Faith? Faith In Who? God?

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I often become frustrated when I hear people, especially White Christians talk about faith. Most have the concept all wrong! I am usually attacked and made out to be the devil by simply asking the question: Wouldn’t having “faith” in yourself, living in harmony with nature and applying the acquired knowledge and wisdom one accumulates throughout life, which allows you to potentially reach godhead be better than only having a blind faith in god?

A little known and lost secret is the creator god(s) of the White, Aryan race breathed a divine breath of Spirit from ‘The Spiritual Source’ into the first White man created. This breath is compatible with our White, Aryan DNA and only our White, Aryan DNA. The other races were made separately from us and did not have this ‘Breath of Spirit’ blown into them. All were not created equally despite of what you’ve been told to believe. This means every pure blooded White man, woman and child within the White Race has the essence of god inside of them. So, in order for one to know god one must know thy self. How does one begin to know thy self? You do it by looking within, Self Discovering and then Self Realizing  your unique and Divine ‘Spiritual Spark’, which will put you in tune with Godhead.

I am not against god. To the contrary. However, it has become apparent to me that my Folk and I need to save ourselves and not cop out by having faith in someone other than ourselves, or believing god is going to come and do the work we need to do ourselves and ultimately save us. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Blind faith in god or anyone else is not going to help you in life. We should revere god by elevating ourselves to become godlike. In other words…


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Ask yourself a tough question and be honest. What has this mysterious god most worship and have blind faith in done for you? The good things you think god has done for you were most likely done through your own hard works because you had the courage to dig deep, LOOK WITHIN and get the job done whatever it may have been. The same idea goes for all of the bad that has happened in our lives. Bad things happen because we personally make bad choices.


I imagine this god to be shaking his head in disgust because most of us are too damn lazy to take the initiative to look within ourselves in order to Self Discover and Self Realize one self, which leads to personal growth… Mentally, Physically and most importantly Spiritually.

To have faith in god means to have faith in yourself. If you want to do what is right or good for god do what is right or good for yourself, family and race and only yourself, family and race.

If anything is to ever change for the better in this world for my Folk, we need to seriously re-evaluate the way we live and think.

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  1. Many Boers are awakening and returning to the only Creator they and their forebares had known for thousands and thousands of years, away with the false Jewish/Roman/Catholic/Christian Dogmas ….. back to the Laws of NATURE.

    Boervolk Radio

    Liked by 1 person

    1. William de Hewitt says:

      Yes! I hope our folk re-discover and realize their Spiritual selves and get back to living by The Laws of Nature. We most definitely need to reconnect Spiritually and Naturally.
      Very elegantly said and Thank You, Boervolk Radio!


  2. William if possible please contact me.


    1. William de Hewitt says:

      I’ve sent you an email and a FB instant message, but I’ve not heard back from you, Theuns. Is there a specific way you’d like me to contact you?



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