White South African Squatter Camps

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White South African Squatter Camps

To me the reality of White people having nowhere to turn but to squatter camps is a travesty. Unfortunately, I can relate. After I earned my Master Degree, I relocated to NYC with little money, no place to stay and without any meaningful employment opportunities. So I know first hand what it is like to struggle. Only by my own will and might was I able to create something out of nothing and become the man I desired to be.

squatter-camps-largeI now live in South Africa and realise White people in South African squatter camps are in a different situation than I was. I was an individual searching for my destiny in a concrete jungle, in a country where it was still possible to make something of yourself. In South Africa the conditions are next to impossible for Whites to do anything to quickly better their situation. In fact the laws are created to work against us. Hell, it is against the law for people to help our White South African Folk in squatter camps thanks to the jew-backed and negro run ANC. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the situation Whites find themselves within these squatter camps does not have to continue to be such a bad thing, though I understand the camps are in the most horrid of conditions and some in toxic locations.

Please allow me to explain why I would make such a provocative statement…

I have learned what goes on in these squatter camps. The majority of these desperate White people are relying on someone else to help them get by day to day through charity and handouts. Sure, the little charity they receive may temporarily help their situation, but how does this help them in the long run? It doesn’t! Like welfare, it keeps them dependent and in a state where they won’t ever be able to meaningfully help themselves. I’ve noticed the few that do try to help themselves are targeted by the lowest common denominator in the community and are brought back down to the lowest level. It’s like the insane are running the asylum! How could this be? I’ll tell you how. It’s because of the Christian mindset and moral code of “love thy neighbor”. Sure, loving your neighbor in a society that is racially strong and cohesive is a good thing, but allowing the lowest common denominator who does not “love thy neighbor”, who is morally weak, who only cares about their own personal survival to set the standard for the community is insanity! How is there not a strong White alpha male or males in these camps whom will either get rid of the riff raff or at least keep them in line and ultimately create some real order in the community?squatter-camps-2

On a much larger scale Adolf Hitler was a man whom was able to build up all of Germany and build the morale of his German Folk in three short years! I find it mind boggling there is not one strong alpha male in these camps who can elevate himself and help to build up his folk. How can there not be one man who is resourceful enough to help lead his fellow White Aryan kin and folk to greatness? History has proven time and again that when White people are living together without outsiders great things happen no matter the conditions. It baffles me how masses of White Aryans are actually permitted to be together, whether they are in utter poverty or not, and still continue to live this way! An Aryan community is the jew’s biggest fear and we have it in these squatter camps!

If a leader would emerge and start to raise up his folk he will become a god to his community. People are loyal to strong men, especially when positive results become evident. Morale, loyalty and trust are built, which creates the atmosphere of healthfulness and pride. A small, loyal army will form. They could eventually expand and start to take back the country! This is our enemy’s worst nightmare!

When will we start acting like Aryans again? At this time it seems we have a lacking of strength, might, courage and will within most of our race, and this isn’t just a problem in squatter camps. No! It is a world wide phenomena amongst our people and it makes me sick! What is it going to be, White Aryan Race? Are we going to continue to stay comfortable in and support the enemy jew system, stay on our knees, be forced into camps and be genocided? Or are we going to get mentally, physically and Spiritually tough and boldly stand erect and fight like Aryans? Success is contagious! If White people ever have any hope to reclaiming what is ours we need to start talking the talk and walking the walk. All of us! The destruction of our Aryan Race is not an option!


“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”

~David Lane


Originally published at Renegade Tribune


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  1. warlord says:

    In the USA many call Whites in Trailer Parks..Poor White Trash…Red neck hillbillys etc…and say ah yuck..they are crap trash .They say the same thing bout poortr whites in the Smokey Mountains.. ..Anyway in life we have to make our own breaks and cover our butts..We can learn alot from how Gypsy Rom have survived thru the centuries without having a country of their own..Without a doubt we are the new Heretics of this age allowed no opionions on anything..We have to be tough..sneaky and cunning as hell..We have to be the Lone Wolf Par Excellents…In South Mexico the Indians had a leader who was masked at all times and never showed his face..When ZOG knows someone has great leadership ability they move on him to neutralize him..in some way..either by death or dungeon or sickness which they cause by their dirty Hi tech…If a Retreat is set up its has to be low key and hidden as much as possible…We have to do whatever it takes by whatever means is necessary…I hope with all my heart you are sucessful William..You have great knowlege and I wish you all the best of luck…Your still young and a go getter..Who knows..The Poor Boers of South Africa might rise again and amaze the world and be successful..make sure you have an equalizer.Hi tech.LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

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    1. Thanks, Warlord.


  2. Extremely Curious says:

    As a South African living in South Africa and very much aware of our social standings. I’d like to know where this “genocide” and white people living in ‘squatter camps’ is taking place.


