The Solution To Ending White Genocide and Saving The White Aryan Race


14 words 2

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

“Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”

~David Lane

aryan god

The White Race was once a Divine and superior Aryan Race. Not superior because we lord over others, but superior in our creative abilities, strong work ethic, Spiritual practices and in overall beauty. Due to our great achievements as a race and because of some of our own Folk’s downfalls, we have all become targets of inferior, envious parasite jews of the world even though they have benefited greatly from our achievements throughout history. Consequently, it has become clear to me that the non-White, White looking mixed race jew will not rest until White Aryans are completely genocided from this world.

I often ponder how the Divine Nature and Spirit of my White Aryan Race has become corrupted, weakened and now nearly extinct…

aryan goddess (Large)

The Aryan Race has been under attack for centuries going all of the way back before Biblical times. Our jew enemies have been relentless as they attack us from every angle. Their latest tactics are so insidious that many within our own race can not see what’s happening in front of their eyes and go along with our destruction. One of the tactics jews use against us today is known as “White Guilt” and it has been very effective for them. “White Guilt” occurs when jews blame White Folk for crimes jews commit as they con our gullible into feeling guilty over a so-called “White Privilege,” which does not really exist. This tactic they use has helped to create the conditions in which some of my own White Folk will actually justify our own destruction in order to make up for supposed injustices we have supposedly inflicted as an entire race upon the non-White peoples of the world.

There are so many reasons why Aryans have fallen. One reason I shall focus on today is race mixing! Race mixing with non-Whites begets Spiritless, unnatural, confused, mixed race jewish abominations. These creatures do not think nor act like us. Most, if not all of them in one way or another are enemies who think and act like degenerates, parasites and/or terrorists! These jews do not have a natural racial identity, so their rabbis have created warped philosophies such as judaism, zionism and communism for jews to live by. They have also created a religious philosophy for us, which weakens and causes many of my kind to unwittingly worship jews. It’s called christinsanity. In order for us to overcome our jew enemy, we must first stop begetting these mixed race, White looking counterfeits by not spreading our seed outside of our race and by rejecting their current influence. It is about time we shame and excommunicate our Folk who race mix!

race mixing on tv.jpg

race mixing

Unfortunately, I see a lot more degenerate mixed race White looking jews around me and fewer racially and Spiritually pure White Aryan Folks these days. Furthermore, it seems to me most of the few pure Aryans left in the world, who are fortunate enough not to have mixed race jew blood desire to act, think and live like the above mentioned degenerate parasites and are influenced by their debased and popular mainstream worldly way of life. Witnessing this makes me very sad, but it also inspires me to do my part every day to save my White Aryan Race. 

race mixing

So, how do we solve the problem of White Genocide and save the White Aryan Race?

aryan god 2 (Large)

We do it by rejecting the enemy jew system, by becoming self sufficient through hard work, by reconnecting with our inner Divine Aryan Spirit and by living in harmony with Mother Nature’s Laws and our own Aryan kind. I strive to become the best Aryan I can be on a daily basis… Spiritually, mentally and physically. I achieve this by engaging in works, which benefits myself, my family and my race and ONLY myself, my family and my race!

Whining, crying and begging is not going to solve our problems! Relying on our enemies and the foolish White Shabbat Goyim, who are still inside of and supporting the anti-White, jew system will not help either. We should not expect to be given jobs, charity or receive anything beneficial at all from the anti-White jew system. We therefore need to reject it all!

So where do we turn?

The answer is simple…

We turn to ourselves, we look within and we start to live like the Aryans we truly are!

