Feel it… It’s War Part II

xola Skosana land grab

South African Niggroids have declared war on us White South Africans yet again and nobody seems to notice nor care. It is no wonder we are being genocided and without any resistance. Ignoring the enemy is not a winning strategy, Folks.

Why are us White South African Aryans not fighting back?


Xola Skosana
The politicians and all the liars have spoken. No/ w let the people speak. Promises have been made and votes casted, politicians are guaranteed a salary for another five years, yet the people will remain Landless.
Let the people store up food, water and medicine to last them long enough. Let the people save their money under rocks and pillows, anywhere other than the bank. The People’s War against Landlessness is coming and it will be bitter.
If the Land question upon which the people’s dignity, worth, wealth, health culture and education is not returned by the 3rd of August 2017, Black Solidarity Action will mobilize the masses and declare the first phase of the People’s War, a rolling mass action that will bring the country to a stand still.
We will call on workers in every industry, every factory and every farm, in the mines and in the kitchen, in the board room and in the bedroom to withdraw their labor.
Black policemen and women, soldiers and all Black law enforcement agencies will be called upon, in the interest of their families, to put down their weapons, and join the People’s War against Landlessness.
From this day, marches will be organized across the breath and length of the country towards all legislatures where the laws to return the Land have failed to be promulgated in the last 22 years of so called democracy.
On arrival, like Sobukhwe in Sharpville, leaders in front will risk imprisonment, and begin to set alight toothless instruments and symbols of freedom and democracy, beginning with the Freedom Charter, the Constitution and the Flag, demonstrating an act of defiance and a vote of no confidence to the current political and economic status quo which has failed to deliver the Land.
If a sustained mass action of civil disobedience does not yield the desired results, the next phase of the People’s War will ensue. Spaces of white privilege will be targeted by the people’s arsonists and be burned to the ground.
If all fails, we will be left with no option but to arm the people and take state power with the barrel of the gun, change the laws and liberate the masses.
Everything we do as from now on is only but a rehearsal for the People’s War. Every protest and every picketing is but only a warm up and a training ground for the People’s War pending.
We implore the Black masses to join the Black Solidarity Action as we slowly connect the “live wires” from Fees Must Fall/Return All Expelled and Suspended Students, to End Outsourcing, from a struggle for a living wage in Marikana to the Farms in Dedoorans and Stellenbosch, from Free Apla Political Prisoners to Buy Black End White Arrogance Campaign, from Anti Racism Campaign to Return the stolen R26 Billion Campaign and more.
Black Solidarity Action is not another political party, but A Clarion Call to unite black people on the most central question of their betrayed struggle, the Land question. Let us take the cause of all isolated Black struggles waged in Azania to the logical conclusion, the People’s War For Land.”

War To The Enemy
Peace Amongst Africans
Forward with the People’s War
Land or Death

The niggroids are still unhappy even though their kind run the government. Since the niggroid government is dragging their feet and has not stolen all White Land yet, the niggroids who are not in government are telling us they will do it themselves.

I ask again…


I wrote an article on my other website not to long ago covering this topic and a lot more. Give it a read, Folks. 

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 Feel it… It’s War 

 Feel it… It’s War Part II

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