Blame The Jews For White Genocide!


Something WICKED and DARK has cometh our way.

 jewess feministjew color facing left

 J E W S!

100-percent-jew-criminals (Large)

A transcript was sent to me by a Facebook friend. As far as we know the source is unknown. We asked around, but nobody took credit. Therefore, I can and I will publish it for all to read.

Thank you!

Sandy Hermann

This transcript explains nearly everything I have been writing about for the last six or seven years. I feel vindicated after all of this time for I have been relentlessly called an anti-semite, nazi, racist, White supremacist and all of the other jewy labels these lowly parasite and terrorist jews throw at us defenders and warriors of The White Aryan Race.


World Slavery On The Horizon Toward A



The following extract is from an eye-opening interview with Mr. Cohen of the Council of Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) In America and was obtained by one of your patriotic citizens (source protected for security reasons) on 5 Feb. 1991, at great risk to his life, for you and his country, South Africa.



“Consolidation and control of ALL wealth and you…that is what socialism and communism is. You ‘human cattle’ have no idea of what is happening around the world and in your country, South Africa.

You have fallen for every lie we have spun for you and you haven’t even realised that we control almost every newspaper and television station in the world.

You are so busy worrying about yourselves and worshipping Mammon (money) that you have lost the ability to THINK for yourselves.

We are destroying your will to fight. We will not even need an army to beat you. Psychologically, through our continual bombardment of misinformation, we will destroy you.

By… continually feeding you with so many ideas, arguments and counter-arguments, that you can no longer decide what is right and wrong.

You ‘human cattle’ do not even know the basic concepts of what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is because under socialism, the state owns/controls everything including you and quite simply we intend to own the state. Once we have controlled each country, we will control the world, thru the U.N. International Police/Military Force.

We have perfected the ability to manipulate you and for you to accept things, even at your own expense.

Take for example, the N.W.O. By the time we are finished with you, you will be begging us to implement it, without realising what you will be asking for. It will be the surrender of control over your economic and personal freedom.

Once you have accepted the N.W.O. we will own you. We will isolate each of you so that you will not be able to trust your own children. We will destroy the family unit and therefore the only way you will survive will be to stay politically “pure” (in other words – support us), and fulfill without dissent your jobs which make you ‘useful.’

You ‘cattle’ have not even realised that you are about to become slaves.

You are incapable of THINKING for yourselves. Take for example, you have not even realised that we control your government. It is NO longer a national government looking after your own interests. *It is an international government looking after ours. We bought Pik Botha, Piet Koornhof and F W de Klerk and their likes years ago.

Communists are our agenturs (servants). It was our kind, the Rockerfellers, Kissingers, Rothschilds and Oppenheimers of this world, who gave communism life, financed it, and to this day, we have controlled and directed it in such a way that we can give it a face-lift and a new name like Social Democracy or Democratic Socialism and you will believe that it is dead. We have no one country. The world is our country and our loyalty is ONLY to each other!

You have not even realised the role the parties like the Democractic Party play. Our employees. Like Colin Eglin, Helen Suzman and Zach de Beer have done good work in fomenting the idea of creeping socialism. That socialism is a movement of the downtrodden masses when it is quite clear that it is not a share-the-wealth programme but a confidence game *to get you to surrender your country, your family, your economic and personal freedom to an all-powerful collectivist (communist) government which we then control.

We have crept into your minds with our LIBERAL Cancer, affecting Every sector of your society.

I will even show you how we do it because you are so apathetic. Even knowing how it is done, you will not even spend a cent. Or lift an arm to save yourselves. *We appeal to your more decadent and weak side, your self-centered side, which is always looking for an easy way out. This is aptly suited to our atheist/materialistic ideology.

LENIN WAS RIGHT WHEN HE SAID LIBERALS ARE “USEFUL IDIOTS.” They deserve what they are asking for, they do not even realise that WE are behind Liberalism! All we have to do is preach “liberalism” so that the ‘human cattle,’ for the sake of an idea, will yield some of their power, prerogatives and rights voluntarily in their liberalism.

We have already started to DISARM you. Through our liberal stooges in the D.P., we will push for more and more control (gradualism tactics). *Then one day we will CREATE SOME EMERGENCY to Deceive you into believing that it will be in the interests of everyone’s safety if ALL FIREARMS are handed in until the EMERGENCY is over, BUT you will NEVER get them back, and then you will be helpless and at our mercy.

Might is right. Our right lies in force. We will twist the laws to suit ourselves. The laws will no longer be used to protect you and your property. They will become our tools to do the opposite, to take the fruit away from the one man who earned it and give it to another who did not!

You have brilliant, brave leaders but you do not follow them because we hold them up to contempt and ridicule them through our Media. You follow our example just like sheep.

