“AFRIKANER” Is Code Word For JEW

afrikaner jew (Large)

When I first came to South Africa, I started meeting lots of people. Specifically Afrikaners. In my mind there was a problem, however. I could clearly see that lots of these self identifying Afrikaners were jews, but they considered themselves Afrikaner. This puzzled me… If Afrikaners are supposed to be my White Folk, and some of them are, why are these crypto-jews calling themselves Afrikaners? My conclusion is, they either don’t know they’re jews or they’re calling themselves Afrikaners to blend in with our Folk deceptively in order to further the insidious jew agenda of White Genocide, hence Afrikaner Is Code Word For Jew.

Ever since, I have been trying to dissect the problem we have with identities here in South Africa.

For the moment, this is my understanding…

There are Boers, there are Whites who foolishly identify as “Afrikaners”, there are mixed race, White looking cypto-jews who claim to be White (they’re not White) “Afrikaners” and there are even mixed race coloreds who do not look White who also identify as “Afrikaner.” Maybe we should let the mixed race jews have “Afrikaner” so they don’t have to call themselves jews anymore… but we still know who they are! I would suggest that the so-called White “Afrikaners” stop using this identity jews seem to like using.

In reality there is no such nationality as “Afrikaner.”

“Afrikaner” is a jew created SEMANTICAL term used to divide and confuse all White Aryan Folk in South Africa. Jews love to play the semantics game.

Here is an article I came across, which will tell you where the term “Afrikaner” originally came from. It came from the British/Yiddish jews of Britian. As usual, White looking crypto-jews have adopted yet another word, which is used to cloak their jewyness and to blend in with White Aryan Boer Folk of South Africa. Jews do this to infiltrate and use White Folk who still foolishly identify as an Afrikaner and ultimately con them into destroying the Boer. If you are White, but are not a White South African Boer, you are a White South African. You’re definitely not an “Afrikaner.”

I’ve NEVER met a White British South African call himself an “Afrikaner.”

The Yiddish-British call themselves “Afrikaners.”

The British Roots of the Afrikaner Designation

Are “Afrikaner” Roots British, or are they Yiddish?

zuma afrikaners only white s african tribe

On the 2nd April 2009, at a meeting in Johannesburg between representatives of various Afrikaner organizations and current ANC president Jacob Zuma, the man whom became South Africa’s next president after the April 22 election, said:

“Of all the White groups that are in South Africa, it is only the Afrikaners that are truly South Africans in the true sense of the word.” “Up to this day, they [the Afrikaners] don’t carry two passports, they carry one. They are here to stay.” “It is the only White tribe in a black continent or outside of Europe which is truly African, the Afrikaner.”

Here is the video with the quote coming from Zuma’s mouth:

Notice: Zuma says, “Afrikaners are White.”

What are the problems with this statement? The problems are dual citizen Afrikaner/Israeli jews carry two passports not most Boers! Zuma is lying to us! Why would he mention two passports?

Another problem is a lot of “Afrikaners” are NOT purely White! A lot of “Afrikaners” are White looking mixed race JEWS! (I should name names, but I won’t for now) For too long I’ve been hearing these “Afrikaner” jews involved in politics, mainstream and alternative media trying to pass themselves off as the victims of South African White Genocide, while they ignore the real victim…



When the Boers arrived in South Africa they revolted against the jew owned Dutch East India Company, migrated northeast and founded their own nation and in typical jew fashion these crypto-jew “Afrikaners” followed them, systematically infiltrated, inverted and perverted yet another White nation and the truth!

I am going to set the record straight once and for all…

These crypto-jew “Afrikaners” crying White Genocide are NOT White and have infiltrated the “White Afrikaner” community. The only reason they are crying White Genocide is because they appear White to the untrained negro eye and are sometimes caught in the crossfires of the real White Boer Genocide taking place in South Africa that these Afrikaners started in the first place!

There are lots of “Afrikaners” within Politics, Law, CORPORATIONS, the Medical Field, Religious Institutions and the Media who are crypto-jew, double agent spies and/or Sayanim working for the Mossad and Kehillah to further the agenda of a zionist jew world order government, whose number one priority and goal is to genocide Boer Folk and the rest of the White Aryan Race in South Africa.

How many Boers are in these positions of power?

I don’t know of very many, if any at all!

And it is very important my South African Boer Folk and so-called White “Afrikaners” understand this!

