Real Aryans Do Not Race Mix!

White pride (Large)

The most beautiful and creative beings on Earth.

The White Aryan Family!

race mixing jew goal (Large)

The ugliest parasitic creatures and thieves on Earth.

The mud blood jew!

There are four root races. (Aryan, Mongoloid, Dravidian, Negroid) If you’re an Aryan and you race mix with a Mongoloid, Dravidian or Negroid your offspring will be jew-ish. When your jew-ish offspring race mixes with the third root race his offspring will inherit full blown JEW DISEASE. To become an “elite jew” you must be born into a mixed blood jew family who has been intentionally inbreeding.


A little bit of, part. If you race mix with a mixed race jew-ish mud, your offspring will have a high probability of being a jew with full blown jew disease.

The more mixed racial blood and inbreeding, the purer the jew.

These so-called “elite” jews are racially mixed mud bloods, who intentionally inbreed amongst themselves. They think they are special or “chosen” and are trying to pass themselves off as a “race,” however they are nothing but a counter race or opposite of a pure race. In essence, jews are Spiritless mixed mud blood abominations.


And your offspring will not be a jew-ish mischling.

Mischling (“mixed-blood” in German) was the German term used during the Third Reich to denote persons deemed to have both Aryan and Jewish ancestry. The word has essentially the same origin as the 17th-century and now obsolete English term mestee, mestizo in Spanish and métis in French.

Mischling – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


There are some high profile pro-White individuals out there today arguing that jews are a race.


I agree with The Third Reich!

“The Jew as World Parasite” 1944

The Nature of the Parasite 1. What is a parasite?This section outlines the evils of parasites in nature.2. The Jew is the Parasite of HumanityThe so-called educated classes mocked and scorned the NSDAP as it began its struggle, particularly when the Führer repeatedly said that the Jew was a parasite. They rejected the Führer’s statement that all of decent humanity suffers today under Jewish parasitism. At best, they laughed about such “fanatics.” Of course, one had often had bitter experiences with the business practices of individual Jews, but people did not realize that Jewry concealed itself as a religious community. Their own religious sentiments prevented them from drawing the logical conclusion. They did not want to recognize the true nature of this so-called religious community.If the Führer said that “A man who believes he can come to a satisfactory agreement with parasites is like the tree that thinks it will benefit from concluding an agreement with a medlar,” some found this awkward. There were already too many connections to Jewry, one could no longer break free. One more or less let the Jew go his way, as the Führer said in the same connection: “He goes his way, sneaking into every people to hollow them out, using lies and slander, poisoning and disruption, intensifying the battle until the bloody extermination of his hated enemy.”Today, therefore, it is still necessary to reveal the Jew as world parasite, to make him visible, to rightly understand him.We therefore state:The Jew is the parasite of humanity. He can be a parasite for an individual person, a social parasite for whole peoples, and the world parasite of humanity.To understand his full nature, we must investigate his existence, which means examining his character, his views on the values of life, his claim to world domination, and his ability to assimilate.Part IIThe Nature of the Jewish Person II a. The Racial Origins of the Jews 3. Jewry — a Counter-raceIf we thoroughly study the racial nature of the Jew, we conclude that Jewry is not a race in the ordinary sense of the word. Instead, as Houston Steward Chamberlain wrote, it must be seen as a counter-race, although the term “counter-race” cannot be understood in a biological sense. From a biological standpoint, Jewry is a stable, inbred mixture of extreme races and racial rubbish. The concept of “counter-race” primarily means the destructive and disruptive effect of Jewry within natural races. The distinguishing mark of Jewry within human races has to do on the one hand with the racial makeup of the Jews, who have been scattered for millennia, and on the other hand in their stubborn adherence to the crassest materialism, based on their so-called religious laws.

Jewry is the result of the mixing of every possible race. It is the biggest racial mish-mash in history. This racial mish-mash is so dangerous for all peoples because it includes elements from every race. The bad characteristics of these races have been passed on for many generations through Jewry in ever stronger form. From this artificial, rootless, materialistic racial mish-mash, a parasitic counter-race has developed among the peoples.

The core of Jewry is the coming together of rootless, rejected, asocial, sick, and degenerate elements of the various races, predominately of Middle Eastern and Oriental origins. One should remember that in antiquity, lepers were ejected from their racial community, just as were criminal asocial elements.

4. Asocial Elements Steadily Added to the Jewish Racial Mixture

As a result of its parasitic distribution among the peoples over thousands of years, Jewry wormed its way into almost all the races on earth. As a social parasite, it infected the lower classes, slaves, proletarians, the mob, etc. They had the least resistance to Jewish racial parasitism. These classes, which had largely lost their instincts against racial foreigners, allowed Jewish blood to infiltrate.

Already in the Old Testament, we read in Exodus 12:38 about the departure from Egypt of the Children of Israel: “Many others of the rabble left with them.”

