#Blame The Heebs For White Genocide!


Something WICKED and DARK has cometh our way.

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 J E W S!

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A transcript was sent to me by a Facebook friend. As far as we know the source is unknown. We asked around, but nobody took credit. Therefore, I can and I will publish it for all to read.

Thank you!

Sandy Hermann

This transcript explains nearly everything I have been writing about for the last six or seven years. I feel vindicated after all of this time for I have been relentlessly called an anti-semite, nazi, racist, White supremacist and all of the other labels these lowly parasite jews throw at us Defenders and Warriors of The White Aryan Race!


World Slavery On The Horizon Toward A



The following extract is from an eye-opening interview with Mr. Cohen of the Council of Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) In America and was obtained by one of your patriotic citizens (source protected for security reasons) on 5 Feb. 1991, at great risk to his life, for you and his country, South Africa.



“Consolidation and control of ALL wealth and you…that is what socialism and communism is. You ‘human cattle’ have no idea of what is happening around the world and in your country, South Africa.

You have fallen for every lie we have spun for you and you haven’t even realised that we control almost every newspaper and television station in the world.

You are so busy worrying about yourselves and worshipping Mammon (money) that you have lost the ability to THINK for yourselves.

We are destroying your will to fight. We will not even need an army to beat you. Psychologically, through our continual bombardment of misinformation, we will destroy you.

By… continually feeding you with so many ideas, arguments and counter-arguments, that you can no longer decide what is right and wrong.

You ‘human cattle’ do not even know the basic concepts of what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is because under socialism, the state owns/controls everything including you and quite simply we intend to own the state. Once we have controlled each country, we will control the world, thru the U.N. International Police/Military Force.

We have perfected the ability to manipulate you and for you to accept things, even at your own expense.

Take for example, the N.W.O. By the time we are finished with you, you will be begging us to implement it, without realising what you will be asking for. It will be the surrender of control over your economic and personal freedom.

Once you have accepted the N.W.O. we will own you. We will isolate each of you so that you will not be able to trust your own children. We will destroy the family unit and therefore the only way you will survive will be to stay politically “pure” (in other words – support us), and fulfill without dissent your jobs which make you ‘useful.’

You ‘cattle’ have not even realised that you are about to become slaves.

You are incapable of THINKING for yourselves. Take for example, you have not even realised that we control your government. It is NO longer a national government looking after your own interests. *It is an international government looking after ours. We bought Pik Botha, Piet Koornhof and F W de Klerk and their likes years ago.

Communists are our agenturs (servants). It was our kind, the Rockerfellers, Kissingers, Rothschilds and Oppenheimers of this world, who gave communism life, financed it, and to this day, we have controlled and directed it in such a way that we can give it a face-lift and a new name like Social Democracy or Democratic Socialism and you will believe that it is dead. We have no one country. The world is our country and our loyalty is ONLY to each other!

You have not even realised the role the parties like the Democractic Party play. Our employees. Like Colin Eglin, Helen Suzman and Zach de Beer have done good work in fomenting the idea of creeping socialism. That socialism is a movement of the downtrodden masses when it is quite clear that it is not a share-the-wealth programme but a confidence game *to get you to surrender your country, your family, your economic and personal freedom to an all-powerful collectivist (communist) government which we then control.

We have crept into your minds with our LIBERAL Cancer, affecting Every sector of your society.

I will even show you how we do it because you are so apathetic. Even knowing how it is done, you will not even spend a cent. Or lift an arm to save yourselves. *We appeal to your more decadent and weak side, your self-centered side, which is always looking for an easy way out. This is aptly suited to our atheist/materialistic ideology.

LENIN WAS RIGHT WHEN HE SAID LIBERALS ARE “USEFUL IDIOTS.” They deserve what they are asking for, they do not even realise that WE are behind Liberalism! All we have to do is preach “liberalism” so that the ‘human cattle,’ for the sake of an idea, will yield some of their power, prerogatives and rights voluntarily in their liberalism.

We have already started to DISARM you. Through our liberal stooges in the D.P., we will push for more and more control (gradualism tactics). *Then one day we will CREATE SOME EMERGENCY to Deceive you into believing that it will be in the interests of everyone’s safety if ALL FIREARMS are handed in until the EMERGENCY is over, BUT you will NEVER get them back, and then you will be helpless and at our mercy.

Might is right. Our right lies in force. We will twist the laws to suit ourselves. The laws will no longer be used to protect you and your property. They will become our tools to do the opposite, to take the fruit away from the one man who earned it and give it to another who did not!

You have brilliant, brave leaders but you do not follow them because we hold them up to contempt and ridicule them through our Media. You follow our example just like sheep.