In case you don’t know who The Kehillah and Sayanim are, read the article I wrote about them:

The Kehillah and Sayanim by William de Hewitt


It was a crypto Afrikaner jew, FW de Klerk in power in 1994 who gave Boer South Africa away to the negro. Unfortunately many uninformed Boers and White folk who identify themselves as “Afrikaner” here in South Africa were “White-Guilted” into going along with giving our nation away. There were many Boer Folk who were not fooled and resisted, but lost the battle. Those are the Folk I associate with.

de klerk crypto jew (Large)

If “Afrikaners” are White in this case, then why are “Afrikaner Whites” acceptable in South Africa and not the Boer?

ANSWER: Because a lot of “Afrikaners” are mixed race White looking crypto-jews who will only claim to be White to deceive and furthermore only when it is beneficial for them!

The Yiddish-British “Afrikaners” were the founders of the ANC

Afrikan(er) National Congress

So who are the Whites in South Africa who are not Boers?

Most (not all) of the so-called White Afrikaners are Whitewashed Liberal types who follow jew politics, jew religions ie. Jewsus Christinsanity… Hell! Afrikaners follow and push all anti-Boer/anti-Natural Law/Anti-Aryan “Afrikaner” jew philosophies! They may as well be jews themselves!

That’s right… I said it!

Some of these White looking “Afrikaner” crypto-jews are being mistaken for the Boer by the savage negro and are being slaughtered, so now they claim to be “White Afrikaner Victims of Genocide” even though it is they who agitated and encouraged the savage negro to attack Boers in the first place.

The political negro in power knows the difference between the crypto-jew “Afrikaner” and The Boer, so it’s about time all White folk around the world know the difference too!



For it is written.

32 Comments Add yours

  1. Liesie Theunissen says:

    First time I have heard of this would like to take time to read it and digest it

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    1. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions… There are many layers of understanding within my words. I’m pleased you will actually dissect the information and digest the knowledge. There are not many who care nor take the time to understand what is really going on in this world. I only scratched the surface in this article. There are a lot of jews who will claim to be White Afrikaners and may even look White, but are not. They infiltrate our White societies and destroy them from within. A good example is Dan Roodt, an Afrikaner crpto-jew.
      “Dr. Daniel Francois (Dan) Roodt is an Afrikaner writer, which boasts, among others, “Jews” ancestors. For years he wrote against the RSA’s regime and against the Boer nation, then he changed certain views and embraced a kind of Afrikaner “nationalism” (although Afrikaners aren’t a nation). He is a great supporter of the (current) Israeli State and a great friend of Judaism.
      In the picture above is posing with the hexagram behind him.”


  2. makayla thompson says:

    Your hatred of my people (Jews and Blacks) is quite interesting and entertaining.


    1. I don’t hate jews and niggroids. I hate that your kind are parasites and savages who won’t stay out of our White countries and furthermore won’t stop GENOCIDING my White Aryan Race.
      It seems to me your kinds are the haters, Makayla, not me!
      Why do jews and niggroids want to Holocaust the remaining 6 million White Boers left in South Africa?

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  3. Warlord says:

    Its not just Afrikaners…also Russians. Germans Swedes, France USA Brits etc…The Crypto Kike Nordic Mixes…They look Nordic but are Kike inside..The Darkies are their weapons of mass destruction…Its pure Nordic Rh Negatives Vs. Kike Nordic Mixes…The Original Race of Earth is Rh Negative Nordics…The Kike Nordic Mixes are everywhere…The Perfect Sayanims…for destruction of pure Nordics…

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    1. Michael Giustiniani says:

      Can you expand on your knowledge of the Rh negative comments…I’m quite interested.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Are you referring to Warlord’s Rh- comments, Michael?
        I think he’ll be happy to expand on his thoughts when he sees this.
        I too can also tell you what I know. I’ve done a few shows on Rh- Aryan Blood.



      2. Here’s a solo show I did on Rh- Aryan Blood, Michael. https://williamdehewitt.com/2018/01/15/the-aryan-way-episode-xlix-an-introduction-to-rh-aryan-blood/
        and here’s a show I did with Lorraine, which is very informative.
        I hope you learn something new and get something of value from both of these. Warlord, I’m sure would be happy to share what he knows too.