Since these lower classes leaned strongly to criminality and asocial behavior, and were inclined to political revolution, the Jewish racial mish-mash incorporated the negative characteristics of these races, and increased them over the generations by mixing with the blood of the lowest elements of other races, passing them on in increased degree from generation to generation. Thus, the Jewish counter-race moved ever more to the negative side. The artificial Jewish racial mish-mash was held together by the force of materialistic religious laws that focused on life this side of the grave. It promised its adherents prosperity on earth, and lordship over all other peoples and nations. This Jewish racial mixture was kept strictly separate from the influence of foreign gods.

During several hundred years of the Babylonian Captivity, the Jewish racial mish-mash was strengthened by inbreeding. The inclusion of foreign elements, from this point on, was almost nonexistent. For the first time in history, a well-defined and distinct type emerged in the form of the Jewish counter-race.

This Jewish counter-race incorporated to the greatest degree the bad characteristics of nearly all races that it had inherited over the centuries by a process of negative selection. The Jewish racial mish-mash primarily carries the traits of the Middle Eastern and Oriental races, but also influences of the Eastern, Western, and Nordic races. Mongolian and Negro traits also are frequently present.

5. The Main Groups in the Jewish Racial Mix

This section outlines the alleged racial history of the Jews.

6. The Ashkenazi and the Shepardim

Discusses these two Jewish groups.

7. Gentile Converts in the Jewish Religious Community

Aside from these groups belong to Jewry, there are several Gentile splinter groups that call themselves Jews because they have joined the Jewish faith, but have nothing to do with Jewry from a racial standpoint. Such splinter groups that have joined the Jewish faith include Yeminite Jews in Arabia who converted to Judaism about 450 A.D, the Falash in Abysnnia, the Caucausus Jews from the Caspian Sea, Georgian tribes of Iranian racial origins who later intermarried with Mongolians from the Volga area and probably were converted to Judaism by Jews from Persia, the black Jews of Bombay (Hindustanis presumably converted by Spanish Jews), Chinese Jews in Hunan Province, the Marambu Negroes along the Loango Coast who follow Jewish rituatls, and the Khazars.

These groups joined Jewry through prosyletism, meaning religious conversion, but do not belong to the foreign tribes that are part of the Jewish racial mixture. Although they belong to the Jewish religious community, they are not part of Jewry in the narrow sense. Its strict separatism is evidenced by these facts.

8. Jewry and Inbreeding

This brief overview of Jewish racial origins demonstrates the uniqueness of the origin and development of Jewry, which is precisely the opposite of the origin and development of all other races. As we have seen, other races grew organically from particular situations over an ethnically-based history, through a process of contact and struggle in commerce and war with other peoples. Unlike other peoples, it did not attempt to raise its members to a higher level through industry and labor.

Jewry is neither a race nor a mixed race. It is a confusing mixture of races, racial mixtures, and racial fragments, artificially held together by its rabbis. It acts as a kind of counter-race, which can only destroy, never build. Jewry is the product of the inbreeding of asocial, criminal, sick, degenerate, and rejected elements of every possible race in the ancient world. Jewry is neither a race nor a people nor a religion in our sense of those words. It possesses no homeland, but leads a rootless, parasitic life at the expense of the host peoples. Its current homeland is largely the criminal neighborhoods of the great cities of the world, its god is money, its policy is revolution and the destruction of the cultural treasures of mankind.

So there you have it.


Jews are a mixed, mud, mish-mash, parasitic creature comprised of the three root races. So-called “elite” jews inbreed amongst themselves and they then self-proclaim that they are a race, when in reality they are a false “elite” counter race. 

Jews are OPPOSITE of a race.


And if you identify as being jew-ish such as the Khazars did, eventually you will fall prey to mixed, mud blood jews, race mix with them and inbreed, which creates a counter race.

This despicable man Kalergi knew damn well that jews are a multi-mixed racial blood abomination who inbreed. Because he was a so-called inbred (((elite))) mud jew, Kalergi and his (((chosen))) ilk guarded and suppressed this information from the new bi-racial, mixed mud blood jew-ish abominations, all so they can reign supreme over them and treat them as their brown, mud slaves.

This is called…


race mixed jews (Large)

The pure Aryan race is not so easy to rule over since we are gifted creators and Spiritual beings. This is why the jew cons us into conforming to cultural marxism, diversity and race mixing. Eventually cultural marxism, diversity and race mixing will erode our Aryan traits, hence White genocide will be inevitable.

 “The White race of Europe should be destroyed and replaced with a race of Eurasian-Negroids who can be easily controlled by the ruling elite”

-Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi 1924 founding father EU

nigger blood (Large)

Correction: One drop of negro blood in a non-negro does not make you a negro.

 It makes you jew-ish

The Other in Jewish Thought and History

Cultural boundaries and group identity are often forged in relation to the Other. In every society, conceptions of…


race mixing jew mud (Large)

Race mixing turns pure blood into mud blood.

race mixing river (Large)

Why did Kalergi and now his fellow jews of today promote race mixing so much? Because they want to eliminate the pure races, especially the White Aryan race, as we biologically transform ourselves into Spiritless mixed blood and mixed race abominations…

kalergi mixed race jew 3

Jews want us to become inferior degenerate JEWS like them.