*If you stood together we could do nothing.* This is why we divide you cattle into hostile groups by harping on controversial matters of no importance. ***White against Black, ***English against Afrikaans, ***male against female, ***child against parents. Its the basic rule! … Old as the hills … Divide and Rule!***

We always preach true democracy BUT seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. You are not even capable of becoming angry anymore. We even tell you what we are doing. And YET you still believe in democracy: One man one vote. Our agentur, Joe Slovovitch (he is telling you what to do and he is not even one of your countrymen) he is a Lithuanian JEW and a colonel in the KGB. He told you to your face thru our Media: “THE QUICKEST WAY TO COMMUNISE A COUNTRY IS VIA DEMOCRACY.” You are so pathetic, you make me sick. We do not want reform. We WANT your country!

Your people are incapable of learning from history. If they would realise that before everyone of our revolutions, we swamp the target country with so-called ‘political refugees’ and release the so-called ‘political prisoners,’ who are used to subjugate the masses by means of WANT and TERROR. Once they have achieved our objective, we push out misinformation in such a way that the victims believe they have been the prey of criminals and irresponsibles. We then execute the so-called. ‘Criminals’ to make ourselves APPEAR AS THE SAVIOURS OF THE OPPRESSED.

We have also raised the expectations of the mob so they can be used out all who dare to stand in our way.


Thru most of your churches, you are supporting the S.A. Council of Churches, which is controlled by the World Revolutionary Movement, which is controlled by us. You join organisations like the Freemasons, without realising that we control them and thru groups like that, we will ultimately enslave you and MONGRELISE the RACES so that ONLY our race will be pure.

*WE HAVE INFILTRATED YOUR CHURCHES to make your faith seem like a fairy story, to turn you away from your GOD! *You have not even realised that HE can ONLY work thru a PURE BLOODLINE!

In 1965 one of our people, Mr Rabinowitz, told you that ‘This Generation will be the Last Generation where Blacks will be allowed to marry Blacks and Whites to marry Whites.’ *Yet, like sheep you throw away your BIBLE *and open up your schools! Our God Mammon is powerful. For him you will do anything! IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE WE CAN CONTROL EVERYTHING!

*Some of you ‘cattle’ do not even know that you originated in Europe, *let alone know that you originally came from the Biblical lands. ***Because you do not know, we have tricked you out of your heritage!***


Your State President THINKS he has joined us, BUT when we have finished using him, we will dispose of him like a used contraceptive, just like we did with P.W. Botha!

*We will FORCE a barcode number on your wrist or on your forehead, under the pretence of making banking easy for you! *In your STUPIDITY, you will ASK for it, not knowing, that once you have accepted it, there will be NO turning back! ***You will have LOST your last bastion of freedom (CASH) ***and YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL!

We will have won! We will have ultimate power over the world. World Control. Our God of darkness will then become the God of Light.”


What this jew, Cohen is really telling us is the negroid proxy army of the ANC and EFF is not the only danger us Aryan Boers and White South Africans face. The Afrikaner jews who manage and control the negroid in and out of government are the money power from behind the scenes and are the force behind the negroid.  The Kehillah controls Afrikaner jews of government, corporations and banks. Aryan Boers and White South Africans are caught in the middle.

For you White Christians out there who believe you are the “lost sheep” of Israel in South Africa and also the lost sheep scattered all over the world:

If you don’t wake up, realize who the real enemy is and start fighting back, you will be destroyed! God of the Bible said: “My people are destroyed thru lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. Do not allow yourself to be destroyed through ignorance!


Jews are very sick creatures!  

I published this transcript so all of my fellow White Aryan Folk can finally understand why I have been a so-called hateful anti-semite all of these years. This genocide the jews are inflicting upon us White folk is not happening only in South Africa… It is happening wherever there are White people!

Can you now see why I’m an anti-semite?

Jews have unofficially DECLARED WAR ON OUR WHITE ARYAN RACE! It really amazes me how my Folk have been so unconscious of their terror even though it’s been in our face all of these years. Now you know! I’m grateful many of you are finally waking up. So, what are we going to do about this jew problem?


I’ve written a novel that includes a lot of the same terrorist tactics these jews have been deploying in order to Genocide my White Aryan Race. I’ll post the first few chapters for free if you’d like to read my story.

The Second Coming… Again

Yggdrasil, the Norse World-Tree

by William de Hewitt



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  1. Annette Kennealy says:

    It was planned in the 1800s.


    1. I think, sorry… I KNOW White Genocide has been in the works for a very long time. I would say thousands of years ago… pre-Biblical.



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