We do not need anyone nor anything besides ourselves to become great again. White people have always been brilliant creators of civilization. The biggest problem we have is some of our kind continue to serve the jew. Jews make their way into our civilizations and destroy us because White race traitor Shabbat Goyim allow them to! Furthermore, we need to stop sharing our ideas and achievements with the mixed jew counter race and separate from them for ever. We have not positively reaped what we have sown as a race in a very long time. Sadly, we have in fact become the Shabbat Goyim slaves I have mentioned, as everyone besides ourselves benefits from our ideas and works except the White Race. We need to stop slaving away for and supporting our enemies and start to raise ourselves and ONLY ourselves up. I’ve had enough of the false White Guilt. We have shared everything with the world and it is still never enough! I say we show the world how White Folk can become Aryans again and give our enemies a real reason to hate and envy us such as the National Socialists of Germany did when they eliminated all jew influence in Germany. This was so effective, jews had to play the victim card, make up and blame a fictitious “Holocaust” on the German Folk and then create laws, which will land us in prison if and when we start to stand up against these lying jews as we begin to realise that they’ve falsely accused Germans and really the entirety of the White Race of crimes that were never committed against jews, but actually were committed by jews against our Aryan Folk in Ukraine and in parts of jew occupied Russia, otherwise known as The Soviet Junion. This real Holocaust of 66 million Aryans, 16+ million whom were starved to death and the rest brutally slaughtered by jews and their mongrel proxy armies is known as, but unfortunately not very well, as The Holodomor.

We need to develop our individual talents and start sharing, trading and bartering with one another within all White communities. These all White communities need to be built today! Doing this will create camaraderie, bonds and morale within the White Aryan Race! However, this will not be easy and it will be painful at first, but the reward will be great for future generations of White Aryan women and children.

Until we truly begin to live by The 14 Words and 88 Precepts we will never be free of  jew parasites and terrorists. We will never be in control of our own racial destiny and consequently we’ll most likely die slowly, in bondage as slaves to jew slave masters.

freedom (Large)

Ultimately it is up to my White Folk to become Aryans again if we want to end White Genocide and save our White Aryan Race.

In order to become great Aryans again we must first free ourselves from the jew world order corporate slavery system.


gun in hand (Large)

There are many more areas I could have covered that would help save our White Aryan Race. Please feel free to add your solutions and/or thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Nicky Hiles says:

    Hi wAfricans,
    William i love your work you and your followers are welcome to publish your work on our Facebook page

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    1. William de Hewitt says:

      Thanks, Nicky and wAfricans.


  2. AFRIKAANS Sprekendes kan die 14 / 88 in Afrikaans AFLAAI met die skakel hier onder en dit lees. Gebruik Regtermuis en dan “SAVE…..” met linkermuis.

    14 Woorde.txt
    Ariese Ethos – 88 PRECEPTS Die 88 LERINGE Mjollnir-20110612.pdf

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  3. Anjali says:

    white people are not Aryan. only North west indians are Aryans.


    1. North West Indians of India are of mixed race Aryan (White) and Dravidian stock and are only half Aryan, Anjali.


    2. Michael Blizzard says:

      Anjali?! Another jew mongrel pushing lies.

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  4. Jeanine DeSantis says:

    Best article I’ve read in ages. He’s absolutely 100% correct. I too am sick to death of the “white privelege” lie. It was born out of the jealousy of the other races seeing the white people advance themselves so far above and beyond the other nations and people of the world. And because we excel, we’re supposed to feel guilty about it? What utter nonsense. It’s way past time for the whites of not only the U.S. but the world to stand up, speak up, and fight back.

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    1. I’m pleased someone agrees with me!
      Cheers! Jeanine 🙂


  5. warlord says:

    High Tech one solution…Maybe some Cracker Hackers to…In ancient times had to go in caves and underground to survive the Planet of The Apes…Interesting reading about Castle Plans..Also Ragnar Benson SURVIVOR RETREATs..pdf…Anybody got some Maran Mantras…would be fantastic if it works…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5 NORDIC RH NEGATIVES are Original race of earth on all land masses…Thru eons of time the Kikes Primate Creations…the Darkie and Sayanim Crypto Nordic Miixes to destrory our race…The true pure Rh neegative Nordics…also the Rh Pos Nordic who s a caarrier of the Rh Neg Gene…The Allelles…

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  6. Seeker432hz says:

    The jew’s are not mud blood, they are jewish MONKEY bloods.
    I am a tall Aryan and my brain is waking up at a very fast rate. I am now enlightened and I understand the 4 ages and devolution until the end of the kaliyuga/iron age. I understand what the Aryan body is capable of and the power within out blood.
    I have read religions of most faiths looking for my answers these past few years, and they all teach the same things, some more than others, but most tell the truth and are instruction books on how to live life to its full and how the heavens work.

