The Second Coming… Again CHAPTER 9


The Truth? You Can’t Handle the Truth!

“Hey! Look! What is that? “A worker on the drilling rig exclaims. “Geez, it moves like a bat out of hell!” Shouts another. “It’s coming this way! Whoa!” He calls out when it seems that the craft is about to collide with the rig. The lander sets down just short of the tower on the drilling rig. “Get Matt Woodford to the helipad!” Bellows a voice on a speaker. When nothing happens a plume of water shoots hundreds of meters into the air next to the tower. “If you do not move quickly we will remove the legs from under this rig and you will be swimming with the sharks! Get a move on!” The voice barks again. There is a scramble, and a surprised Matt Woodford is hurriedly accompanied to the helicopter landing site. The lander moves right up to them and the hatch opens. “Get on board, Matt! This is your dad!”

A stunned Matt Woodford scurries into the craft and the hatch closes. Brato shows him to a vacant seat and moments later the vessel takes off at a staggering speed. It’s all over before anyone on the rig realizes what had just happened.

Back on the ship everything is explained to Matt. He is not sure if he’s having a psychological breakdown or just a dream, but gradually his panic subsides and he realizes what his father is telling him is true.

Eddie’s getting impatient: “Now it is your turn, General. We now want the names of everyone you know of that are involved, and especially who their controllers are. Do not leave anyone out. Every detail is important.”

General Woodford is starting to enjoy the game: “I have longed for an opportunity to get back at those scumbags. It will be my pleasure to rat out each and every one of them.”

For more than two hours General Woodford tells everything he knows about the criminals who control his life and how they forced him to act against his better judgment. The interview is also video taped and Woodford is now fully part of the team. After having recovered from his ordeal, Matt Woodford joins them again and his father explains to him what has happened and the danger he himself unwittingly found himself in.

Eddie warns: “We will probably need you to testify before the UN, General.”

General Woodford gets a determined look on his face: “Whichever way it goes, my military career is probably over anyhow. I will testify.”

“Count me in.” Matt said.

But General Woodford is concerned: “The UN building is situated in New York City. The UN is an organization itself created by the establishment, and its senior staff, including the Secretary General, are probably all on their payroll or forced to dance to their tune. They will probably try to eliminate any witnesses before the meeting. “

“We are aware of all that.” Said Eddie, “We’re not going to actually meet in New York.”


On the US Defense System’s radar screen a group of very dim and fast moving images appear. This causes an alarmed stir in the control center.

“Get hold of the President immediately!” Commands the General in charge. When the red phone in the White House rings, the President picks up immediately: “Yes, what is it?”

“Mr. President, a number of fast flying objects are approaching us from space, what are your orders?”

The President sounds tired. He has seen the writing on the wall: “I was expecting something like this. So far there hasn’t been any loss of life and I don’t think they’re going to hurt anyone. We don’t need another demonstration. Leave them alone. Let’s see what they want first before we all start acting like idiots.”

“They are approaching New York City, sir.”

“Where else?”

One of the craft lands at the back of the UN building near the East River as the other craft form a circle in the air providing cover. A loudspeaker bellows: “The presence of the Secretary General is required on the helipad… Immediately!”

In the buildings around many faces appear in the windows, a few cameras start flashing and in the streets people curiously start to congregate. The vessel rises to the roof to await the Secretary General. In the Council of Foreign Relations Headquarters opposite the UN building chaos reigns. The President is immediately called: “What are you doing about this invasion?!”

The President has already decided: “Nothing. You and I have relinquished control over world affairs!”

“You have to stop this immediately!”

“We have no effective deterrent and there is no way I am going to risk any more lives for your benefit!”

“That will be the end of your career, your reputation and your life you foolish old Goyim!”

“So be it. I have seen this coming and made my peace with it.” Replies the President as he gently hangs up the phone. A smile flickers across his face… who could’ve known that today would be the end of his Presidential mockery. He was never in control and feared for his life and the lives of his family every single day. Not from some mad man roaming the streets, but from his Kehillah puppet masters. They show no mercy and the relief he felt was making him lightheaded. The oligarchs within the Kehillah have met their match at last.

