The Second Coming… Again CHAPTER 8


A Point Is Made

A little earlier, a truck driver on the highway to Cape Town sees two out of place dust clouds in the field next to the road. He also sees two strange craft hanging in the air and gets the scare of his life when the first car explodes and shortly after that another dust cloud fills the air. With screeching brakes he pulls off to the side of the road. The driver in the truck behind him swears loudly as he swerves to avoid hitting the truck in front of him. He gets out, but forgets his anger when the second car explodes and pieces of metal and dirt go flying through the air and the strange vessels land in the farm road. While the two drivers are still staring at the scene, a few other vehicles also stop to see what is happening. They are just in time to see the third explosion and the departure of the four vessels. At the nearest gas station there is quite a stir as all the motorists and truck drivers are trying to tell what they have just witnessed, all at once. Soon the news reaches the CIA agent in Colesberg. In turn he calls his Head Office to convey his suspicion that something disastrous has happened to the General. After contacting the farm and hearing about Woodford’s arrest by the visitors, the US Government is informed.

Rob sends Don an email to explain what they did and why. He emphasizes that the US, to save lives, should keep from responding militarily, and that he and his friends simply responded to an aggressive act on the General’s part and that the visitors only have good intentions. Don immediately calls his brother, General Hoffman, to let him know what happened and he in turn informs the President directly. Don’s TV news service immediately switches to a special broadcast to inform the general public.

Chaos erupts throughout the country. Order collapses at the Pentagon. At the head office of the Kehillah, the King’s orders are barked down the ranks and each in turn gather their lackeys. Pressure is now exerted onto the President.

On his secure phone, a well known voice, not so friendly this time says: “You know who put you in the White House and what your future will be if you do not co-operate. You must act now! These people must be stopped!”

The President sighs: “They have us with our backs to the wall. They have Woodford, and they occupy the high military ground. There is virtually nothing I can do that I can think of. I will speak to the Pentagon however and get an assessment.”

On the other side of the line the voice becomes shrill and threatening: “How dare you even suggest that you get an assessment first. You are here to follow orders, just like everyone else and I suggest you issue a couple of your own and get the Military ready to do what they’re expected to do. The orders I’m giving you come right from the top and I advise you to do as you are told!” With that the line goes dead.

At the Pentagon a special and urgent meeting is called. Second in command, General Blue, tells the story: “Gentlemen, our chief of staff has been captured by the aliens and the President demands a solution to the crisis. These people must be neutralized, and I for one agree with him. Any suggestions will be welcome.”

General Hoffman answers immediately: “General, these people have a weapon we have no defense against. When they abducted the General they vaporized the vehicles that General Woodford and his men were travelling in. In my opinion that is enough proof of the existence of such a weapon. According to my brother, who has maintained contact with them, that was done from their ship in space, not from the arresting craft.”

General Blue is just as determined to use force of arms as Woodford was previously: “I seriously doubt that, Hoffman. I think they’re putting us on. We are the most powerful nation on earth. Are we going to back down to a small group of people with limited resources? I propose we attack their camps on the farms and use their people as hostages as discussed previously. I believe they didn’t blast them from the craft they sent to pick up Woodford because they’re probably not even armed!”

“My brother assures me that they are, General.”

Blue doesn’t like to be rebuked: “I think we must investigate you and your brother’s involvement in this, Hoffman. I smell treason!”

Hoffman said indignantly: “You are making a serious mistake sir, and I the resent your implication!”

Blue ignores him: “Let’s have a show of hands for positive action, gentlemen.”

Despite Hoffman’s warning the majority vote is in Blue’s favor.

“That’s settled then. I will consult with our strategists and present a plan of action. Thank you gentlemen. Meeting adjourned.”

Hoffman leaves the meeting hall and goes straight to the laundry room, from where he phones his brother: “Don, they’re going to attack the farm. I suspect that Blue is going to place me under surveillance. Warn them.”

He had barely hung up when Blue also comes into the washroom. “When you’re done here, come directly to my office, Hoffman.” He said strictly.