    1. Google “Squatter Camps in South Africa”
      There are many of them.


    2. Where is the genocide? Look around you.
      Where have all of the White people gone in the past 20 years? White Farmers are being attacked and murdered everyday.
      Just because the jew media doesn’t report on it, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.


  3. warlord says:

    What about this View WILLIAM: Genocide of Whites is world wide..I dont agree with John Lash and INES RADMAN saying its the Archons and that the Jews are their Proxies..Julie Mitchell has a more real view on Gnostcs and Genocide..She says ALIENS do not exitst..Fot the last 30 years we have been bombarded by the New Age Reptillian Shape Shifter thing and ARCHONS and John Lash with his Archonic Infection and WHITE GENOCIDE…I believe its all a Race matter..We are Devolving and we live in a MUTANT HYBRIDIZED MONGREL MIXED controlled world..The Mutant are the Rh Postives..not the Nordic Rh Negatives..All the Governments of the whole surface of world is controlled by Mutants..The Kikes with their Proxy Armys….the Darkies..all made from Primates mixed with Aryans…The real ARCHONS are the real ARYAN TRAITOR OVERLORDS who use the Kikes and their Darkie Races and Mystery Meats to destroy the pure Nordic Rh Negatives..Its a War between the renegade rebellors the Aryan Traitor Overlords VS..The First and Original Race of Earth ./.the Nordic RH Negatives…What is real by proven observation and you can test it yourself..The Whigger Golem Cyborg Hive Mind Zombie Viruis makes perfect slave Soldiers for the Aryan Overlords and their Proxy Kikes.. This Virus takes over the mind Genetically and Psycho..The Aryan Traitor Overlords made this Virus eons ago…It explains how all the Ancient Nordic Aryan Empires fell…This goes beyound Yockeys and Spanglers view of Organic Life Cycle…Proof of this Virus..Just go up to any White.(Most Whites of World are infected with this..Most Rh Positives and Mixed Rh Negs) tell them you Love Aryan Race and start talking about Kikes…They will go into Attack Mode..watch their reactions..Is their a cure for this..maybe not..no cure or antidote because Whigger Golems just breed more Whigger Golems (JUST ONE DROP)..The Aryan Traitor Overlords stay well hidden and out of sight…In the Pentagon its loaded with them and the so called Deep State..Many call them the Tall Whites others the Evil Nordics etc. The Kikes are the Lts.of the Aryan Traitoir Overlords and organize and lead the Darkies and mixed races to destroy all pure Nordic Rh Negatives..The true pure Nordic Rh Negatives are very rare..we are almost to extinction unless we can create a Hi tech to stop thjis or something else intercedes like a Natural Event or man made Event…High Technology is best solution and getting all pure Nordic Rh Negatives aware of who they are and culling even them to make sure the pure Nordic Rh Negatives survive..Keep in mind that most Whites thru the eons of time have mixed..with Mongols and so on..and they get infected with Whigger Golem Virus..Its like SKITZO and Witiki but much more highly advanced Virus..The ones not effected by the Virus are Nordic Rh Negatives who are pure and retain race consciuosness and race instincts..Also the Royals are Fake frauds they stole all the Thrones of Europe and have tried to mix with Nordic Rh Negs to get the traits of Rh Negative..But they do not have lthe traits like pure Nordic Rh prove this…Dont let the Scandinavian Countries fool you..alot of Swedish and Norway Finland people have mixed with the far north Artic Eskimoe types (Sameys) and also Kikes and they look Nordic nut are not pure Nordic..You can tell by their facial features they are swartthy looking..yet have blond and blue eyes…Vice Prez Chaney was one of these..types…Plus keep inmind how far the Miongols and Huns penetrated white Europe and they raped the women to give the mongol dna blood infusiuon in them the Euroasians…Enough of my rantings..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE FOR A ARYAN CONTROLLED WORLD 14-88-5

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    1. According to “The Keeper of Celtic Mysteries, Aryan Man are the offspring of the “Annunaki” Royal family and some of us are their non Royal citizens.
      There has been a cosmic war going on between the Lyrans/Aryan and the Gina Abul/Dracos. It didn’t start here.
      To my understanding, there was a truce for a short while. This is when the jew was created. They have both Aryan and reptilian DNA. I know it sounds out there, but there is just too much evidence I’ve pieced together to ignore it.