    The torah is a instruction book on how to control the genetic errors the jewish have, and that those jew’s that do not read the torah may cause trouble within society depending on the genetic monkey error. I have read big chunks of the Aryan veda’s, I have read the kolbrin bible, book of enoch and books of enoch, the gospel of the essene 1,2 and 3, parts of the old Koran plus many more ancient texts and I seek more and more. My brain is lapping it up. A lot of religion as been twisted so you do not find its true meaning. The new bible as so much missing and there is not much knowledge within.

    There is one story I read from 1000s of years ago about a Aryan white race. I’m not sure which age it happened in but here is the little short story…

    Long ago there lived a Aryan race in a small village, and not too far away was a big forest. And in that forest live the tree people that lived in the trees like monkeys do. They looked a little human, but still had all the monkey traits.
    From the Aryan village a young Aryan girl would visit the forest even though she was told to stay away, she still visited the forest to visit the tree people.
    One day the villages found out that the young Aryan girl was pregnant and not by a human, but by the tree people. The village banished her for life where she went back to the tree people. The end.
    Whether she was raped, or gave permission to the tree people I do not know.

    Now you may think this is bull, but the story was only a small fraction of true knowledge within the text.
    I can’t recall which old text I read this in, but I never forget the story.

    Then while researching problems within the jewish blood and the monkey gene errors, it all started to fall into place. The jewish are not fully human, and have lots of monkey traits. They are not a human race. They even stole their knowledge from a Aryan race. It is all written in history, we are not taught any of this.

    Pedo jew’s fancy little monkey shaped bodies, and not the curves of a womenly body. The jewish blood contains 100s of genetic errors and I know many jews and have seen their errors while trying to work out why they do not understand many things and why they make many mistakes through life but never learn from them.

    Being a tall Aryan person and not having been taught about bloodlines or of any true knowledge while in uk schooling nor by my parents, and only taught about things that are of no real interest to me, jews (not knowing what a jew really was at the time) would befriend me for protection, but of all the dozens of jews I know, none mentioned their jewish bloodline, and over the years I can now see their blood errors and their lying cheating ways.

    I know of those monkey blood jews with hemorrhoids that have perverted sexual preferences and tend to prefer dirty anal sex to normal sex (the girls confided in me of there disgust while on our hols) and their jewish child like minds no matter their age they never truly understand life, but carry on like any monkey would.

    If you look at most pedo’s you will see the jewish monkey errors within them.
    On top of that, the jewish owned tv channels plus hollywood etc are pushing black on white to weaken the bloods here in the uk and europe. I can’t stand it. Its that bad I have binned all my tv sets, and will never watch that propagander rubbish ever again.

    It is so wrong to life and mother earth what the jews are pushing out via the news and tv and polluting all bloodlines and the foods around the world.
    And for those who use facebook, it is jewish owned, like bill gates and steve jobs, tony blair, boris johnson, juncker and many more people who hide their jewish blood. Learn how to tell a jew and you will see the lies and corruption this dirty bloodline brings into the world. The jewish seem to be the cause of most wars in our world and they are no where to be seen when it kicks off. I truly beleive the jewish bloods took remote control of the planes that brought on 911. Funny how around 400 jews who worked in the twin towers got phone calls days before the planes hit the building telling them not to go into work. And how no jews who worked in the the twin towers died on that day except those who were near the vicinity at the time. An excuse to invade Aryan middle east lands to wipe out the weaker Aryans first, and then us.

