The Second Coming… Again CHAPTER 6


Energy and the Order of Authority

As a military man, Erik is especially interested in the foreign technology: “How is the main vehicle powered?” he asks when he and Rob get a break, “It must be something very revolutionary if it could sustain such long flights.”

“I don’t know,” said Rob, “Let’s try and find out.”

Melody hears their conversation in passing: “Poor Ato will also get no rest for his soul.”

They find Ato with the other children where they are inspecting the farm implements.

“Ato, I apologize for bothering you so much, but please come with me. We want to ask Captain Klem something about your ship.”

“It’s no bother, Rob. I want to help,” says Ato: “What would you like to ask him?”

“Erik wants to know how or what your ship is powered by.”

They walk over to where Klem and some of his people are talking. Ato talks with him for a while then calls one of his men. He gestures something to him. Ato addresses Rob: “His name Enja. He works power. Will try to explain.”

Enja begins drawing something on the ground.

“Wait,” says Rob: “Let’s go to my office, there is pen and paper.” Ato motions for Enja to follow them. In his office Rob gives Enja a pen and a notebook. Enja, however, notices one of Rob’s university science books on his bookshelf with the representation of an atom with its orbiting electrons on the cover. He points to the picture, bumps his fists together and lets the fingers of both hands slide tightly together. Rob’s face lights up: “I think he is demonstrating atomic fusion, Erik!”

Erik is very excited: “Good Heavens! We’ve been trying to achieve that for decades! Do you realize the commercial possibilities? Unlimited energy! These people will not have to be beggars on a strange world, they will be able to buy whatever they need! “

Rob, however, sees the danger: “Slow down Erik you’ll have to keep this very quiet for now.”

“But why?”

“Erik, surely you must realize what influence that would have on the oil industry and how powerful the “Seven Sisters” cartel is who control the big oil companies, the oil price and oil distribution in the world.” They are intimately connected to the Jew Oligarchs who operate the British and USA monetary institutions, governments and secret services, and use the oil price to manipulate the value of the dollar and the pound, exchange rates, and consequently the fate of many peoples and countries. In collusion with the British and American secret services, they have even had very important  people murdered and governments replaced with self-serving, criminally inclined puppets easy to manipulate and maintain control over. They did it to us, and there is nothing they won’t do to maintain their power.”

Erik frowns: “I know the oil companies are very powerful and influential, but your other accusations are news to me!”

“You are welcome to verify what I am telling you. ‘Green Peace’ for instance, was formed and financed by one of them, a Canadian company, specifically to combat the spread and general use of alternative energy sources. Nuclear power in particular is their main potential competition at present and one way some developing countries might free themselves from the oil stranglehold. To combat that, the ghost of Hiroshima comes in very handy. In my own country we had our first experience of terrorism when we started our oil from coal project in the ’50s. Some of the terrorist organizations were supported by the Chinese and Russians for for their own selfish reasons to gain a foothold in Africa and its mineral wealth, but some, like “Frelimo” was financed and supported by establishment Americans like Eleanor Roosevelt and the Ford Foundation through the Africa America Institute. Its sibling, USSALEP, initiated by a local Jewish-Anglophile mining company, was used to subvert the South African government. There was also an incident where ‘Green Peace’ tried to sabotage our Koeberg nuclear power plant, with the Jewish controlled media participating fully to condemn nuclear power and exaggerate it’s supposed pollution dangers. After that, when a large reservoir of natural gas was found at Saldanha, to be harvested by an American company with controlling interests involving the former President of the United States’ family, a spate of mysterious accidents at the Sasol plant followed, presumably to curtail further development of alternative sources and divert shareholding to the building or a gas pipeline from Saldanha to the Mosselbay refinery. The hue and cry about pollution is pure hypocrisy anyway, as the main pollutants on earth are still oil, coal, and industrial waste, especially the dioxins and other chlorinated compounds that are released into the atmosphere and dumped into rivers and the ocean by the developed countries, with America as the main polluter.”

Erik is taken aback, “You seem to know a lot of what’s going on. Things most of us have never even heard of. How could they keep all this information from a free society?”

“They also control the mainstream media, Erik. All the “free” media in the world is owned by only six families. Our countries only seem free on the surface. Our presidents are all appointed by Jewish oligarchs via control of the media. They in turn are again controlled by a organisation called the ‘Kehillah.’ Virtually the whole world has been led by the nose for many centuries, and lately by the Jews who make up the British Establishment, and after the First World War by a coalition of the British and USA governments and those who control them. The so-called democratic countries are anything but free.”

Erik says with a wry smile: “You seem to believe in conspiracy theories that crackpots in tinfoil hats are spreading.”