An uncertain Secretary General appears on the helipad area on the UN building. The lander approaches and the hatch opens.

“We will not keep you for long, sir. Please come aboard immediately.”

The Secretary General comes closer and hesitantly gets on board. The hatch closes behind him with a hiss and a clang.

He recognizes General Woodford immediately and hurries over to him: “General Woodford…?” he utters hoarsely.

“Don’t worry; nothing’s going to happen to you. Please sit down. We need to meet with the Heads of State of all UN member countries. You must contact them and provide us with a list of locations where we can pick them and their translators up, three days from now around noon. We will transport them to a safe place where we can meet. Anyone who does not comply will suffer dire consequences. Contact us at this email address.”

General Woodford hands him a note with the address. “Go now, and tell them not to try anything foolish. They are to come unarmed. This is not a game and we want to ensure everyone returns unscathed.”

Woodford takes him by the arm and escorts him to the hatch.

Without uttering a word, the Secretary General gets off the lander, the hatch closes, and together the vessels take off, straight up into the sky. The news spreads like a wildfire. Nobody in a position of authority at this time is unaware of the newcomers’ display of power and within a day the list of attending members is completed.


An insider meeting of authoritative members is hastily called and assembled. Oil tycoon Dave Roth, accompanied by his brother Chuck, has the floor: “We have to act quickly or we will lose control. We have lost the President already. We must find a way to neutralize these invaders.”

Jane Heller of the Federal Reserve Bank suggests: “We will have to think long term Dave, as always. The military has effectively been neutralized, so immediate violence is out of the question. We need to get hold of their technology before we can be on an equal footing and that dictates infiltration.”

Roth agrees: “You are right, Jane, but we must act quickly. We must use subtle disinformation in the media to generate distrust, get the public suspicious of any agreement they might conclude and also generate sympathy for ourselves and the world.”

Joseph Greenberg is concerned: “We will not be safe once everything is revealed, Dave. We have to circumvent any action that might be taken against us and put our plans into action at the same time. We will have to introduce those of our sons who are not yet implicated and can not be prosecuted. I am fairly certain all of us will. We must transfer as much money as possible to their accounts and disguise the transfers while we still have control of the banks and computers involved.”

Roth and others agree wholeheartedly with this. In the next few days large amounts of money find new homes. Special instructions and advice was also given to their children.


On the third day, as arranged, landers appear at all the places indicated, and the world’s heads of state are all, to their surprise and sometimes dismay,  taken straight to the ship’s meeting room where all sit down meekly with their interpreters.

Eddie, standing on the central stage welcomes everyone and starts talking in a jovial tone: “I get to speak first since I was the first rookie astronaut from Earth to visit, long before you.” Here and there a nervous laugh can be heard: “First of all, we want to ensure that everyone is properly informed before we proceed to the next stage. We are going to show you some information from the ship’s archives dating back many millennia, in case you missed Don Hoffman’s broadcast. Since the soundtrack is in its original language, we will fill in where necessary. The video material should speak for itself, however.”

For the next few hours the foreign audience sits quietly, spellbound by the story that unfolds before them. When it ends a lively discussion erupts. Eddie gives them some time alone and after an hour calls them to order: “Gentlemen, I want to introduce you to General Woodford. He is the previous military Chief of Staff of the USA. We apprehended him in self defense some time ago because he planned an aggressive act against this ship and its crew.”

