The Second Coming… Again CHAPTER 10



The next few weeks are a busy time on the ship. Scores within the media visit and ask probing and sometimes uncomfortable questions. In the end, however, the general consensus is reached to not act unnecessarily harsh with staff and heads of state who were forced to cooperate with the order of authority, but rather to concentrate on the really evil forces behind them. Quite a few relieved faces could be found among them, but also a few anxious ones. In this way, almost all the earth’s inhabitants are made aware of the true state of affairs, both the Aryan newcomers’ goodwill and the truth about the criminals who were, for centuries, responsible for so much misery on earth.

The result is that outrage, but also relief and gratitude take root among the general population of the world. Outrage is displayed by blacks, arabs, jews and all shades of mixed race inbetweeners in all Western Countries, as “racism” is shouted, screamed and smeared all over countries that want to revert back to a Nationalist System. Protests take place and cities burn, that is until the Aryan newcomers help restore order, threatening the criminal, parasitic invaders with permanent deportation back to their native countries. Ships fly day and night, clearing out countries of the hordes that held it ransom for decades. Liberals try their damnedest to instill guilt in White Folks all over the world but lose the battle when their leaders all disappear in one night, leaving the foot soldiers without any leadership and funds, and the whole movement dies down in a couple of days. The rest are rejected by their own societies and end up in third world countries with the people they were defending so passionately, never to be seen or heard of again.

Parliaments are dismembered and measures are adopted to charge the offenders, freeze their bank accounts within the banks that are now taken over by the Nationalist Folk, and their assets are confiscated .

After many arguments and counter-arguments, the mere fact of the spaceship’s threatening and dominant position takes precedent. The UN is dismantled. Each country will have to rely on its own population for its own resources and capabilities. Politics are treated as deserved and are abolished. No Government is left intact and all politicians are stripped of their status. Individuals with racial and nationalist mindsets are recognized by the visitors and are helped to fill the vacuum left by criminal politicians and governments. Countries of every race, one after the other, revert to racial nationalism and a great migration takes place all over the world. 

Economists are shunned. The Aryan newcomers meet representatives of all countries with full media coverage to reorganize the monetary systems of individual countries, changing them into barter type systems, based on the value of a man or woman’s labor as natural resources are free to the folk of a nation and only labor is rewarded. The various countries’ secret services were disbanded, and new security organizations are formed from carefully selected patriotic folk from all newly formed Nations which are based on race. Meanwhile, a principle is adopted that all discussions between the respective countries’ authorities will henceforth take place only in public with full media coverage. All secret policing agencies are dismantled and no Federal system is left. The world appears free of manipulation… but the Kehillah, its King and his Princes must still be dealt with.


With the newly designed nuclear power reactors generating power for the two farming villages, Nations are impatiently waiting to get similar generation technology. The new company has no difficulties in getting orders for their generators. Engineers from various countries are given information regarding the fusion process and maintenance. The manufacturing of power generators create substantial employment opportunities for the newcomers and their new industry. They build a house for each family, and the two farms arose into two new towns which are expanding rapidly… because of the first boom of births, their numbers increase tremendously. 

As the housing modules are evacuated, they are systematically taken back to the space ship until every one is back in it’s place. The ship itself has since become a popular tourist attraction and a preferred place of education. The environment around the two new towns have changed completely. With unlimited energy from an energy source similar to the ship’s, it is possible to extract water from the air vapor, and this has gradually turned the towns into a small oasis, independent of rainfall, with agricultural possibilities normally not found in the dry Karoo. This made other arid countries interested and before long places like the Sahara, Mojave, Gobi and other deserts are blooming and producing organic crops. Before long no country has any excuse for not being able to feed its own population. And those that did not, knew not to expect any help from producing countries.

Those who have heard of the Aryan Surrogate Mother Project, meanwhile inquire about the possibility of participating. Brato and Dant, however, recommend that individuals can only be considered after proper inspection, and provided that such applicants are genetically pure and that they permanently become part of the community. It would also imply that more jobs would be needed in the towns, which have not been possible on a large scale at this stage, except for employment in the new industries and for care and education of the children. 

With the general energy problem in principle resolved and beginning to be implemented, the transportation industry undergoes a complete change. The necessary land is allocated and a large aircraft industry together with a nuclear power development factory is erected at the dam near Colesberg, where a fusion reactor is easily added as support to the country’s existing power supply network.

Men and women of the Aryan Race from other nations are also selected and employed on merit for the aircraft manufacturing. A proper security system should now be established, and security personnel are carefully selected and their respective offices appointed according to qualifications and experience, some for training new staff. As security chief, a married man whose wife is nearly as well qualified is appointed. Both decided to relocate to South Africa from The United States.

