Maritime Admiralty Law: Don’t Take it Personal, Goy it’s Just Business


A jew called Jesus did not walk on WATER, Folks. However, an Aryan man who may or may not have been called Jesus did walk on the SEA of ComMERce.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that a man called Jesus, not the son of god was fighting the same International CORPORATE terrorist jew enemy as I am today.

When he said that “the dead will rise from the grave” what he meant was one day Aryan man and mankind will realise that they are a dead COMMODITY, or a STOCK traded via the MARitime SEAS who are subject to ADMIRALty Laws of the international terrorist jew. When an individual realises he or she has been traded as dead STOCK, is property of a world CORPORATION, then rejects and removes him or herself from their CORPORATE system only then will one actually become a living Being. This is what is meant in the bible when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

The SEA gave up its dead, and death and the grave gave up their dead. And all were judged according to their deeds.

Revelation 20:13

Your dead will live; Their CORPses will rise. You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy, For your DEW is as the DEW of the dawn, And the earth will give BIRTH to the departed spirits.

Isaiah 26:19

I’m not a fan of the bible, but if you have the time, I suggest reading it with new eyes. It will become self-evident and clear that the CORPORATION enslaves us all and that parts of the story of Jesus was about him fighting the CORPORATION.

If you are a student of Gnostic Alchemy or Hermetic Kabbalah, you will learn to decode the story of Jesus in an even different way. I’ll give you a hint… Believing in Jesus will not save you. You must transmute your physical energy into Spiritual energy and do what is known as The Great Work, which is a lifelong process and journey.

Christinsanes have everything wrong!

Did that bit of information make you think?

Keep reading!


All men and women of the world have been severely misinformed and misled by a group of BANKer and MERchant criminal terrorists. Is it a cohencidence that these criminal CORPORATE SHARKS just happen to be jews who have taught us that we live by the Law of the Land in their schools and juniversities, but have pulled the wool over our eyes tricking us into being subject to MARitime ADMIRALty Law? I don’t believe in cohencidences. They in fact deceive us by not telling us the law we CURRENTly live by is actually the Law of the SEA and not Natural Law of the Land. Because of these jews you have in fact been born into slavery and are property of a CORPORATE jew slave master whether you know it or not. 

How has this been done?

Allow me to try my best to explain. I am going to present to you valuable information which has been intentionally hidden from you. What I am going to attempt to explain is not so easy to put into words, so please use your brain, think for yourself and make connections as you are reading the information I am presenting.

The Earth is made of land and WATER, therefore there is the Law of the Land and the Law of the SEA.  The Law of the Land is Natural Law within the nation in which a Folk live. The Law of the SEA is international and is known as MERchant, BANKing, CORPorate, MARitime or ADMIRALty Law.

MER- From Middle French mer, from Old French mer, from Latin mare, from Proto-Italic *MARI, from… SEA (large body of WATER)

The SEA is enCHANTing and is the law of the MER-CHANT.

MAR, MARI, MARE- The word MARE is used more often to mean OCEAN. 

MERchant, BANKing, MARitime or ADMIRALty Law is the jurisdiction of courts of law over cases concerning SHIPS of the SEA and other navigable WATERS.

ComMERce- an interchange of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale between different countries (foreign commerce) or between different parts of the same country (domestic commerce) trade; BUSINESS. 2. social relations, especially the exchange of views, attitudes, etc. 3. SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

All of our courts practice MARitime ADMIRALty Law. It angers me we are not taught this, are left ignorant and in the dark.

This is how they legally get away with it…

Image result for ship in the sea

All SHIPS are female, and she DELIVERS a product when she BERTHS.

According to Black’s Law Dictionary a Hospital is considered a BANK. Like a SHIP, a woman also DELIVERS a product when she goes into labor in the hospital DELIVERY Room. She is a vessel or a SHIP who gives BIRTH to a child.

When products are DELIVERed by SHIP, they need a Certificate of Manifest.

When a child is DELIVERed, he or she is granted a BIRTH Certificate and is given citizenSHIP.

Men impregnate women with SEMEN. Women are a vessel or a SHIP. Men and women MARry. Is she of good STOCK or is she bad COMPANY? That’s none of your BUSINESS. You now need a licence to MARry because MARriage is a BUSINESS exchange.  A spouse is a MARriage PARTNER.

Children are manufactured by the father. A Mother DELIVERS the child when her WATER breaks and is born via the BIRTH CANAL.

BERTH-Where you DOCK a SHIP and deliver product.

BIRTH- your mother delivers you, a CORPORATE product

DOCK- (of a ship) come into a dock, tie up and make delivery.

DOCtor- delivers the child from the mother and cuts the umbilical cord. DOCTOR unties the child from the mother.

When a woman DELIVERS a child, her WATER breaks as she legally DELIVERS a MARitime ADMIRALty product; which must also have Certificate of Manifest or a BIRTH Certificate. On the bottom of a BIRTH Certificate, shows the Informant. Our informants are our Parents.  As soon as you’re born you become PROPERTY of the country you were born into and are now legal property of the Department of ComMERce. A child’s BIRTH is usually printed in the local newspaper. This is done to announce that the child is now unclaimed CORPORATE property with a STRAW MAN identity who can now be traded and sold on the STOCK market.


