Are Jews A Race? Who Are Jews?


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You’re trying to figure out who we are?

Oy Vey! You filthy Goyim.

For years I have tried to understand who the jew is and from where he came. This topic has always been very confusing and unclear to me until recently. After years of studying these jews, I have applied the limited and biased information I’ve gained over the years by piecing together information like a puzzle using logic and thought. I have finally come to one conclusion and my conclusion is…

Jews are NOT a race, but are a counter-race! They are a mish-mash mixture or combinations of the four pure races on Earth. The Aryan, Mongoloid, Dravidian and Negroid. So who is a jew? It’s simple really, however my conclusion may be difficult for many of you to read and to accept. A jew is an abomination and a parasite! ANYONE OF MIXED RACIAL BLOOD. The so-called “ELite” mixed race jews often inbreed. To them this makes them a race, which is absolutely ridiculous and false.

I have searched for information about the origin of the jew and read countless numbers of books and articles and have listened to hours of archived podcasts. Nothing I have come across has provided all of the answers or any clear cut evidence of their origin. It wasn’t until recently when I looked in the most obvious of places that the light turned on in my head and I began to realize who jews are and where jews came from. Where was this obvious place? THE BIBLE! A book I’m highly critical of  as it is presented and interpreted today.

I strongly disagree and reject most of the CI (Christian Identity) and ALL christ insane philosophy, however they may be on to something when they claim that a tribe of ancient Aryans, not all Aryan tribes, but one tribe may have been the original Hebrews. Hebrew NOT jew! The Bible clearly states that Abraham was the father of the jews. So who was Abraham? Abraham was an Aryan Hebrew, a man of The House of ELohim who was the father of Isaac and grandfather of rival twin brothers Jacob and Esau. Sarah was Abraham’s Aryan wife and mother of Isaac and the grandmother of the first IsraELite/Isra-EL-ite, Jacob and future Edomite, Esau (Isaac’s twin sons). Abraham was also the father of the first jew, Ishmael. (Notice: ISH in Ishmael) Hagar was Abraham’s non-Aryan mistress and mother of Ishmael. The jealous Aryan, Esau took a wife from the mixed race jew, Ishmael’s tribe thus Esau’s offspring became known as Edomites or Khazars.

An interesting fact The Bible conveniently leaves out is in the story of YHWH and Abraham. The Bible states YHWH tested Abraham by telling him to sacrifice his Aryan son Isaac. The Book of Jasher states it was not YHWH, but an imposter who made these orders to Abraham. Thankfully, Abraham did not go through with the sacrifice of Isaac. This “test” by our enemy posing as YHWH was the first attempt of White Genocide by our opposition to destroy the founding father of the Aryan IsraELites.

Is it so far fetched to believe that one tribe or family of ancient Aryans could have been IsraELites, since we know jews have stolen, inverted, perverted and corrupted so much of our Aryan history? Could the jew-Ish-mael have been jealous and helped Esau steal the Israelite identity and turned Israelite into meaning jew for reason being so us White folk (IsraELites) would never truly understand our Aryan ancestors nor the jews real history and roots? I would say YES! This is exactly the reason! To steal and claim our Aryan history and identity! Most White Aryan Folk today really have not a clue whom they are or who the jew really is. This conclusion of mine that Abraham was an Aryan Hebrew, that one of his offspring became the IsraELites and another offspring a jew does not by any means make him or all of his ancestral lines jewish, furthermore it does not discredit nor conflict with the Norse, Greek, Germanic or any other Aryan Tribe in history from being our own. Abraham was one man from one particular Aryan tribe who broke the cardinal Aryan rule…


And Abraham, the fallen Aryan did most certainly race mix! The Bible is clear when it states his wife, Sarah also an Aryan was unable to have children at a particular point in her life. So what did Abraham do? He went outside of his race and gave away his Aryan seed to a female of another race ultimately bringing Ishmael into the world. In my estimation, Ishmael was the first semitic jew who we know of.


SEMI-a portion of, kind of

 ITE- connected to

So, jews are connected to Abraham and Jacob/Israel because they have a portion of Abraham and Jacob’s blood, nonetheless, they have blood of other races as well, making jews a mixed race abomination who are partially connected to the Israelites.