The Aryan newcomers, however separate three important developments from the rest, which only the country’s own people and visitors are involved in.  The manufacturing of nuclear power stations, the surrogate mother project and the powerful computer controlled laser technology, which of course is a formidable weapon.


Brato and some of his fellow Aryans have since found a new interest studying various books on the Geology of South Africa and other countries. Eventually, at one of their meetings, he discloses to the others what he has in mind: “Almost all the minerals we need for the production of free flying vehicles are available in this country. With the power networks all supplied from nuclear power, the only remaining issue to address is the dependence on oil. The car industry is indeed systematically trying to switch to super flywheel technology that will make use of the power network. Then there is solar and wind power, combined with the super flywheel to store energy, these can supply most remote areas with power without the need for long lines, but we can provide the airlines with better and safer vehicles. I especially have the future of the greens in mind. They are still the best equipped pilots. It will mean a lot to them to have a special place in the world where they can be applied for their unique characteristics.”

Rob agrees: “It’s true, and I think I know what you have in mind. You want an agreement with the government for the production of their expropriated mines.”

“Not an agreement Rob, I think as we can provide significant advantages to the population, we should be the leaders of our nation and Folk. We can also establish agreements with national aircraft manufacturing companies and space agencies for the manufacture of parts. If we establish a large local industry, it will be an extra incentive and source of income for the population, a substantial boost for the country, expansion possibilities and future job opportunities for future generations.”

Eddie gets a wry smile: “It didn’t take long for you to realize that we need a new and trustworthy leader in this country. With everything happening in the world and us being involved in most of it, we have neglected to look after our own people. How do you propose to do this?”

“Well… since most of the invaders in the country have left for their respective countries, the handful still remaining and trying to bring back their “days of power & freedom” will be easy to remove. They will be dealt with. No political process will be allowed, ever again, and our people will be led by their own. We will make it clear that we are one Folk and no others will be allowed to interfere with our way of life. We will first establish local community leaders, and the best Nationalistic minds will represent the nation.”

Helga nudged Brato’s shoulder: “I don’t think you’re telling us everything, Brato. Come on, out with it.”

“You’re right, Helga. For us it is impossible to forget how we got here. If there is one certainty on this earth, it is that once again, one time or another, a catastrophic collision or something similar will come from space, as it has clearly done several times since our ancestors left here. The next one, however, can be larger… what you call a Extinction Level Event… the end of all life on earth. Your astronomers have found thousands such objects coming dangerously close to the earth, and the most dangerous are not even those, but the countless comets in the Oort cloud that could at any moment be disturbed by unpredictable movements within the planetary system, and might end up in a collision with the earth. They move at a much greater speed than the objects that simply revolve around the sun, with correspondingly greater results. Most of our Folk who stayed behind thousands of years ago were indeed wiped out by such a comet, and it was not nearly the largest that we have encountered in the Oort cloud. The chances are very good that Osiris, or a later model of it, will have to be brought into use in the future as it was before. However, it would be much better if we were prepared with more arks this time.  For safety and support we can perhaps send them into space in pairs or larger groups looking for another safe place for our folk in such an event.”

Helga laughs: “That’s it. I knew it! But you will have to make a fire under some of our Folk. This is not a topic they like to talk about.”

Rob is more optimistic: “I’m sure it can be resolved. It will indeed provide a lot of work, especially for our Aryan Folk from other countries who want to settle here.”

“How fast do you reckon one of those ships will be able to go? Will it be able to get away safely before anything hits us? Will we be able to rescue most of our Folk? Will it be like those ships we see in movies that go at “warp speed”? Asks Helga, frowning.

“Interesting questions, Helga. Yes to all of them except “warp speed” which is just a figment of someone’s imagination. Your scientists have led you by the nose hairs for more than a century with a science that is tainted by politics and the Kehillah to serve their agenda and keep you in the dark.  The theory proposed by a kinsman of the order of authority that led to ideas about time and dimension stretching and shrinking, was the cause of many mistakes. Even if it was possible, which is highly unlikely, you can imagine how much energy is released in a collision at the speed of light with even a micro meteorite, and how much matter you will encounter in a journey of 100 light years through space. I would not want to participate in such a trial. You should travel through space with the greatest caution and constant vigilance. Your own astronomers say that 2/3 of the matter in the Milky Way consists of dark mass. You should know that your chance to evade obstacles at the speed you move and your ability to evade such barriers is impossible. Even travelling at the speed we did, not everything that can damage a ship can be evaded. It’s one of the reasons why we had a comet anchored to the front of the ship… as a shield against the smaller but more numerous objects that are not easily found or can not quickly be evaded.”

