The Only Church That Illuminates is a Burning Church

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I realize that some of my White Aryan Folk out there practice a positive form of Christianity. This article is not meant to mock you.

This will not be the easiest article I’ve ever written, goys. There are a lot of connections I’ll be attempting to make that the church will not like. They’ve done everything in their power to prevent a free thinking individual like myself from doing just that. The church has intentionally kept us goyim from reaching any form of enlightenment, thus this is why I boldly state that the Only Good Church is a Burning Church – Down To the Last Burning Steeple. I will bring more illumination in this one article to my christinsane readers than the church has during its 2000 year reign of terror.

As many of you know by now, a jew called Jesus did not virtually walk on water, however an Aryan man who may or may not have been called Jesus did walk on the “Sea of Commerce.” What does that mean exactly? It means that a man called Jesus, not the son of god was fighting the same International CORPORATE jew enemy as I am today.

When he said that “the dead will rise from the grave” what he meant was that one glorious day, our Aryan Folk will realise that they are considered a dead commodity, or stock traded via the Maritime Seas, who are subject to Maritime Admiralty Laws of the international jew. Only once you’ve realised that you’re being traded as stock of a world CORPORATION and then outright reject their system will you be considered a living Being.

My intention for writing this article is not only to mock jewsus christ insanity as it is practiced today, this has been done over and over again. I understand that this parasitic mind virus of a religion has been inflicted upon my White Aryan Folk by our jew enemy. Don’t be fooled, Folks, jews may pretend to hate christ and christ insanity as practiced today, but they actually love it. How can I make this bold statement? Jews have a monopoly on every mainstream television and radio station, right? Then why is there a christ insane program on jew television and radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year? Jews know that christ insanity keeps the Goy from their Spiritual potential, so jews are most certainly happy to keep you in the dark, enslaved and worshiping a false and perverted form of this sick Abrahamic religion.


Nonetheless, besides mocking jewsus christ insanity, I will also make an attempt to open the eyes of my White Aryan christ insane Folk to their Natural Law heritage and Spiritual birthright.


I will be using the christ insanes own imagery. I will then compare and contrast their images with our pre-christ insane Aryan ancestors imagery. Furthermore, I will prove jews, their muslim crusader buddies and christ insanes had malevolent intent to steal our White Aryan ancestors knowledge, keep it for themselves and then give us a false christ insane doctrine and mind virus that cuts us off from our ancestral roots and Spiritual Source, which consequently leads us White Aryans to Spiritual death. Lastly, I will also present evidence that christ insanity lies to their congregational sheep and are leading to them to their slaughter.

no abrahamic religions

First, I will present evidence that the christ insane church lies to the world by propagating that the Earth is a floating ball in space and not flat. Jews, muslims and christ insanes have a habit of stealing ancient Aryan knowledge. They invert it, pervert it and then mock it as they leave the evidence in plain sight and right under our ignorant noses.

The first piece of evidence I will present today is of the Earth’s firmament. Why am I showing you a depiction of the Earth’s firmament? I am showing it to you so I can introduce to you our Aryan ancestors knowledge of the Flat Earth, sun, moon and that the sun and moon both revolve around us on a flat Earth rather than us revolving around the sun. This Aryan knowledge was proven and accepted before tyrannical jews, muslims and christ insanes terrorized, burned alive and forced our ancestors into hiding, or worse into the sea, as they stole our knowledge, kept it for themselves and indoctrinated us with a big lie insisting we live on a ball floating in space. I will also show you and prove without any doubt that other Aryan knowledge was stolen, corrupted, inverted and perverted by these crusaders and christ insanes.


This is how our Aryan ancestors knew the Earth.

Yggdrasil, the Norse World-Tree

This is Yggdrasil, also called The Tree of Life. This is a simple depiction of how our Aryan ancestors knew the Universe.


Here we have so-called great and enlightened christ insanes posing as the pillars of the Earth. Their hands represent the Sheol underworld and their cross of death represents that they’ve conquered our Aryan ancestors, as they hold a false globe representation of Earth.