*If you stood together we could do nothing.* This is why we divide you cattle into hostile groups by harping on controversial matters of no importance. ***White against Black, ***English against Afrikaans, ***male against female, ***child against parents. Its the basic rule! … Old as the hills … Divide and Rule!***

We always preach true democracy BUT seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. You are not even capable of becoming angry anymore. We even tell you what we are doing. And YET you still believe in democracy: One man one vote. Our agentur, Joe Slovovitch (he is telling you what to do and he is not even one of your countrymen) he is a Lithuanian JEW and a colonel in the KGB. He told you to your face thru our Media: “THE QUICKEST WAY TO COMMUNISE A COUNTRY IS VIA DEMOCRACY.” You are so pathetic, you make me sick. We do not want reform. We WANT your country!

Your people are incapable of learning from history. If they would realise that before everyone of our revolutions, we swamp the target country with so-called ‘political refugees’ and release the so-called ‘political prisoners,’ who are used to subjugate the masses by means of WANT and TERROR. Once they have achieved our objective, we push out misinformation in such a way that the victims believe they have been the prey of criminals and irresponsibles. We then execute the so-called. ‘Criminals’ to make ourselves APPEAR AS THE SAVIOURS OF THE OPPRESSED.

We have also raised the expectations of the mob so they can be used out all who dare to stand in our way.


Thru most of your churches, you are supporting the S.A. Council of Churches, which is controlled by the World Revolutionary Movement, which is controlled by us. You join organisations like the Freemasons, without realising that we control them and thru groups like that, we will ultimately enslave you and MONGRELISE the RACES so that ONLY our race will be pure.

*WE HAVE INFILTRATED YOUR CHURCHES to make your faith seem like a fairy story, to turn you away from your GOD! *You have not even realised that HE can ONLY work thru a PURE BLOODLINE!

In 1965 one of our people, Mr Rabinowitz, told you that ‘This Generation will be the Last Generation where Blacks will be allowed to marry Blacks and Whites to marry Whites.’ *Yet, like sheep you throw away your BIBLE *and open up your schools! Our God Mammon is powerful. For him you will do anything! IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE WE CAN CONTROL EVERYTHING!

*Some of you ‘cattle’ do not even know that you originated in Europe, *let alone know that you originally came from the Biblical lands. ***Because you do not know, we have tricked you out of your heritage!***


Your State President THINKS he has joined us, BUT when we have finished using him, we will dispose of him like a used contraceptive, just like we did with P.W. Botha!

*We will FORCE a barcode number on your wrist or on your forehead, under the pretence of making banking easy for you! *In your STUPIDITY, you will ASK for it, not knowing, that once you have accepted it, there will be NO turning back! ***You will have LOST your last bastion of freedom (CASH) ***and YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL!

We will have won! We will have ultimate power over the world. World Control. Our God of darkness will then become the God of Light.”


What this jew, Cohen is really telling us is the negroid proxy army of the ANC and EFF is not the only danger us Aryan Boers and White South Africans face. The Afrikaner jews who manage and control the negroid in and out of government are the money power from behind the scenes and are the force behind the negroid. The Kehillah manages the Afrikaner jews who are within government, corporations, banks and just about any other institution within a society. Aryan Boers and other White South African Aryans are caught in the middle and are being genocided at an alarming rate.

For you White Christians out there who believe you are the “lost sheep” of Israel in South Africa and also the lost sheep scattered all over the world:

If you don’t wake up, realize who the real enemy is and start fighting back, you will be destroyed! God of your so-called Bible said: “My people are destroyed thru lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. Do not allow yourself to be destroyed through ignorance!

And by the way…

Aryans are not Israelites!


Jews are very sick creatures!  

I republished this transcript so all of my Aryan Folk can finally understand why I have been a so-called hateful anti-semite all of these years. This genocide the jews are inflicting upon us White folk is not happening only in South Africa… It is happening wherever there are White people!

Can you now see why I’m an anti-semite?

Jews have unofficially DECLARED WAR ON OUR ARYAN RACE! It really amazes me how my Folk have been so unconscious of their terror even though it’s been in our face all of these years. Now you know! I’m grateful many of you are finally waking up. So, what are we going to do about this jew problem?


They’ve become our slave masters without us even knowing it!

I’ve written a novel that includes a lot of the same terrorist tactics these jews have been deploying in order to Genocide my Aryan Race. I’ll post the first few chapters for free if you’d like to read my story.

The Second Coming… Again

Yggdrasil, the Norse World-Tree

by William de Hewitt

19 Comments Add yours

  1. Annette Kennealy says:

    It was planned in the 1800s.


    1. I think, sorry… I KNOW White Genocide has been in the works for a very long time. I would say thousands of years ago… pre-Biblical.