    The more the bloods are mixed, the more errors the children will have. They will carry all diseases of both perants when born and will suffer in life plus will have shorter lives due to their errors. On top of that, certain genes will not mix and will lead to missing functions within the body and when the body comes to the stage when certain body parts start to grow, they will not be able advance because of the mixing of bad blood types.

    A blue eyed fair hair, white skin Aryan should not mix any body fluids with any other blood types, not even with blue eyed Aryan black haired people. It will cause errors within the offspring, and the jews know this, hence pushing all the different bloodlines into europe then making it look as though mixing black on white is normal and ok, when truly its a sin against the bloods. A sin truly means to cause damage to yourself or another lifeform. Mixing body fluids of different bloodlines is damaging (a sin)

    So, Babylon, the Egyptians, the Roman’s and Nazi’s enslaved the jews for what reason?
    Is it because of their genetic errors that were causing trouble all over the world like they do at all the end ages? Please someone enlighten me on why the jewish got enslaved so much over the years? Or am I right that understanding that its the blood errors of the jew’s that got them selfs enslaved? Raping our children, spreading their diseases, lying cheating and shit stirring around the world.

    We Aryan are not a cruel bloodline and some of us know that life is eternal and understand the ONE concept and how time really works as a advanced Aryan should know.
    For if you take life away, you are taking away one of your own lives, but in a different time line. Life is a cycle and time is not what you may think it is.

    The Aryan bloods built the pyramids in Egypt as a warning clock and a power supply. Lord Allah Lord of the Worlds was of Aryan blood and knew of the secrets of the heavens and the body and preached is knowledge to all those that understood it. Enoch and Noah all learned from Lord Allah’s knowledge way before the muslim’s knew of him.
    He knew the cycles of the beast the destroyer and christ/horus/visnu and when they would enter our solar system and how close they sometimes get causing uproar on all our planets, which is again happening now. Passover and removing fermented foods from the diet at easter is not bull as the romans have shown us in their art works, its for your sake, so not to feed the diseases within the body when these two big comets come close and send hormones in all life forms sky high creating wars, and disease to grow crazy within the body, women turning into sluts, and so much hate in the world, plus earthquakes, floods and strange weather patterns. All is written in the old texts that have not been tampered with and tell of the cycles of these events though parables for the master race to understand. If you think christ is/was a person, you are miss informed. Its a star that orbits sirius every 49.9 years. Sirus is our suns binary star, and the beast/kali/satan/the destroyer/wormwood/seth is a big red ball of iron the size of jupiter that as a orbit of around 104 years and when she comes, she looks like a scary dragon rolling in a coil path in the sky causing the planets to rock and sway. She is the sixth seal.

    If you wish to out live the monkey bloods, then you must have Aryan discipline and spend time cleaning the body and only eat foods that are simple and do not eat any baked/cooked food that is not from trusted family or very close friends.
    And to learn how the Aryan blue bloods can extend life by a lot when one understands our real Aryan knowledge. We are a very intelligent bloodline, but until we start to understand and learn what we truly are and keep our blood clean, we will suffer. And that stupid jewish monkey blood grin some have, will keep until we wipe it from their monkey blood faces. The Aryan blood as many secrets that have been lost in history, but within our blood is still the knowledge, you just have to evolve and the understanding shall come to you.

    We just have to evolve a little more so we can out wit the monkey bloods.
    That time as come, and if the jew’s want to cause wars between countries, then let them be the first to be bombed and lets see how there monkey legs run for the trees!They are a weak bloodline, and we need to take away their power, and show the world what the jewish monkey bloods truly are. Cheats, liars pedo’s, gays, money grabbing selfless monkey bloods that need to be controlled like most unintelligent bad behaved creatures.

    “Never trust a jew” and learn our to tell a jew by their genetic errors and facial features before they destroy us. Also remember we do not get monkey blood diseases, only jew’s and monkeys get aids and monkey blood errors. A true blood Aryan cannot make a jewish blood women pregnant, but a jewish monkey blood male can make a true blue blood Ayan women pregnant and give off monkey blood children.