      3. Mike Sledge and I were supposed to do a show on the topic as well, but Mike has been too busy to do it lately.
        I promise to post our show once we finally get around to doing it. I have a title and some references, which are ready to be posted once we get around to it.
        The future show title will be:
        Thus Spoke Sledgeathustra: Episode II – Write with Rh- Blood, and Thou Wilt Find That Blood is Spirit






      4. warlord says:

        Michael…Kate Kaiser has a good article on net…RH Negative and DNA CORRELATIONS..also The Millennium Report website has good article on Rh negatives and why they are tracked..Go down the article list to July 2017 and you will see the article..Jiulie Mitchell spoke alot about Rh negative and she goit censored and blocked oin net for doing it…She say Nordic Rh Negs are first and Original Race of Earth and that they are the Ariostocratic Race of Earth..Many are saying now that the Coneheads in Vatican who have large brains are hidden in Vatican and other places and they rule the earth covertly..They made the Jews and use the Jews for their agnedas..The Coneheads according to Alfred L. Webre want to kill all Primate created mixed humans on earth and cut the population to 500 million…They have High Tech Mind Control etc…I pose the question are the Coneheads the Overlords and they oppose the Nordic Rh negs? Many say Conehead Big Brains are from the Fallen Angels and Giants…Many years ago they use to take blood tests before marriage..They no longer do it..When a Rh Neg woman has a Rh Positive Husband her immune system will attack to Rh Positive baby..So according to Kate Kaiser the Rockerfellers made the Rhogam Shot nto stop the birth of Rh negs…As far as the Royals they are false fake Royals who strole the thrones..They are Jewish and someway intermixed with Nordic Rh negs got some Rh neg Traits..but bthey are nmot opure Rh Neg Nordics…Who knows maybe the Conehaeds in Vatican and other hidden areas underground on eartn rule over earth usingb the Khazar Jews..Some say their is 1000 Coneheads with elongated Skulls..The Ashkanzai Jews are used by the Ruling Overlords…The way the word is going.around…maybe the Coneheads are doing the Geoengineering. Transhumanism. Chemtrails. putting flouride in drinking water and Nano Particle Technology in food air and water and Vaxes to get rid of humans..to cut world population to 500 million..Notice the High tech they are using to cause all the hot weather and using Drones and platforms from orbit to burn houses and melt cars in Europe like Greece and in California..Many Nordic Rh Negatives are in Europe and America nd New Zeeland and Austrailia thats why the Powers That Be are flooding Europe and other white nations with Darkies of Third World.. so they can destroy Nordic Rh negatives..thru race mixing etc…The greatest threat to world is not climnate change but the Overbreeding Third World Nations…Anyway just a few thoughs on the subject of Nordic Rh negatives and how maybe Conehead big Brains fit in as maybe the Overlords…controlling the Jews to rule earth for them..Also check out the site..Nordic Anto Semite andd read comments on Why White is Not Good Enough articles..Comments by Warlords and Germanicslav…14-88-5 Long Live Thje Cause for an ARYAN NORDIC CONTROLLED WORD….

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  4. s says:

    Vorweord’s family were planted by the zionists in 1903. He was controlled by Alfred Beit, and in 1926 he was sent to Germany for psychological indoctrination, by the same people who propped up HIlter and funded him after he killed all the genuine German nationalists who simply wanted zion out of their homeland after many hundreds of horrible years. The night of the long knives. At least REAL Germans know the truth. Clean out your own cupboard before casting aspersions on all the other zio-infiltrated nationalities on the planet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve suspected that Vorweord was a jew plant for some time now. I haven’t been able to prove it as easily as I have with Paul Kruger though.


  5. s says:

    And for the record, it was the Jewish DUTCH state that put William of Orange, Billy the pink … on the English throne after infiltrating the House of Stewart, who successfully kicked out the Jews in the 12th century, not for usary, not for clipping coins, but after a string of little children were found murdered and drained of blood at Purim. The DUTCH welcomed Isabel’s outcasts and directly caused England to fall. Don’t you forget that now

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  6. Someone from Euro Folk Radio did a show on this very topic and pretty much vindicated my observation that Afrikaner Is Code Word for Jew.
    I do not agree with associating Boers and Aryans with YHWH, Jacob and other bible references, but it’s nice to be vindicated over the years nonetheless by yet another peer, since I took so much heat for this article, as I was called “anti-White” and a “provocateur” by people in our pro-White circles Whom I respect and who are supposed to be on my side. (Some of the goys over at Renegade)