The first image is a depiction of what the pillars of the Flat Earth actually look like. The pillars are holding up Sheol and the Flat Earth. In the second image you can see the Spiritual Light, or what I’ll explain later as The Tree of Life at the North Pole of the flat Earth. Does anyone besides myself see that christ insanity has staked claim, stolen and perverted what our Aryan ancestors already knew? They kept the knowledge for themselves and then introduced to the rest of my Folk a false fairy tale and lies, which enslaves us mentally, physically and Spiritually.

christ insanes chopping down tree of life

When I look at this image, I see a christ insane chopping down Yggdrasil. It could also be a depiction of a christ insane missionary named Winfrid cutting down the oak tree sacred to the Aryan god Thor. Why would they do this? It is obvious to me they’re chopping it down to cut us off from our Aryan roots and Spiritual connection to our ancestors and maybe even to Spiritual Source some of you may call “God Almighty.” It disgusts me that a christ insane then plants a cross of death in place of The Tree of Life. I’m also repulsed that they blatantly sacrificed a lamb in this image. I wonder who that lamb represents as he is chopping down our sacred tree?

yggdrasil tree of life mount manu 2

When I look at this image of a Flat Earth with the firmament over it, Mt. Meru and Yggdrasil on top of the mountain with the Rainbow Bridge over the Antarctic ice wall, it becomes clear to me that the chopping down of Yggdrasil and replacing it with a cross of death represents an intentional and forced Spiritual death upon our people. Is Sheol on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and the origin of our Aryan ancestors? Jews have used christ insanity to corrupt every part of our Aryan history, so maybe it is? Furthermore, I have one more cohencidental example I can use to logically argue that we are on a plane and not a planet. Our jew and christ insane enemies simply added a “t” or a christ insane cross of death at the end of the word plane, which is very telling to me and clearly shows that jews and christ insanity is actually behind stealing and suppressing our ancestors Aryan knowledge by calling the plane we live on a plane(t).

the only good church

The only good christ insane church is a burning christ insane church.

Look at this beautiful image, Folks. I see a burning church with a steeple and a cross on top. The steeple and cross are a counterfeit of Mt. Meru and Yggdrasil.  If I had my way, I’d like to see every christ insane church burn to the ground, which would then give us conscious White Aryans the opportunity to free our Folk and show them that they have been living a big lie and for a very long time.

rainbow bridge       rainbow chakras

Could looking within oneself, being in tune with Nature and practicing meditation awaken each rainbow color of the chakra system within our bodies and help us to reach enlightenment? Could this be the hidden secret to reach the other side of The Rainbow Bridge and into a higher Spiritual realm or what some call Heaven? I don’t think so…

I know this is so!

I truly feel sorry for my Folk who have a blind faith in jewsus and then continue to follow and defend this false religion as it is interpreted today. It saddens me that they do no attempt to ever Self Discover and Self Realize themselves and then go on a Spiritual journey, which leads to enlightenment and the growth of their Aryan Spirit.


I only used a few examples today of how jews and christ insanity has destroyed my White Aryan Folk. There really are many more I could have presented to you. I did not get into the christ insane crusades as I planned, maybe that will be a future article, but believe you me, Folks, the result of the christ insane crusades is the very reason our Folk are so screwed up today. Nonetheless, with the evidence I did present today, can anyone try to explain to me how jews and christ insanes have not given and forced our White Aryan Folk a counterfeit, mind virus religion? It is self evident to me that they stole our ancient Aryan knowledge, kept it for themselves, gave us a Spiritless christ insane doctrine and church in its place; all so we can blindly worship a man on a cross of death who claimed to be the holy son of a god and on top of all of that he claims to have already saved all of us for our so-called sins without us ever Spiritually awaking, growing and not reaching even one level of Spiritual enlightenment.

 Jews have inflicted christ insanity upon my Folk and the result is a painful Spiritual DEATH!

The cross is a symbol of death, Yggdrasil is a symbol of Life!



The information below will help you to Spiritually grow if you can put your beliefs aside and look into what I am presenting to you with an open mind.

14 Words and 88 Precepts

Recommended Reading and Lectures

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  1. ckflezddxp says:

    Your knowledge is really intriguing

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    1. William de Hewitt says:

      Thank you! I really need to update this article I wrote. I could add to it which would make it much, much better. Thanks again for the kind words, ckflezddxp! 😀



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