The Second Coming… Again CHAPTER 11


New Projects and a Snake Stirring Again

As expected, little or no response from developing and underdeveloped sectors follows. In developed countries the article however attracts great interest, and not only in the project itself. Three weeks after the article appeared Rob’s phone rings:

“Rob Arndt, good afternoon.”

“Hold for Doctor Pierce please.” a lady replies. A moment later: “Good afternoon Mister Arndt. I’m Dr. Ian Pierce of the zoology faculty in Bloemfontein. My colleagues, botanists and paleontologists from all over the world contacted me about the revelations in the media about eggs and other material that were brought here by the Aryans. Do you think it’s possible… will you please contact Captain Brato and request a meeting with us to discuss the subject?”

Rob smiles:”I thought it would interest a special group of people like yourself, Doctor. I’ll ask him to call you and set up a meeting.”

“We would appreciate it tremendously, Mr. Arndt. You can imagine what it will mean for us to study the origins of our race and understand how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago first hand.”

“I do not believe there will be a problem doctor.”

“Well, thanks in advance, Mr. Arndt, and goodbye.”

Pressure from the inhabitants of developed countries are urging their Folk Leaders to join the space project. They all agree that a direct benefit to the people should come from such a project. Brato and his fellow Aryans highlight the technological benefits that the world has already gained from Osiris’s design and the possibility of tourism in the planetary system.

This last proposal is especially popular, and a start is made on the design and construction of the first new deep space ship, with crew awards according to contribution.

Rob relayed Dr.Pierce’s request to Brato. He is more than willing to make one of his medical staff available to the group to assist with their research, and at the same time suggests that a laboratory be made available and a suitable area set apart where the eggs of hundreds of extinct animal species can be fertilized and be made to grow up in a controlled environment.

At a meeting Dr Pierce called, zoologists and paleontologists are overjoyed with the news, especially when Klem’s wife, Breti shows footage of these animals, a predecessor of today’s Llama with five toes instead two, amphichelydia, an extinct turtle, mastodons, and ancestors of sheep, horses, camels, and a host of other extinct animals.

The delegates return to their respective countries and make plans to assure the proposed project gets going. 

Another project development comes from linguists, who in turn are interested in lost languages, including their gematria and etymology, which in turn can solve many problems, including archaeological. Information relating to this are available to them from the ship’s archives. The Smithsonian is forced to give up their secrets, and for the first time in modern history, our Folk find out what has been hidden from them for centuries. White Aryan Folk learn to look at the world with new eyes.


Time flew by, it’s three years later and the two farmers and their families are having a braai with Brato and his family..

“One day soon we will have a nice big wedding for Chance and Geni,” says Melody, “Did you see how they look at each other?”

Chance’s ears glowed almost like the coals in the fire: “Mother!”

Rob laughs: “You’re imagining things.”

“You men never notice anything.  They are always together, and look out for Henrie and Heli too. They disappear into the barn far too often.”

Now Henrie’s ears are also red: “What? That’s not true!”

Helga chuckles: “Well, they’re not crippled. It will not be bad to have smart grandchildren.”

Brato suddenly turns serious: “I don’t want to upset you, but there is something you do not realize. The children may fall in love with each other, but there is the issue of our long-life gene. Many of us are centuries old. If any of you would marry one of us, things will get very complicated as one will age and die much earlier than the other. Furthermore, some of their children will have our genes as a dominant gene and others will have yours. This means that some parents will have to bury their children. I’m not sure if you thought of this?”

Melody is now very concerned: “You must think carefully, children. It could go well at the beginning, but later you will merely become a burden to those who do not age as quickly as you. Is it fair to them or their children? If you do consider taking a mate from our Aryan relatives, make very sure it’s not just puppy love and think seriously about what Uncle Brato said.”

All are somewhat taken aback and Helga says: “I think you youngsters should all think about this very seriously and be honest with each other. It’s not for us to decide on your behalf, but it’s not a decision to be taken lightly or at the spur of the moment.”