    1. rhnegatives says:

      https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js@S, your comment is correct. The Dutch were actually not “Dutch Germanics” but hid as Dutch when they colonized everywhere in the Anglosphere, even here in the United States. ALL OF THEM WERE JEWS, the whole East India Company was Jewish. Unfortunately a lot of Americans also do not understand this history. Another trick Jews use is changing their surnames of Nations they formerly occupied to hide their identity and confuse people as to whom they really are. The Ulster Scots who are a secret line of Jews did this as well by claiming first-most when they came to America that they were “Irish”. Then the story changed later than they were “Irish” but also “Scottish” when American Anglo-Saxons were warming up to them more, even though most English were rightfully suspicious of these Protestant Bastards… So eventually they became improperly known as “Scots-Irish” even though they are Scottish Highlanders who were given a plot of land in Northern Ireland as negotiation for situation they had in poverty in their part of Scotland. The King who gave them this land in the Ulster Province of Ireland despised them and also knew of their barbaric nature, yet he gave them the land as an opportunistic measure to also wage war against the Lowland Irish.


  7. warlord says:

    William ….Check out VIGILANTES OF CHRISTENDOM PDF by Richard kelly Hoskins…Excellent book…and its CI..but its super loaded witg good info…Racial Hybridty PDF by Phillip is another CI book..but with good info..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Warlord. I’ll look into it. This show by Euro Folk is crap. I only got 10 minutes in and had enough of the CI crap he was spouting.
      Oh well… I just found it interesting the host used my title as his own, but changed it after the show was finished.


  8. warlord says:

    Richard Kelly Hoskins has good CHAPTER in his book VIGILANTES OF CHRISTENDOM on SOUTH AFRICA…Also the author of RACIAL HYBRIDITY is Phillip Jones…Yeah these Sayanim Types are everywhere and they even have Nordic feautures..Kike Nordic Mixes..

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  9. realy a lengthy explation of what is wrong or for that mayyer who is afrikaner or boer or not. This writer lost the plot totaly.
    Thanyou Francois Driver.


  10. rhnegatives says:

    William De Hewitt, I am EXTREMELY Impressed with your work on this subject!

    I live in the USA and conduct Racial / Genetic studies and research and I have long been very concerned about inaccurate understandings about who exactly these “Afrikaners” are and the fact that they are NOT related whatsoever to the Germanic Boers!

    In fact this is one reason of many that the Germans and Dutch never got along.

    That being said, you will always notice that it is ULSTER SCOTS and US/UK Anglo Military types who are always having sympathy for the Afrikaners, but they never had sympathy for the Germans or other European Races!

    My understanding is that the Germanic Boers are largely and mostly extinct by this time.

    Having met and spoken with Afrikaners myself, I have received NOTHING but Negative vibes from them and very Negative experiences with them. They are not who they say they are both in their genetic identity and as people in general.

    They are taking the victim status of Apartheid which rightfully belongs to the Germanic peoples that used to inhabit this area.

    My research shows that the majority of these Afrikaaners have Rhesus Negative Blood, and are related to the SAME ULSTER SCOT scum / Scottish Highlanders / Picts who are violent and warlike, caused mayhem for England’s Anglo-Saxons, Ireland and the Lowland Scots who were of Anglo-Saxon descent and of working class nature.

    Rh Negatives are NOT the original humans, as one of your commentators has posted. They are a Human Hybrid and are evil, and this race is secretly a BLOODLINE OF THE HEBREWS under a different name, and such also is true in the case of their colonization of South Africa under yet a different name!

    William, much of what you have posted here have also been eerily identical to my own discoveries and are parallel to so much of my research. I have not yet posted an article on the Afrikaner situation, but plan on doing so shortly since the topic has lately come up a lot.

    The Ulster Scots and “Red Jews”, who have skin so pale and often with freckles that it appears pink. They belong to the lost tribes of Israel “Dan” and they compromise a complete rival group of Jews to the Ashkenazi / Sephardic, even though some of the Ashkenazi are also inter-mixed with them. I have been dedicating endless research to this confusion.

    I implore you to view some of my research on my website, http://rhnegatives.wordpress.com



    1. I agree with much of you say, but you lose me when you say that Rh-‘s like myself are either MK Ultra victims or of jew lineage.
      I am an Rh- (B-) Aryan.
      Rh-‘s like myself are pure blood Aryans without the Rhesus Monkey Gene, who descend from the Aryan gods and goddesses, not mixed race jews.
      While you’re correct and I agree with you on a lot, you’re severely mislead on the Rh- blood topic. If you’re not a troll or a subversive jew, please do some more research and get back to me…



  11. warlord says:

