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It is fact that Aryans were once called called Hebrews. That said, Abraham was NOT a jew, he was an Aryan Hebrew! Abraham mated outside of his race with Hagar begetting an illegitimate deceiver of a first son, the parasite jew-Ish-mael (Ishmael). Abraham’s Aryan wife, Sarah could not have children, but eventually had Issac. Issac went on to beget Jacob and Esau. Jacob became known as Israel and Esau the twin brother of Jacob/Israel, took a wife from the jew, Ishmael’s half Aryan, half jewish family. It was Esau, like his father Abraham who race mixed and then went on to steal and adopt the title Israelite for himself and his jewish people out of jealousy of his Aryan twin brother Jacob. Esau is not Israel, Esau is a Khazarian Edomite.

This story, like the information within the rest of the jew Bible today was stolen. In fact all history of Aryan tribes has been stolen, inverted and perverted, not just the history of the  Israelite’s. The jew plagiarized ALL Aryan history in order to create their superior “chosen” status all so White Aryan people would never know who they truly are.

I am not saying Aryan Israelite’s are the real jews, like the Christ Insane, Christian Identity fools do. I am saying that White Aryan history and the identity of one Aryan tribe, the Israelite’s has been stolen, inverted, perverted, hidden & used against us by the parasite jew!

It’s lies like this that have mislead the current Aryans and ALL peoples of today…

“In ancient India, the Aryan was called “Brahm-Aryan.” (This is true) The Aryans worshiped multiple gods. Abraham turned away from polytheism. By so doing, he could have become “A-Brahm”.  The Aryans called the Asuras “Ah-Brahm.” Therefore, we can logically assume that the fathers of the Indus civilization were probably prototypical Jews.”


Jews were most certainly NOT the fathers of the Indus civilization! ARYANS WERE! When have jews ever created anything of value? They haven’t… EVER! JEWS ARE DESTROYERS OF EVERY CIVILIZATION! Furthermore, Abraham was never a polytheist! Wise Aryans/Brahmans worship no god, but strive for Self Realization & Spiritual evolution by looking within themselves and by becoming in tune with Nature. Abraham was a POLYGAMIST not a polytheist who mated outside of his Aryan Race. Originally, Abrahm was an Aryan Brahman, who became a fallen Aryan called Abraham, because he mated outside of his race! Most Aryan Brahmans do not lose their way, race mix and create mud jews the way he did!

So there you have it,folks. Jews are an abomination and are a product of a weak willed & fallen Aryan named Abraham whom is the jews father, who RACE MIXED with a negro maid and created the jewish parasite named Ishmael! To inherit full blown jew disease all Ishmael’s offspring need to do is mate with a Mongolian.

Always remember…

jew fro (Large)

The more mixed racial blood, the purer the jew!


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