Astana, Kazakhstan: The Kehillah Headquarters of the Future or Now?

astana before & after

A small part of this international group are the so-called Bilderbergs and other groups like in the image below. This international criminal cabal controls the majority of the world’s political fortunes from behind the scenes. The highest of the high level members meet annually in secret without media coverage.

Kehillah 2

The Kehillah’s head is presumed to be unknown with the title The King, their world leader. The world is divided into an eastern and a western hemisphere. It is divided by a so-called Sponsor who oversees the Princes of the eastern and western hemispheres. They are all subject to The King. 

Under The King, Sponsor and two Princes are seven leaders, who are known as the 7th grade. Each of them know one another. Each of the seven has seven ‘Ministers’ among them who are of the 6th grade. There are seven ‘Heralds’ under each – The 5th grade. Each of them again has seven ‘Courtiers’ among them – The 4th grade. Seven ‘Scrivenors’ under each – The 3rd grade, which in turn seven ‘Auditors’ under each of them – The 2nd grade. And seven ‘Mutes’ under each – The 1st grade. This is a total of 1,921,601 members in the two hemispheres together.

My intuition tells me very high level members of The Kehillah designed and made sure that Astana, Kazakhstan was erected as a replication of both the Hermetic Kabbalah Tree of Life and a model of the Flat Earth as a future home for the King, who I believe is Halel, however I can not prove it. Halel and his “fallen” Angels/Aryans have ruled our world for at least hundreds of thousands of years. These Angels (notice the El in Angel) are a group of Aryan brothers from The House of El who we know as the Elohim from the Bible. They left “heaven” to mine the Earth and at the time were all friendly to one another. Ancient Aryans mined and terraformed Earth then later begot the White, Aryan Race of man. After the White Race was created there was a split between brothers. Half of the Aryan brothers looked at us as abominations and wanted us dead, while the other half loved us and wanted to see us reach our potential and great destiny.

Due to the split there was a great war. After the war the Fallen Rebel Aryans were left on Earth when it was time for all of them to depart. They were however not left here defenseless and they were allowed to keep their technology. The Commanders of the Fallen Rebels are in fact the Circle of Twelve and the leader of the rebellion. Halel proclaimed himself King. It wasn’t long before they found the perfect proxies to do their dirty work here, making it possible for them to be ALWAYS hidden. Mixed race hue-mans (jews) were the easiest target as they do not belong to any one race making their allegiance to the King a match “made in heaven” for both The King and his jew servants. This union is the force behind White Genocide up to this very day.

astana pyramid

The City of Astana certainly looks like an interesting place. When I look at the images of it my mind lights up as I immediately make several connections to subjects I’ve been researching lately. The subjects are the Sephirot and Norse Tree of Life, Gnostic Alchemy and the Flat Earth.

astana flat earth model 2

When I look at the image above the first thing that comes to my mind is the Hebrew Kabbalah Sephirot. When I started to look into the Sephirot, my goal was to make connections between it and the Norse Yggdrasil. To my surprise, I discovered the far too often misunderstood Spiritual Science of Alchemy. The most the average man knows about Alchemy is that many have tried to virtually turn lead into gold. To my knowledge it has never been done. The secret to Alchemy is that it is an internal Spiritual way of life when an individual transmutes his energy away from the ego/lead and uses it to grow Spiritually/gold.


The encoded secrets of the Sephirot and the Norse Tree of Life makes these images stand out like a sore thumb. It’s not up to me to try to explain these secrets encoded within these three suppressed Aryan teachings, it is up to you if you want to take your own personal journey. To me, it is very important one does if you want to rise to a higher Spiritual level. The knowledge is out there. Once you find it it’s up to you to do the inner work called “The Great Work.”


I’ve also been looking into the Flat Earth and Mount Meru lately, which The Norse Tree of Life sits on top of. In my educated opinion Astana was also erected as a replica of the Flat Earth. The tower is The Tree of Life. At night the tower turns into a pyramid representing Mount Meru.


Image 1: The tower is the Tree of Life. Can you see the pillars holding the disk/antarctic ice wall and sphere up? The sphere represents flat earth being dark with the lights above being the stars, moon and sun. The very top of the sphere is the electro-magnetic diamond grid firmament around earth.