Rob is getting impatient: “Interesting how facts are called conspiracy theories nowadays, and lucrative theories and media disinformation become gospel through repetition. Erik, how many people know that the British Government was bankrupt when the Jews convinced them to declare war on Germany to start World War One, or that they were financed and supplied by one or your big financiers and his friends while America was supposed to be a non-combatant . America was brought into the war with the assistance of the American press because the Germans were going to win the war in 1917. The establishment would have lost the enormous amount the British owed them and would have gone bankrupt if Germany had won the war. In the end Germany was forced to pay all that debt and much more, which in turn led to the Second World War. This is why Hitler felt it necessary to save his people from all this Jewish instigated debt. On 7 May, a treaty was presented to Germany. Germany was stripped of 13 per cent of its territory and ten per cent of its population; the border territories of Alsace and Lorraine were returned to France. Germans lost all of their colonies, 75 per cent of their iron ore deposits and 26 per cent of all coal and potash. The size of the army and navy was drastically cut, and an air force and submarines were forbidden. The Germans also had to officially accept ‘war guilt’ and pay reparations to the Jews and their allies to the tune of £6 billion. It was called ‘The Treaty of Versailles’ and was meant to break the spirit of the German people and stop Aryanism in its tracks. And we all know how well that worked for them. Our people bounced back!”

“That’s treason!” Erik said, “Surely the US government would have known that. Nobody was accused of anything like that after the war, not officially anyhow. What could have made the British so desperate to declare war in the first place, and in such financial straits?”

Rob feels like a father trying to teach his children: “The US government certainly knew about that, but they wouldn’t dare to inform the public. The President, and incidentally, all your presidents since 1912, have been an integral part of the conspiracy. In his presidential campaign for instance, Wilson’s campaign slogan was ‘He kept us out of the war’, and 34 days after he was elected, he declared war to save the establishment from so-called bankruptcy.”

“That sounds even more unbelievable,” said Erik, “but go on.”

“It’s a long story, but I’ll try to explain… In the 1840’s the British Government, controlled by Jewish bankers and financial institutions, accepted and used distorted versions of theories proposed by Parson Malthus, Adam Smith and others for control of commerce by limiting and reducing the populations and industrial development in foreign countries. By implementing a distorted version of Smith’s free-trade theories and disregarding their own people’s welfare, including that of the Irish, the rich became much richer and the poor much poorer. The British navy protected their maritime fleet and reigned supreme throughout the entire century. With the help of the British secret service, which was also created in this period, with agents in all countries they traded with, they controlled world commerce. As intended, other countries followed their example, but being dependent upon British shipping insurers and pirated by British supported privateers, they failed. In the early 1870’s a German economist, Friedrich List, convinced his government to reject the so-called free trade principle, restrict import, financial and stock speculation, and rather stimulate and subsidize their own industries, research and agriculture. As a result, the German economy and the welfare of their people grew at an astounding rate, so much so that by the 1890’s Germany was producing more steal than the British, better quality appliances, and were quickly catching up with superior commercial and military fleets. The diesel engine was developed for shipping, oil as a propulsion fuel became crucial, and competition for control of the oil rich countries began. By 1914 the Germans were about to surpass the British on all fronts where they have not already, and most disconcerting, with their maritime and military fleets. In addition, the German effort to build a railway from Berlin to Baghdad so that Europe would not have to depend on shipping for oil supplies, in British eyes threatened not only their control of the oil rich Middle East, but also their lucrative and exclusive trade with the East. The Jews who controlled the British Government were going to maintain supremacy in world trade at all costs, and were later determined to sabotage the project. That was the true cause of the war. Since then millions have died and suffered through the consequences of their actions and wars for control of world commerce. In the 19th century, control of energy became central to control of commerce. Egypt was supplied with a British-controlled government to control shipping passing through the Suez Canal and the State of Israel was created in the British mandate of Palestine, which was wrested from the Arabs during the first World War to provide an excuse for maintaining a British force of 1.5 million in the Middle East to watch over both the Suez and the oil-bearing countries while the French were biting the bullet against Germany. After the second World War, Enrico Mattei of Italy was murdered because he was inventing new ways to circumvent the ‘Seven Sisters’, an expression coined by him, and also because he was motivating President Kennedy to limit the powers of USA-based oil companies to create artificial shortages to be able to raise the oil prices. Presumably that was one of the reasons he was assassinated. Since the early 1970’s, when Nixon unilaterally forced everybody to exchange the gold standard for a floating dollar standard, oil was used in collusion with the Saudis, and through them with the other Arab states, to manipulate the value of the dollar and rates of exchange by forcing everyone to pay for oil exclusively in dollars. Anyone who wanted oil first had to buy dollars, and the Federal Reserve could now flood the world markets with dollars. Anyone who tried to resist or circumvent these controls were simply forced out of office or wiped off the face of the earth. Your own CIA was created by the British secret service and still maintains close ties. The oil rich Middle East and South American countries have a long history of government replacements, agreements, appointments, political disinformation, and unrest fomented by the British and American secret services, and many of their rulers are mere puppets put in place by the Anglo American secret service alliance who are in their turn the puppets of the Kehillah.”