‘I wasn’t wrong,’ Hoffman thinks to himself. However, he remains calm: “Certainly, sir.”

Don doesn’t waste time and immediately sends a message to the farm. A while later Rob replies that he should warn the Pentagon staff that no one should be in the courtyard at noon the following day, the visitors will demonstrate the power of their weapon. Don calls his brother, who is being questioned in Blue’s office, and relays Rob’s message. He immediately inflorms Blue: “General, my brother Don says he received a message that the Pentagon’s central area must be cleared for a demonstration tomorrow at twelve hundred hours exactly.”

“What kind of demonstration?” Asked Blue.

“I suspect a demonstration of their capabilities, General.”

Blue is furious: “You told your brother of our plans didn’t you? I am placing both of you under arrest for treason!”

“General Woodford ordered me to consult with the media. I was merely following orders. You should reconsider your options, sir. General Woodford and the people who control you have already lost all their power anyhow.”

Blue ignores him and gives an instruction to his secretary: “Joy, get security ASAP.”

Moments later General Kelso Hoffman is arrested and taken away. The Generals are called together for a meeting again and Blue informs them: “As I suspected, Hoffman and his brother Don are traitors. I have arrested him, and his brother’s arrest will follow forthwith. We have been warned to clear the central area for a demonstration of power tomorrow at twelve hundred hours. See to it that it is done, we don’t want any unnecessary casualties. This may be an unexpected opportunity though. The spaceship will have to come out of hiding to execute it’s demonstration, and that will give us the opportunity to attack it with radar guided missiles. We have missiles with the necessary range, and we will launch them at eleven hundred and fifty-five hours tomorrow in the direction of all the communication balloons above the horizon. When they come out of hiding our missiles will be on their way already. With the ship out of the way, we can attack the ground bases. Send a message to our nuclear subs to be ready to engage.”

General Krzyzstof Baran is not so sure: “What about public opinion and General Woodford, sir? He’s still on the space ship.”

Blue chuckles: “One man in exchange for a nation seems reasonable. He wasn’t very smart to go there himself in the first place. As far as the public is concerned, the media will handle that as always. We launch tomorrow as ordered.  Meeting adjourned gentlemen. “

Later that afternoon Rob phones Don’s office to determine whether the message was received. His secretary answers, clearly upset: “They’ve arrested Don… for treason they say… I can’t believe it… and his brother too!”

Rob reassures her: “Do not believe them. The treachery is on their side… to the exclusive benefit of a small group of criminally insane, power hungry ancestors who were left here thousands of years ago and would like nothing more than to see White Folk all over the world genocided as revenge for them having been left behind.”

He informs Klem and contacts Erik on the spaceship, “Erik, they’ve arrested Don and his brother Kelso for treason. I suspect something very serious is going on. “

“That must be General Blue’s idea. He and Woodford were birds of a feather. He is extremely ambitious and probably sees an opportunity for an attack… and promotion off course. I will inform Brato.”

Klem, Dant and Brato discuss the issue, and at sunset a number of the landing craft return to the spaceship. However, Klem remains behind to command the remaining vessels. He sets Rob’s mind at ease: “We will place the landing craft around the ship for defense if necessary. Brato will also disconnect the remaining modules from the ship. Although they are well armed we would rather keep them out of danger and only use them in case we need backup.”


At 11h30 the next day a signal appears on the US Defense radar screen clearly depicting smaller vessels surrounding a much larger ship. General Blue is excited: “There they are! They’ve made the one mistake we were hoping for! Now we do not have to guess! Concentrate everything on the large ship… fire at will! “

A multitude of missiles take of… but before they can even reach the atmosphere, one explosion after another is observed. Blue and the other staff in the control room are stunned. One of them comments dryly: “Wow! They have a ‘Starwars’ program up and running.”

Blue virtually growls at him, glares at him for a moment, then turns around to call the President: “They’e shot down all our missiles before they could reach the atmosphere, sir!”

The President sounds tired. “Clearly we will have to negotiate, Blue. Ask them to send a representative.”

Blue, however, is not convinced: “We can still try to attack their ground forces, sir.”