Helga laughs: “Well, I bow humbly before your superior knowledge and insight.”

Rob is not so sure: “How can you be sure our science is on the wrong path? There are many successful developments in the field of nuclear research done precisely by this approach.”

“This should be expected. The theory was necessarily tailored by fraudulent scientists to a particular already known phenomena. The mathematics involved had to be fudged to make their theory seem believable. Credible scientists apparently had objections and some still have problems with their pseudo science, but the media, and even the British Royal Society, is under control of the order of authority, and any objectors are silenced or ridiculed, and publications by these brave individuals who dare publish their objections are economically ruined by the so-called scientific community. The problem lies with the premise. Two theories had to be adapted to form a unified theory. One had to be changed and unfortunately the one chosen was the one where the math could be manipulated the easiest. Einstein’s theory requires movement without a medium, the speed of light as the maximum speed. Maxwell’s theory, a purely mathematical approach to the propagation of electromagnetism in a dielectric medium, requires a medium. However, Einstein used Lorenz’s equations which were based on Maxwell’s theory to support his conclusions. Clearly contrary. It was Maxwell’s theory that had to be adjusted, not Newton’s. The math should not try to change time and dimension, but rather the propagation of an electromagnetic wave or particle. Clearly you’ve made physics out of mathematics, instead of using mathematics as mere tools to be applied with caution to explain physical phenomena. If the math works, it is not a given that the physics derived from it is true.”

Rob was slightly taken aback: “What do you mean the math works, but the physics might not necessarily be true?”

“Well, I’ll give you a simple example. If you want to calculate the surface of a square, for example, just the length of one side is necessary, you then square to get the answer. However, if you take the square root of the surface, you get two possible answers to the length of a side, a positive one right, and a negative one that is impossible. Common sense and practical experience, or rather experiment instead of theory then eliminates the wrong one.”

Eddie, who remained silent until now, gives his two cents worth: “I read a book, Science at the Crossroads, and found that late Professor Dingle of Tasmania wrote that he had a almost lifelong battle against Einstein’s plagiarized Theory of Relativity, the media, and the Royal Society. He also mathematically proves how and where the doctored math was slipped in. In his theory Einstein considered the movement of a dimensionless point. If you rather give the imaginary object a length, and you apply Einstein’s thought experiment, the mathematical solution is totally contradictory. Mathematics can be also be used to prove other math wrong, although it does not necessarily provide the right solution. Prof. Dingle also says he does not know what the answer is, but he is very certain that there is a major screw loose.”

Helga sighs: “I think our new media will have to be used to break this to the public. We will just have to make sure they do not run away with this story. We will have to avoid speculation on multiple levels. Our science books will have to be re-written…and the old ones burnt!”

Brato continues: “The point I would like to make is that there are no easy solutions, but if our Aryan Folk can advance jointly and act to our mutual benefit, we, as a Race, have a reasonable chance to survive. Before that can happen, however, there must be a lot of change taking place in our Folk’s attitudes as the world’s past political system caused divisions, discord and strife. For people of different races in the same territory to be allowed to compete for the same resources, is clearly a recipe for disaster.”

“We got heavy opposition as we awakened people to separate, and it required a totally new way of educating our Folk.” says Eddie, “but let us begin. We will probably have to lean heavily on the example of the ancient civilization’s success.”

It didn’t take much for Brato and his crew to convince the unwelcome, power hungry, savages and parasites that their place was not here in this country any longer. And so begins a new role for the Aryan newcomers. There’s still opposition to the new direction being taken, but nobody even considered acting in a violent manner as before. For the first time in thirty years, White Folk in South Africa could sleep without fearing for their lives.


With the main malefactors behind bars, the world now enters a period of unprecedented prosperity. In remote, sparsely populated areas, where it is currently not justifiable to build reactors, more efficient solar systems based on knowledge of the ancient Aryans’ archives have become popular. Especially in undeveloped and developing countries, the Aryan newcomers are highly favored. In the European community, whose progress and development was thwarted time and time again by the Kehillah and their Jewish puppets, their suggestions and arguments are considered favorably and accepted with little opposition.

Brato, Dant and Klem systematically visit all the different countries for support with the building of more spacecraft, but despite the prestige they enjoy, they experience a surprising amount of resistance in some countries, for the first time in a very long time, the inhabitants were starting to enjoy their new ability to focus almost exclusively on their own industries and welfare development.