Image 2: Flat earth with the pillars below and the firmament above, the antarctic ice wall, Mt. Meru is the North Pole with The Tree of Life. 

Image 3: The bright circular light represents the flat earth, the tower you now can not see is The Tree of Life and the pryamid represents Mt. Meru.

hollow earth maps

Above is an Aryan, Flat Earth map with Mount Meru at the center/North Pole.

If you look closely the image below speaks for itself.

astana flat earth model

Shall we take a look inside?

In the central space inside the pyramid sits this room, which was designed in a model of the Black Aryan Sun and Flat Earth. I believe this is where the 300 visible council members of The Kehillah do their bidding and plot to enslave “Goyim” like myself.

kakakhstan flat earth

We are supposed to believe that The Black Sun room acts as the meeting room for conferences reuniting so-called “religious leaders” of the world. Look for a moment and take in the symbolism here. We are told “religious leaders” from around the world are sitting around a huge replica of the Black Aryan Sun, while discussing how to “reconcile” their differences for the coming “New Age.” Are we to believe that is the purpose of this room now that I explained to you what The Kehillah is? “Religious figures” discussing how to reconcile their differences for the coming “New Age” or is it the Council of 300 discussing their New, Jew World Order? That seems much more plausible to me. 

kazakhstan opera room

The Black Sun room represents illumination, however the opera house below it has the earth’s sun shining on the unillumined. The Black Sun round table is exactly on top of earth’s sun of the opera house below. While the general population is being entertained in the darkness of the material world by these black magicians, it’s not coincidence the false“illuminated” ones are sitting right on top of them contemplating how to genocide us.

diamond grid sun

On top of the sphere there is a model of the electromagnetic, diamond grid x-box that keeps the unilluminated, genetically impure and degenerated hue-mans out of Aryan Heaven everyone so desires. To my understanding the only way through the grid is to create your own bridge to heaven…The Rainbow Bridge. Opening all of your chakras creates the Rainbow Bridge.

electromagnetic grid chakra

How do you open all of your chakras?

That’s for you to find out and discover if you decide to take the journey towards Self Realization and enlightenment.


More about The Kehillah

More about Fallen Aryans

Author’s note: for a better understanding of the symbolism of Mount Meru discussed in this article, please watch this video.

 This article was originally published at Renegade Tribune, but was removed without being notified by the publisher. Edits have been after its first publication.

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  1. warlord says:

    Read this when you had it on Kyle Hunts site Renegade Tribune..I have read many of your articles..They are great Articles William..Years ago the New Christian Crusade Church sent out a pamphlet on how Jews were making a Jew Empire State near the big fresh water lake. in Siberia..It was a jam up article on this to.they also had a article on 21 Century Living.It all true today how new developments are made with zerolot lines cram packing the people…I know Jews also had a place set up by commies in Eastern Siberia also…The rich Kikes are also buying up land in Patagonia Argentina and it suppose to be their new State if Israeli goes down the tubes…An Argentina guy on has a few articles on this…Buenos Aires has 450 thousand Jews…Robert E.Miles told me about a South African General who was setting up a Boer type state in the Chaco..The project 80s….When I was a kid we use to call Miami beach little Jerusalem…now its a multi cult cess pool…The Jews have their own living areas well guarded plus their own schools and their own Hospitals… and they have security….Richard Butler of Aryan Nations tried to make people migrate and come to Spirit Lake area in Idaho to create a Aryan State…Great idea but we all know what happened to AN…Harold Covington is promoting the same thing as Butler did…Many say Harold is Agent of GOV…He was involved in Combat 18 in England..I knew Harold when he was in North Carolina years ago…You never know who is who..Loved James P. Wickstroms ARM TEST to detect interesting..but we know what happened to that when one member of CI Group linked to Wickstrom killed a kid in his group…But who knows maybe it works Kineosology like DONT GET ON THE SHIPS site. of Michael Relfe and his wife Stephanie Relfe…They have some intgeresting stuff about Nordics.(New Age).but I dont think its completely true what they say about Nordics…Julie Michell says Nordic Rh Negatives is the Original Race of earth on all land masses and the PTB does all in their power to suppress this view…William you articles are super….LONG LIVE nTHE CAUSE 14-88-5



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