It’s a somber group that goes to sleep later in the evening. The next day, the children inform their parents that after discussing it at length they have finally come to a decision. They will remain close friends, but marriage is out of the question. All the other children in the community should be informed about this. Their parents are visibly relieved. “It was a very mature decision and I know that it was very difficult,” said Rob, “But sadly, I believe it was the right one.”


In a luxury mansion on New York’s suburban Long Island, a secret meeting is taking place. David Roth Jr. has a satisfied look on his face, A scrambled message from Heim Cohen and Sheila Cooper arrived from South Africa this morning. They were accepted into the new aircraft industry’s security section. “Our thanks go out to the guys who invented our new identities. It worked! Clearly my wife and I are jews, but somehow we were accepted as Aryans! We got a foot in the door, gentlemen. One of these days we should be able to free our fathers. Revenge will be sweet.” As Heim rubs his hands and deviantly giggles out loud.

“They must be careful and avoid anything that may be construed as suspicious. If they do a decent job, and I am confident that they are capable considering their training, they should be promoted fairly soon.” Says Joe Kahn.

“Are you sure their paper work is in order? They cannot be traced back to us?” Asked James Levi.

“They were provided with new identities before our fathers were arrested, using the USA witness protection system. We framed a drug ring member to get them into the system legitimately. At present they are known as Mr. Caleb Wilson and his wife Sheila. They seem to get on well together… one would think they were actually married.”

“Yes, to be convincing, they might even have a baby while they’re at it.” said another.

The others laugh at the thought…


It’s ten years later and two new and improved deep space ships are nearing completion. The first is slightly larger and broader than the one with which the Aryans arrived, with the main change in the middle part of the ship that has four round counter orbital sections within a fixed hexagonal outer sleeve. The modules within the revolving cylinders are no longer directly exposed to space.

New tensions grow around the territory the Aryans are settling due to unprecedented prosperity, increase in White population, the claiming of more land around the development and race based selection of this territory’s Folk.

The media, still controlled by the same criminally corrupt families was up to no good once again.

Eddie is upset: “We will have to watch these media moguls. It’s no coincidence that the same families as previously are causing problems.”

Helga agrees: “Oh yes, the jew snake is sticking out its head again.”

Rob has also for a while now had an uncomfortable feeling about this issue: “I think we should have an investigation team look into their operations thoroughly. There are also a few documents at the factory that have disappeared despite our security. I just have a feeling that everything there is not as it seems. The security chief, Cal Wilson tried to reassure me, but his wife can not look me in the eye. Fortunately the documents’s symbols and language are in ancient Aryan, making it more difficult to decipher, but it’s only a matter of time before others figure it out.”

“Do we know where the Wilsons come from?” Asked Dant.

Rob thinks for a moment: “If I remember correctly, they come from the US Witness Protection Program. They have an advanced knowledge in security matters, which is the reason for their rapid progress. It makes me wonder, because Wilson does almost all the security appointments since his promotion.”

Dant is now worried: “I will send a team to do an extensive background check on the both of them. We can not let everything fall back to the previous chaos. We can increase the security team with some of our own Folks and then we will inform you about any irregularities.”


With the rapid growth of their numbers it was necessary for the Aryans to claim more of the land surrounding the two farms. They are now settled in a large part of the Karoo, which is undergoing an unprecedented metamorphosis. Farmers in the newly acquired areas have willingly blended into the self governed Aryan settlement and are benefiting from their technology and prosperity. New residents participating in the surrogate mother project were, as agreed, selected according to genetic characteristics and condition of permanent residency in the Aryan settled territory. The large number of children are educated in special schools. For outsider employees a special school is set up for their children, with the education by teachers like Melody and Helga to the bring the proper and correct worldview to them without the interference of international world jewry .