    RHNEGATIVES..You have be a paid Troll Monitotr of ZOG..You are Anti Pure Norrdic Rh Negative like most of everything on Net..Its a censored subject..Here is one for you…Its a simple formula a friend sent me..Its from a Rh Negtaive..Here is the formula: ENGLISH=YIDDISH=ASHKANAZI=NAZI……a very powerful formula…I have read articles that say Saxons are from Armenia and are Ashkanazi..Germany is loaded with Ashkanazi skuill types as well as Switzerland which some say is controllers base hqts. for world control…On UGLY TRUTH WEBSITE is the article: GENETIC STUDY; ASHKANAZI JEWS ARE SUBSTRANTIALLY OF WESTERN EUROPEAN ORIGIN…Its a hot topic…For truth just look at all the so called White Nations..how anti White they are…and lovers of ZOG KIKES.WHY because of ASHKANAZI infiltrators..Also read about the English Revolution..ROUNDHEADS led by Cromwell against the Caviliers..the Tall big skulls..The Roundheads are the Jew Shopkeepers and Bankers and they are Ashkanazi…Look at how the Irish and Scots..look what the English Saxon Jewdized freaks did to them,.,They banned GAELIC and made it a deatrh sentence to speak it….They had to change their names to English names…Many did not pay the Fake Royals the Tribute so they were thrown in Dungeons and sent to America Austrailia etc. as Indentured Servants..Their property and farms were taken…Yes the Elite have RH neg in them thru mixing..they are not real pure Nordic Rh Negatives…By the way Julie Mitchell who promoted Nordic Rh negtaives as First and Orifginal Race of Earth is censoreed on net and blocked on this subject.. I bet youy many so called AFRIKANERS are ASHKANAZI TYPES who look Nordivc in appearance … You sound like a trained Hasbara or Mossad Monitor on net..trying to stop real truth from getting out…You must also be a Ashkanazi or RH Positive…Amazing how Sperm banks in Israel want Nordic Sperm so they can produce the replacement for the True Nordic RH Negatives Aristocratic Race oof Earth..Many UFO people say that ASHKANAZIS made a DEAL with the Aliens which gave them technology that could include time travel and teleportation..They also pratice MIND CONTROL. enslave people thru money feed off the energy of others and wish to murder 2/3rds of the population of the planet via United Nations and want to install a one world ZOG Government.. Amazing how Kikes control and own SILICON VALLEY and are richer than the old Mafia..Also look at how they own all the stuff of net..and are installi8ng their new G-5 freg crap that causes cancer very subtile like WIFI cvausing sterility…ASHKANMAIS doing it…ASHKANAZIS hate pure Nordisd Rh Negs…LONG LIVE THE CAUSE FOR A NORDIC RH NEG CONTROLLED WORLD 14-88-5…Death to ZOG and all their creeps.;.

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    1. Warlord, thanks for keeping up with the commenters and setting them straight.
      I’ve just moved and haven’t been able to get on my computer. It’s difficult to keep up using my phone. I’m still in South Africa, but have left the Eastern Cape. I’m now in the Free State.
      Everything is well, I’m just taking my time settling in.


  12. rhnegatives says:

    LOL, You Rh Negative Goons can be debunked and exposed for the very frauds you are and the FACT that you are NOT ARYANS. You can slice and dice your nonsense all you want, but the source is still the same and it was well established during the Third Reich that those who had Rh Negative Blood type were enemies of the state.

    1. Adolf Hitler’s Reich Blood Policy was specifically targeting Rh Negatives to eliminate them as they understood this was the Species Bloodline of the Jews.
    2. Rh Negative Blood type is found in many Jews who are less racially mixed or not racially mixed at all, in which their Jewish Traits are Dominant rather than Recessive..

    You can call me a Mossad Agent and Troll all you want!

    In truth, the Author of this page is a Jew of Norman (Judeo-Norman) Descent, and the Normans are considered a barbaric Tribe of Germanics which have bad blood. The Germans do not like Normans.
    It is absolutely clear as crystal that what you guys are doing is looking to piggyback off the “Nordic” Supremacy view, of which you only WISH YOU WERE. You are only clinging to the Nordic conception of Race because of mixed race heritage and in the fact that you can attempt to try to “pass yourself off” as being Aryan but don’t realize all of you here who are Rh Negatives are actually Jews. Maybe you are disgusting with the fact that you are related to them, but the truth is that you are!

    Even the voice cadence and “whining” aspect that can be heard in the radio talk shows is clearly evident of a Jew who is frothing at the mouth. I can’t tell you how many times I even heard the similarities between Jew Nathanael Kapner and others who try to imitate this voice.