  4. warlord says:

    Betty Rhodes does have interesting info on Rh Negative..Tell me…how does any living thing survive in outer space..First off their is the Van Allen Belt which will fry you ..and then out in outer space their is cosmic waves which will penetrate anything.. James Mccanney and Bill Cooper has good info on this. (The Moon Landing Hoax).In other words no human can go 300 miles away from earth or they get fried by Gamma Rays and other Cosmic Rays..The only way to travel thru outer space is by Star Gates..Their is so many theories about where we come from…William Lester Blesssing in his Outer Earth Inner Earth People book said the Draco Serpents People came thru and by the Star Gate Portal (teletransport Beam Me up Scotty)) in the Great Pyramid which is aligned with the Draco System.Some say the opening in North and South Poles that go to Inner Earth or Hollow Eartn are really Star gates…Look at the ARCHON thing of John Lash and Ines Radman..they say ARCHONS are like giant insects in another dimension and they cant breath in earth because of Oxygen.Thats why they chemtrail to reduce Oxygen…Oh my.. Many Celtic/Slavic beliefs say we came from Hyberboria or Thule…I have never seen a Reptillian or Grey..But I have seen Jews and Hybridized Mongrels..which are everywhere now.. They are real…and Mystery Meats and Mutants…So how do you define the ARYAN TRAITOR OVERLORDS? By the way Their is alot of them in the Pentagon .. All this New Age Alien Stuff is all over the place..I look around and all I see is race mixed critters…who are the robot slaves of the Kikes and Aryan Traitor Overlords…Their is one writer who says Aryans are Hybrids of the Danites..He rejects what Julie Mitchell says..Their is so much info and stuff on Aliens and where we came from in the New Age Stuff…Everyone has a different view..wild…I know one thing..we are a very small minority..Without Hi Tech..how will it possible to set up a Aryan State and create a world controlled by Aryans? The Whigger Golem Cyborg Hive Mind Virus has to be real..Look at most Whites today…all ZOG LOVERS and defenders to their deaths.. LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

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    1. Aryan Traitor Overlords. I’d define them as self-proclaimed Royalty. They are but one family of the Lyran/Aryan Race. Aryan man are the citizens or subjects of this Royal family some call the Annunaki. Aryan man are either the offspring of these self-proclaimed gods or are the offspring of their citizens. In my estimation, their blood line has been infected with the jew parasite.
      About outer space… I agree with you. I don’t even know if outer space exists. To me it makes more sense to think in frequency. We vibrate at different frequencies thus we manifest only where that frequency is. Maybe different beings operate in the same space (space as in where you are right now) but at a different frequency?


  5. warlord says:

    William..Excellent comment..Yeah all the Fake False Royals stole the Royalty and Thrones from the true pure blood Royals..Like the Ones that were in Ireland and Scotland….If you spoke Gaelic they would kill you and they stole the land from the Irish and Scots and genoicided the Druids.. The Royals today are a joke…They are Kike Mixes..even the son of Diana who had Jew Mother..her son married a Mulatoe from Califorfnia..They are trash..Irene Ceasar says Queen Elizabeth has Nog Blood in her from King David and Solomon who loved Women like Queen Sheba…About Freqs..maybe the Elites have a Freg weapon or Radionic Weapon that makes Whigger Golems and Demon Possession..out of most Whites today who are Rh Positive..Maybe the Evil Elites even have Curses and Spells using Black Magic which uses Etheric Dimension to install the Anti White Aryan Insanity.. LONG LIVE THE CAUSE FOR A ARYAN WORLD FREE OF THE ELITE CRAP.. WHATEVER THEY ARE USING ON US…AND IT GOES BACK ON THEM….14-88-5


  6. warlord says:

    Their is loads of New Agers on the net and they all have different views..Take for instant the person who talks about Scandinavians as being the True Race with blond Hair..Then says Celts with Green Eyes and Red hair are Danites and evil..This perspon does not know their is two branches of Nordic Aryans..The Celts and the Germanic Slavs..Then he goes into tirade against keepers of The Celtic Secrets boo…Then Their is Jay Weidner who does interview with Jeff Rense on Archons and he says Archons are the Talmudic Zionists…Then is his ARYANS: MARS AND THE END OF DAYS..and he has a whole take on Aryans..Then their is Stephenie Relfy and her husband with the article DONT GET ON THE SHIPS and talks about the Mutagene Factor..so the Elite can get long life by Harvesting Humans…and then says Nordics are evil…But their aint many on net saying the Nordic Rh Negatives are First and Original Race of Earth..which can be proven by archeollogy and skulls and all that..But the Controllers ZOG Council of 9 Aryan Traitor Overlords and Kikes say oh we can froim Monkeys in Africa and Blacks are oldest race…when Julie Mitchell says..its really the opposite..Then their is all kinds of stuff on net saying RH Negatives and are Mutants…When in truth the Pure Nordic Rh Negatives and not Mutants biut its the RH POSITIVES…To me all you have to do is just look around..everywhere on earth their is nothing but Moingrelized Mutant Hybids thru the eons of time..Nordic Rh Negatives that have race consciouness and race instincts are rare..And you know all these New Agers go crazy and start ranting about the view…WHIGGER GOLEM CYBORG HIVE MIND VIRUS..really upsets them..how so many Whites are infected with it and how they fight die kill for ZOG and worship their ZOG MASTERS…Anthing that does not put ZOG on toip and First and they are the Chosen Ones..oh my do they New Agers go crazy..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE FOR AN ARYAN CONTROLLED WORLD 14-88-5………. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY….



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