    I try to keep away from anything jewish including search engines and childish ego social media sites. If its jewish or owned by jewish monkey blood, its not to be trusted!!

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    1. You have some very good insights, Seeker432hz. Unfortunately, I do not have the time right now to go in full depth, nonetheless I do see your point about jews possibly being monkey bloods.
      The only problem is, some White Folk, or Aryan Folk have Rh+ blood as well. How does one explain this? I have a theory that Rh- Aryans are the offspring of the gods and the Rh+ are the creation of the gods i.e man. If this is true, it seems our White Race has been hybridized between the Aryan gods and their creation, Aryan man. I came to the conclusion jews are mud bloods because if you look closely enough, it’s clear some jews have Mongolian in them, (such as Kalergi himself) some have niggroid blood, hence the jew fro and many unfortunately have a lot of our Aryan blood. I’ve honestly been trying to get to the bottom of this abomination called jews and understand them fully.
      Thank you for your insights, I will think about what you’ve written and try to fit the knowledge you’ve shared into this puzzle I’ve been trying to piece together.
      ~William de Hewitt


    2. We like to talk with you more. Donald G Strong & Amy Strong 🙂

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      1. Thanks for reading my work, Donald and Amy. I’m pretty easy to get a hold of. I’m on FB, or you can email me at


    3. Michael Blizzard says:

      Bruder Seeker, The jews were caught in each of those societies, perpetrating there lies.


  7. warlord says:

    SEEKER432HZ..good post…William..I agree with you about the R Neg Nordics and the Rh Positives…Julie Mitchell is the first person I know of who wrote about this…She is totally banned on net now…On some of her Twishort comments she explains this and in her works..Some of her works are still up on STORIES CONTRIBUTED BY JULIE MITCHELL Before Its News…Have been reading Nicolas de Vere material..FROM TRANSYLVANIA TO CUNORIDGE WELLS and ORIGIN OF THE DRAGON LORDS OF THE RING…and Blood Victory Hope for the Future of our Civilization by Tracy R.Twyman…Their has to be Two ARYAN OVER LORDS…an evil contaminated one and a true pure one…Maybe the evil ones who turned on Pre Rh Neg Nordics and created the Darkies and the Kikes using Ape Family Genes and Aryans…..As far as these White Mayoinaise White Marshmellow haters of White Race..they have to be RH Positives with the chimp genes…Julie Mtchell said the Whites with Rh Positive have the chimp genes…like so many say..ITS ALL IN THE BLOOD…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14’88’5

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    1. warlord says:

      William..Keep in mind what happened to Richard Butler and Aryan Nations Compound and the Butler Plan of moving to Northwest.The Gathering of Original Racistr Mormons in Utah.and how theGood Old boys of DC stopped the Racist Original Mormons from forming DESERET STATE…..Also keep in mind what happened to the Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord Group in Ark..USA how they got attacked and invaded and took over by FBI…Look what happened to Joseph Tommassi of the NSLF..he got wacked and so did George Lincoln Rockwell…also a person who was not super racist but the ELITES feared him…Huey Long…,The list keeps going on and on…ZOG does 3 things thru their Infiltrator Agents..1.) CONTROL 2.) MONITORING and 3.) NEUTRILIZATION…its world wide and ZOG does not want a White Aryan Grouo to arise. As soon as they know a Aryan State is formed they will attack it…In todays world we have to learn from the enemy how cunning and snesky they are..We have to be super Par Excellent Lone Wolfs now…Any place that ZOG sees Aryans Gathering..without out them knowing. and they find out about it…they will at once go their to break it up or even attack and kill the Leadership..Louis Beam in his Understanding the Struggle was right and his Leaderless Resistance and David Tate of the his LONG LIVE THE CAUSE…Hopefully a Remnant will Survive to restart a Aryan Civilization..DEVOLVING is in full swing now…The Elites are even trying to take whole world population and turn them into Cyborgs using Nanobots…read SYNTHETIC SUPER INTELLIGANCE AND THE TRANSMUTATION OF HUMANKIND A ROAD MAP TO THE SINGULARITY AND BEYOND by Wes Penre PDF…He says we can beat Nanobots by INTENTION…The Cell Towers are another thing the fregs and how it effects our brains…Maybe the Elites drinking all the DON PERRION MINERAL WATER and SELZER is their antidote or maybe they are immune thru their Rep Genetics..I know you dont like CI but check out Richard kelly Hoskoins VIGILANTES OF CHRISTENDOM..some good info and ponits in it…May the Dream of an Aryan State come in the future..if not the world is lost to darkness…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5


