The Solution To Ending White Genocide and Saving The White Aryan Race

aryan pagan goddess (Large)

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

“Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”

~David Lane

aryan god

The White race was once a divine and superior Aryan race. Not superior because we lorded over others, but superior in our creative abilities, Spiritual practices and in overall beauty. Due to our great achievements as a race and because of some of our own Folks downfalls we have become targets of inferior and envious parasite jews of the world even though they have benefited greatly from our achievements throughout history. Consequently, it has become clear to me that the non-White, White looking mud jew will not rest until White Aryans are completely eliminated from this world.

I often ponder how the divine Nature and Spirit of my White Aryan race has become corrupted, weakened and now nearly extinct…

aryan goddess (Large)

The White Race has been under attack for centuries going all of the way back before Biblical times. Our jew enemies have been relentless as they attack us from every angle. Their latest tactics are so insidious that many within our own race can not see what’s happening in front of their eyes and go along with our destruction. One of the tactics jews use against us today is known as “White Guilt” and it has been very effective for them. White Guilt occurs when jews blame White Folk for crimes jews commit as they con our gullible into feeling guilty over a so-called White Privilege which does not really exist. This tactic they use has helped to create the conditions in which some White Folk will actually justify our own destruction in order to make up for supposed injustices we supposedly inflicted as an entire race upon the non-White peoples of the world.

There are so many reasons why Aryans have fallen. One reason I shall focus on today is race mixing! Race mixing with non-Whites begets Spiritless, unnatural, confused, mixed race jewish abominations. These creatures do not think nor act like us! They are enemies who think and act like degenerates and parasites! These jews do not have a natural racial identity, so their rabbis have created warped philosophies such as judaism, zionism and communism for jews to live by. They have also created a religious philosophy for us, which weakens and causes many of my kind to unwittingly worship jews. It’s called christ insanity. In order for us to overcome our jew enemy, we must first stop begetting these mixed race, White looking counterfeits by not spreading our seed outside of our race and by rejecting their current influence! It is about time we shame and excommunicate our Folk who race mix!

Unfortunately, I see a lot more degenerate mixed race White looking jews around me and fewer racially and Spiritually pure White Aryan Folks these days. Furthermore, it seems to me most of the few pure Whites left in the world who are fortunate enough not to have mud jew blood desire to act, think and live like the above mentioned degenerate parasites and are influenced by their debased and popular mainstream worldly way of life. Witnessing this makes me very sad, but it also inspires me to do my part to save the White Aryan race. 

So how do we solve the problem of White Genocide and save the White Aryan Race?

aryan god 2 (Large)

We do it by rejecting the enemy jew system, by becoming self sufficient through hard work, by reconnecting with our inner selves and by living in harmony with Natural Law and our own kind. I strive to become the best Aryan I can be on a daily basis… Spiritually, mentally and physically. I achieve this by engaging in works which benefits myself, family and race and ONLY myself, family and race!

Whining, crying and begging is not going to solve our problems! Relying on our enemies and the foolish White Shabbat Goy who are still inside of and supporting the anti-White, jew system will not help either! We should not expect to be given jobs, charity or receive anything beneficial at all from the anti-White jew system! We need to reject it all!

So where do we turn?

The answer is simple…


We do not need anyone nor anything besides ourselves to become great again! White people have always been brilliant creators of civilization! The biggest problem we have is some of our kind continue to serve the jew. Jews make their way into our civilizations and destroy us because White race traitor Shabbat Goy allow them to! Furthermore, we need to stop sharing our ideas and achievements with the mud jew counter race and separate from them for ever! We have not positively reaped what we have sown as a race in a very long time. We have in fact become the Shabbat Goy slaves I have mentioned, as everyone besides ourselves benefits from our ideas and works except the White race! We need to stop slaving away for and supporting our enemies and start to raise ourselves and ONLY ourselves up! I’ve had enough of the false White Guilt! We have shared everything with the world and it is still never enough! I say we show the world how White people can become Aryans again and give our enemies a real reason to hate and envy us such as the National Socialists of Germany did!

We need to develop our individual talents and start sharing, trading and bartering with one another within all White communities. These all White communities need to be built today! Doing this will create camaraderie, bonds and morale within the White Aryan Race! However, this will not be easy and it will be painful at first, but the reward will be great for future generations of White Aryan women and children.

Until we truly begin to live by The 14 Words and raise our selves up, we will never be free of parasites and we will never be in control of our own racial destiny!

freedom (Large)

Ultimately it is up to White people to become Aryans again if we want to end White Genocide and save the White Race!

In order to become great Aryans again we must first free ourselves from the jew world order corporate slavery system!


gun in hand (Large)

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicky Hiles says:

    Hi wAfricans,
    William i love your work you and your followers are welcome to publish your work on our Facebook page

    Liked by 1 person

    1. William de Hewitt says:

      Thanks, Nicky and wAfricans.


  2. AFRIKAANS Sprekendes kan die 14 / 88 in Afrikaans AFLAAI met die skakel hier onder en dit lees. Gebruik Regtermuis en dan “SAVE…..” met linkermuis.

    14 Woorde.txt
    Ariese Ethos – 88 PRECEPTS Die 88 LERINGE Mjollnir-20110612.pdf

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  3. Anjali says:

    white people are not Aryan. only North west indians are Aryans.


    1. North West Indians of India are of mixed race Aryan (White) and Dravidian stock and are only half Aryan, Anjali.


  4. Jeanine DeSantis says:

    Best article I’ve read in ages. He’s absolutely 100% correct. I too am sick to death of the “white privelege” lie. It was born out of the jealousy of the other races seeing the white people advance themselves so far above and beyond the other nations and people of the world. And because we excel, we’re supposed to feel guilty about it? What utter nonsense. It’s way past time for the whites of not only the U.S. but the world to stand up, speak up, and fight back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m pleased someone agrees with me!
      Cheers! Jeanine 🙂


  5. warlord says:

    High Tech one solution…Maybe some Cracker Hackers to…In ancient times had to go in caves and underground to survive the Planet of The Apes…Interesting reading about Castle Plans..Also Ragnar Benson SURVIVOR RETREATs..pdf…Anybody got some Maran Mantras…would be fantastic if it works…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5 NORDIC RH NEGATIVES are Original race of earth on all land masses…Thru eons of time the Kikes Primate Creations…the Darkie and Sayanim Crypto Nordic Miixes to destrory our race…The true pure Rh neegative Nordics…also the Rh Pos Nordic who s a caarrier of the Rh Neg Gene…The Allelles…

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