Human Trafficking is Their Business and Business is Good


Human trafficking is not just a problem in South Africa. It is a problem wherever there are women and children, especially White women and children.

I’ve often wondered how someone could engage and stomach such a horrific act such as human trafficking. I will tell you how and from a legal perspective, not from a moral one. Whether you like it or not, a Bank considers humans to be a commodity or a stock to be traded around the world. A lot of you might not want to accept this, however it is the truth.

There is big money to be made trafficking humans. Yes, it is against the so-called law, but the law does not keep human traffickers from creating big business. You may ask what type of business? I’ll give you a few examples.

The Court System

Courts of Law are indeed Banks. When a scapegoat is needed or when someone needs to be made an example of, an arrest will be made and charges will be brought against an individual. This alone is big business. How? Well, when one is convicted of a crime they are forced to pay a fine or are incarcerated. Sometimes both. When someone pays a fine to the court ie. the Bank, the Bank brings in an income… revenue. It gets even worse. Let’s say a woman or child is there in court to face the accused. Most of the time these victims are ruined for life, therefore they will probably spend the rest of their life in therapy and on pharmaceuticals. Are you starting to see the picture? A damaged woman or child is good for business. The medical and pharmaceutical industries profit greatly.



The Prison System

When one is sent to prison they keep the private and public prison industries in business a number of ways. Prisons are used in a legal way to shake down the taxpayer. A prisoner is kept alive and the taxpayer will fund them thinking they are keeping their community safer. That is not why prisoners go to prison though. Who do you think pays for the food prisoners eat? Who do you think pays for the prison guards, heats and cools the place, keeps the lights on? We do! That’s who. More big business for different industries the prison system hires and uses.


The Slaughterhouse & Food Industry

The slaughterhouses profit greatly from human trafficking. How is this possible?

jew slaughterhouse

Where do you think women and child sex slaves go when they get out of line or are no longer of value to their jew slave masters? That’s right… The kosher slaughterhouse! Our enemies are very efficient aren’t they? Sure, they could help the funeral businesses out, but why not give cousin Shlomo the dead bodies to process and put on the jew supermarket shelves and in fast food restaurants they own? Yes, Folks… our jew enemy loves to feed our own kind back to us. When I was growing up in the 1980’s they would mock us by putting the pictures of missing women and children on milk cartons when they were already dead. This is why next to none were ever found and rescued. 

jew slaughterhouse2


Charities create a huge revenue for the Human Trafficking business. How many of you have given money thinking you were making a difference in the world? I hate to break it to you, but you’ve done more harm than good. All charities are scams and very little of your money goes to who you think it goes to.


Did you know that the Red cross is a business that ONLY helps prisoners of war? How can that be? The Red Cross helps people whenever and wherever there is a disaster or tragedy. Makes you think, right? How can we be prisoners of war living in a so-called free country? Well, the answer is we are not free! We’ve only been told we are free so that we will not rise up and revolt against our slave masters.


The Black Market Organ Trade

The evil never ends, Folks. The no longer useful women and children sex slaves will usually have their organs removed before they are murdered and sent to Shlomo’s slaughterhouse to be mixed with pork, “the other white meat.” What is the first white meat? I hate to break it to you, Folks, but human flesh is the other white meat. Remember the commercial? The jew just loves to rub our noses in it, doesn’t he? Nothing pleases him more than physically, mentally and Spiritually destroying us Goyim.

Organ harvesting is a big business that goes on in hospitals, which we are not told about. Did you know that a hospital is also known as a Bank in the system we live under and support? You think that is bad, let me lay this on you… there is even a Medical Tourism Industry built around the businesses of human and organ trafficking.

I’ve only scratched the surface in this article. If you think about it, human trafficking can create business for an endless number of industries. These jew merchant monsters get away with it because we all live under Maritime Admiralty Law and fall within its jurisdiction. Even if you live on land. How is this possible? Our bodies are made up of 60% water and are considered to be a vessel, or a ship. I know, I know… it’s disgusting, but it is true!


Are you starting to understand why I have been repeatedly encouraging my White Aryan Folk to get out of the Jew World Order System? Not only are we enslaved to it, we also help to keep the evil that’s done going. I can not in good conscience be involved now that I understand what it really is and how this sick world operates. I have chosen to take the difficult path of living, which includes making my own products, growing my own food and bartering amongst like minded folk. I am by no means wealthy by today’s standards, however I am very rich when it comes to knowledge and Spiritual health. The more of us who start to reject the system, the easier and better life will become for those of us who live the old fashioned way… by Natural Law.

Reject the easy path of the system that leads to evil, Folks. Most of us are good Folk who don’t want to do harm to others. You may think your good intentions while participating in the Jew World Order system are not evil. But just remember…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


If you don’t believe this is the reality of the world we live in, you are very naive.


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