Abraham’s treasonous act of race mixing and bringing Ishmael into this world has been detrimental to the Aryan or White race and still is today! Now put this idea of mine concerning Abraham into context with parts of the Bible where babies heads were bashed on rocks and when the fate of women who were raped was death. This sounds horrible to any sane man, however I am going to entertain the idea that this barbaric policy of the Bible was exercised because these babies were of mixed race either because Aryan women had sex with and were impregnated by non-Aryan males (raped or not, impregnated or not) they took on the DNA of that non-Aryan male or another possibility is degenerate Aryan men were going around like Abraham and spreading their Aryan seed to non-Aryan females. Our noble Aryan ancestors knew these mixed race children would grow up to be our enemies. And they are! Look around the world today in every White country and see how we are being infested with muds and jews! Is it possible that key details of why babies and raped women who were murdered in The Bible was omitted by the very jews who have stolen and perverted our Aryan history and lands? Were children in The Bible murdered because they were mixed offspring? Were raped Aryan women murdered because they became genetically contaminated due to being raped by a non-Aryan male? Were Aryan men spreading their Aryan seed to non-Aryan females? I am assuming the majority of our noble ancient Aryan ancestors had a superior racial consciousness compared to us remaining remnants of them today and that there were strict laws against race mixing. I don’t claim to have all of the answers! Nonetheless, to me, these are all valid questions and this topic needs to be talked about and explored more.

We have all been taught by the jew that we are all equal because they KNOW they are an abomination and therefore they NEED to bring everyone down to their abominable mixed race status in order for them to feel and be less inferior in a world where there are pure races.

I hope my attempt here to understanding and explaining who the jew is and from where he came from gets others in our community to think for themselves about what I’ve suggested in this article and to start to openly discuss this mysterious origin of the jew topic on a regular basis. Knowing who we are and where we come from as well as knowing the jew enemy is one answer to stopping White Genocide.

good night jewish parasite (Large)

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  1. Carmen says:

    You know Will, your analyses did cross my mind last year when I realized knowing the French word semi meaning half or partial. It would make sense concerning their connection and their profound hatred towards the makers of joos, so to speak. They have inherited it would seem all their practices and beliefs from Egytians. Including circumcision.

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  2. warlord says:

    William..check out THE MYSTERY OF THE SERPENT by B.F. JACKSON. He was killed for writting this book…Explains how Kikes have their own special kind of blood…White Aryan Nordics have Congealed Light blood…Also..its amazing how the Kike blood is always the dominant factor no matter who they mix with.the .Inside of the Kike Mixes..its always Kike…Rh Negative Factor is another clue …LISA RENEE has some interesting info on Rh Negative also…Julie Mitchell views are very interesting also.She is censored on net now…Some of her articles are still up..but she is not posting anymore…She was into GNOSTICS…Your fiction book SECOND COMING is very interesting…Yes we need HIGH TECH to get freedom…Check out Michael Brandon Keys WARP DREVE PROPULSION AND STARSHIP TRAVEL CONCEPT ON Sterling P. Allen website…Brandon Keys has alot on info on facebook also… Another interesting book is ARYANITY FORBIDDEN HISTORY OF ARYAN RACE…The WRATH CAUSE is interesting also..WHITE RESISTENCE AGAINST THE HORDES…In Chapter 9 of your Second Coming…The Interest of the Whole Above that of the Individual for the Preservation of the Artyan Race…very interesting indeed…We can learn alot from Fundelmentalist Mormons also..In the time of the Dark Ages of the Aryan..that we live in now…SURVIVAL LTD…is right on…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5.. PS) Check out Micheal and Stephanir Relfes DONT GET ON THE SHIPS…They have article how they say NORDICS have thousands of giant spaceships in Anatartica to Harvest humans for the Metagene Factor…To me the Tall White Nordics are the Kike Nordic Mixes…

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    1. Thanks again for your insightful comment, Warlord. I shall look into those individuals and books.


