de Hewitt House of EdJEWcation: JEW 101

jew 101 2nd creation finished product

Greetings new “jew wise” Folks

I’m overjoyed lately. Why? I’ve seen a lot of White Aryan newcomers figuring out and seeing through the jew lies we’ve all been indoctrinated with at our schools, universities and religious institutions. Many of you no longer accept the big lies coming from propagandized teachers, professors, government officials, preachers, pastors, priests, media whores and many, many other paid agent operatives, controlled opposition and useful idiots of the jew world order.

Nothing pleases me more!

The point of writing this article is to help all of you new “jew wise” Folk out there who engage in daily battle with our jew enemies and their proxy army of trolls on the internet and in real, everyday life. I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there and it is important that you go through this learning stage of your edJEWcation as well. I have spent years and years dealing with these parasites and rats, so I will do for you what I wish someone had done for me when I went through this very important stage of my edJEWcation.

the real jew plague

Jews can be pretty tough to deal with when you first begin to awaken from the spell their rabid rabbis and media whores cast on you during your formative years. Jews have been taught from an early age to tow the “I’m an oppressed jew and the Holocaust… Oy Vey” line at their so-called Hebrew schools and Yeshivas. We have been taught false history and to be sympathetic towards them even though they intentionally screw us “Goyim” over behind our backs in ways you are not even aware of yet.

This is only a 101 introduction, however if you chose to continue your studies at de Hewitt House of EdJEWcation, I’ve created several syllabi for advanced studies once you advance to the next level.

So let me begin to edJEWcate you and give you lessons from my own personal experience in dealing with these jews and trolls. If you stick to my playbook you can and will become an effective, powerful Warrior for The White Aryan Race or for whatever other race you might be.

LESSON 1:  Hitler

hitler the great

I am very happy that you figured out Hitler was right and that he was not the genocidal maniac who holocausted 6 gazillion jews. This is a big step you have taken, however it’s only the first of an endless amount of steps you must take in your personal journey to reach the next levels of enlightenment. I’m still learning, relearning, decoding and transmuting myself to become even a better moral, noble, Spiritual Aryan Being everyday. At this point of my journey, I’m a practicing student of Gnostic Alchemy and Kabbalah. No! Not the perverted jewish version of Kabbalah.

Anyway, this article is not about me and where I am in my journey, so let me get to the point. As much as I admire Hitler, I have found it to be unwise to idolize him out in the open. Jews have hypnotized the entire world with their Hitler is a monster propaganda magic, so my advice is to study Hitler and to transform yourself into being a noble White Aryan man or woman without overly promoting him on your social media pages. I know what you’re thinking… I’m a shill who’s trying to lead you astray! No. Truly, I am not.

Jews will make you look bad in front of the unlearned “sheople,” your family and friends, so you one up them by taking what you learned from Hitler, but leave his name out of it. Train yourself to think and live The moral and noble Aryan Way Hitler would approve of. You do this by speaking only the truth, by gradually eliminating all degenerate habits and entanglements you might have. If you’re not a degenerate hypocrite, your family and friends will come to respect you without even realising you’re a so-called naaaaaazi. Jews have no defense for this because you are not presenting yourself as the typical hateful Hollywood nazi who ignorantly idolizes Hitler. The moral, noble Aryan Way cleanses degenerate jew filth.

LESSON 2: Name Calling and ad Hominem Attacks

stop telling the truth (Large)

When jews start to call you names and use ad hominem attacks to make you look like an unedJEWcated anti-semite, racist skinhead or KKK member, you never engage in battle by calling them names back, apologizing or saying ‘I’m not a hateful racist.’ You will lose! Rather, counter them by saying ‘That is your opinion I’m a racist’and ‘yes, I am an anti-semite and for good damn reason!’This is when you post your pictures of rabbis and other repulsive jews who preach White Genocide. That should shut them up. If they keep calling you names… LET THEM! Stay on point! They will look like fools as you win the argument with facts and all they could contribute to the discussion were accusations of you being a nazi or one of the other laughable labels jews try to stick on you. Furthermore, if they call you a “nazi” or “White Supremacist” your response should be… I’m not a Nazi, I’m a National Socialist and a racial Separatist, in fact, jew, you’re the mixed race AshkeNAZI supremacist.

