South Africa: Sorry, No Donations To Whites Allowed!

no charity for whites allowed (Large)

Since I’ve written an article about White South African Squatter Camps and the individuals who run the so-called  South African Family Relief Project (SAFRP) “CHARITY” for White Squatters, EVERY comment I’ve read from these Afrikaner jews is of ignorance and hate.

Typical jew behavior

I never said that I didn’t appreciate the processed crap food SAFRP donates to the squatters!

Anything helps!

However, I did question them on why they do not help to raise up these White squatters and encourage them to help themselves and become self sufficient instead of only relying on hand outs like welfare recipients.

I have been called a liberal, commie and all other slurs that jews love to call someone like myself, who encourages self betterment and improvement. How can I be a liberal or commie when I encourage people to help raise themselves up like an Aryan? Was Hitler a liberal or commie for encouraging his German volk to better themselves by doing hard work?

SAFRP are the liberal and commie individuals lording over and treating White squatters as poor helpless victims as the squatters rely on SAFRP who takes other peoples money and donations to aid the squatters.

Furthermore some jew named “Vic” commented that it is NOT against the law in South Africa to give charity to White people.

Read it and weep, SAFRP & “Vic” The jew…

“You just can’t make this type of crap up, but apparently the ANC can. Ammendments to the BEE Codes of Good Practice (!) proposes that companies could lose BEE points for making donations to charities which do not have 100% Black beneficiaries. So what does all this goobly-gook mean? Well, in South Africa, the racist ANC Black government has run a steady campaign of vilifying and excluding Whites from the workforce. In order to do business, businesses have to adhere to Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) rules, which basically mean that if their companies have more than a certain number of staff, then they have to have a certain amount of Blacks in management and in their employ. It literally forces companies, sometimes against their will, to employ people they just don’t want to hire. Not only that, but in order to receive any government work, these companies have to be co-owned by a Black BEE partner. It usually means that these people do absolutely nothing, apart from earning huge salaries from the companies to be able to say they are BEE compliant. As a result of BEE, numerous companies have either suffered hugely and experienced great financial loses and drops in productivity just to meet their BEE requirements; or companies just don’t grow to where they are forced to hire Blacks, so less people are employed and the economy slows down – as we’re currently seeing. The South African economy has always been the biggest African economy, but not anymore, and this should be a warning. Yes, the ANC has even managed to stuff that honor up. And so how does the wonderful incompetent ANC put the screws even tighter to non-Blacks? Well, they are proposing to stop giving BEE credits to any companies contributing to a charity that doesn’t support 100% Blacks! Apparently only pure Blacks deserve charity in South Africa. It gets more and more ridiculous every day and I laugh from afar, not because it’s funny, but out of sheer disbelief at their audacity. Can the ANC go any lower you ask? Already there are thousands of Whites living in squatter camps because they’re excluded from the work force, and now this. Since when is charity a negotiable?? Since when did Saint Mandela envision this when he was released from prison to rapturous international applause – where he preached that South Africa must come together and the ANC would govern for all! Yeah, it was great-sounding bullshit back then when the gullible fainted from being in his presence. And it’s bullshit today when you have these bumbling ANC convicts running a once successful country into the ground. They just don’t care – it’s all about what’s in it for them, today. Tomorrow can look after itself. This is the motto of the African man – scratch the itch today and worry about the ever spreading rash another time. As the Childline head says below, they don’t ask a child who calls their line for help if they are Black, and just how Black are they!”

The work of numerous shelters like Childline would not be possible without the generosity and compassion of businesses, individuals, Department of Health and Social Development that fund them.

In terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act, donations to Public Benefit Organizations’ such as the above non-profit organisations are tax deductible and businesses used to be able to also earn points on it’s BEE scorecard by donating to registered institutions like Childline. Not for long anymore if a new proposed bill is approved. Businesses could lose black economic empowerment points for making donations to charities which do not have 100 percent black beneficiaries, it was reported on Thursday. The Platinum Weekly thought it to be a hoax and immediately investigated. Yes, Ripleys believe it or not, black on white (so to speak), on the website of the DTI, a confirmation of the above mentioned.

Ammendmends was proposed to the BEE Codes of Good Practice, on the trade and industry department’s website, and available for public comment until December 2. “All stakeholders who have concerns and objections are requested to make use of the 60-day period to make their submission,” the department said.

Bridget Brun, a Durban BEE agency head, told the media: “This amendment will have a huge effect. It means that if the charity benefits any Indian, white, coloured or even a Mozambican or Zimbabwean child, companies will not be able to claim points on their BEE scorecard. We are going to have segregated facilities.”

Childline head Joan van Niekerk said BEE laws were becoming ridiculous.

“We don’t know the race of the child who phones us. It’s inappropriate to ask, ‘Are you black, and how black are you?’ This is a different kind of Apartheid.”

Hey, SAFRP  and “Vic”, the jew…


Is SAFRP giving your hard earned money and supplies, which you donated to help White Squatters, to niggroids and then giving the crumbs left over to struggling Whites in these squatter camps?

I think that is exactly what they are doing.


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  1. jwwlly says:

    Howdy! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information.



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