Because of the danger of bad outside influences on their children and the possibility of corruption of the genes they have so long protected, the new coming Aryans insist that the farm laborers be resettled. They are taken back to their home countries and are relocated with more than sufficient resources to adequately support themselves. This in itself creates tension between the Aryan Folk and members of the former black South African government who have not been relocated yet. The blacks are now taking an aggressive stance and expressing an unwillingness to cooperate. Despite the fact that new industries and an extensive infrastructure has been built around them, they are one of the racial groups who do not want to participate in the construction of new spacecraft. At a board meeting Rob brings up this issue: “We are being accused by the previous government of black South Africa that we are taking land from the black population. Though none of them are indigenous to this country. They want to revive the negative land claims principle again to take the land that we have developed and the multinational media encourages them with accusations of racism.”

Brato has recently had many arguments with these people, “They can not really do much about it. Most of it is mere jealousy that ultimately everything will belong to us and our Folk, old and new, all fueled by the media. They are especially unhappy because we refuse to interbreed, and we do not bribe them. They do not understand that for us and the world in general there is no benefit to interbreed with them and that we will not include them in our breeding program.”

Eddie agrees: “Other races see race mixing with us as a benefit for themselves, but such a thing is detrimental for us.”

Brato continues: “I have thought about it. Blacks seem to think that Africa is exclusively for them. They do not realize that they were brought here many centuries ago by our ancestors from South America who were trying to get rid of them. They did not quite turn out as intended and were reckoned as a scourge. Maybe they had the right idea as it seems like we’ll have to do the same again.”

Eddie chuckles: ” Maybe we could develop a floating island and steer it well away from other civilizations?”

Everyone laughs and some even think it should be seriously considered.

Brato resumes: “We must also remember that our technology is now largely common knowledge, at least in developed White nations. How long will it be before some other country or group thinks they can take our place and dominate the world like before our arrival?”

Helga laughs: “Come on Brato, tell us what you have in mind!”

Brato is not quite sure about his idea’s reception: “What I have in mind will take time, but in the end it may be a solution to rid ourselves of all undesirables. We will not know until we try it.”

Helga is getting impatient: “Please Brato, out with it!”

“I just thought… the only other planet where we might be able to colonize, is Mars. The only problem is its distance from the sun which makes it cold, it lacks water and a proper atmosphere, and its inability to maintain an atmosphere because of its size.”

This comment confuses Rob: “What do you mean by ‘the only problem’. It sounds like an impossible problem to me!”

“Well, we have pushed a fairly large comet through space for a long time. What prevents us to do such a thing again? Mars needs water… we could harvest a few comets from the Oort cloud and deliver them there. It needs mass… we can supplement it with some asteroids and at the same time remove a few of the really dangerous ones crossing the earth’s orbit. It needs heat and is far from the sun… asteroid collisions may activate volcanoes and also release carbon dioxide. A little methane gas, which is twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide as far as heating of the atmosphere is concerned would also help… there are such sources in space that we can use and wildlife will later contribute to this. The real problem is to create a balance that will start a cycle as we have on earth, where vegetation picks up excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen. This in turn can be utilized by livestock and together with the water of the sea and its marine life, which also binds carbon dioxide in lime, a self-regulatory system can form, where carbon dioxide is captured by sediments in the rocks and is then released by plate shifts, causing subduction and the resulting volcanoes.”

Helga exclaims : “Oh that, that’s easy! It’s like planting maize in the Namib Desert, and then organizing a prayer hour for rain!”

Eddie chuckles: “She about has it right!”

Brato is dead serious: “I do not think we’re going to get a lot of support for it. Osiris is still available, and if we can find out what his sister ship Isis has become, we may have two ships.”

“What do you mean ‘what Isis has become’? You said she might not have gotten away in time.” Rob says.