General Woodford takes place next to Eddie and clears his throat. His weightlessness does not make him any more comfortable: “Gentlemen, I have come to the conclusion that my assessment of these people and their intentions had been totally wrong, as you probably realize at this time. I bear no grudge towards them for my some what disturbing reception. I’m sure I’ve earned it.” A few gloating smiles can be seen in the audience. “I have an embarrassing confession to make in this regard, something I’m not proud of. When I was a young officer, I was tempted to commit what I thought was a somewhat unimportant indiscretion. I found out later that it was orchestrated by criminals in the financial and oil connected establishments. This was used to force me to commit even more indiscretions with some reward for my career afterwards. I convinced myself that my actions must have been for the good of my country since these are men with immense power at their disposal who are associated with most of the more powerful politicians behind the scenes. Eventually however, I discovered that their actions were completely criminal and aimed towards gaining even more wealth and power for themselves… a kind of game played in total disregard for human life. I protested against some of the schemes I was told to support, but by that time I was completely entangled through my previous transgressions, evidence of which they held to black mail me to comply with their wishes. After the death of my wife, my career became less important to me and I became more inclined to oppose their instructions. In the mean time however, one of their oil companies had offered my son a lucrative salary which he found impossible to refuse. He was then sent to supervise one of their deep-sea drilling operations, and once he arrived there, I was told that if I did not dance to their tune, he would have an unfortunate ‘accident’.” He turned to Eddie. “Thanks to this gentlemen and the crew of this spaceship, I am off the hook as far as he is concerned. Everything is up to you now. You were brought here because we must have everyone’s cooperation to make things right. I am not going to name anyone, but I know many of you are being pressured by the very same establishment. With the possible exception of a few, I think most of you will agree that it is illogical, if not downright irresponsible, to belong to an organization with the power to make decisions contrary to your own country’s interests whilst some members are immune from similar decisions taken for similar reasons. We propose to change to a system that makes it possible for all nations to allow their folk to make informed and just decisions to the advantage of their own nation and folk.”

Here and there sounds of agreement can be heard.

The US President has thoughtfully been listening to General Woodford. At this stage he indicates that he too has something to say: “Gentlemen, I fully concur with my General. I have been under the same kind of Damocles Sword as he was. I am ashamed to have to admit that many of my government’s important actions in the past century, which influenced world affairs and the decisions made in the General Assembly, have been tainted by decisions aimed at forwarding the purposes of the establishment my General referred to. At least two of my predecessors have even been insiders of this establishment.”

He turns to the British Prime Minister: “You know what I am talking about. The two of us have had to co-operate in controlling the oil supply, oil prices, and associated dollar based floating exchange rates. We have both benefited handsomely, especially due to our shareholding in military industries and the wars we had to authorize to maintain control. In fact, since even before the first World War, since 1912, every President in my country was put in place by this establishment controlled by criminal Jew gangsters, forming public opinion through their control of their media and by misuse of their monetary powers and government backed covert operations. As you must know, our reserve banks are all privately owned and are interconnected. They are orchestrated to increase the wealth and power of the world’s true enemy, a secret organization the establishment is a large part of, called the Kehillah. It is run by an unknown, self proclaimed King who gives orders to his two Princes, one of the eastern hemisphere and one of the western hemisphere. The Princes then pass the King’s orders down the rank of command to others lower in the organization, until it reaches the establishment, which consists of International Jews who control the monetary system, energy industries, the media and every other industry used to control and enslave the masses. It’s a very sophisticated organization that controls the entire world. These banks are first based in the City of London, the independent financial and monetary establishment based in Britain and, since the First World War, affiliated with ours on Wall Street in New York City. In my country and in many others, due to their control of the media and the cost involved in presidential campaigns, no one can hope to become or remain President without their backing. The crux of their power is control of the monetary system, control of the media, and control of the energy resources used to manipulate the monetary system, exchange rates, and economic development of countries. We must put a monetary system in place that is honest and fair, based on a nationally agreed fixed value immune from any manipulation by these criminals. Gentlemen, this is an opportunity that must not be wasted. We need your input and cooperation to put these criminals in their place.”

Everyone is surprised by the President’s brutal honesty. There is a moment of stunned silence before the dam wall breaks. One after another each one comes forward with similar stories and finally it seems that almost all the countries in the world are in one way or the other totally under the control of the Kehillah. The oil-rich countries more so than others as their rulers are always under International Jewry’s influence and only came into power with the help of their stoking unrest, leaving the door open for a take over.