  3. warlord says:

    However the first Kike was made…their blood is always the dominant blood matter who they mix with…They can have blond and and blue and look Nordic…but always in the inside they are KIKE…Does anybody know if the new Homeland Security Secretary is Kike Nordic Mix..she looks very Nordic..but is she really a hidden kike Nordic Mix? One friend says look at the nose..looks like she had a nose job…Everything on net says nothing about her background religion etc…Kike? or Lesbian…The DHS is full of the Dual Citzen Israelies…Just look around at all these Nordic looking critters who preach anti Aryanism and anti white insanity..and WE ARE ALL ONE INSANITY same Blood and all that bull crap …Maybe these Sayanims Par Excellent.Creations.maybe fthe Council of 9 Aryan Tratitors..who rule world created them and and use the Kikes as Proxies…and Darkies to wipe us out. Its a War thats been going on for thousands of years…Good Aryans Vs Bad Traitor Aryans…Maybe the Bad Aryans created the Kikes…Pentagon is full of these critters….

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    1. WoW, Warlord!
      You’re the first individual I have ever heard to say anything about the Council of 9 Aryan Traitors besides my wife!!!!!!
      She, however taught me there are 12 of them plus “The King.”
      I have been talking about these traitors and how they use mixed race jews for a few years now. Most laugh at me!
      Some are just in denial.
      Anyway, thanks for confirming. 9 or 12+1 makes no difference to me… Our own kind (man or fallen angel/Aryan) are genociding us and they use the parasite jew as their biological weapon of mass destruction!
      The goys who call out the jew think I am a disinfo agent, even though, I too call out the jew. They’re the most visible, so I usually just call them out and on a daily basis!


  4. warlord says:

    I have a woman firend rind who told me about Council of 9..Goes back to Ancient Greeks and back to Egyptians and all the way back to Sumer…I agree with you…they are Kike Nordic Mixes and they only inbreed with themselfs..and maybe they also breed with Nordic Rh negs to get the PSI ABilities…I heard they take Mono Atomic White Gold to live long up to 800 years or more…Maybe its possible they created the Parasitic Kike Blood to destroy true pure blood Aryans..Two factions fighting each other..The Good Aryans and the Bad Aryans..The Bad Aryans being the Council of 9,,The Pentagon is full of these Kike Nordic Mixes and they are in all the top positions…They have Mind Cointrol Weapons plus are able to hypnotist people and use them for whatever they want…They fear the Pure Rh negative Nordics..Thats the reason they target Rh Negatives..They consider them Rogue Rh negatives..and want to destroy all pure RH Negative Nordics…They fear the Nordic Rh Negative Nords might awaken and use their PSI ABILITIES against them and their Global Empire…Sort like the Cone of Power of the Wiccans..and Dion Fortunes PSI Visiualization Meditation Group that Fortune did in WW 2 Magic battle of Britian…to destroy Hitler and Germany… This is wild but imagine a PSI EMP that shuts down whole grid of earth..Julie Mitchell says their is no ALIENS its Psy Out OP…she also says their is no NS base in Antartica and they aint gonna come and save us..We have to save oursekfs and family… 14=88-5 LONG LIVEVTHE CAUSE

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    1. I am looking into Mono Atomic White Gold now thanks to you, John.


  5. T. F. Kaesemeyer, Jr. says:

    I think you need to realize that if you decide the Jew is a parasite, then you will lose all that makes our world so beautiful…most of the television shows, Disney movies, beautiful music, clean food at our grocery stores, clothing, most of our businesses, Internet services…everything that we rely on for a good life has in some way been touched on and improved by the Jew. It is the LAST race I would want to modify or eliminate because without him building civilizations and fighting for law/order, social justice…our worlds would not have advanced to the stage that they have now. It may be better for this site to really examine what the Jewish people as a whole have done and accomplished to make conditions better throughout the world. They usually are the heart and soul of any country. When moved out of a country, that country no longer prospers. That’s a fact that has been true down through all the ages of man. It is the Jew who builds social structure and maintains that structure so that it becomes more just. That’s just the way it is, folks. All those who ever fought against Jews are no longer here…they are literally ‘gone with the wind’ while the Jew still stands and continues to thrive. Better re-read the Book of Esther and the Book of Daniel…how can you hate the people of the Book? That doesn’t make good sense to me. If you are Christian…remember that every person in the Book is Jewish from Jesus to the Apostles. Hate never built anything.


    1. I’ll publish your comment now and reply once I get some free time.
      Sorry it took me so long for me to see this.



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