“Erik now sees Rob now with new eyes, “An amazing story. There seems to be a lot of gaps in it, however. “

“That isn’t the half of it,” says Rob, “the British and USA governments used their military and clandestine forces so that the oil companies could gain and keep control of the Middle East and block development of the Berlin-Baghdad railway to maintain control of oil and trade with the East. Apart from that, the American president’s family, the British prime minister, and the Jewish Saudi Royal family, as well as the Bin Ladins, benefited directly from the Gulf Wars through their shareholding in companies that manufacture arms, which explains why these wars were fomented in spite of opposition from their own people. Later we can discuss all that at length. We have to be very careful how we handle this information. It will be crucial for the welfare of these people as well as for the future of the entire world. Fusion power will terminate the entire oil monopoly. The establishment will not hesitate to take drastic steps to preventable that from happening, as they have been doing for many years already.”

 ” Who is this Kehillah you have mentioned?” Erik asks with a stern face.

Rob smiles and says: “That is a conversation for later.”

Erik is still uncertain whether he should believe everything Rob has said, “I will accept what you say for the time being. That was quite a mouthful to swallow in one gulp. What do you propose we do now? “

“For starters, we have to prevent anyone else from finding out that these people have the technology for power generation by means of atomic fusion.”

Enja continues with his diagrams, strange symbols, notes and formulas. When he finishes Rob takes the book from him and locks it in his gun safe. Enja looks at him questionably.

Rob turns to Ato: “Ato, tell him he may not discuss the ship’s  power source with anyone. It is very important for your safety and for the rest of the world. I will discuss this later with Klem.”

Erik is clearly upset: “I will speak to Don about this. He should know more. “

While Erik takes off to find Don, Rob takes Ato and Enja outside to find Klem. They find him organizing the luggage they brought with them and sorting out the accommodation in the barn. “Ato tell him what you told Enja please,” says Rob.

“Captain, Rob does not want anyone else to find out how our ship is powered. He says it would be dangerous for us and for the rest of the world.”

Klem frowns. “Ask him why. Wouldn’t it be in their best interest?”

“Captain ask why,” said Ato.

“You have caught our telecasts and you’ve probably seen the wars. It’s all about who controls energy. On Earth a few major oil companies control who provides energy, and they will do anything to maintain control. Millions of people have been killed in order for them to hold their position of power. We would like to use your technology, but we will have be careful how we introduce and put it into operation.”

Ato struggles to convey the long message, but after some back and forth questions and answers Klem indicates that he understands, and tells Ato: “I will inform Brato.”

Erik and Don Hoffman join them: “Don confirms much of what you have said, especially about control of the media, of which he has had first hand experience. Most senior media people are controlled by the establishment and many of their employees are fully aware that their reports are monitored and edited to present a particular view, and shape what their bosses want people to believe. They are powerless to do anything about it without endangering themselves and their families, or terminating their careers. There have been a few horrible examples to serve as a warning.”

“Fine! Then you and Don will keep this quiet until we decide on a definite plan of action?”

“Don and I will be only too glad to get back at these crooks eventually. We’ll keep it to ourselves and wait for payback time. I have a few scores to settle myself.” Don confirms what Erik said.


Things start moving along quickly. Don returns to the States and his news service’s audience grows exponentially. He tells of his experiences in South Africa, backed by his own footage and that taken from the ship’s archives, but said nothing about what he promised to keep quiet about. Erik is also recalled and questioned in Woodford’s office. He too keeps the secret and pretends to know little.

“Do you want to tell me you didn’t think that we should be the first to get hold of their technology, Anstrom? The oil, aircraft, and military companies, and other important people have been needling me ever since they heard that you are involved.”

“They do not speak our language or any other Earth language, sir. At this stage it’s impossible to communicate with them other than superficially. We will have to wait until they learn our language, or we theirs,” says Erik.

“You say you have befriended their leaders?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I’m sending you back to be on hand when they become capable of understanding us.”

“I understand, sir.”

Over his intercom  Woodford orders his secretary: “Joy, get General Anstrom’s airline ticket and papers ready. He is returning to South Africa.” To Erik he says, “That’s all, you may go now. Joy will see to your papers.” Erik salutes and leaves the office. He is very relieved. He was thinking of resigning, but decided instead to stay to prevent someone else from taking his place. Since his stay will probably be indefinite this time he decides to take along his wife, and if Rob’s story is true, it would be better for her to be with him as she could be used as a pawn to control him.