Eddie has to raise his voice to be heard: “It seems that almost everyone here has in some way been directly or indirectly controlled by this merciless, criminal establishment. The undeveloped and developing countries especially have suffered by being prevented from developing their industries and infrastructure, having their populations impoverished and reduced through wars and adverse health conditions, and their governments replaced in the cruelest ways. At present your respective infrastructures are still controlled by these criminals. They will do their utmost to prevent you from taking control. As far as energy is concerned, they have prevented the universal implementation of the super flywheel, fuel cells, large scale solar and wind power development, viable nuclear energy systems development… any alternative energy solutions for general use, especially the erection and development of nuclear power plants in developing countries. The spectre of nuclear war was used to create an excuse for meddling in nuclear programs in developing countries, whilst the countries with veto rights in the General Assembly were those who in reality constitute this very same danger. ‘Green Peace’ was created for this specific purpose, financed by a Canadian oil company to propagate and exaggerate the danger of pollution by radio-active substances from nuclear power stations and prevent the establishment of an alternative to oil for the generation of energy. Ironically, the main contributor to pollution today is oil and coal, together with pollutants like dioxins from the related chemical industry in developed countries like my own. At present oil is the main leverage for all these violations. Our visitors from space are prepared to supply you cost effective, unlimited, non-polluting power, totally independent of oil. On the one hand, plans are available for extremely efficient solar power and energy storage systems, suitable for remote locations. On the other, this ship is powered by a hydrogen nuclear fusion process that does not contribute to pollution. If we provide every country with similar power plants, that on its own will remove the must important component of their power base. Our problem is how to implement it without undue interference and loss of life. These criminals will not relinquish power peacefully if they can help it.”

It sets a lively debate going and the teachers have a busy time. General Woodford now sees himself as part of the team: “Gentlemen, if you will allow me… I have a suggestion. Our main problem is the chasm between truth and disinformation. If we can teach the truth to the peoples of the world, we will have won, for our peoples themselves will demand retribution. The majority of the main media bosses are under the same kind of pressure as most of you. I suggest that when we take you back you use your powers as Heads of States and summon these people to your offices. We will then pick them up for an excursion similar to this one and see to it that the peoples of the world are informed. Those media directors who are insider members of the establishment and have not yet been identified as such, will be obliged to conform to the majority decision. If they do not, they will expose themselves to the wrath of their people. Before you do this however, you will have to take control of law enforcement. The establishment’s power over people must be immobilized  before they can act effectively and without threat to themselves and their families. The known members of the establishment must be detained as soon as you are returned, before the media comes into play.”

After further discussion, there is general agreement with this proposal. Eddie has one more thing on his mind: “Gentlemen … in the past months the Captain here has been keenly interested in our financial history, among other things. Drawing on the experience of their original civilization, which was very successful until the unfortunate event that terminated it, he suggests that we decide on a common exchange currency based on true value, banish financial speculation, and use a similar system internally as was used very successfully in a few states in the USA before their Revolutionary War. Also other examples like Swanenkirchen’s Wara notes in Southern Germany, Worgl’s Notgeld in Austria, and similar experiments in Geunsey in England and Alberta in Canada, where governments and other organizations printed their own internal currency and the regulated amount circulation according to demand until halted by the establishment’s minions. Even Hitler did that successfully until he was nearly brought down, not realizing that his financiers were his true mortal enemies, using him to forward their own designs. Proper analysis of the events that led to the Second World War, reveals that it was Britain and France who instigated the war. The purpose was to involve most countries in the world in a lengthy war, to be able to convince a war weary world that they need an organization to enforce world peace… a prelude to a world government which they intended to control themselves, initially by means of their control over the countries with veto rights. Incidentally control of the monetary system as well as the true cause of the American Revolutionary War, at first compelling all Americans to return to the use of the British pound, and then by trying to punish them for trying to circumvent it by submitting them to severe taxation, compulsory Imports, and Military force.”

The British Prime Minister has a serious objection: “Pardon the interruption, Sir, but a system like that will restrict free trade between countries. Britain is dependent upon trade to a very large extent as we have little internal resources.”

