedom…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

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    1. Yep! It’s about damn time we take control of our destiny. We need to wage a war of the flea against these corporate jew terrorists!
      It’s the only way to take our lives and our freedom from these sick Kehillah jew fucks!


  3. warlord says:

    Gottfried Feder Manisfesto For The Abolition Of INTEREST SLAVERY. (PDF)..The banks have us by the balls…Everything thru them when it comes to money. buyng a car a house land you name it…and the Court Systems are for their Protection for the rip off….NATIONALIZATION of BANKS and UTILITIES..Having Free Energy Devices and Tech….and the Big Pharmas to…Yeah the Kike Kehilla Klan has total control now everywhere in every country…Powder Shooters might give us a little protection…but they will not bring us freedom…It will take something a hell of alot more more powerful thn powder shooters..Powder shooters are obosolete anyway…Brain Frying Freq weapons are already real…Remember the National Socialst Liberation Front…??? Smart Phone used to buy anything is more cash and the Banks love it…As far as these Schools marching to take the Guns away..Hell let all the punks have guns..let them wack each other off…like in Chicago…Read on net that one black said boxes of pistols and guns were dropped off in Chicago…As far as schools..just Home School your kids and not let them be in the public schools of ZOG JUNGLE SCHOOL race mix and love the crap music and getting tatoos…Its so bad now that the ZOG GOV lets the Fags and Lesbos and Treannys have open clubs in High Schools…Now Scientist in.Europe want to put OXY LOVE DRUG spiked in food and water…to make use more global and tolarant and mellow for race mixing and accepoting darkies…They already are hitting is us with Lithium in Water and Air from Chemtrails..and they have millions hooked on OPIODS Pain Killers and Anto know damn well whats that for…Anyway its gonna take something great as hell to get rid of ZOG..all we can do now is War of the Flea…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE…for Freedom and an Aryan State….14-88-5

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