Rob comforts Brato at a time he complains to him about the lack of cooperation from these sectors: “Ingratitude is a worldwide phenomenon it seems, but there are at least encouraging signs from the developed countries, and the cross-border industries that we have established for the unskilled are beginning to move their population to their own countries.”

Eddie sees another possibility: “I think we should turn to only our Folk. Other races are not to be trusted with something as important as this. We have now already spoken to them and if they want to start their own manufacturing I imagine we can’t stop them. But I think our resources and time should be for our own exclusively.”

Brato does not want to struggle: “Let us rather find out who really wants to work together. We can establish an industry for the people to build spacecrafts such as Osiris, and a condition that when danger threatens, people will have the right to evacuation in proportion to their contribution.”

Rob agrees: “It makes sense. Don Hoffman can do recruiting in other Aryan countries. Your story is a good example to keep for motivation. Brato, would you mind writing a short motivational story that Don can not publish in those countries?”

Brato hesitated only a moment: “Well, I’ll try.”

A few days later Don Hoffman published an article with the following content in the form of an ad in a few major newspapers and magazines, which were translated into the languages of all the Aryan countries:

The Interest of the Whole Above that of the Individual for the Preservation of the Aryan Race

Many years ago our ancestors had to flee from the earth for the survival of our Aryan race. They had a limited number of years to prepare, for they knew that a massive object from space was on its way and that our people on earth would probably have little chance of survival. Fortunately at that time they were  already skilled space travelers, unlike civilization before them, who were almost completely wiped out. The few survivors of these civilizations no longer had an infrastructure, and was inevitably focused on mere survival, and almost all science, and even knowledge about their experience largely disappeared, with only myths and fables to remind them. After many years, a new civilization resurrected, and archaeologists systematically unraveled what happened to their ancestors, to the point where a drastic decision had to be made to send a diaspora into space. They were still in the grip of an ice-age following the previous disaster, and was located primarily in the warmer lowlands where the Mediterranean is now in Central America, and two large islands known today as the Atlantic. This spaceship, Osiris ‘, and a sister ship Isis’ was built in orbit because they would be too big to rise up from the planet. All possible survival tools were built into the ships, and their civilization’s knowledge and history was contained on computer discs. Because there was too little time to build more vessels, people were selected on the basis of skills, knowledge, intelligence, and personality traits. Equipment was designed from materials that could be recovered and recycled,  Also for air purification and food production. For the sake of maintaining genetic diversity, ova and sperm of people, useful animals and other life forms selected with ecological balance in mind were harvested and frozen,. Seeds and bulbs of plants were preserved in order to start a new civilization in a new living realm which they hoped they would find.  In space cooling is obviously not a big problem. The lack of genetic diversity in the world can now be replenished because of our forefathers’ foresight.

The only way to ensure true survival of our species, was by variety and spreading throughout the galaxy as far as possible. “Osiris” was finished first, and immediately departed in the direction of the constellation of Orion, because we could not be caught in the chaos of the impending disaster. We suspect that the ‘Isis’ could get away in time, the Giza Pyramids are proof of that. We lost communication with them due to distance and different routes, They would’ve gone in the direction of the Sirius’s constellation, and the corridors of the King’s Room and Queen’s Room in the Great Pyramid are a documentation of this fact, as can be proven by myths.

As you know, our search so far has been unsuccessful, and we decided to return and to determine whether our mother planet recovered sufficiently that we again can live on it. The ship has its limitations, particularly with the number of people it could safely sustain, which had to be strictly adhered to and only what is necessary for operation of the ship. For effective development of science and technology, materials, space and number of people with the necessary skills and infrastructure was sustained for a workable group if we should need them, whether it would be here or somewhere else.

This is a plea to our fellow Aryans at this time to make timely provision against a recurrence of the events that sent us on our way. The next time we may not be so lucky enough to get the timely warning that a deadly object on its way.  For this reason it is necessary to send a diaspora in a variety of directions, preferably at least in pairs so they can support each other to ensure that at least some, and possibly all, will survive and find new homes. Forget the fiction that the speed of light is a solution. It’s mere wishful thinking based on false assumptions.

An industry for our Folk, called Survival Ltd. has been established to build spaceships. Nations and individuals who decide to join us will have the benefit of automatically having their own ships for their people or for individuals  a unit on one of the ships for themselves and their families. Join Survival Ltd. and ensure the survival of your Race!

We can not sufficiently emphasize the importance of such a decision.

~The management of Survival Ltd.


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