The Aryan Way of the Boer


Now that many of us White Aryan Boers are aware of and realize what the jew has been doing to us all of these years, I now suggest we identify them, ridicule them, humiliate them, deem them irrelevant and furthermore remove them from our lives, societies and lands by any and all necessary means! We should never forget who they are and what they are capable of as we begin to reject their jew world order system and start to live the way we were meant to live…

The Aryan Way of the Boer

My Folk might ask what is The Aryan Way of the Boer and how should we live?

This article is Part One of a series which is going to focus on how I have taken three steps at a time in order for my family and I to achieve this better way of living. I’ll begin by sharing some examples of how our actions and behaviors need to change in order to live The Aryan Way of the Boer. We must show and teach our families that we have been living in a way that is against our nature and not beneficial to us.

The first action you must take is stop paying that damn R900 DSTV bill every month!

I came to the realization that there is NOTHING on that damn cable system worth while watching and if there happens to be something on there I do want to watch, I can easily watch it on the internet. The programs on TV are toxic for ourselves and especially for our children. I pay R300 a month for unlimited internet, which is a much better purchase for my family. We all use the internet quite often and for multiple purposes.

The second action is to start growing some of your own food!

My word! Every time I walked into SPAR or some other supermarket to pick up the necessities, I spent R500 minimum. This is ridiculous! Most of the food in these shops are not fresh, full of chemicals and are toxic for our mind, body and Spirit. I suggest starting off with a few herbs, vegetable plants and fruit trees and gradually work up to creating an edible garden and orchard on your own property.

The third action to take is start doing things together as a family unit!

One example I can give is I’ve made it mandatory that we sit at the dining room table together as a family when we eat dinner. This includes no cell phones and no TV in the background!  Doing this allows us to talk about our day with no distractions and gives us a chance to bond as a family. You might think most families already do this, however I have found out that this is not the case anymore. Our ancestors were so much closer to one another than we are today because they did not have the distractions we are bombarded with on a daily basis.


If you can accomplish these first three steps as a family to living The Aryan Way of the Boer, you have accomplished a lot! Do not become complacent though! There is still a long road ahead of you and many behaviors we need to change. The jew has placed many, many obstacles, snares and traps to side track us.

I expect my readers to leave comments and tell me how they and their families have done as they begin this better way of life…

The Aryan Way of the Boer

I will be happy to write future articles that will help you to grow as a family and a Folk, so that we no longer have to rely on the jew world order system to survive and help you to learn how to live by the Natural Laws of our Creator as our Aryan ancestors did before us.


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