Time flies, and more than a month has passed since their first meeting. Melody and Helga meanwhile started teaching the visitors’ children to speak English and Afrikaans. They were both previously kindergarten teachers and the children are progressing well. By order of the captain, many adults also attend classes in the two barns. Farmers in the area and people in town virtually fall over each other to help provide the visitors with much needed supplies, and to show their appreciation they trade these provisions for souvenirs made during their long journey.

Meanwhile, Colesberg experiences a tourist boom, and the City Council begins to consider extensive renovation and expansion of their tourism industry. The two farmers, Erik, Don, and the other newcomers, together founded  the company Space Technology Ltd., of which they are all shareholders.

The three captains are very concerned that something might go wrong with the genetic material on board the ship, whether by an attack or by accident. Since the medical and laboratory sections, like all the other sections have independent space flight capabilities. Because they are not equipped with anti-gravity landing gear it’s decided to disconnect them from the ship and connect them with four landing craft each to carry them to earth. They are designed in such a way that their own propulsion can assist and compensate for the extra weight. Their own energy sources will provide power for the required cooling and can be adjusted on the ground to be linked to the farm’s power grid.

The operation is successfully carried out and the captains decide to bring most units to Earth. On earth a temporary step ladder and a roof had to be installed to all the units because all the entrances were on the top where the main corridor was originally, and the original exterior that represents the floor needed a few adjustments so everything could stand up straight. Captain Brato has refused to allow any permanent changes to be made.

The two farms now look like two small towns with oddly shaped ‘homes’. The Greens no longer need their special ultraviolet radiation because the sun provides enough. They are the best fighter pilots on earth. No man can match their skills.

Three months later, all the newcomers are able to read, write and speak English  and some even Afrikaans, although they had very heavy accents. Discussions can be held comfortably. The earthly children have also acquired some of the space children’s language and to their parents’ dismay found it quite useful when they wanted to say something in their parents’ presence that they should not hear.

After one of the school sessions Melody runs into Brato and Dant where they are having a conversation with Rob and Helga:”Your people are quick learners, and are clearly more intelligent than us.”

Brato said unabashedly: “Careful parent selection over many thousands of years is essential in such a journey where numbers should be kept constant and quality must be maintained.”

Helga smiles: “Quite modest, too.”

Rob is still worried: “You must not lose your vigilance. Erik’s commander in chief, General Woodford, is a real glory seeking SOB. He will not hesitate to do something crazy if he gets half a chance. Erik said he is now sure Woodford is in the pocket of the world financiers and oil cartel. They will obviously  want to get their hands on your technology for their own personal gain, or destroy it so that they will remain supreme.”

Brato nodded: “I have read some of your history books and articles on the world’s power balance and I agree with your opinion about the dangers we are facing. With everything that I have read, it seems clear to me that there is a hidden force behind all your problems. Your wars and the manipulation of world affairs is not the doing of just power hungry Jews running corporations. They are only the symptom of a much larger problem. I need to tell you this, but I also need your word that this will not be made public.

When our people left here, thousands of years ago, they could not take everyone, especially those who were not fit to become a part of our new civilization elsewhere. There was a terrible war between the ones who could not leave and the ones who were chosen to take the journey. When our ancestors left, the opposition swore to see to it that nothing would be left of this world for any of our people to come back to one day. I believe some of them survived the great cataclysm, and to be honest, I see their hand in all the problems you have in this world. They are masters at manipulating others. I do not think we have to fear them because we occupy the most strategic military position in space and possess a weapon that they can’t match or avoid if we decide to use it… we’re actually a power to be reckoned with.”

Rob considers what Brato just said thoughtfully. He realizes, however, that Brato could have already forcibly taken over control if that was their plan, and it reassures him.

“Understood and you have our word, Brato. You will have to tell us more about them soon, please. It’s all starting to make sense to me now.”

“However, right now we need money so we can get our industry set up. Eddie and I will take mortgages on our farms, but we’re going to need large amounts for equipment and exotic fabrics to do what we envisioned, and I do not want any outsiders to have a say in our company. “

Dant sets his mind at ease: “Have you seen our workshops yet? We have a large stock of very exotic materials for the devices that we had to maintain on board or rebuild when they wore out. We can start with that and continue with the profit made from it.”

Rob is relieved because it solves a problem that he has been wrestling with. Dant makes good on his word and extra supplies are brought from the ship and work begins. Meanwhile, Rob starts building offices and workshops and also two apartments, one for Erik Anstrom and his wife, and one for Don Hoffman, should he decide to come live there. 


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