  2. warlord says:

    Excellent article William…Its impossible to escape the Matrix 100 percent no matter where you are on on earth…You need documents passports their taxes and all, that crap… The World Matrix is be degrees in all countries…..Go where its best to survive…I look at Ringing Cedars and the nice farm pictures they have…Keep in mind what happened to White Southerners during Reconstruction and what happened in Ukraine and Russia under the Bolshevics..You really have to be well hidden as hell when ZOG comes ..No need to explain how to be hidden.. Its bad as Righteous Government on earth anywhere…No Aryan State anyplace on earth…Anti White Insanity and Anti Aryan Nordic to extreme..To survive in this Matrix we have to be cunning as hell, AND SNEAKY AS HELL…otherwise ZOG will crush you.. I know what George Rockwell said about how we cant win by sneaking and being cunning and learning from the Enemies….I disagree with that in todays Matrix world.Being Gentleman fighting wars wont work..We are faced with Attricion and and other factors and how we are such a small number now..Powder Shooters will not bring the Aryan State Dream..We are to few and it will take something much much greater like Hi Tech…Getting rid of the head of snake wont work…because their is million upon millions tp replace them with the same mind sets…To me Hi tech is one solution to bring the Aryan State..and of coure their is Natural Disasters…The USA is a Multi Cult State now…and its extremely anti white…To survive we have to use our creative brains…Like Robert E.Miles said years ago..we are the New Heretics allowed no opionion on anything..We are the New Gypsy Rom..we can learn alot from them how they survived thru the ages without having a country. of their own .and maintained their culture…We are all Lone Wolfs now..Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom has excellent articles on Gangstalking and how ZOG uses the new Hi Tech on us…We truly live in a Planet of the Apes now with Mystery Meats galore…Its so damn bad now with the Whiggers and Kwans..oh my my my…many say we have to go under the Mountains now..BE A RAM GO TO THE HIGH GROUND. LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Warlord!
      I’m pleased you liked it.
      This is one of my least looked at writings and one of the most important I think.
      the parasite jew is admitting their White Genocide agenda and to add insult to injury… MOCKING US!
      When, oh when will my Aryan Folk get pissed off enough to rebel against our jew slave masters?


  3. warlord says:

    William..I hope its in our life times..I am 70 now…You hopefully will see the awakening..If not..what Martin Lindsedt says will become true..Civil War 2 or Tribulation..most Whiggers and Kwans will be killed and only 10 million survive led by 10000 Warlords..If this does not occur our race will be Genocided and bred out of existance..everywhere….USA is already a super Multi Cult Empire. turning into another India and Brazil but with snow…Since 65 Immigration Act the Darkies have flooded into the USA by the millions and millions..In fact the Founding White Racial Stock who made the USA is a minority now..Drive around in Florida or California or New York or Boston or Atlanta all the big Metro Cities etc. etc…it full of Darkies and they breed like rats and rabbits…Your Second Coming is a great science fiction work…Whats the solution..I keep saying High Tech..Look what Cracker Hacker did getting the whole list of addresses of all DHS people…I have read how Fusion centers controlled by Dual Citizen Israelis in USA have Gangstalking Tech to use on anyone they dont like in all Fusion Centers…..They use GPS and Cell Towers or Satelites to either fry one person or a whole Geographic area…They can also shut off all new vehicles that have the computor Boxes in them..I know all the 1970 vehicles and back dont have thoses boxes so they cant be shut off by ZOG…Anyway the Whiggers and Kwans..most will never morph back into being White…The Dream of creating a Aryan Nordic State is the greatest Dream…To do it you need Hi-Tech………..HK 91 308 with 50 round mags and Atkinson 12 Gauge Assualt Shotgun aint gonna create a Aryan State..Its gonna take super Hi-Tech…Imagine being able to put a force field over an area we want and it keeps all Darkies and Kikes out..and having something like Lazers to get them if they brake thru the force field…Certain Frequencies effect different races in different ways..same for all the mixed up hybrid Mystery Meats..To bad we dont have some with abilities like the Ancient Celts and Druids and Merlin had etc.etc…Ever read how Britian used Witches to curse Germany and Hitler and so did Dion Fortune…Wish we had some Mutant Aryan Nordics like in the Kike Movies.ha ha ha.Just Dreaming…but Hi tech is one way to solve things…or a Natural or Man Made Event…Just read on that South Africa is facing a famine in two or three years..When they take all the land from Whites who the hell is gonna grow the food to eat..What happened in Rhodesia taking land from the whites proves what will happen…We live in the ZOG Matrix and we have to survive the best way we can Our Day will Come…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5…


    1. Here’s your comment, Warlord.
      It was sent to my spam mailbox for some strange reason?
      I too hope I see the fruits of my work payoff in my lifetime as well.
      All I can do is keep hitting the enemy where it hurts day in and day out and hope that I reach as many Aryans as possible.

      Long live the Aryan cause, my friend!