“Well, according to the message left at the Pyramids of Giza, I concluded that they did in fact depart in the direction of Sirius, but who on earth built the smaller Pyramids of Giza complex with their built-messages, and why… and where did the technology and science for it come from? “said Brato,” The Pyramids were built some time after their departure and the disadvantaged, reduced population, in the mean time obviously concentrated on survival. At that time they no longer had the old infrastructure of many technologies at their disposal, if anything. It may well be that a few of us survived and supervised the building of the pyramids as a reminder of the two ships; but where are the legends about Horus from? Isis’s crew also came from the legendary people of Atlantis which ancient Egyptian priests knew. It makes me think that they may have come from ancestors returnees. I suspect that they came back, like us, but that something perhaps happened to Isis within the planetary system, as it is obvious their numbers and resources were not enough to set up a new infrastructure in time. I suspect that only a few of the modules and landing craft on board survived the disaster. The wreck may still be floating around somewhere in the area of the disaster. If so, it must be within a distance from the earth that would make it possible for a landing craft or module to reach the earth. Perhaps parts of it is still usable. The reactor and propulsion system will be quite handy and time saving.”

“Where in the vast expanse of space will you go looking for it?” Asked Melody.

“Well, when I think of how much attention the hieroglyphs pay to the sun, which they call Horus, it’s location and movement and what we thought when we approached the earth… where do you think you can hide a spaceship if you want to investigate the Earth without being seen? If we did not receive your broadcasts, we would perhaps also ended up following that strategy as we were uncertain about the nature of possible occupation … I think it might be worth investigating around the sun… we do not have to look further than that… if it’s not there we accept that its gone, but perhaps we get lucky.”

Helga interrupts: “I am going along.  It’s my turn.”

“I agree,” said Melody, “Our children can join us. It will be a educational experience for us.”

Rob tries to intervene: “Wait! This can be dangerous!”

Melody is not easily convinced: “Just as dangerous as when Brato and our relatives wandered through space for thousands of years? It’s more dangerous crossing the road in town!”

Erik has been following the conversation closely. He has since learned Afrikaans, but still struggles a bit to compile sentences: “Why don’t we make it a holiday for all of us? I know Sandy and I will love it. Sorry Don is not here… too busy as usual.”

Brato smiles: “It seems that we are decided then. We will just have to decide which of our captains will be left behind.”

Dant is building a new house for his family: “You go. Klem and I will look after the place and take care of the work. Just place a Green one with every family in each unit, just in case something does happen. I will have the landing craft serviced and ready, should they be needed.”

Things get organized quickly. Two weeks later the new and old travelers and their pilots excitedly board the two landing craft and take off to rendezvous with Osiris, and begin their journey to the other side of the sun. The children, now ten years older and almost grown up, brought their friends and their parents along.


“You’re fast asleep,” Leah says to Chance when she finds him alone in the archive.

Chance is caught off guard: “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know that Helena is in love with you or haven’t you notice that she is quite grown up now and a very beautiful woman?”

Chance was somewhat taken aback, but not speechless: “Don’t worry, Henrie also looks at you like you’re the last woman on earth!”

Leah is now blushing a bright crimson: “Henrie has always been like a brother to me. I’ve never thought of him as a life partner. Maybe we’re both asleep.”

“Well, he is just a shy guy. He keeps his feelings well hidden, but he does not fool me. Don’t you think we need to do something about that little sis?”

“I can not think of a better sister-in-law that Helena. I would say yes, you do something about it and I will too.”

“Well, if you will promise to treat my best friend gently. Be honest and do not hurt him unnecessarily.” Chance chuckles.

The two now see their childhood playmates through different eyes and found themselves quite drawn to them. A few days later Leah calls Henrie over: “Can I speak to you privately for a moment? Come, there’s an empty module just next door.”

Henrie follows her meekly: “I know this must seem awkward to you, and believe me when I say, I feel really stupid doing this but it needs to be said. Chance says you have feelings for me. Is that true?” The airlock hisses shut.

Henrie did not expect such a direct approach, but this was Leah after all. His head starts spinning. He does the only thing he can think of…and kisses her softly. She kisses back, but then pushes him away gently: “Slow down Romeo!”

“Leah, I’ve been in love with you for a very long time, but I wasn’t sure how you would react. Our lives have changed so dramatically and time seems to fly by. Seeing how the Aryans do not age as we do, I feel we are foolish if we waste time. I need to ask you in all seriousness… Will you please marry me?”