  8. warlord says:

    I agree with Terrible Tommy Metzger about most Whites…They are really Traitors…They are GOLEM CYBORG ZOMBIES OF ZOG…White Marshmellow White Mayonaise critters with RH Positive Chimp Genetics from thousands of years ago or thru race mixing thru the eons of time to get contaminated Genetically.Or even Black Magic Curse on them..the ARYAN SPIRIT is gone and erased its killed…..they look like us but are not us..I also agree with Martin Lindstedt …what he says about WHIGGERS…You cant organize them..They have no race soul, no Aryan race spirit no race instincts no racial consciouness..No love of Aryan Race…What Martin says about implosion of ZOG naturally occuring..most of the Whiggers will die in Civil War 2 or Tribulation…Most will never morph back into being White Aryan. If their is no implosion of ZOG..DEVOLVING will continue and the White Nations of the world will be like India…little Brown critter Mystery Meats running around…. As far as Wes Penre and what he says about CYBORGS that it will be total by 2045..Its already epidemic now..Whiggers are the Cyborg GOLEM ZOMBIES OF ZOG…They will kill and die for ZOG..They are traitors of the Aryan Race…You cant raise a crusade or Movement using Whiggers…So how many Whites are Cyborgs of ZOG? Most Whites that you come in contact withy will be CYBORGS…We are a very small minority in this world now…You cannot save most Whiggers…If and when we get a a true Aryan State the surviving Whiggers must be made Slaves and sterilzed so the Whigger Cyborg infection will not continue…In order to start a New Aryan State on the Earth some place..we need an equalizer..A Hi Tech or Hi techs to bring us victory over ZOG…If you look at most of the Germans today..what a mess its hopeless…same with American Kwan Whiggers…its sickening…The Solution is getting Hi techs to win Victory over ZOG…Never trust most Whites..We need to be able to ID true White Aryans.We must have WhigCyborg Radar recognize just like Jewdar to spot Kikes…They are the majority now these Cyborgs …LONG LIVE THE CAUSE for an ARYAN STATE Free of the CYBORG WHITE TRAITORS…In fact I consider them enemies just like Kikes and Mystery Meat Darkies ..14-88-5

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    1. Michael Blizzard says:

      Bruder Warlord, within your Aryan mind is discernment. Very easy to see our enemies.


      1. warlord says:

        Many and I mean many are well hidden..Their are White Sayanims working for ZOG. just like the Kike Sayanims.They even act like us and look like us…but are agents of ZOG…Yes we must use discerment..sometimes it takes time to know…by instinct and listening..Your best friends are people you have known for years…The whole White Movement from NS to Klan to Odinism and on and on are infiltraed by ZOG AGENTS…This is not being paranoid..its a fact.. Lone Wolf Tactics that was brought out years ago by Beam and Metzger and Curtiss..explains this well…Look at Google today..almost all White Militant sites have been taken down..Example is…He had a great book called the Black Plauge PDF. about Reconstruction in the Soiuth after Civil War…its been removed by google. Almost all Whites you meet today..say White and they act wild act crazy anf funny and look at their eyes oh my…..they are like souless golims…Maybe Nano Parfticle Tech frrom chemtrails vaxes and GMOs and food and water is real and most Whites have been transformed into Hive Mind Cyborg Golims of ZOG using.Fregs from Smart Phones TVs Cell Phone Towers etc.. activates the Nano Particles for the transformation…Who knows maybe its a virus also… created in ZOG Labs..Also…down thru the eons of time..thru race mixing…like from the Huns, Mongols Moors etc. etc…Check out Preston James PHD article..AMERICAS ALIEN INVASION Oct. 8, 2016 New Generation Synthetic Human..on Veterans Today site…58 Million Beaners in USA now…Many are AZTEC White Spanish Mix from Mexico..ancestors were AZTECS who did sacrifices…imagine what USA will be in the future….