Eddie feels he should correct the Briton: “Your people and your manufacturing industries are your resources, sir. You will now be obliged to pay honest prices for the raw materials. Jews who’ve been controlling your British Government and also America after the First World War, have been abusing the world’s monetary system and the economies of other countries to finance wars to extend and reinforce their rule for far too long. The so-called free trade principle, together with recall or support for internal agriculture and reduction of support for the poor, was introduced in Britain in the 1840’s with the specific purpose to enrich the rich by importing goods from cheap labor sources, impoverishing the British Folk and causing famine in Ireland, though in reality was a planned genocide, making them immigrate to America in droves. Others tried to follow this example, but failed, as planned, because of Britain’s Jew financiers’ control of maritime foreign trade due to Britain’s superior military fleet and its support or privateers who plundered any ship that was not insured in Britain, using their controlled government’s extensive secret service network in all the countries they exchanged with. In the 1870’s a German economist, Friedrich List, convinced his government to use a contrary approach. They restricted financial and foreign stock speculation and concentrated on developing their own industries, agriculture and other sectors. They did this with such success that the Jews who controlled Britain felt compelled to declare war in 1914 to maintain their trade and maritime dominance. Incidentally, this was at a stage when the British government was, to all intents and purposes, totally bankrupt. The war was waged with cash and supplies supplied by the American Jews, who controlled the financial and manufacturing establishment, that eventually resulted in the so-called Anglo-American alliance between the Jew establishments of both countries. Free trade is a parasitic design to enrich the rich and oppress the poor by importing goods from cheap labor sources in undeveloped and developing countries who are continuously prevented from developing an efficient infrastructure or their own that will improve the well being of their own people, keeping them poor and their labor cheap.”

The Prime Minister is not satisfied: “You also propose to corrupt the entire monetary system? That will have profound repercussions all over the world!”

“You’re telling me, an honest system will have a profound effect all over the world? May I remind you sir, that it was because of British and American Jews that the monetary system was corrupted in the first place! First by under evaluating gold as a currency in foreign trade, and then in 1971 to save America’s economy and artificially boost the value of the dollar and the British pound, by sucking other countries dry through America’s unilateral abandonment of the gold standard, replacing it with a dollar standard and making it an unstable, stock market controlled device for manipulating the fortunes of other countries and their economies. The seven biggest oil companies are closely connected to this process. By means of an agreement with the Jewish Saudis, and through them with all other Arab countries, every country is obliged to pay for oil in dollars, which opened the way to print, many times over, more dollars than the Federal Reserve could ever back. Raising the oil price by 400% the first time destroyed the economy of the fastest developing country in the world, Mexico, and put them in debt to such an extent that they could not even pay the interest on their national debt. In addition, keep in mind that the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and most, if not all, other reserve banks, are private institutions, intimately interconnected and created to serve the Jew establishment and finance the Kehillah. The UN and it’s immune members are in place to enforce any decision against countries who try to resist their draconian measures, using the World Bank, military means, the secret services, assassinations, sanctions, and support of terrorists and agitators to replace current legitimately elected governments, all of which we have experienced in my own country. Not even the Communist block and developed European countries like Germany, France, Austria, Yugoslavia, Sweden and Italy, have escaped their closest attention. My nation and my folk in particular have suffered and lost their country twice in one century due to their greed. The free trade principle is a sacred cow we must get rid of and replace it with a system that has the internal welfare of the peoples of individual countries in mind.”

The other heads of state who up to now sat listening in silence, started clapping one after the other, until a general applause could be heard. The British Prime Minister throws his hands in helplessly in the air.

“Gentlemen, that is not half the story, but we are not here to sling mud at each other. I can understand the British Prime Minister’s concerns and his country’s economic vulnerability. His government’s intimate and shameful involvement in the Jewish establishment’s atrocities are not the fault of the British people. However, we must come to an agreement and develop a satisfactory and mutually beneficial solution. Can we have a show of hands for an improved monetary system based on the principles I have outlined, please?”

The proposal was adopted overwhelmingly, and Eddie notices that the US President had raised his hand. He concludes: “Very well, we will take you back in a while, but because of the numbers involved now we will have to schedule a series of visits on consecutive dates, starting with the most influential countries in different sectors of the world, allowing time for the necessary steps we have agreed upon. We also require a list of all known members of the establishment you can think of.”

For the next few hours lists and schedules are drawn up, covering all the different cultures on Earth in a balanced way.

“The first group will probably be enough to spread the news,” said Brato.

Eddie agrees: “Yes, and the knowledge that others will follow will at the same time prevent any resistance from the criminal establishment. We must not allow anybody to feel left out. That could cause major problems, so we need to do this right, we only get one chance. But before anything else, Brato, your people have to take out the Kehillah…”


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