Since we are property, we are considered to be Goyim or cattle STOCK who are a part of a CORPORATION. Us Goyim are traded on the STOCK market as a commodity. The moment a child is born, he or she becomes the property of the established CORPORATE government in which they live under and a STRAW MAN identity is created. See US vs. USA. United States is different than the United States of America.

The Constitution of USA was formed in 1776 and the Constitution for the US Inc. in 1871. The United States is a CORPORATION formed in Delaware in 1871. All Citizens are governed under CORPORATE Law. All CORPORATIONS must have a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure. Anyone with US CitizenSHIP is an employee of US Inc.

Wherever there is a BUSINESS or CORPORATION a BANK is always close by.

A RIVER BANK controls the FLOW of WATER CURRENT and is on both sides of a RIVER.

A BANK controls the flow of CURRENCY. They exchange bills and give you credit. BANKS do not loan money, that is against the law.

Image result for cash flow


CURRENCY- money, LIQUID asset. Cash FLOW. Can’t pay? Then you’re “under WATER.”

BILL- a printed or written note or statement of the money owed for goods or services. You can not lawfully pay a BILL, but you can discharge a debt. Nobody pays anyone anything, therefore nobody owns anything.

So be on your best behavior and don’t break the law or else you’ll end up in court and in HOT WATER. Nobody wants to be involved with the jew-dicial system.

jewdicial system for nothing

In legal speak, the court is also considered to be a BANK and is often synonymous with church according to Black’s Law Dictionary. When your name is called you walk through the WATER gate and stand in front of the magistrate i.e. The Lord, your God. The magistrate will call your name, which the court SPELLS IN ALL CAPS. Never acknowledge that you are the STRAW MAN PERSON. The Lord, your God will ask you if you are the name he called in front of him. Rather, tell him you are the “agent” of your STRAW MAN (your name in all caps, don’t say straw man).

There is a BAR on the WATER GATE. You’re not licensed to pass the BAR, however an attorney… (in the Junited Kingdom, or British, Yiddish Empire an attorney is otherwise known as a devil who practices deviling. No kidding, Folks) …is licensed and has passed the BAR exam. You won’t need an attorney/devil 99.9% of the time and your case should be dropped if you specifically tell the judge/god you are the “agent” of your STRAW MAN. (your name in all caps, again, do not say straw man) If you’re successful and your case is thrown out, the judge/god will “jump ship.” However, if it’s not thrown out you must then pass the WATER GATE as you’re still a subject in their jurisdiction and an attorney/devil is the only one who will be able to BAIL you out of HOT WATER. A WATER GATE is like a CANAL, when the next gate opens the WATER rises.


Oy Vey!

It’s not PERSONal it’s just BUSINESS, you stupid Goyim.

Actually, it is PERSONal.

A STRAW MAN is considered to be a fictitious PERSONa or a false identity.

So what are you to do about the situation you find yourself in now that you are in the know?

I wrote an article titled: To Kill or Not To Kill Your STRAW MAN that might help to inform you and provide you with some options.

My approach to freedom was to educate myself. I also looked within myself and started on a Spiritual journey, which led to Self-Discovery and Self-Realization. I don’t do BUSINESS within their system. I now declare myself to be a sovereign, free and Spiritually Divine Being in the body of a White Aryan Man and I have furthermore declared that I will no longer be subjugated by my jew enemy and that I am no longer within their MARitime ADMIRALty jurisdiction. 

If I had my way these criminal terrorists would pay a very high price for enslaving my Folk and rendering us almost powerless. What price would I make them pay? I don’t know? Let me think…

How about we stick with their MARitime theme and KEELHAUL them all, which would in essence leave them and their CORPORATION a CORPse.

Two can play this game, so don’t take it PERSONal, jew terrorists. It’s just BUSINESS 😉

Author’s Note:

I’d like to thank Jordan Maxwell, Clint Richardson and Tami Pepperman for helping me to understand this topic. This nor my STRAW MAN article would not have been possible for me to write without the wealth of knowledge you all have made available for an Aryan man like myself.

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  1. Fanie says:

    Good article William, but there are a lot more you should add to it. If you are addressed as a title… “Mr” de Hewitt, and you respond, then it is assumed that you go along in participating in the fraud. For the title, ego, of being important, you pay a price. If you however say your name is not mister, it is William, then the proceedings cannot continue !
    Under Royal admiralty law, you are a citizen, it’s definition is something that does not have any rights, identity, or possess any property or land, it implicates you are a squatter.

    Just for interest sake, I was in the high court in a case with the Afrikaner Bank of South Africa (ABSA) and I wrote the case against the court by declaring their fraud nul and void even if they tried to use their admiralty system. Nothing of the case was addressed, they could’t, but since the judge was paid, he omitted the whole case and made a judgment bases on something completely beside the case. Then when I tried to obtain a copy of the case’s script it was refused. I will most likely never hear from them again, because if it gets to the supreme court there will most like be some scalps taken.