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      2. Hope you’re well, Warlord.
        Rh- Lorraine contacted me recently to ask why I’ve not contacted you. I told her I didn’t know I was supposed to and that we chat via my site and via email if I have time to go through them all.
        I got your email from last time when you said google wasn’t allowing them through. I even replied back to you.
        Anyway, hope you’re well, my friend.


  9. warlord says:

    Notice how the New Agers use the VIOLET FLAME..All the New Agers like Cathy Bilsky and Elizatbeth Calie Prophet always put the White Aryan Race and Nordics as evil Racist and bad…Its is acutually the opposite…If the VIOLET FLAME cures and saves all…why not use it so save and create a White Aryan Controlled World? and how about using it to cure the Whigger Golem Cyborg Hive Mind Zombie Virus of the Aryan Traitor Overlords and Zionist Kikes.. and use the VIOLET FLAME to rid the world of the Kike and Traitor Aryan Overlords and their crap….LONG LIVE THE CAUSE FOR WHITE ARYAN FREEDOM AND A WHITE ARYAN CONTROLLED WORLD..14-88-5 PS) The First and Original Race of Earth is the two branches of the Nordic Rh Negatives..The Celtic Gaelic Red Hairs and the blond Germanic Slavs…We live in a Devolving world of mongrels…who are fanatic to mix all races…and make the Kikes and Aryan Traitor Overlords The Masters over the Mud Mixed Slaves…To hell with the Judeo-Masonic WE ARE ALL ONE CRAP…PISS ON ZOG…

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    1. warlord says:

      Doing fine..They block my emails to `you..Censorship is bad now..Check out they have trash up on is CI and Southern Nationalist..had alot of good material on his removed site…Hope you are welll and doing fine also..The day of the Free Net is fast closing…


      1. try this one… or


  10. warlord says:

    If Cathy Bilsky does her Violet Flame Meditations against NS and White Racist etc…just reverse the violet falme on Holyhoax Museums and Martin Luther Koon stuff everywhere and the Statue of Liberty made by Frencg Masons.SPLC and ADL Hdqts etc. etc.and anyone who works to erase White Aryans….The Enemys want to erase true White Aryan History….Hell erase and eliminate their crap too….ha ha ha..LOING LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5 PS) Funny Cathy Bilskys stuff on Hawaii .. backfiring on Big Island..Volcanoe is getting worse..some say from Scarlar Wave attack..Maybe Cathys attacks on Repblicunts pissed them off so they are Scarlar Waving the Volcanoe..Funny but the Huna Kahuna Magic Witchcraft aint stopping the Volcanoe either…Check out Cathy Bilskys 5-11-18 Radio show were she attacks republicunts and White Nazis…what be nice if the Enemys crap was destroyed and removed …what goes around comes around…The Enemys are Genociding us thru Sterilization from WIFI and crap in Vaxes and GMOs in foods…Breed while you can and make more Aryan Babies…

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    1. warlord says:

      William..Just tried to send you an…hillsevil1488…it did not go thru..said undeliverible…Evidently the Monittor paid trolls are blocking thru my IP…Maybe Hasbara or some other ZOG Agency Hack Trolls..Will ttry the other email and see what happens…


  11. warlord says:

    William..Sent you emails and hope you got them thru on Interesting info on Bees and article from Cassidy…Hope yoyu got them..



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