The President, however, has had enough: “Blue, I will not send our forces to a certain death, and that is the end of it! We will negotiate!”

It’s not entirely the end of it. Exactly at noon, there is a huge explosion in the Pentagon courtyard. When the smoke and dust clear, a deep, smoldering hole in the middle of the square can be seen. It’s enough to convince everyone that they have met their match. It’s something that can not be hidden from the public any longer. Almost every TV station was notified beforehand and hundreds of cameras are on hand to capture the event from their helicopters and on the ground, to be broadcasted around the world simultaneously.

An hour later Rob receives a call from the US Ambassador: “We want negotiate Mister Arndt. Please send a representative. “

Rob, Eddie, Brato, Dant and Erik have however already agreed on a strategy: “The USA is not the only country involved now, sir. This is a international affair now. We do not feel the US represents the well being of our Folk  and other inhabitants of the world. We would suggest an international representation.”

The Ambassador objects, but Rob is adamant.

“I will inform my government of your demand, and let you know what we decide, Mr Arndt.”

“I do not think the decision is in your hands, sir. We want to help avoid armed conflict and unnecessary loss of life. Our intentions are entirely honorable and to the eventual advantage of the whole world. The rest of the world will soon be aware of your loss of control anyhow, if they’re not already. We will inform the heads of state of all the nations of our intentions. Your government will not be able to prevent us from putting our case before the whole world. Goodbye sir.”


General Woodford and his guards are meanwhile forced to watch the same historical footage as the others. It’s impossible not to be very impressed with the courage and perseverance that would’ve been required from the original astronauts to take such a drastic step. The courage of the bereaved families and those left behind brought a tear to several eyes and left them speechless. Woodford himself is thoroughly disillusioned. His attitude has now undergone a drastic change, especially after he was admitted into the control cabin to see that the attempted attack would have killed him and his guards if it was successful. All his arrogance disappears like mist before the sun.

“I have done these people a great injustice.”  He says to Eddie who has since swapped places with Erik, “I will give you my fullest co-operation. I have only one favor to ask, though.”

Eddie is visibly relieved: “I can’t guarantee anything, but let’s hear what you have to say.”

Woodford is humbled: “My son works for one of the big oil companies. They sent him to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and he’s being kept there. They warned me that if I do not co-operate, he will have an unfortunate ‘accident’. Many of us, like the President and myself, have been blackmailed into doing their bidding, because we did a small unlawful or unethical favor long ago in exchange for money and position. Once you have done something like that for them, they have you in their pocket for life, and the transgressions just keep escalating so that you are more and more committed to satisfy their demands… I am not really the person I have been forced to be, and the same goes for many others. Do you think your friends could perhaps help me with my son’s predicament? He will be in terrible danger when I reveal what I know, and he is my only child.”

Eddie feels sorry for him, “I will speak to the two captains and see what they can come up with.”

Dant listens carefully to Eddie’s explanation and request and contacts Brato. After they review the case, they decide to help Woodford.

“They want to know if you can tell us where this oil rig is exactly… and what about your wife? Will she be in danger too?”

Woodford sighs: “My wife died a few years ago. As Chief of Staff it was not s difficult to find out exactly where my son is being kept. If you can show me a map, I can pinpoint his location.”

“His wife has passed away. Fortunately he could point out the oil rig on a map.” Eddie informs Dant.

“We can do better than that,” says Dant, “Bring him back to the control room.”

In the control room, the ship’s sensors focus on the area pointed out by Woodford.

“If you will tell us where we must focus, we can zoom in and find the target.” Explains Eddie. With Woodford’s assistance the oil rig eventually appears as clear as if they are right above it. Woodford exclaims appreciatively: “Wonderful equipment you have here!”

Eddie smiles: “I am told that in space that’s not a luxury, but a necessity.”

Dant is getting impatient: “Well then, let’s go get him! Anyone have a plan?” He calls one of the green men, and after Eddie and Woodford explain what they are about to do, the four of them take off in a landing craft.

The three Aryans and their green pilot…



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