LESSON 3: Anti-White Jew Philosophies, Labels and Semantics

Bobby Fischer communism is judaism

Do not get trapped in the “Zionists are not practicing jews” argument. Judaism, Communism, Zionism, Bolshevism, Democracy, Republican, Democrat, Left-Right, Libertarian, American, Afrikaner etc etc are all jew PHILOSOPHIES and LABELS they use to cloak themselves to infiltrate our White Aryan communities. Jews are very good at blending in with us and are armed with many weapons such as their isms and will even use semantics to confuse us of who they really are. The solution is simple! Train yourself to identify the crypto-jew and ignore their degenerate anti-White philosophies and labels. Reject them all! Figure out and understand the common denominator of these isms. I’ll make it easy for you… the common denominator is all of these anti-White philosophies are jewish in origin and are practiced by biologically mixed race JEWS! Who cares what philosophy they practice. Don’t fall for their tricks! National Socialism and racial Separatism trumps every single one of their isms if you walk the walk and talk the talk. Living the moral and noble Aryan Way is a jew repellent or a shield like the Swastika.

LESSON 4: The Holohoax and Holodomor

holodomor 2

As you continue on with your edJEWcation, you will eventually stumble upon the false jew holocaust narrative. Have no fear! Their holocaust narrative has so many holes in it, a 10 year old can see through their lies if he or she reads a little. Once you see through all of the lies, the position you should take is make jews prove to you their shoah really happened. They will then go on to show you these horrendous images of OUR starving, skin and bone Ukranian, Russian and other Aryan Folk. Jews are so despicable they will use images OUR ancestors who were genocided by Soviet Bolshevik JEWS after WW1 and during WW2 to prove their fake holocaust.

Allow me to arm you with the facts…

  • During these years of 1921-1947, 16.5 million of the entire 60 million White Aryan men, women and children genocided in the Ukraine were starved to death. This atrocity is known as The Holodomor.


  • International Jewry or Judea declared war on Germany in 1933. Hitler did not declare war. All jews of the world did. If you do a little homework you will learn Hitler pretty much begged Churchill, Roosevelt/Rosenfeld and Stalin to not make war. Germany was not the aggressor, jews all over the world were! It was called a “World War” because jews from all over the world, who were and are still in control of damn near every country in the world conspired to genocide White Aryan Germans.

judea declares war

Please watch this short video


You’ve completed JEW 101 at de Hewitt House of EdJEWcation.

My final thought… jews are not a race. Jews are opposite of race. Together, jews are a mixed racial mish-mish of possibly every ethnicity and every race in the world and Judaism, in its various forms is the glue that makes them a cohesive tribe. Jews come in all shapes, sizes, colors and costumes and have many different philosophies of life. The so-called “elite” are products of families who are of mixed racial blood who have been inbreeding with other select mixed racial blood families for thousands of years.

Jews are abominations

The more mixed racial blood and inbreeding, the purer the jew.

And always remember…

There is Noah business like there is Shoah business and business is good thanks to gullible Goy!

So, teach as many of our hypnotized Folk who are still under the jew spell as you can.

Reach the Reachable!

Some additional reading:



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  1. Thank you William. Your articles are enlightening and give us a lot of knowledge. You are a very wise person when comes to the enemies of the Aryans!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Renate. I appreciate the compliments 🙂


  2. Please don’t take this the wrong way, Renate. I’m not a PERSON.
    I capitalized PERSON for a reason) If you’re interested, I’ll tell you why 😉 I love informing and teaching my Folk.
    This next article Maritime should blow your mind, but read STRAW MAN first. STRAW MAN is good, it’s an introduction to Maritime.


  3. No offense taken! I am going to read your articles you suggested above tonight!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you learn something new. In fact, I know you will 🙂


  4. borvestinkral says:

    I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work. “Yield not to evils, but attack all the more boldly.” by Virgil.



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