This time its Leah’s turn to be caught by surprise, but with a devilish smile replies: “Hm-mm … I’ll have to think about it. There are so many cute guys on the farm.”

“Ha ha yes like your dad and brother! Come on freckles, you know you want to!”

“Freckles?! They’re that bad?”

“You have the cutest freckles on your nose. The Aryan children all turn pink in the sun and I’ve looked to find any on them. They seem to react differently to our sun. You on the other hand are a true Earth Aryan and I love your freckles.”

Leah melts. “You are forgiven, and yes, I’ll marry you.”

He felt in his pocket and pulled out a box: “I bought a ring long ago and waited for an opportunity to ask you.” He wastes no time, put the ring on her finger and kisses her again.

Leah laughs: “You had your own plans it seems. Let’s go tell the others.”

They come into the archive holding hands and Chance sees them first: “And now? Why the smiles?”

Leah holds out her left hand: “Henrie proposed!”

Chance shakes Henrie’s hand: “So you finally popped the question my friend. Congratulations you two. May your days ahead only bring happiness.”

Leah beamed with happiness: “Thank you brother. Now it’s your turn, or will you be left behind?”

“Well, I don’t really know if she will want me… what do you say Helena, shall we make it a double wedding?”

Helena looks at him askance: “Are you joking or are you serious?”

“I’ve never been more serious. I love you. Always have. Will you marry me?”

Helena hesitates only for a moment, and then puts her arms around his neck: “Of course I will. I have long loved you too.”

“Well, come with me, I want to speak to you in my office. There are too many spectators here.”

“Not spectators. Witnesses,” Henrie laughs.


A while later Brato’s voice is heard over the intercom: “Turn on the magnetic soles of your shoes and come over to the control room, you will find this interesting.”

All ride the transit system to the control room where they find Brato: “You’ll soon get used to weightlessness, but be careful for now. Take a look around and ask if there is something you want to know.”

On a panel with screens, they see the earth behind them, the sun and a planet on another. A computer screen shows the path they will follow.

“Are we not going to get too close to the sun come?” Asks Ryan Woodford.

“We have reflective panels that will keep us cool.” Explains Brato “We can not take years to arrive at our destination. We will therefore follow a fairly tight orbit around the sun. We will have to change course a few times to arrive in the right place to get in the same orbit as the earth around the sun. The course has already been computed and everything will take place automatically. You will have a fifteen minute warning before every change of course, all will be expected to go to your living quarters and strap yourselves in. The units will be locked and you will for a while be weightless until the spaceship’s propulsion system starts up. You will be weightless again until the units start turning.”

The group is still in the control room when an alarm sounds and a strange whooshing could be heard through the ship. All the computers suddenly shut down for a few seconds before turning back on again.

“What was that?” Melody nervous.

Brato reassures her: “It’s the defense system. It picked up something in our way and destroyed it automatically. The sensors are tucked in behind the shield for a short time to prevent them from being damaged by the remains. That’s why the screens went blank for a moment.”

“Oh! I just thought there was trouble. “

“Do not worry, if we encounter something that is too large to destroy we will be warned in advance in order for us to prepare for evasion. Such big things are easier to detect and respond to earlier.”

Melody is still concerned: “It still makes me nervous!”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen that we can not handle. In a few weeks we will be close enough to Venus for you to see it clearly on the screens.”

“I never thought about how long this trip will take,” said Eddie, “I’m beginning to get an idea of how it would be to spend your whole life on board.”

Henrie is excited: “We are really on our way to the sun. I never even dreamt of becoming an astronaut!”

Helga smiles knowingly: “It does not look like you and Leah are really complaining.”

Henrie’s ears turn red: “Yes mother, neither are Helena and Chance?” He looks over at Chance, who is in turn trying very hard to ignore him.

Now there are two sets of red ears. Everyone laughs heartily.