    In fact, I am also well aware of the Satanic Organizations such as Order of the Nine Angles and many other groups you Nordicists belong too. Your main objective is not appreciation for Teutonic Nordic Achievements, but you want to use that propaganda to mask your Jewish Heritage, but also is your hatred and envy for Mediterranean Races and their historical achievements! Even so much that you try to claim in a special arrangement of words that you have connection heritage to the Ancient Greeks!

    The most hilarious part of your propaganda attempt at trying to pass yourselves off as Aryans when you Rh Negatives are actually Jews (along with the Afrikaners) is that you think that those of us who are Aryans cannot tell the difference from Gold and Floss!

    And you fear the coming backlash and onslaught of your kind as the result of the actions of your fellow Judeo rival tribes!


  13. warlord says:

    You must be a well paid troll monitor to stop truth and awakening…Kike Nordic Mixes are real…Without a doubt the Controllers watch this site and are aware of it and want to neutralize any truth that is brought out…I guess you will say Kate Kaiser is full of crap so..Read her article RH NEGATIVE AND DNA CORRELATIONS…Why do you think Rockfeller made the Rhogam Shot for RH Neg Women..it was to make damn sure no pure Rh negs would be born…You cant stop truth..its speading like it or not…You are a Hater of SCOTS and Irish..and the Celtic Race…Maybe your the one who wrote then Scandinavian article on net..Buyer Beware…To hell with the fake false Royals and all the ZOG Creeps..You can notice how the whole net is monitored and the Powers That Be dont want anyone doing a research or study of RH neg or setting up a site about it from a Nordic Rh View….Wonder Why…Because Rh Negs have abilities that they dont have and fear that…Rh negs are a very small minority..pure ones…and the PTB wants them gone…Why does Chemtrails target RH negatives? Why dont you read NORDIC ANTI SEMITE site and read WHY WHITE IS NOT ENOUGH article and read the comments…Most Whites today are ZOG ZOMBIES and will kill and die for them…WHY??? Has to be blood contamination thru the eons of time..ITS ALL IN THE BLOOD…You have to be Chimp RH Positive just pushinbg ANTI NORDIC RH NEG crap…Its in your DNA to hate RH Negs…You even have built in Radar to spot Nordic Rh Negs to attack them and even gangastalk them…The Millennium Report site has a good article about WHY RH NEGS are Being TRACKED and Targeted..Read the Caveat at the end of the article…If Norddic Rh Negs dont survive and wake up…World will keep devolving and it will be a shit hole world. of Mystery meats Running around. led by ASHKANAZI KIKE as Masters….LONG LIVE THE CAUSE..The AWAKENING OF RH NEG TRUTH…14-88-5

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  14. warlord says:

    William…Just tried to send you a long article by Dan Raleigh…THE FINAL WARNING: THIS IS WHY WW3 MUST TAKE PLACE..its on before Its News…Look The Millennium Report site Article on how WW3 will start and go to comments and you find find link to Dan Raleighs article…Its being blocked by Google and Microsoft..maybe you can get it this way…What Dan Raleigh, Sean Hross and Dr Ed Spenser says..its all linked together…ASHKANZUS want to be Masters of the Earth for Homo Capensis?..Some say they interbred with Kikes to produce them the AShkanazis…Sean Hross and Dan Raleight theoir headqaurters are in Switcherland and they us a Satelite AI Satelite Grid Mind Control.tech to control world…Hope this post is not blocked…

    Liked by 1 person

  15. warlord says:

    Microsoft and Google are at work..They are doing all they can to blcok the article by Dan Raleigh..On Before Its News, The Mellinnium Report site..they are work to block..Maybe you can get it on GO DUCK GO DUCK…thats were I got it…Maybe thru searches you can get it on Go Duck…Looks like your email has been shuit down also…


  16. Admin Ingeniant says:

    This is the worst load of bullshit ever. So little in this article is true. Jews are definitely not Afrikaners and Afrikaners are not Jews.


    1. Oh. okay. So, multiple hundreds of different Afrikaners I’ve met here, whom are clearly biologically jews whether they know it or not are not Afrikaners even though they’ve told me they are Afrikaners?
      What in the article is “bullshit” besides you thinking that lots of jews I’ve met here who identify as Afrikaner are not Afrikaner.
      You’re saying my first hand experience is inaccurate. Or am I lying?
      Do you live in South Africa? Have you ever been to South Africa?



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