Jews and the Mark of the Niggroid Beast

jew fro (Large)

I’ve always wondered the origin of the jew. Information about their biology has been very difficult to find, in fact as far as I can tell the truth concerning them does not exist to the general public and is a very well kept secret. However if one uses logic and reason it becomes evident that the origin of the jew is hidden in plain sight and right underneath their jew hook noses. One must piece information together like a puzzle to create a hypothesis. I have thought this through over and over again coming to this conclusion for the time being…

The parasite jew is not a race, but is a mish-mash counter-race made up of the blood of the three pure races. (Aryan, Mongoloid, Negroid)

The more mixed racial blood one has, the purer the jew!

Think about it, folks…

The jew doesn’t have a Niggroid afro, close together Mongoloid eyes and in a lot of cases Whitish skin for no reason!

Jews are mixed race mongrel muds!

An abomination!


  In the Beginning… There was the Aeon goddess, Gaia Sophia who without her partner thought, created and became the Earth. She created Beast and everything on the Earth. One day, The Elohim (Pure Aryan Race) came to this earthly realm and created modern White Man from their own essence. Our White race was created so The Aryan Spirit could reside in this realm of existence as well as in their original realm, possibly because many original Aryans had been wiped out by a cataclysm. There were at least two prior attempts before the Aryan Elohim created and perfected the White man. The Original Aryans wanted and needed to preserve themselves, thus they breathed Life or their Aryan Spirit into their fine White man creation and not the previous two races they created and rejected due to their savage and beastly behavior. In my estimation, this is how and why modern White folk came into being.

Cain, the son of an Original Aryan Elohim, Gadriel and Eve, who was female of the first man (Man: one whom can blush) was their offspring, a Nephilim (new phylum). Cain was later cast out of the Aryan community because he murdered his half brother, Abel, a pure White Aryan Man whom was the son of Adam, the first Man and Eve, the first female of Man.
Once Cain was cast out he wandered the Earth and mated with a negroid female beast, which started the colored hue-man mixed jew-ish counter-race.

While the Aryan bloodline of Seth stayed pure; the inferior, jealous and abominable jew-ish offspring of Cain became the colored hue-man mixed counter race called the jew.

This counter race has been warring against us White Aryan men and women from day one. Because of their hatred and envy of our Aryan Spirit and overall beauty, their goal is to help us self destruct, destroy ourselves and wipe out the White Aryan race of man by making sure we inherit “The Mark of the Negro Beast.” The jew accomplishes and reaches his goal by encouraging the White Aryan man and woman to race mix.

This is evident today! We are told we are all one “Human Race” when in fact there are three different races. (Aryan, Mongoloid, Negroid) The goal of the mixed race mud jew is to turn us all into mixed race, mud colored hue-mans like them, eliminate the three pure races and bring all of us pure Aryans, Mongoloids and even the lowly Negroid down. The lighter skin mixed counter race jew will then rule over the darker skinned mixed race mongrel muds. This is called jew supremacy and would most definitely be a devolution for all races, not an evolution. (Well, it would be evolution for the savage negro beast I suppose) The jew uses every MANipulative tool in his arsenal to destroy our Aryan pureness and Spirit. This is why they encourage and enforce Multi-Cultural Marxism, Christ insanity, race mixing and bring in hordes of Negro, Mexican, Arab and all other mud colored  hue-mans into White Aryan countries! Our DNA and our Aryan Spirit are sacred and are only compatible with one another. When an Aryan race mixes, the offspring he or she begets will not have an Aryan Spirit. It is true when the jew says our Spirit comes from somewhere different than theirs and the other races. I would venture to take a guess that mixed race mud jews do not have Spirits at all. It would explain why they have no conscience, no creativity and seem not to care about lying, cheating, destroying and ultimately enslaving all people of the world. Light skin, White looking mud crypto-jews want to be the new White Aryan man. They dream of genociding and replacing the pure Aryan, our creativity and our beauty with their counterfeit White looking skin and degenerate filth.




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