    Note, the justice system is not called the CRIMINAL justice system for nothing. The “justice” system has nothing to do with justice.

    Then, if you consider that Christianity, the one world religion given by the jews to the goyims to rip their souls from them to function on ego, one must ask, this “oath of office”, towards what deity is it made ?!! The demon himself ? Africans does not even grasp the concept of an oath of office, the “sherif” of the court said his oath of office is to deliver documents. Now think what the “oath of office” means to an African policeman… No wonder they commit more crimes than the criminals.

    The other thing to notice is that Royal Admiralty Law functions under the British (aka Jew) Westminster political system, where a single president has power over all, so by controlling the one puppet, they control all. It is called a dictatorship.

    It is under this jew Westminster system that foreigners are imported into countries who then vote against you over who’s country (life right) it is. Here they let millions of Africans (and other trash) in to vote against the Boers, in the USA they import millions of Mexicans (and other trash) to vote against the Americans. The system is based on division ot the people to weaken them.

    The jews “system” is based on their government model, their justice system, their laws and of course their religion to dumb humans down. This dumbing down has the purpose to suppress humans to the level of the slaves, the lower nations level, who cannot be uplifted to your level. When you have been made equal, then integration can take place to destroy your identity and you lose your claim to any land. You also lose your creative properties – which the jews don’t have. That is why they hate the whites.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very Good, Fanie! Thanks! You are correct. I could have added a lot more, but I had a difficult enough time putting the information together that I used as it is.
      I was thinking about a Part 2, but you’ve already written most of what I could have added. I wrote some of what you mentioned in my STRAW MAN article. I provided a link for it towards the end of this article. Nonetheless, you brought up some very, very good points. When appearing in front of a judge/magistrate it is wise to not say you are MR. DE HEWITT when asked, but to say you are the AGENT, not lawyer or attorney for MR. DE HEWITT. Lawyers and attorney’s must pass the BAR, an AGENT is not required to. Say you are the AGENT and 99.9% of the time the case will be thrown out. Thanks, again, Fanie for sharing the knowledge you shared with my readers and myself. 🙂


      1. Fanie says:

        William, what I wrote here is a very small part of it. A part 2 will be in order. there is a lot around this that people (or rather humans) are not aware of.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Fanie says:

    British = Nazi = Bolshevik = Zioniste = Jews = Democrates = Israelites = Communists = Freemasons – Afrikaner

    All are the same thing !

    The “British” is supposed to implicate the English, but it is the Jews, who murdered some 35 000 Boer children in the concentration camps, as they starved thousands of Indians in India, and more.

    The “Nazi’s” is supposed to implicate the Germans, but it is the Jews, like the war criminal Churchill, and Eisenhower who bombed the German cities for weeks after the war to murder as many Germans as possible.

    The “Bolsheviks” is supposed to implicate the Russians, but it is the Jews, who not only murdered some 200 million Russians, but also supported the American Jews in the War against Germany. The American Jwes and the Russian Jews constructed the Auswhich buildings for the post war accusation of the holohaux against Germany.

    The “Afrikaner” is an organization, not the identity of a people, whose purpose is to oversee the Boers never get their country back so that the resources (ie gold, platinum) can be plundered at leisure. (They have the same logo as Israel).

    Israel, who only became a “nation” in 1948, is an organization, not the identity of a people. Palestine was promised by the “British” to the “Jews” if they get America (through the Ameican Jews, now Democrats) to come to the war against crushing the German people’s strength. Now they are committing the genocide on the Palistines to steal the resources in the Red Sea.

    Democracy is the same as communism, and has been defined as such more than 2000 years ago by Plato. Zionism cannot exist without communism, they are synonym, communism is the invention of the Jews.

    The Zionists are the Jews who think they must control the world before their “Crist” comes to earth.
    The Orthodox Jews are the ones who says they must wait until their “Crist” has come.
    Their system is implemented through secret organizations like the Freemasons, like the Afrikaner Bond.

    Concepts are created and learned to the goyims as impressions to achieve certain outcomes,

    like the “Afrikaner” is the same as the Boers,

    that “democracy” is such a fair and wonderful system,

    that the Nazi’s (Germans) are bad,

    that Russians are communists (Bolsheviks),

    if you do not integrate (commit genocide on your nation) then you are a racist,

    if you dislike the psychopathic Jews then you are an anti-semanticist,

    and worst of all, that the Jews are the god’s chosen people, which ever crimes they commit is endorsed by the Christians who has been forwarding and funding the Jew-agenda since it’s origin at the Council of Nicea.

    ALL countries where these JEWS get a foothold in decay and fall apart. The British colony fraud of “South Africa” is probably the best example of how a first world country can be trashed into third world conditions.

    Even the bible says Revelation 3:9 “Look at those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead.”
    And of course Christians mis-read the following line –
    “I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and they will know that I love you”.
    where this jew god will make the goyim bow down to these chosen jews feet, Christians or not, goyim are only useful idiots.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lucky says:

    I feel satisfied after reading this one.

    Liked by 1 person


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