Rob laughs: “It seems to me it’s contagious. Congratulations on your decisions. Let’s leave the partying and planning till we get back home.”

Helga joked: “Yes, their feet must first touch ground again, they’re flying a little high now!”


The fake security chief Cal Wilson is excited: “We must inform David that Brato and the others left port, Sheila. This can be an opportunity to take over and organize a reception committee for their return before there are more space ships.”

“Yes, I’m afraid this might be our only chance. When they have more ships it will be very difficult to take over. At the moment they are all on the ground, we should be able to surprise them. Send it.”


One evening just after midnight Dant’s communication device rings. He says sleepily: “Dant here.”

“You were right, captain. We recorded a discussion between Wilson and his wife. They want to take over control before Brato and the others return. He also just sent a coded e-mail to a man named David and received a reply. He and Sheila are trying to convince some of the other residents to give them control and are organizing a meeting in the town hall.”

“They probably have an insurgent task force ready. Get our own people to the dam wall… and be careful. Do not act yet. I will bring reinforcements.”

It’s dark moon and soon several landing craft are circling high above the factory complex. Klem and his team have landed some distance away and now join the men on the ground. Dant follows Wilson’s movements with his long-range infrared tracking device. They visit several houses one after another, and find most of them empty, the residents having left for the town hall.

Dant informs Klem’s group on the ground: “Move carefully towards the town hall, and do not let anyone see you.”

When the Wilsons finally show up, accompanied by the last of the residents , Dant and Klem are ready to for them. The landing craft silently surround the hall and an astonished group of armed terrorists are caught completely off guard when a voice bellows over a loudspeaker:

“You’re surrounded! Drop your weapons and come out with your hands behind your heads!”

A bewildered group of recruits, workers and security officers appear, Wilson and his wife at the front. The team on the ground arrive silently out of the darkness and one by one the perpetrators are handcuffed and taken back into the town hall.

Dant enters: “I thought you lived a little too high for someone with your salary, Wilson. We are now going to have a little chat about you and David and his other friends.

Cal’s eyes widened: “Who is David?”

“The man you messaged tonight telling you to take over. Did you perhaps think we were asleep?”

“Where did you hear that?”

“We have been watching you for some time. It’s you who should answer my questions. How your answers match our information will determine what happens to you.”

“I have nothing to say.” Cal mumbles stubbornly.

“Well, then you are going on a journey into space… without a spaceship of course.”

“I don’t believe you, it’s not in your nature.”

“You’re making a serious mistake if you think that. Take him to my landing craft. I will personally take care of him.”

Cal is handcuffed and taken away. Dant turns to Sheila: “Will you also be so stupid?”

Sheila’s hands are shaking, “Cal’s father is in jail. He was one of the inner circle whom you had locked up. I’m not actually his wife and his surname is actually Cohen. I had no choice, they would have had my parents and sister killed if I did not do their bidding. “

Dant’s face hardens: “The same game their daddies played, eh? Then I think its only fair he and his friends join their fathers. Bring her along, she will cooperate.”

Back on the farm town Sheila sings like a canary. She tells where and by whom she was recruited and all of whom she knows is involved. Eventually it becomes clear that all the original inner circle members’ families are involved. There is also a new twist that no one could foresee. Sheila also reveals a conspiracy with former South African authorities that would come into force after the takeover, with the necessary compensation of course.

“It makes sense,” says Dant, “they have been trying for a while now to get to us and the take over would not have worked without their co operation. I’m sure the racist card would’ve been played with no mercy in order to justify it.”

Dant sends a message to the relevant countries’ authorities to inform them of the events and to get Sheila’s sister and parents to safety before those involved are arrested. One by one, they are charged, convicted and imprisoned. It’s also the end of their power play that only earned them contempt, even in prison. The former South African government’s involvement is also exposed. Worldwide contempt for this is expressed and those involved are removed from society.  The perfect opportunity presents itself to send them and their families all back to the African countries they originated from. With, of course, a clear warning not to return to South Africa. 


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