  4. warlord says:

    Just tried to post a comment and it got blocked…Anyway hope the awakening is in our life times..Hi_Tech is one solution..Use our imiginations and make it true…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmmmm… I didn’t see it, nor block it.


  5. warlord says:

    Your doing a great job William..All your articles are excellent…GREAT WHITE DESERT.ORG was a great site but got removed from net…White Victory was another one..Whites Will Win was good site..but got removed also..Terrible Tommy Metzger had to go to a pass code as VS Herrell did with Christian Seperatist Church..Blood and Honour was a good site also..Julie Mitchell has some good articles on STORIES CONTRIBUTED BY JULIE MITCHELL Before Its News..She got totally banned on net and blocked..The Chinese are happy as hell..they want the GUNS taken away from Americans…and we know why…These Kwans and Whiggers are really pathethic…What has happened in South Africa will come to the USA…In the Dream of the Aryan State..we have to go beyond Segregation and Aparthied..We have to have a Total White Aryan Nordic State only..period…Aryanity of Aryan Scholar is a good site also…Your site is great because you go into subjects that others will not go into…Aryan Nations had a great Declaration of Independence…and of course Robert Matthews Decleration of War…David Tates LONG LIVE THE CAUSE is a master peice also…and White Resistance Manuel…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5 PS) Re-establishment of a Boer State would br great..Argentina has Article 25 in their Constitution…plus many retain their Gaucho Culture…Jost Turner was interesting with the Mantras…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will do my best to stick around as long as it’s in my power.
      The enemy knows whom I am. I know this.
      I’m prepared 😉


    2. Have you read all of my articles, Warlord?


      1. Here’s one you might find informative and revealing…


      2. Here’s a few others you might like.
        Not sure if you’ve read these ones or not?

        I think you’ll like these, Warlord 😉


  6. warlord says:

    Yeah they monitor and watcn us William for telling the truth…..The Kikes want GUN CONTROL and no Guns for the Goyim..Look at that Staged Event at Douglas High School (Named after a Feminist Lesbian) in Parkland Broward County Flroida..Its a Demoncrap cess pool in that area..Very Libaturd area..Multi Cult Insanity and a Kike Kikedom.The shooter Patsy was a Mystery Meat and notice how all of the Mass Shooters are Mystery Meats…..Anyway concerning GUN CONTROL..just learn how to make your own weapons..also keep in mind EXPROPIATING THE EXPROPIATORS..and I know you know what that means..Many years ago Blacks raided a National Guard Armory in LA and stole all the guns..Imagine getting one of those FBI or DHS or NSA VANS with the Gangstalking Brain Beam Fryer Weapons in them..or getting all the Brain Fryer Tech out of a Fusion Center Control Room that they use to beam fry people they hate and want to…Neutralize…Years ago John Constantine wrote a book in it was some info on a Neo Nazi Med Technition who worked in a Hospital in Phonix Arizona..He took a EKG Machine and made it into a Brain Fryer Weapon and put it in a Van and was going to drive thru Beaner Areas and Darkie Areas..but the Feds were able to stop him before he did it…Two guys up in the Northeast USA got caught making a Beam Brain was a KKK guy and the other guy was Engineer of some kind..They both got prison terms for doing it..GUN CONTROL will spark the development of new HIGH TECH to replace Powder Shooters…I have read many articles how EMP Geneators Microwave Weapons are made too…anyway Mass Shootings are bad no matter who…PTB Gladio C or an idiot insane person..Think about all the veterans of USA who fought in Vietnam who were poisioned by Agent Orange and Dioxin and had cancers committed suicides and many thusands went tlo prison for violent crimes and it was not due to PTSD ot PTSS or shell shock of was the chemicals that effect the brains TOXIC BRAIN SYNDROME..And just think how many Vets had deformed kids when they were born and that when many got in their early 20s died..The PTB would say oh its caused by MS or some crap…It was the Agent Orange and Dioxin and how it effected the DNA…It changed Serottnin levels and Dopamine levels which contrtol behavior…Then their is the Iraq and Afganistan Vets who were exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU) the same tactics that the PTB used to cover up the effects of Agent Orange Dioxin..crying oh its Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome (shell Shock)..the GOV would say this at once as a smoke screen..They used this on the DU vets also…and the Veterans groups all set up by Powers That Be to keep the cover up.and not tell the real truth…Most of the was used to kill and mess up the best elements of the Goyims so the PTB would not have the best elements against them…To this very day..The VA and the GOV will not admit the truth…I am like you William..when will sleeping White Aryans Wake Up.?..The Whjite Aryan Nordic Race is under attack world wide everywhere…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

    Liked by 1 person

  7. warlord says:

    Just sent another comment and its not up..Maybe on your spam…Guess this is a dirty trick to try and stop us from making comments they dont like…Piss on em…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

    Liked by 1 person


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