The difference is the White looking crypto-jew wants the Aryan to become darker skin jews, so they can rule over us.

Jews come in a variety of social classes, skin tones and have a diverse variety of physical features. They’re multi-racial chameleons.

So don’t be fooled!

race mixing jews documented proof (Large)

 Jews are destroyers of ALL things natural and beautiful.


That said, us few remaining Aryans must preserve our Aryan bloodlines and families or else there will be no more beauty left in this world to salvage.

race traitor 2 (Large)

 “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

~David Lane

race traitor (Large)

“Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth.”

~David Lane


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  1. spiderman says:

    Aw, this was a really nice post. In idea I would like to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to get something done.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Suck mycock says:

    The more I read your horrid article the more I want to commit suicide because your sick views toward people of colour is absolutely horrendous and you’re the reason the world is turning to shit, not our coloured brothers and sisters. Do you not realize we all come from one person and all our DNA is the same but I guess your too proud to dig deeper and actually find out about the past of your people but instead you act like a child and cover your ears and tune out the rest of the world and be spoon fed what your taught like a fucking sheep. FuckWhiteSupremacy


    1. You’re a very sick individual. You better start taking some pharmajeuticals before you do kill yourself. I recommend the latest kikeatropic offered on the market.
      We are not all related! We are all of different races! We might all have 2 arms and two legs, but that does not make us the same. There are several differences. Lions and tigers are both cats, however they do not naturally mate. When they are forced to mate by jew scientists an abomination is begot. It’s called a liger. The same concept applies for mankind… mixed race jews are an abomination.
      I don’t hate mix raced jews and the niggroid race. I hate that your kind are parasites and savages who won’t stay out of our White countries and furthermore won’t stop GENOCIDING my White Aryan Race.
      It seems to me you and your kinds are the haters, not me!
      Why do jews and niggroids want to Holocaust the remaining 6 million White Boers left in South Africa?


  3. Erlend Glittertind says:

    @William de Hewitt
    Nazi psychopaths like you should be processed into dog food!



    1. I’m not a nazi, there’s no such thing.
      Some jew named Konrad made the word up.
      I’m a SEPARATIST, but thank you for your edJEWcated opinion, Erland 😉
      It’s seems to me that you’re an AshkeNAZI…
      Am I wrong?


  4. C says:

    Fuck this page made me sick to my stomach!!!You are so stupid !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, for your readership, C 😉
      Come back again soon!


  5. Alexandra Henderson says:

    What evidence, and I mean true evidence, do you have that white people are the purest race of people in the world? It’s been scientifically proven that the first people on earth were dark skinned, in fact only black women carry the “eve” gene which actually allows us to give birth to blonde haired, blue eyed children (my grandfather is a prime example of such) the human race came from Africa. So what is it about white people, that you feel places them above other races? Did you know that every single race was needed to get the world where it is today? What does your hate towards other races stem from? What evidence do you have of this, so called, “replacement” agenda, and what do you ultimately think is the cause and purpose for all of the different races on the earth if the white race is purest?


    1. I never said the White Aryan Race is the purest. There are pure blood Negros and Mongolians too. I say we are the greatest compared to the other pure races. Where are your negroid Teslas, Nietzches, Jungs, Mozart etc, etc in history? Where has there ever been a great negroid civilization that negroids have created like Europe?
      If you can answers these questions convincingly, I’ll be impressed 😉

      Cheers! Alexandra
      ~William de Hewitt


    2. Furthermore, I never said I hate other races. What I do hate is that the parasite mixed race jew uses non-Whites to invade our lands, encourage race mixing, which is GENOCIDE for both pure races (Negroid & White Aryan) and destroy our White Aryan Nations!
      Just look at America, South Africa, Germany, Paris, France, Ireland, England, Australia… I could go on forever here! All of those White Aryan nations have been flooded with hordes of non-Whites by White looking jews who control our governments which are not controlled by White Aryans! When you look at those places they’re already being destroyed by the day!
      I’m a separatist. I ONLY want to live amoungst White Aryan Folk. PERIOD! But we’re not allowed to live amoungst ourselves anymore. According to jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre “Europe won’t survive without 3rd World Immigration” Really? Europe won’t be Europe any longer with Third Word “migrant refugees.” They’re DESTROYERS! A PROXY ARMY for the mixed race parasite jew, whose purpose to exist is to GENOCIDE the pure White Aryan Race.
      There are hundreds of quotes from jews who admit it!
      Here’s 2 articles with a few examples…


  6. Alexandra Henderson says:

    Btw, I’m not upset at your opinions, I’m a black woman, however I welcome all opinions and seek to understand your point of view. Although you seem to have a great hatered for my people, I want to understand the history behind your views, along with any supporting scientific evidences you can provide for your claims. As someone who has great love and appreciation for all peoples, I find great profundity in your position and hope that you are willing to expand a bit in your views.

    God bless, thanks for your time, consideration and courage.



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