In the Old Days I Used To…


In the Old Days I Used To…

Ahhhh Yes! I’ve heard all the great stories. “In the old days we used to walk to school uphill both ways and in the snow.” That one is my favorite. In the old days when I was a young lad, my grandparents raised me. They saw the world much differently than my parents did. My grandparents were good, decent White American music professors who still did things the Old Way, not the New World Order Way. I was taught to grow my own food, cook, bottle it and store it in the pantry for winter time. I was taught to play the piano by both of my grandparents. My grandparents encouraged me to join and be active in the Boy Scouts (before pederasts were given the green light to be so-called leaders) where I was taught to live and survive outdoors if I ever needed to. I was even taught to knit and sew by my grandmother and to fix things around the house by my grandfather. I wish I had taken their instructions more seriously… through a lack of practice I’ve forgotten how to do a lot of what they taught me, however I am now trying to relearn in order to better myself.

I often wonder what children these days have learned from their elders. Probably not too much. In my observation it seems the young ones today are even more degenerate than we were in my generation. I know, I know… I was no angel and everyone says that. Fortunately that pesky conscience of mine and the goodness my grandparents instilled in me kept me in line and from wreaking too much havoc. Nonetheless, I ask the question… do children these days have at least one good role model in their lives? Do they even have a conscience anymore which helps them to determine from right and wrong? I honestly do not think so.

Children today and even most adults act like zombies glued to their phone no matter where they are and with whom they’re with. In the old days… I used to ride my bicycle for miles, even to neighboring towns to look for the next pick-up football, (American, not soccer) baseball or basketball game. Video games were played on rainy days or sometimes for a few hours after I finished my homework before bed time.


WoW!  That must have been awesome, grandpa! Can you teach me how to play?

I just don’t get it. What has happened to us? If I was raised by my parents would I be the same man I’ve become today? I honestly don’t know. I would have never gotten the short inspirational advice from my grandmother every time I walked out the door of my grandparent’s house. The advice was not usually applicable at the time and rarely did it even make sense, but it sure does now. You see, grandma’s words of wisdom did not go in one ear and out the other. I remember damn near everything my grandparents taught and told me. I wish they could see me now. I hope I have made them proud.


Do us White Aryan Folk honor our ancestors anymore? I don’t think most do. Most don’t even honor their parents or themselves let alone honor their dead and long gone ancestors. This is a big problem, Folks!

When you honor your ancestors you are in essence honoring yourself.

It is no wonder why we’re still in an unofficially declared war getting slaughtered and genocided every day and every night as we just sit on our hind parts in front of the computer reading about our Folk who were genocided by niggroids the night before. We have no honor left! It’s been White washed out of us. We’ve become desensitized to our own genocide and rarely does anyone even shed a tear anymore. At most some will whine and pray to some god who does not and will not answer them. I must ask… Christians, will you still wait for god or jeeeeesus to answer your prayers and save you when you’re the last White man or woman standing? I honestly think you would wait! You’re severely mentally ill and you need help! You may be worse off than the derelict teenager who had no guidance during their formative and teen age years. At least they have the instinct to stay alive, live to fight another day and potentially change their ways.


What are we going to do, Folks? Will anyone stand up like a MAN and start to take care of business like our great ancestors did? And believe you me, they had it no better than we do. They were fighting different battles against the same jew enemy who uses his same niggroid and mixed race proxy armies who are kicking our asses by the way, in the same ongoing war we’re in today. It appears they did not do so well if you look around, but is it entirely their fault? No! It isn’t! At least they had the courage to physically fight.


I love you, grandma and grandpa and I miss you very much. I wish there were more like you around these days to spread your wisdom. We desperately need men and women like you to guide us through this darkness we are all trapped and enslaved within if we have any hope for future generations of White women and children.

You must be rolling over in your graves…

The White Aryan Race has gone from General Patton to patent leather in only 4 generations.

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  1. There is not much I can add to this writing: it pretty much sums up how degenerate and lazy we have become. What can we do about the situation we are in? The sad truth is that we have been hijacked by sick psychopath Jews in positions of power; by a sick secretive brotherhood posing as Aryans. Do we deserve this? I think we do. Our loving forefathers maybe shouldn’t have gone around hitting niggers with sticks. On the other hand: let’s say they treated them in a loving and kind manner, what would’ve been the outcome then? Even worse! They would have been downtrodden in a much shorter time span. It’s really a case here of a catch-22 situation. Neither love nor hate is the solution. There is no way to shake hands with what is considered an enemy. What is one left to do? action needs to be taken. We cannot sit around in this prison. Was this prison a paradise at some time? No it wasn’t. It only had the appearance of a paradise. The conditions in it only became worse (for some). I don’t see bombs dropping around me which means one thing: the government of South Africa is sold out to the parasite Ashkenazi Jew. The co-parasite nigger thinks he is in control. He’s not. He is owned just like Putin and Trump…and of course our own loving and clever Jannie Smuts.

    So? In the old days…? what old days? Many years prior to these old days there were conspirators with drafts and blueprints and plans to destroy mankind. Who told them what to do or was this just a product of their imaginations?

    The question is this: what was life like on this earth when it was a paradise? then ask yourself: “what would there be to do in this paradise”? playing video games or hitting people with sticks?

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  2. What I meant by ‘In the Old Days’ was that our White Aryan Race was more honorable than we are today.
    I tend to agree with you about this prison called Earth we are trapped in. I’m not sure it was ever a paradise. It’s a realm of waste due to CORPORATE mining. Nothing is as it seems here.

    Cheers! Martin



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