The Chemical Industry Agenda: Chemicals Are Good For You, Goy!

chemical industryThe world’s 50 largest chemical corporations control a global market valued at $697 billion in 2009. The top 10 chemical firms account for about 40% of the market. “Petrochemicals,” by definition, are derived from petroleum and other fossil fuels. With soaring costs, unpredictable supplies and more challenging extractions, the industry is already making a transition from petrochemicals to biomass feedstocks. (In 2010, the world’s top 50 chemical corporations rebounded with combined sales of approximately $850 billion, an increase of 25.3% over 2009.)

I love hating and destroying enemies. Fortunately for me, I have many enemies whether they know it or not. Today I’m going to target and express my hate of chemical companies, chemical distributors, companies who put chemicals in their products, distributors of the products with chemicals in them and the companies who buy and sell the poisonous products to the public for profit.

chemical top 10 (Large)                         chemical basf (Large)

Ohhhh, I really loathe the chemical industry! They negatively affect our lives in every possible way. Chemicals are in everything and I mean EVERYTHING! From food, water, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, clothes, cosmetics/personal care products, cleaning supplies, wood, plastic, pesticides (pesticides destroy natural food, soil, water and our air, which I especially hate) and countless numbers of products we all take for granted, use on a daily basis and believe to be safe.

         chemicals pharma (Large)

I know who does this to us and I understand how they legally get away with poisoning us, but how and why do we allow it? People must know in the back of their minds something is very wrong, however the masses continue to willfully purchase their products and support these jew corporations! INSANITY! They are dumbing us down, killing us softly, slowly and I would even argue chemicals alter our DNA, which will forever destroy our genetics unto future generations.

There are too many chemicals to list. As rule of thumb, I identify the chemicals in products when I can’t pronounce the ingredient. However, I was fooled for the longest time not realizing an ingredient was a chemical when it has a natural element in its name and is followed with another word. (Here is an example, Caffeine Anhydrous) Sneaky bastards!

For years I used to take multi-vitamins and dietary supplements because I realized our food had next to zero nutritional value in it. What I did not realize was multi-vitamins and dietary supplements are synthetic and are not natural which is why our bodies do not absorb most of these so-called vitamins. Thank goodness! To intake these chemicals is detrimental to our bodies! When you put them into your body, your body stops fighting its current ailment and immediately focuses and begins to fight the foreign synthetic substance you took. Our bodies are constantly over working itself and is fighting anything foreign in it or on it, which leads me to cosmetics and personal care products.

chemical vitamins (Large)               chemical cosmetics (Large)

Make-up, toothpaste, deodorant, cologne/perfume, shampoo, soap, creams, lotions… IT’S ALL BAD! I quit using all of  these products. (The ones which apply, I’m a man)

So how do I keep myself clean and not smell like a degenerate? Instead of soap I dissolve epsom salt with olive oil and exfoliate my body in the shower for healthy and smooth skin. It takes the dead skin cells off of your body which causes odor. As an alternative for toothpaste I mix sodium bi-carbonate, coconut oil and mint oil into a container and use it regularly for clean teeth and healthful gums. I also use sodium bi-carbonate and a powder puff instead of deodorant. These alternatives all work wonderfully!

The chemical industry is indeed big and powerful. Because their industry is so large and extensive as they attack us from every angle, I find it overwhelming and difficult to successfully cover everything in one sitting and cause them any real damage when I attack back. All I can do is attempt to expose these criminals a little at a time, encourage people to quit using their poisonous products and provide healthful, natural alternatives to their poison. I hope I was helpful by sharing a few examples of how I personally fight back against them and try to stay as chemical and poison free as I possibly can.

chemicals food-brand-map (Large)


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